Updating My Grey Knights For 6th Edition 40K

Turning my attention to Grey Knights for a bit…

So here is something I have been playing around with and noticing in my games as the emphasis to allies and infantry continues…

A lot of the successful (defined by a crushing win) armies I have been noticing as of late usually involve a mixture of numerous cheap troops that push to the center, and of course die, followed by power armored models holding back objectives and mopping up in the center. Allies in terms of Imperial Guard have been a big help to Space Marines giving them the cheap troops to push as needed. 40K really is turning into ally-hammer!

My Grey Knights have faced this, the PAGK are good troops with storm bolters, halberds, and maybe psybolt ammo with again the focus on infantry- terminators even more so, but throw enough dice at them and they do take losses, and if that is all I have in terms of troops then I have to push forward with them to center taking the brunt of my opponent’s army.

My first through of course was IG allies, but I think if I actually stay codex pure I can get so much more…

So I have my PAGK and terminators in the back supporting the advance with psycannons and using their numbers and 3+ save + ATSKNF to hold on objectives.

Pushing to the center, lead by Inquisitor Fritz is 70+ warrior acolyte henchmen. Now ‘Guard can get bodies for cheaper and throw in some heavy weapon teams also, but what they can’t get is for the price (vets come close) is multiple plasma gun option in each group AND more importantly hotshot las-guns.

I think this could be a big changer with the rapid fire at 18” and the AP 3. True I only hit on a 4+ and it is S3, but combined with the plasma and sheer force of dice I’ll be rolling more than a few AP3’s will sneak past. I can’t get them in as troops since I’ll be over the six slots, but do I really need them as troops- being advanced forces pushing ahead I’m not planning on them tactically lasting past turn four.

WIP , more to come…


  1. Interesting idea, I have to admit I have issues staying interested in my GK since 6th.

  2. Have you tried/considered Warrior acolytes with bolters yet? I have found them to be fairly effective for the price.

  3. "I can’t get them in as troops since I’ll be over the six slots"

    Then you can't have 70+, you can only take multiple henchmen squads with Coteaz and he forces them to be troops.

    Agree on the bolter comment, that's a nice option.

    I don't think Psycannon's as support weapons makes sense. The 24" range is going to seriously limit their effectiveness.

  4. What good is extra plasma going to be if you're facing another horde army as well?

  5. I'm sure it is a sound set-up, but what are those pedestrians gonna do when the other dude deepstrikes some nasty stuff behind their lines? all off the sudden, your meat shield is on the wrong side of your formation. Or am i seeing it wrong?


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