Eldar: New Codex, What To Get?

Hello Mr. Fritz,
I have been a follower of your blog and Youtube videos for quite a while, and have recovered some of my older Eldar models and decided to put together a foundational army before the anticipated Eldar codex arrives. I am writing you to ask for your opinion about a purchase I am thinking about making, and I would love to hear your thoughts.
Therefore, I am wondering what your thoughts are on guardians as I have the opportunity to buy a nice lot of them (80 with 4 weapon platforms) for a competitive price. Currently, I am running 30 guardians, but I have never ran a full foot eldar army. Do you think it would be a good time to snap them up since the rumors are they have come down in points, or should I be more conservative and see what new models are released, keep my aspect warriors, and invest the $250.00 into what ever is basically new? With this purchase, I am also filling out my last wraithlord slot with 2 models (1 would be an extra) and 4 vypers, which I usually dont run. It seems like a bit of a gamble to me as GW seems to be pushing more toward hoards, but Eldar is hardly a horde type of army. Your opinion would be welcomed, as you seem to be quite the veteran player, and I have just recently gotten back into the 40k universe.



Francis, it’s hard to say what to buy and what not to by RE Eldar at the moment…
One the one hand not many people play Eldar, and there is lots of good stuff to be found on ebay, and other online sites for VERY cheap, but at the same time the GW rumors coming out talk not only of new units being released but new kits for some of the older models.
I’ve heard the rumors of guardians being redone in a box that lets you build both ranged and storm guardians but we don’t know if this is going to be a re-sculpt of the guardians or just a combo of the two kits.
There have also been rumors of wraithgaurd getting new weapons options which would mean any of the old models would tend to lock you into one of the particular weapons- kind of like the old vs. new immortals for Necrons.
Personally I think it comes down to what kind of Eldar army you would like to run.
Rumors also speak of the phoenix lords making the aspects troop choices and if so do you want to do an aspect heavy army? Maybe worth saving for that?
I also don’t know if the rumors are true about stuff coming down in points- they are Eldar after all, and even if they do a bit here or there, would it make enough of a difference?
Can’t really help much more than that, but personally I would wait and sit tight to see the new codex- rumors have it at June, which means the leaked PDF will be hitting VERY soon…

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