Will The New Marine Codex Restore The Balance Of The Game?

Will The New Marine Codex Restore The Balance Of The Game?
Or I guess should we even ask if 40K was balanced in the first place?
Hard to argue that Tau are on top right now, a shooting army that works with a 40K ruleset that favors shooting, and what assault you may throw at the Tau, assuming you even brought any,  get blasted before it can charge, same with deepstriking.
What can you do when facing Tau?
While I can understand the frustration of it, essentially meaning that even if you bring a “competitive” list from one of the new 6th edition books you stand a good chance of losing.
What can you do other than just ride it out and wait for Space Marines to restore the balance?
But do you really think Space Marines will restore that balance?
I’ve read the rumors, seen the same cover art, and even had a peek at some cell phone snapshots of the codex, so I will admit that I don’t have all the info, but even with that I am skeptical.
Sure, Space Marines have lots of new toys coming like the centurions and anti-air rhinos. New HQ choices that mix and match the force org, and even recently discovered grav-weapon from the mechanicus will continue to make marines fun to play, but their core- the core that could challenge Tau supremacy, is still the same- tactical marines are still tactical marines.
And this is why, despite a new codex, I think Space Marines are going to be the same that they are now- not overly OP or uber, but not that bad also. They will continue to be a good core to build allies around.
Unless you are playing a themed list that turns termies or bikes into troops, the missions are going to be won or lost based on your troops- tactical marines, and well, it just isn’t that hard to kill tactical marines these days, in the past, and with the new Tau.
With the shift to infantry in 40K killing marines is even easier with even more volume of dice.
So I’m predicting that Tau will still be on top for now and for the next few codex releases.
Tyranids as much as I love the space bugs will not dethrone them, so that means we have to start looking at Orks…
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  1. Tau are on top for one reason...Marker Lights. Removing these early and they are no better than any other army. Every army has a way to deal with these and they should be in your list if you're going competative. Drakes for Chaos, Swooping Hawks for Eldar, Colossus (or really any barrage)for IG. Droppod tacs with flamers (or dread with drop pod and heavy flamer) for Marines.

    The Tau are numerous enough you are GOING to face them in any tourney.Plan for them. On a side note, all of the above mentioned units are good against ANY army, so it should not crimp your style using them. Markerlights are the lynchpin (or key log in the log jamb on the river)...and just like a log-jamb, remove it with dynamite....

    1. The Tau definitely have a solid codex and I agree with you that nuking marker lights early on is nothing but beneficial. I think though, that you are hitting on a bigger issue that only time will cure. Basically, once people have experienced enough Tau that they know how to handle them, it won't been so bad. Plus, as new books come out, it'll change what is commonly seen on the table.

      And a reply to your following post... Barrage 3? Holy snikies, yeah, that make some Tau dead.

  2. On aside note, Thunderfire Cannon are now Barrage 3, so they will damn down the Tau considerably

  3. I think there are hard Tau Counter.

    Raven guard can scout everything but bulky units. 60 tac squads is only 900 points in rhinos. At 1850, you could be scouting 100 + marines in 10 rhinos.

    That's 12" deployment zone, 12" scout, 6" move, 2" rotate, 6" deploy, 12" rapid fire = You are shooting guys on the back board edge.

    Or if you choose to deploy behind the rhinos you have stealth to add to your cover save.

    Plus think of all the torrents of fire BS you can do with all those rhinos.

    Tau can't hurt that list enough to block the charge. Especially after you just eliminated most of their markerlights.

    Plus your just screwed them out of all those points they spent on early warning systems and velocity trackers.

    Take Coteaz to help get first turn.

  4. I believe Tau and Eldar will stay on top until Tyranids and Orks hit their stride. Fast, durable, hoardey assault units are needed to defeat Tau and Eldar and Nids and Orks will nail it down.

    Marines may have a few lists and/or generals who are effective, but they're becoming more synergistic with the new chapter tactics which will be less forgiving on their general's mistakes.

    I expect ultramarines, white scars, and raven guard to make a strong push but tau/eldar will remain in the top seat.

  5. Nope Tau ignore the fundamental rules of the game. Cover? Nope. Need LoS to shoot? Nope. Snapshots may only ever be BS 1? Nope. Only the charged unit can overwatch? Nope. You can't beat that. The new SM codex is going to be a mono or duo build codex at best from the rumors. The only SM armies you'll see will be bolter spam imperial fists in drop pods or white scars on bikes both easily countered by Tau and Eldar. The Tau and Eldar will continue to go unopposed. What are space marines going to do against twin linked wave serpents, warp spiders and ghetto rending. What hope do they have against massed pulse bomb S5 shooting, missile sides,plasma suits, massed cheap interceptor, S9 AP2 ordnance large blast being marker lighted to ignore cover.

    Space marines are too vanilla to make it in 40K now that every xeno race gets snowflake special rules like combat focus or all of their basic guns have ghetto rending. Marines need more special rules or need to get cheaper. Maybe give bolt guns the shred USR or give space marines the rampage USR or give tac marines a blade-storm style ability where they can fire off double the amount of shots one turn. They need something cause they aren't worth 14pts a model anymore. Part of the problem is this sudden glut of deadly anti-MEQ weapons which also ignore cover. They were very rare in 5th edition, like the Landraider redeemer's flamestorm cannon. This had a trade off as bringing the landraider into flamer range meant you were also in the opponents melta range. Now in 6th, for some unknown reason, codex writers have flooded the boards with high strength low AP weapons and ways for them to ignore cover. You could deal with a redeemer by hitting it with long range anti-tank weapons and hope you knocked it out before it reached your lines, but what defense is their against a 72 inch range STR9 AP2 ordnance large blast that is marker lighted to ignore cover? None, it just hits you and you stand their helpless as your marines die in droves, no armor, no cover, 2+ to wound, pick them up.

    1. That's a pretty negative view of things. I feel bad for you.

    2. But it is accurate, right?

      Tau/Tau or Tau/Eldar stay on top for the foreseeable future. I'm skeptical that Nids or will actually be able to threaten them. Hope so, but skeptical. The current rumor set doesn't have anything in it which would make me believe that they could. Hope Orks get something interesting...

    3. I agree that the Tau codex is powerful, frankly a living nightmare in the hands of some. I don't agree with the apocalyptic undertones that Tau and Eldar will be on top for an indefinite amount of time because Space Marine's can't dethrone them.

      I think it is amusing that people on the Internet are so quick to judge a codex. The first or second time through the book is not a read through of codex mastery, more like an introduction. It takes time to develop. In 5th, players had 6+ months to decode and unlock codexes before the next me came out. Now we have about 2.

  6. I wonder why they gave Tau so much love in 6th?

    1. Maybe because they ignored them for so long. If that theory is true though, the Sisters of Battle codex will be stupid powerful.

  7. Imperial Guard as allies. A couple indirect artillery make the dug in Tau a thing of the past. 5-6 heavy guns force them to move... right into the open where everyone else can take a turn shooting.


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