Incoming Glory: BFS 40K League

Glory Incoming! Those of you in the NY area lookig to play in a 40K league, here is your chance starting this Monday at the Battle for Salvation gaming club...
Starting this Monday 2/4 we will be starting the 40K League. All members are welcome to participate and should last for 4 weeks.With 1-2 weeks of playoffs. Bobby and I will have more info coming but I want to post up the details for this coming week and a general outline for the league.

The League will last 4 weeks so please if you are planning on participating understand that you need to be able to make the commitment for the next month.

The League is a progression league starting at 1500 points and then increasing in points: 1750,1850,2000 over the next weeks.

Basic rules:

- Pick a Core codex, once you play that codex in week 1 you will be obligated to stick with that codex for the entire League schedule. However you can change your list from week to week.

- Allies: Optional, Allies will be allowed after week 1 starting week 2. Once you decide on an ally you will have to stay with that ally. However you can adjust the makeup of the ally as you progress. You can also drop your ally if you choose to.

- Fortifications: Optional, Fortifications will will not be allowed till week 2. Only the Bastion and Ageis will be allowed

- Missions: will be based on the new NOVA missions. Week 1 will be provided on monday FEB 4th. Hopefully we will have all 4 weeks missions provided and posted.

- Painting: We are going to judge a best painted army. Painting will not be a requirement for the League till week 4. Week 4 will be the last week of League and you will need to have your 2000 point army built and painted to the basic 3 color minimum that is required for tournaments.

- League Format: Depending on the amount of players we get will determine how we create the league format. However it is our intention to have 2 conferences in which players will play within there conference during the league weeks and then top players from each conference will be seeded into a playoff bracket which will run over 2 weeks and determine the winner of the league.
So what's it going to be for Fritz? Eldar? Necrons? Black Templars?

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