1000 Point Space Marine List


1K Pre-Heresy Death Guard for the escalation league on the forum- www.thewarmaster.com , again building on the 200 point kill team list, and the 500 point list.
Starting to look a little more like a 40K “Army” then a skirmish force…
Captain, Power Sword, Plasma Pistol


2 Tactical Squads- power fists, plasma guns, heavy bolters- can combat squad for 4 scoring units.


5 Assault Terminators


1 Dreadnought- Las-Cannon + Storm Bolter

1 Dev Squad- Las-Cannons


Now here is the only tweak- I can drop the devs for another dreadnought and am really not sure what to do. The small dev squad puts out more shots than the dread, BUT can torrented and killed right away- I feel like AV 12 behind cover is a bit more resilient at 1K. Devs are also stuck in one part of the board and lack mobility- the dread has that, and two means one can go with each tactical squad.