Check Out This HELLDRAKE!

So this past Monday at the club the Warmaster Black Matt hosted a multiplayer game where agents of the Imperium- including the Dark Angels had to hunt down Cypher, while the forces of Chaos had to protect him in recovering a relic and making it off the gaming table.

Yours truly was in command of the Dark Angels along with a detachment of Grey Knights, and Space Marines from the Minotaur chapter played by two other club members, and despite some early victories and brutal close combat we were unable to catch the ever elusive cypher.

The forces of chaos were a mix of Chaos Space Marines and Traitor Guard, and Rob who is the chaos mastah in our club brought along more of his excellent CSM models- check out this scratch built Helldrake:

Video battle reports on the game to follow in a bit as I don’t want to ruin the suspense- I’m uploading some Tyranid stuff at the moment, and one we are though that cycle the hunt for Cypher begins!


  1. Hey, Fritz! That looked like a pretty awesome battle! Do you know how Rob did the tubes/tentacles on his Heldrake?

  2. Looks more Necrons than chaos from the picks. Awesome model though

  3. It's scratch built with green stuff and wires, misc parts I think. No necrons as far as I know.

    I wants me a battle report. Bali bali, chop chop. Get the lead out.....that sort of thing

  4. Hey thanks for putting that up Fritz! The Helldrake was made using masqmini tube tool (sorry GS industries I got it awhile ago :))

    + wires, plasticard, hot glue, engine from a valkyrie, that sort of thing.

    1. No worries, Rob! It is an amazing model and thanks for the quick reply!


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