Will The New Marine Codex Restore The Balance Of The Game?

Will The New Marine Codex Restore The Balance Of The Game?
Or I guess should we even ask if 40K was balanced in the first place?
Hard to argue that Tau are on top right now, a shooting army that works with a 40K ruleset that favors shooting, and what assault you may throw at the Tau, assuming you even brought any,  get blasted before it can charge, same with deepstriking.
What can you do when facing Tau?
While I can understand the frustration of it, essentially meaning that even if you bring a “competitive” list from one of the new 6th edition books you stand a good chance of losing.
What can you do other than just ride it out and wait for Space Marines to restore the balance?
But do you really think Space Marines will restore that balance?
I’ve read the rumors, seen the same cover art, and even had a peek at some cell phone snapshots of the codex, so I will admit that I don’t have all the info, but even with that I am skeptical.
Sure, Space Marines have lots of new toys coming like the centurions and anti-air rhinos. New HQ choices that mix and match the force org, and even recently discovered grav-weapon from the mechanicus will continue to make marines fun to play, but their core- the core that could challenge Tau supremacy, is still the same- tactical marines are still tactical marines.
And this is why, despite a new codex, I think Space Marines are going to be the same that they are now- not overly OP or uber, but not that bad also. They will continue to be a good core to build allies around.
Unless you are playing a themed list that turns termies or bikes into troops, the missions are going to be won or lost based on your troops- tactical marines, and well, it just isn’t that hard to kill tactical marines these days, in the past, and with the new Tau.
With the shift to infantry in 40K killing marines is even easier with even more volume of dice.
So I’m predicting that Tau will still be on top for now and for the next few codex releases.
Tyranids as much as I love the space bugs will not dethrone them, so that means we have to start looking at Orks…
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