Next GW Mystery Box Confirmed…


One of the things that I enjoy about the hobby, more than winning games, and even the models themselves is the social aspect of the game. Over the years by being a “wargamer” I have had the chance to meet many types of people, players and hobbyist who walk in different life circles then I do- chaps I would never normally meet in my day job or other real social networks…
…and while I don’t consider my blog a rumor site sometimes the ever so small hint of something comes up that catches my attention. Of course it’s the usual “I can’t name my sources” like every other rumor site since I don’t want to get said person in trouble…
So we were talking about the new GW bitz policy and not so much what he thought about it, but rather what GW was planning to do about it, and how it was more of a knee jerk reaction to the Hobbit release a few months back, and how GW implemented it and the new quick codex release schedule to sell more models.  Be it a short term fix or a new strategy I don’t really know, nor care- but how could nobody see the result of the Hobbit @ GW- unless they lusted after that licensing cash, essentially producing models to grab the upfront cash knowing they won’t sell them?
That rant aside…
So then more out of curiosity I ask if GW was going to do another mystery box release like Space Hulk and Dreadfleet, and was surprised at how fast I got a response- YES, and how it is most likely going to be Blood Bowl.
What do you think of this?
It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of the mystery box games- Space Hulk and Dreadfleet, and that I hope GW keeps on putting them out- more so if they need a cash grab.
Lots of hobbyists complain they take away from other projects and GW should just focus on their core games.
But is this true?
I love them since they are a one shot GW fix that lets me enjoy a part of the hobby without having to spend and more money.
Further the production value of them is fantastic- everything this is GOOD about GW is in each box- awesome components, awesome models, top notch production art, dice, counters, cards, and all that stuff.
It’s nice to have and play a GW product that I don’t have to play catch up with the other players at club every few months with.
So back to Blood Bowl, what do I think of that?
Well, I’ll take whatever they put out, and there is a big BB community that would embrace them game, and I’m sure add some decent homebrew expansion stuff to follow, and the models would be cool to have updated.
But what would that get GW in terms of a new cash grab?
Why was Space Hulk so successful?  
It was “40K” so it was easy to buy into for most of the market- the models could be used in two armies plus the game, and the setting was familiar.
Dreadfleet tried to copy this, but all that really had in terms of crossover was the fantasy setting- you can’t use your ships in anything else.
So as much as I would like to see something like a Mordheim mystery box or a Battlefleet Gothic mystery box that is just my own wishful thinking.
Of course competing rumors talk about a Warhammer Quest mystery box, and THAT is something I could totally get behind…