Update On My Eldar Harlequin List For 40K 6th Edition…


What is more absurd?
Grown men pushing around little toy soldiers?
Grown men pushing around little toy soldiers which also happen to be clowns?
Tyranids have been getting some Fritz love as of late, I’ve got a slew of Necron posts in the queue, so now it’s time to work on the harlequins some more- one of my favorite armies for 40K…
The clowns, and Eldar in particular are in a very interesting place as of the moment- are we getting an update soon or not?
Right now my Harlequins are still in their 40K 5th edition configuration and while still “playable” they are nowhere near optimal for 6th, well as optimal as a themed army can be. Since the core of the army is 30 Harlequins on the table and that isn’t going to chance it makes me hesitant to update the army since I don’t know what new units or sweeping changes are going to happen to Eldar. GW I’m ready to spend some coin, but you are silent on the releases and I’m not buying till I know!
Will they be a completely new book like Dark Angels, or will they kind of be stuck in the middle with a few new units like Necrons?
I’ve experimented with DE allies but I’m not ready to take that further since I don’t want to build an army based on fortune/guide/doom only to have that taken away.
I also wonder if the Harlequins will chance themselves in terms of units, characters, and wargear? Sure GW did an easy cut and paste job from the Eldar codex to the DE codex, but who knows?
So, for now it is the waiting game, but in what direction have they been heading for those of you interested?
I used to rock just Eldrad, and then Maugan-Ra at 2K points, but now Eldrad and another seer is needed to keep the 30 clown up.
Can’t get away with just rangers anymore, pathfinders are mandatory and I’ve been moving to groups of three to four.
Wraithlords have been on the way out, and it KILLS me to say that…
I love the ‘lords, but with plasma EVERYWHERE, flyers of doom all around, and big blob units that are fearless to tarpit my wraithlords they just don’t work anymore or even remotely make the point back. When your three wraithlord die in a single turn of shooting in a couple if different games it’s time to take another look…
On the plus side that DOES free up a ton of points for the second seer, pathfinders and something else- and it’s that something else that I’m working on.
Something that can fit in well with the synergy of the army for now, and a slot of points free so when the new codex does drop I’ve got some options.
I’m going to be hitting up some of the more local tournaments this month with Jawaballs and I’d love to formally get the Harlies back on the table, or if not then at least my foot Eldar…