End Of An Era: The Demise Of The Land Raider In 40K 6th Edition

You guys know that I am a total sucker for Land Raiders- if I’m playing any flavor of Space Marine my list has to include an Land Raider, Terminators, and Assault Marines since they are so iconic to the Space Marine model line and history of the game. For so many generations of the game the Land Raider has been around tactically in one way or another, but now I’m wondering if that has perhaps changed in 6th edition.

Is this the end of an era?

Here is the how and why of that statement…

With the shift to hull points and the ease at which vehicles can be destroyed, often quicker than the deathtraps they were in 4th edition I’ve been seeing many players abandon them completely for more infantry on the table- pumping the hundreds of points from vehicles into more bodies. More bodies on the table, especially power armored bodies and the new reach of weapons has also seen a return to plasma…which has made vehicles even weaker since plasma can glance most of them and strip those hull points in one turn.

So with that you would think that AV 14 vehicles with multiple hull points would be really strong- and they are. Tactically Land Raiders are harder to destroy and with a shift from melta (what they feared) to plasma that survivability gets even higher…

…but due to the shift to mass infantry and cheap ally spam the land raider is like a ponderous dinosaur that can’t really do much on the table.

Let’s look at the Land Raider crusader as it moves and shoot- what is it really going to kill with those shots, a few infantry models, ok, good, but armies have expanded X 3 in body size so those losses really aren’t that game changing at all. Godhammer Land Raiders are even at more of a loss.

What about delivering their payload of terminators inside?

Again the shift to infantry means that payload gets out, kills something and then dies to mass plasma and vector strike spam. In 5th edition when more points were spent on vehicles, those terminators could wipe out a significant number of bodies before going down to make a dent in your opponent.

So what is the new role of the Land Raider if there is no demise?

I’m still figuring that out and working on my lists, definitely more defensive in nature, and more of an end game unit now to hide a scoring unit and camp on an objective perhaps.

Is it worth the 250+ points?

Where they ever worth the points?