Grey Knights: Grandmaster Or Librarian?


Here is something I have been struggling with since the beginning of playing my Grey Knights- in terms of running a “classic” pure Grey Knight list- librarian AND/OR grandmaster?
Both have such a huge place in the list, but at 2000 points I just can’t seem to get both of them in and have enough points for the rest of the stuff I need- mainly strike squads, terminator support, and land raiders.
Taking just one means I can fit in the other units I need, but I switch back and forth between both of them and am still not really that happy.
First up is the grand master- he gets a halberd and orbital strike in my list and hangs out with the terminators and paladins- his ability to make my dreads, paladins, or assassins, scoring if needed really boosts the small model count of the army, and if it isn’t an objective based mission then the other two boosts are nice- but getting the extra scoring units is what I’m after.
On the librarian side I upgrade him to the max in terms of power and go for the pulls on the psychic cards if he is running solo. I’ve found that not only are the psychic cards tons of fun to play, having a psyker is very handy on the table, especially with hood support for my terminators or paladins.
So the question is which one generally wins over the other?
BEST of both worlds has me playing Mordrak with the ghost knights and a warp rift librarian attached for the first turn deepstrike which I just can’t resist not playing…


  1. The best of both worlds has you taking the GM and Coteaz who acts as a librarian in the list for 33%+ price reduction. You don't get the hood, but you get two powers a turn to cast.

  2. I agree with DarthDiggler,

    and there's no need for the hood in an grey knight army. As you know your squads already have a 5+ dtw. And you always have Dreadnoughts in your army, that's a -4 on their psychic test.

  3. He's talking about a pure GK list though.

    I have the same problem myself, it usually boils down to whether I want an assault element or go with just shooty units. Usually end up with shooty so I go with the librarian and I'll toss in a techmarine with an assault unit for cheap 'nades.

    1. oups, true .. pure gk list. The tactical element of the GM is priceless yes, but imo find the Scriptor far more useful, especially with his codex powers.

      And I would never take the orbital strike upgrade as it always scatters and his BF does not count :/ what's the point ?

  4. I always love the Librarian, the idea and the potential (prescience is fantastic, not that it needed to be said) but somehow I always go back to my Grand Master...I think the scoring is a big thing for generally a small force but I find that the Scout option is also really useful. My list is a foot slogging one so it helps counteract the 24" overall range by getting midfield from the off, I can also outflank with a unit if I want to try and hit hard to reach backfield objectives.

    They're both really good for what they offer, I think I'm mostly attached to my GM from the Daemonhunters Codex days. He never let me down then and he's earnt a place in my list.

  5. Mordrak is an interesting choice, I loved that build myself.
    The template with the right placement can be devastating, particularly against last editions parking lots.


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