40K Tactics: Take & Hold Missions

You mission is to take and hold this objective at all costs, capture the hill and plant the flag…
In many of the 40K mission we are often tasked with securing and holding a point on the table or a terrain piece, so just what are some of our tactical options?
The first question to ask is if you can indeed hold such a point?
Sending out a few scoring units to take and hold at the start of the game often meets with disappointing and disastrous results! Can your one or two scoring units hold such a point against the entire shooting might and perhaps assault elements of your opponents army?
Tactica #1- don’t try to take and hold something until the end of the game or for scoring when you need it. Let your opponent expend game and model resources to hold such a point while you shoot at them, and then counter attack with a few units held back to take it at the end of the turn.
Another option for when you have to take and hold it as soon as possible and as long as possible is to begin with a flank attack. You need a diversion to cut down on the shooting, assaulting, and counter-attack that will be coming against your models trying to hold such a point- figure out who is going to take the point and the rest of your army deploys on the flank (side of the table) and attacks pushing forward- everything to create that mass that your opponent has to deal with!
Failing that, as sometimes the best plans don’t work out due to the dice and other factors- pile on everything to that point- turn it into a giant model meat-grinder and bog down your opponent- and then focus on winning the secondary mission goals- linebreaker, first blood, warlord, etc.
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