Saim-Hann And Space Wolves Vs. Grey Knights And Chaos

Played another battle mission this week- total annihilation where there are no limit to the number of turns- the side that completely wipes out the other side to the last wins- just like how I used to play 40K back in the day. A bunch of us decided to randomly pair up and play 2 on 2 for fun- with my Eldar teaming up with Space Wolves, and Chaos Marines teaming up with Grey Knights- can we put some sort of fluff spin on that? Fallen Grey Knights? Redeemed Chaos?

Right from the start Chaos and Grey Knights advanced right into our deployment zone, rhinos and razorbacks popping smoke with a daemon prince and group of paladins running behind them- quite a sight to behold.

First into the fray had the Space Wolves dropping in with a drop pod disembarking Grey Hunters to try and take out a vehicles and get the opposing team to disembark and shoot/assault so then the warhost could then strike.

Space Wolf casualties were high as my Saim-Hann waited, but what was the loss of dozens of mon-kei if it furthered the craftworld’s goals?

Upon the command of my farseer the warhost moved out, blasting with shuriken cannons, star cannons, and a fire prism. First round of shooting wasn’t that good, but the second and third found their mark taking out a rhino, a group of Black Legion marines, and biting in deep to the paladins.

I may not have had any high strength AP 2 shots, but when your are shooting massed twin linked shots backed by doom, the numbers will come up. By mind game I had the librarian dead, and the squad down to two paladins.

On the opposite side the Black Legion was pushing deep into the Space Wolves, and despite the loss of some plague marines and the daemon prince they had crashed into the front lines of the blood claws and the long fangs.

My farseer had to make a decision…

The jetbikes and vypers were still needed for another turn to deal with the paladins, yet the Space Wolves needed some backup…

Send in the guardians!

Both defenders and storms assaulted, pressing into the attack and downing an obliterator, and then holding…

…till we ran out of time, with many more turns to go.

Just for fun we resolved the combat against the paladins- two paladins vs. a group of ten storm guardians.

Could the craftworld do it?

Would the storm guardians win and the internet explode?

A few hits, one wound, and saved on the paladins.

Paladins hit, wound, kill, and the guardians run…

Next, let’s look at some of the lessons learned and how things have changed a bit as my Saim-Hann return to the game here in the closing days of fifth edition…

Gaming @ Da Club

Lot's of bikes this week at the club, both the crude mon-kei kind and the more refined jetbike styles, both Eldar and their dark kin...

Brother Captain James has been working on some vanguard vets for this Ultramarines based on some OOP jetpacks he picked up from our recent bitz swap event...

Lots of games, practice for the tournament this weekend at the club, and for myself, the return of the warhost in all its glory...

What I’m Planning For 40K 6th Edition…

In the early to mid days of 40K 5th edition I made a name for myself with my Eldar by contesting on turn five, giving way to the idea of turn five…I win!

This tactic was created out of the necessity of dealing with a flawed gaming system in that GW does not update their army books in a timely manner and they are even remotely balanced. Yes, using and old codex can coast you the game just because it is old.

My Eldar had a good amount of firepower, and while the models were generally more expensive in terms of point then their marine counterparts it wasn’t that bad.

But as time went on I couldn’t compete under the established rule set the new codexs were bringing. I couldn’t outshoot them, I certainly didn’t outnumber them, so what was left to win? Just surviving to turn five and contest all objectives while holding one was that way for me.

It helped that it did fit my sneaky-ish playstle, but there is something a bit out of whack with a gaming system where you can lose 90% of you models and still “win” the game.

As 5th edition pondered on it became more and more clear that it was a shooting game that favored imperial/marine books. I’ve often wondered, but don’t know Warhammer Fantasy well enough, if GW has separated the gaming systems so that 40K = shooting and Fantasy = assault in terms of overall playstyle.

The over the top shooting builds that came out of mid to late 5th edition only pushed my gaming evolution further, which lead to my Null Deployment ideas.

As I got into Tyranids, and army that has zero transports, no armor saves, and no diversified shooting, running into a gunline or spam army was suicide. We needed to cut down on the shooting before coming to grips with things, Null Deployment was my answer.

Now I’m at the end of 5th edition, 6th is coming in July right, and most of my armies that take the table these days have very few vehicles. Most of the builds I face just put out so many shots, my vehicles just don’t last long enough to justify the points or tactical performance. Grey Knight fortitude only made this worse…

So what am I looking for in terms of 6th edition?

Hard to say since again we really don’t know the rules, so all I can go with is the what the trends are- what GW likes = making money.

In many ways I feel like I’m coming back full circle to turn five I win tactics.

GW loves objective marker based missions. Two of the three standard 40K missions are objective based, and most of the battle missions are objective based. Objectives aren’t going away even if things change back to 4th where all the units count as “scoring”.

Turn five contesting worked because I could, optimally, spread out the objectives enough, with the one I’m planning to hold being in a remote location, and the others clustered enough to encourage my opponent to try and hold the others.

Well, what if we could use objective placement to magnify the strengths of our particular army and play style? Right now I’m experimenting on that with Imperial Guard, so that will be the example here for the post, and future posts as we explore the topic. As always find the framework and adapt for your own army and playstyle…

If your codex/army can’t compete with the current rule meta- vehicle spam and shooting, we have to ask our self what DOES it still do well? If you had to force your opponent to engage you on what your army did well what would that be?

What if we built an army based on manipulating objectives?

What if objectives were the modifier for the “good” stuff in your army?

We know IG does chimera spam well, along with melta vets and flyers. These things tend to be standard in a ‘Guard army and if you are going to build a counter for IG in your army these are the units you have to have a way to defeat.

As such, other IG units really never tend to make it into a regular game. Under the current 40K rules/meta they just don’t tend to perform.

But what if objective placement could make them perform?

What if we use objective placement as a way to kill our opponent’s models?

My IG foot list is evolving, and I have to say I like big guns. I have a vision in my mind, almost WW I like where my big guns shell the opponent for a few turns before sending in a massive wave of foot soldiers with plasma and flamers to clear things out.

The objective deployment for the battle mission from the other day is just one way to do this, consider this type of objective deployment. Say for the mission we have three objectives and I win the roll off to place two. On a side note when I’m playing around with ideas like this I always start with the best case scenario for me since it is the easiest to understand and then work my way down to the more worst off set ups like losing the objective roll off, night fight, etc.

I place my first objective in the center of the table, and then my opponent has to place 12” away. Wherever they place I then fit the third in to make a straight line- or as much as I can leading to one of the table edges.

If I take first turn I select the side of the table opposite the objectives, if my opponent wins the roll of what are they going to take? What side would you take?

I can’t force my opponent to do anything, but I can encourage them to make bad choices that seem good at the start of the game, only to turn later in the game.

Three objectives in a line encourages a tiered deployment pattern, clustering units as close as possible along the line since you win the mission if you control the objectives. From turn 1 my opponent is already winning, and even if they have to fall back or take losses they can still hold the other 1-2 objectives and contest the first one.

Now back to my IG army build for a moment…

Lots of heavy ordinance and indirect fire- three objectives sets up a line for me to drop shells on. If they scatter, and they will, there is still a good chance they will hit something, or perhaps even more than one unit.

By having the objectives in a line heading towards a corner point I’ve maximized the length of the table, deploying my guns and tanks on the far opposite corner keeping them save and out of range, yet able to keep firing indirectly.

While they are shelling away, the infantry advance, looking to take two objectives and contest or swarm the third.

Well, I don’t know if any of that makes any sense at all, as much of my thoughts are still little flashes of ideas here and there, but you can be sure much of my 6th edition tactics will be heavily based on using objective placement to magnify the strengths of my army at the time, assuming GW doesn’t take a radical departure from objective based missions…

40K Tournaments: Bottom Tables And Top Tables

It’s easy to lose focus in a tournament and get caught up in the moments, both good and bad. Let me be honest and let’s look at two things that I try my best to be mindful of during an event…

For the most part I am really either hot or cold when it comes to playing in a tournament. I’m sure lots of it has to do with the style of lists that I run, and my own approach to the game, but at the end of the first day I’m either winning really big running at the top of the pack, or I’m sitting at the bottom of the stack from getting crushed in all my games. I also tend to take big risks for spectacular effects. I’ve tried not to do this ,but I just can’t help myself, even if that means kicking myself later on…

So here we are at the end of the day and I’ve lost the past four games and am now moving into the fifth- what is it with events having five games a day?

This is a very hard place to be, as every opponent on the way down has kicked your balls in- either though failure of skill or just bad matchup’s everything has gone wrong. The only thing that can save the day is winning this last game- at LEAST I didn’t lose all my games on the first day.

Walking up to the table, you can feel the desperation on your opponent and they can feel it on you- like two hungry dogs circling each other for scrap of meat. Your opponent, again either thought bad skill decisions or matchups has also lost the past four games, they want to win also.

In cases like this, right away I try to control the tempo of the game in terms of personality and aggressiveness. The bottom tables are just like the top tables- every little move is going to be scrutinized. Move a guy 6.1 inches and it is going to be viewed the same as moving them 8 inches. Get a rule wrong and it will have the feeling of cheating. Bad dice rolls will also sting more, since there is the feeling of nothing going right for the day.

Being in this situation many times I like to start off by telling myself to be extra sensitive to my opponent. Give them more then the benefit of the doubt, and be even more sensitive to how my actions might be perceived.

I need to be a GOOD player in terms of sportsmanship now more than ever.

At least I try…

Then there is the opposite side of winning all your games on day one and going into that final game. I’m an unstoppable beast, a god of war, a titan on the tables…

The guys I’m facing are just as good as I am, or perhaps just ask lucky?

This is when I tend to freak out a bit, and it is the source of much amusement for Jawaballs and Brother Captain James during a lunch break as I “crack” under the pressure.

I need that kick in the ass to remind me to stay focused and continue using what GOT me to the top tables in the first place. Walking up to that able and seeing those six rifleman dreads, and razor/paladin spam tends to cause me to blink for a moment and that is a bad thing in 40K- whoever tends to blink first often loses.

My mind starts racing, how can I deal with that list, what needs to a happen?


I know what needs to happen, stick to the plan that caused me to bring the army in the first place, be it scarab farming or harlequin tricks.


I, and perhaps with some friendly advice if you tend to find yourself in the same situations need to let go for a moment, and get back into the game.

Battle Mission: Mordian Iron Guard Vs. Chaos Space Marines

What’s up with this order thing for IG, I have to really get used to that, been a while since I played ‘Guard…

Mordian Iron Guard vs Chaos Space Marines in a Battle Missions scenario. Cut the board in half for deployment, three objectives in a line, one behind another to the table edge. Chaos rolled to be the defender and got to deploy and defend the objectives, while ‘Guard was the attacker and was tasked with surging forward and taking the objectives…

Turn one the Mordians come on the table and advance which means I’m down on one turn of shooting with my heavy weapon teams so time to at least move and run to get into a good position for next turn. Infantry squads advance as the tanks open up a group of obliterators and havocs…

In turn Chaos advances, as a land raider advances and disembarks Abaddon and his chosen terminators who cut into my first ranks wiping out an infantry squad.

Next turn my infantry take aim…

Tanks turn to face…

Sentinels stalk…

…and Abaddon gets blown of the table…

A missile launcher trooper from the 5th heavy weapon team scores the killing shot, and normally this trooper would be promoted for killing the despoiler, something the entire army of Cadia could not do, but unfortunately this trooper and any survivors of the battle will no doubt be questioned by the inquisition for even seeing Abaddon in person- the possible taint of chaos is a nefarious thing…

So now we are at the first question of the game…

Bummer that Abaddon got killed as Chaos would have liked him to walk through my entire army, but once he showed I had to stop him no matter the cost- and that I barely did- my entire army fired into him, and just barely killed him at the last unit.

Was such an aggressive move on Chaos by assaulting turn one worth it? Was it worth shutting down two turns of IG shooting? The first was by me moving on the table, and the second by forcing to deal with Abaddon?

Pushing ahead my infantry advance at all costs, of course missing every melta shot they had to make, and I’ve got lots of melta spam…

We push to the first objective and engage a plague marine squad which is dug in- troopers having no effect with their las guns and flamers- 4+ to hit, 6+ to wound, 3+ save, 4+ FNP- I’m not going to kill anything.

Lord Commander Fritz calls in some Leman Russ support opening up with the battle cannons, las cannon, and plasma cannons, and the plague marines are wiped off the objective…

On the left side of the table which is oblit heavy I just can’t take them down with the 2+ and 4+ saves. They start flaming guys and I’m losing two entire infantry squads a turn to the twin linked flamers. Time for tactical decision #2.

I’m just not killing the oblits, and I need to push to the second objective, so what about drawing them away? Two options- pour more shots in, at the expense of rhinos and plague marines advancing, OR let the oblits chase after and flame some more squads as I move some squads to the left away from the objectives as bait.

Assessing my dice rolls so far I pick the second option and send out some infantry to keep the oblits occupied. Eventually they flame everything they can and side las cannon a russ tank taking it out…

Pushing to the second objective my infantry encounter more plague marines who get hit with some long range russ fire taking them down to one marine left on the objective along with the land raider contesting which I immobilize, and with no more melta units left just can’t seem to kill.

Another round of battle cannon and las cannon shots to the back objective takes out two rhinos as the plague marines just camp on that objective.

At this point I’m low on men and tanks, the battle having taken their toll, and chaos is dug in really well and out of LOS. Game end with one objective for the ‘Guard, one for Chaos, and one contested…

The turning point of the game for me? The oblits…

I’m thinking I should have perhaps just tried to remove them by shooting- their flamers going after my bait squads really cost me so much- men I could have used to push to the back objective and perhaps contest. Perhaps. Hard to tell…

Gaming @ Da Club

Lots of Chaos this week at the club, do the ruinous powers know something we don’t? Been working on the IG horde, adjusting it as needed, and I think I’m about half way there. Might actually be tournament ready soon, and by that I mean having the courage to show up with a foot 'guard list.

One of the tables had a cool Space Wolf vs. Grey Knights battle going on and the wolves had a hybrid drop pod list which looked interesting. I know I only really speak for my gaming area, but for the most part drop pods seem to not be played as much- how are things in your parts?

Watching the game the hybrid pod list seemed kind of fun- drop in three pods full of Space Wolves to make some trouble, and then have and advancing wave of razorbacks + hunters along with terminators in a land raider. Maybe some scouts also? Not quite over powered, but lots of options really.

Mordians….fix bayonets and prepare to advance!

40K Find Your Passion!

Hi Fritz,

i have been reading over your blog and you always seem to know what you’re doing, and more importantly why. Your ideas are very useful and your tactics have helped me out on quite a few occasions when I’m playing 40k (just never when i intend to write up a battle report it seems haha). Now i have been playing 40k for a fair few years, yet i have never been able to make the jump from using simple tried and testing tactics to your level of thinking outside the box and being able to see what's best for each situation.

My question is simple, where do you get your ideas and inspiration from, for your tactics as i would rather enjoy where your musing come from.

No worries if your busy dude, just felt like emailing this


Malduran, thanks for email and for the really kind words! I think for all of us it is finding our passion for the hobby, be it playing missions, tactics, painting/modeling, or all of that. I really believe that once we can set our ego aside, that is when the passion open up.

Follow me on this for a bit, and I hope to make some sense out of it, and how my mind works in 40K…

Something draws us into playing 40K, usually a friend, but then there is an element of the game that really sucks us in. For me it was the fact that I started from an old school D&D background where we used miniatures in all out adventures and campaigns. So naturally any game that allowed me to paint and play with miniatures was awesome- and 40K sold me on that easy.

Starting the hobby, even if you already come in with some skills in painting and miniature wargaming it is very overwhelming and there is a huge learning curve. We can’t even think about winning a game, or perhaps even making it though a game fully since one is still learning the rules.

Same with painting, I can fondly remember looking at the GW “how to paint” steps where it goes from a bare/primed mini to a fully completed mini in three steps. Took me a while to figure out there are like ten steps in-between.

But you are psyched and having a great time, so it is only when you look back that your realize your mini’s were painted like crap and half the rules you were using were wrong…

…but you were having fun!

Then at some point it happens, you become comfortable enough with the game and your skills as a hobbyist that you start winning more games then you lose, and you win a tournament or two here and there, and the winning bug bites you.

Winning the game suddenly becomes very important, and not to get all psychological, because I’m not a shrink, but I think the winning bug bites us all because it is a way of validating our hobby for ourselves- something we can taste and feel.

It can become an obsession, the only reason we play the game, a powerful force perhaps not understood outside of the 40K culture.

Winning is a powerful energy in the hobby- battling all day with your little dollies, and then being called up on stage or forward among your peers to receive a prize for X place, the applause, the thrill…

Maybe it is just me?

But then you keep playing and playing, winning and losing, to the point that you really can’t keep count. Sadly, like real nerd I used to track my wins and losses and what army I played vs. what army for years myself, but then it happens.

The ego of winning is satisfied for a moment, and you can now embrace the passion of the hobby, which often reflects what you enjoy the most.

I’ve always played Eldar, and when the 4th edition codex came out I decided I wanted to do a Saim-Hann army based on my love of the models, which in my mind is defined as everything flies on the table- jetbikes, vypers, and even the ground troops are in skimmers.

That was the only criteria of the army- not what are the best units, redundancy, spam, or anything else.

My first battle was against Brother Captain James and his Tyranid army (back in 4th edition where stealer shock was powerful) and he wiped me off the table so bad!

That right there was almost the end of my Saim-Hann, and it forced me to take a step back and ask myself what does my army DO well, how can I use that against my opponent, and how can I stop my opponent from taking that advantage away from me. I can’t compete against an army that GW has intentionally made broken to sell models, so we have to find alternate areas to exploit for the win.

I’m getting a bit long winded here…

I guess what I’m saying here is that my ideas, good or bad, don’t originate with “winning” first even if that is what I do ultimately want, and I do! The passion to create and discover flows since it begins from a whim.

On all levels you sometimes hit gold, and other times fail quite spectacularly.

Take my Harlequins…

In my mind, I loved the idea of a bunch of clowns running up and punching dudes, it’s one thing to get killed by super human genetic soldiers, horrible space aliens, or daemons from the warp, but clowns?


Naturally that lead to harlequins and that I could get thirty of them on the table. All that mattered for the starting point was getting as many as I could on the table.

From there it was discovering what they did well, and how to prevent my opponent from killing them- in theory. Free from the concerns of winning and being judged by me peers allowed me to find what works for them.

Many of my armies are inspired in this way.

So the first step is to find your passion, and I’m just kind of picking anything right now, but let’s say you are obsessed with assault marines- let’s put thirty on the table, and how are we going to make them work? What special characters will amplify them- Shrike. What units will support them- speeders. Fall in love with a concept and your tactics will build around it, as long as you can handle getting thumped along the way and stay the course.

What keeps you coming back week after week to play the game with your friends- that is your passion, single something out and build, innovate, and create from there!

Ultimately that is the source of my tactics- picking an odd unit with some wacky rules as a base, and building all around that to make it work.


Upcoming Necron Releases

Wow, looks like there are a bunch of upcoming ‘cron releases for May…

Of course the stalker has been on most people minds and the model looks perfect, but what interests me the most if the spyders and wraiths- three wraiths for $47 isn’t that bad. GW price of course, take 30% off from getting it online, etc. I’m glad they at least come in packs of three, since now doing an actual wraith wing can happen and it will look unified with the rest of my models. I’m really excited about that…

…and then there is a single spyder for $33? A bit steep for just one- thoughts? Then we have the upgrade packs for the heavy destroyers and the Necron destroyer lord- also interesting. A bit of magnetic magic and we can swap between the two- destroyers/heavy destroyers, and perhaps some of the Necrons DL options?

Either way, glad to see Necrons getting a pretty quick second wave, even if they don’t have any flyer models yet in print.

Gaming @ Da Club: Jawaballs’ NEW List, Pre-Heresy Death Guard WIP, Mordians On The March!

Sensing another shift in the tournament meta game around here Jawaballs has been completely revamping his army in preparation for the spring/summer tourney season. 11 drop pods and eight dreadnoughts plus a ton of assault marines it a tall order…

So he mind-wiped Brother Captain James, who is now the head servitor in charge of building 11 drop pods…11…lol! GW sure does make some fantastic models, but if you have ever build even a single one of these you can feel BCJ’s pain…

Fully loaded with bitz and ideas from the clubs recent bitz swap Will has been working on his terminator heavy pre-heresy Death Guard army. Here is Typhus, excuse me, Typhon with some molded shoulder pads, and the start of Mortarion (true scale) based on the Sauron model from GW’s LOTR line…

I also put my new Mordian’s to march, tasking them with taking the field against Necrons as we played a battle mission- 3 objectives and for one turn each army can “wagh” gaining furious charge and rage…

One objective on either side, and one in the center. I castled up on my objective with heavy weapon and infantry squads laying down a ton of fire, stalling the Necron advance in the face of overwhelming firepower. On the opposite side my tanks and a huge conscript squad advanced on the center objective backed by some infantry platoons laying down heavy fire.

The conscripts found redemption in the emperor, taking heavy losses, but charging the objective and assaulting a group of immortals to buy the rest of the units behind them more time, wiping them out to the last. I then misjudged a pesky scarab group and lost a russ as I poured more and more firepower into the immortals, scarabs, and a tri of spyders.

Regeneration protocols were legendary and the Necrons were set to take the center objective with only one turn left- if I could blast them off the game would be a tie, if not, then victory to the Necrons.

What was left of my heavy weapon teams opened fire downing a bot, as my second heavy support russ moved into position and opened fire, hitting dead on with the battle cannon, dead on with both plasma cannons, dead on with the las cannon, and even the storm bolter!

I blew the hell out of that building as the Mordian’s cheered in the name of the emperor!...but the immortals made the majority of their cover saves, passed leadership and took the objective for the win! Well, you had to be there- it was a tense moment where everything hung on the dice!

Awesome game- the lone Russ hitting and wounding with everything made the night- you can imagine what that would look like in real life- awesome fun with the battle missions.

40K Force Organization Saturation

When putting together a list in 40K we want to get the most bang for the points. Optimization, redundancy, etc. are all points to examine as you select the units to fill out your list.

What are you trying to accomplish on the table, and do you have a counter for everything your opponent can send at you while trying to accomplish the mission?

When I build a list force organization saturation is another check on the list that I like to examine.

So what is it?

Beyond troops, especially in the fast and heavy support unit selections we often only get three slots to select models from barring a special character that opens up more or something special for the event you are playing in.

Unlike “troops” I only get those three models or units, so we need to get the biggest bang for the buck.

Let’s look at the Leman Russ since I’m currently on an IG kick at the moment…

150 points gets me the tank with no upgrades- which in itself isn’t that bad AV 14 front, good range on the big gun, and some nice hitting power- but over the course of the game what does that really get me- assuming it doesn’t get taken out. 5-7 template shots?

I’ve burned the slot and points and all I really get is the main gun?

Saturation means I can do better…

What if I add a las cannon and plasma side guns (assuming it is a heavy infantry and vehicle killer), and a heavy stubber?

True my points go up big time, but I’ve saturated the slot with as many guns as I can- suddenly the threat level of the tank goes up incredibly, and it can’t be taken out in terms of effectiveness in a single shot by blowing off the main battle cannon.

Make sense?

When you saturate a force org slot- you take all the upgrades that it offers based on what it does. So if it shoots, you pack on the guns, if it assaults you pack on the power weapons, special weapons, and numbers.

Yes, points go up, and you might only get two Russes in over three, but over all you will get more shots since the weapons upgrades are always cheaper than the base model.

Necron Tactics: Orikan The Diviner

So I’ve been playing around with the Necron HQ choices, slotting them into my 2000 point list next to Stormlord to see what they can really do on the table. Something to start gestating some alternate ideas and playlists…

Orikan is kind of odd in what he does. It was like Ward just couldn’t resist creating another super duper stat character like Draigo, but ultimately failed big time within the constraints of Necrons vs. the world. If you are battling another tomb world or dynasty with some Necron on Necron action then fine, but against any other base troops or dare I say IC in the game, well….

If the stars are right you get buffed, and this is the first problem- just like Stormlord it is random when it pops off- so you could get caught short right when you need it. A second layer to this is of course the chronometron (which I argue is standard wargear), but does it interact with Orikan? Hard to say, your thoughts?

In his buffed stats he is actually pretty good with WS 5, S7, T7, a power weapon AND rerolling failed hits…but all this happens at I 4- which is good for Necrons, but as an IC, everything usually swings at him first killing him, or going simo killing him. You could Zandrek him with furious charge if he is part of a unit, but then you have blown your other HQ slot NOT on Stormlord, and given the premo points you are paying in HQ powers, better to use those USR tactics on other key units like scarabs, etc.

So then we get to his temporal snares which just means your opponents isn’t really going to be moving that turn even if you bring a C’Tan shard to try and force dangerous terrain on everything. Again, not a good use of points- and you know if I’m saying that of all people it has to be a bunch of blown points given how I have no problem spending points on odd powers or combos since that is how I build lists and try to leverage them on the tabletop…

Then what about his one shot T beamer?

Well, it is a heavy weapon so unless you can get relentless from another unit, you are not moving and shooting- and that cuts down on the pathetic range already. Then there is its use- a random unit is hit. So essentially it is useless on squads and is reserved for monstrous creatures or dreadnoughts- giving them a one in six chance of poofing. Hardly game breaking. If his other abilities were more rock solid, then YES, the beamer would be a cool one shot trick like the tachyon arrow, but given the diviner has nothing else really, what then?

So why take this guy?

I wish I could put a Fritz spin on it, but after a few games of trying him out, for the points and the synergy he adds, there really isn’t anything of value he brings- a regular Necron overlord outshines this guy…

Battle For Salvation Bitz Swap: The Event

Another successful bitz swap club event from this past Monday…

Stuff from the swap ranged from complete armies, bitz of course, and other things like books, Games Day mementos, and all the 40K stuff one accumulates over the years. Even if you aren’t looking for something in particular you are bound to go home with a few surprises at such an event.

I was looking to trade away the last of my Dark Angels stuff, some Khorne Berserkers, Space Wolves, and a few old OOP chaos terminators.

On the opposite side, I was looking for some models to start both my Skaven and Orc Mordheim warbands for an upcoming campaign. Also, knowing that a lot of guys play IG at the club, I was really looking to score some IG models to update my old 4th edition Cadian army. Fritz playing guard? That was a long time ago…

Funny story. I was talking with another 40K bud about our 6th edition wish list and the topic of IG came up. I was told that real men play Imperial Guard. No elite Space Marine sissy stuff, but the fortitude to send hundreds of men to their deaths in the name of the Emperor!

Jogged my mind that I have an IG army, sort of, so maybe see what I can pull up at the bitz swap event?

So let’s get to the event itself!

Lotz of bitz of course! Play 40K for any amount of time and you will have sprues stacked on sprues- rule number 2 behind never sell you army is never throw out the sprues! Extra weapons, Dark Angels icons, Ravenwing stuff, bastion bitz, and lots of space marine stuff.

Then there were boxes and boxes of single models- more space marines, orks, chaos, and that is where I scored my first find of the evening. A huge ork dude with an axe and a goblin shaman on his shoulder- perfect warboss for a Mordheim warband! Can anybody out there help me identify this dude?

Next was sorting through some old books and more models turning up this old “wargear” book. I love old books and previous edition 40K lore so I snapped it up for like $3. Lots of cool pictures and army info even if the wargear is waaayyy out of date. Some more to assimilate for those trivia events at tournaments.

And then there was Grey Knight army that was up for sale which was very well done, something that I think many of us want to play- all terminators and paladins! Fun, and extremely well done with lots of extra bitz to customize it. Little bitz swaps like that can really bring out an army!

Next to that was some early thunder wolves and a Horus figure- I think this one was part of the Primarch line out of Russia- anybody?

Sorting through more model boxes scored my second hit of the evening as I picked up this limited edition Games Day fig and the grot for warband- sadly no Skaven, so with three of the models I need it looks like orcs it is!

…and then I noticed ED has some of his IG Mordian up for swap…

I promptly did a turn around since I can’t really justify another army at this point, and with 6th just around the corner…

But it was too late, my mind filtering through all the cool stuff I could do with a couple of hundred Mordians and a huge bag of Mordian bitz, heavy weapons, and guys.

I’m such an easy sucker for all metal armies…

Ed gave me a good deal, so in a way I got my IG stuff to re-launch my IG, and another case from Black Matt to put it all in- complete with foam! Man when did GW jack up the prices just for some foam?

End of the night I went home happy, traded away most of my stuff, picked up lots of IG, and jump started my new warband…