Eldar Seer Council Tactics: The Invisi-Council

Even after all these years (literally) I’m still amazed at how well the seer council has stood up for Eldar in terms of two completely new rule sets (5th and 6th edition) and a whole two generations of army codex books. I’m so hoping that GW doesn’t kill the seer council when we get a new codex by making them wolf guard like rather than a unit of elf magic users, fortunately we still don’t have to worry about that for a few years out…

So I’ve often repeated that both a seer council and a second farseer are now and have been since 5th edition “auto” includes for your Eldar warhost at 1500 points or higher. With the new psychic disciplines that you can swap out for additional psychic powers that argument is even stronger than ever.

Enter the invisi-council…

Naturally jetbike based farseers and warlocks work best for this as you gain a 3+ armor save an a nice bump in toughness along with mobility, but the concept works equally well with a council on foot with a few minor tweaks. The only difference is in tactics since one has ultra mobility and the other doesn’t- and you only have a finite number of game turns to get the most out of them.

We start the build with a full number of warlocks- ten strong. They all have destructor, one has embolden, and the other enhance. If you are on foot then one or two have conceal depending on your ability to isolate shots by positioning your miniatures- don’t want that one conceal getting picked off.

Blades and spears as you see fit, as they aren’t really the main focus.

Next we add a generic farseer with fortune and runes of warding and witnessing.

Bolted over him is of course Eldrad, who swaps out his powers for invisibility and then your choice of fun stuff like puppet master.

At the start of the turn the generic farseer throws up fortune and Eldrad throws up invisibility effectively giving the unit a 2+ cover save / 4+ invul save with re-rolls. (Invis +3 cover + destructor 5+ or jink 5+ on bikes. This makes a unit that is almost impossible to kill from shooting.

We have dual runes of warding in there as a bit of important redundancy and I feel it is points well spent. If either Eldrad or the other seer goes down either to good opponent tactics or my own stupidly in the moment (which happens) I want to have that psychic 3d6 up for the entire game- especially with all the Tyranid biomancy-spam armies out there, not to mention chaos and allies.

Embolden is in there as insurance to make sure the unit doesn’t fail LD tests as needed.

So we have a unit that essentially can’t be shot at with the 2+- assault is the key to killing it right? After all the save will be knocked down to a 4+ with a re-roll and the space elves are T3 so more damage will get though.

Assaulting, surprisingly is just as hard thanks to invisibility and precog in Eldrad if you can get it. Enhance means you are striking at I5+ and wounding on a 2+ which will kill a few guys on weight of numbers alone, and then when your opponent’s models strike back they are hitting at WS 1- only Swarmlord has it as good!

Jetbikes vs. Footdar

If you are running jetbikes the unit is more aggressive of course since you have the ultra mobility. I like to use the invisi-council not as a hammer unit to smash other hammers, but rather as a unit that likes to hunt after weak units on the table- gobbling them up in the back field if possible to catch my opponent’s focus and force them to chase the council- allowing my other units a bit more breathability.

On foot, the invisi-council is a bit more defensive. I like to take up position in the middle of the table and deny parts of the table focing my opponent to either go through the council or around, again allowing my other units more room to act or knowing where I’m going to force my opponent to move so key units like fire dragons can engage and slag them.


  1. It's nice to be able to talk about new Eldar tactics :D Great ideas Fritz and one that I plan to try out ;D

  2. Though there is still the issue of random power generation so that even eldrad can't be sure he'll get invisibility.

    1. No, but Eldrad will only fail a third of the time. So don't be sad 'cause two out of three ain't bad. Meatloaf said that. Smart man.

  3. I love the Jetbike council. I haven't tried it with attempting to roll Invisibility. I usually just use one Farseer with Codex powers. Running two seems like a pretty powerful option (after your first turn anyway...). It just makes me so nervous to put so many points into one thing when my remaining points aren't going to buy much. Such is life, I guess.

  4. /stolen

    I'll let you know how it works next game I use them. Won't be tomorrows game. Second game though.

  5. I had been building a mech Eldar warhost up to 1000 pts when 6th came out. Now i find myself swapping Serpent-mounted Avengers for jetbike Guardians. I like them so much that i'm seriously contemplating a jetbike Council. But would you run them 10 Warlocks & 2 Farseers strong too, like the one on foot? That's an awful amount of pts for a single unit. And no Rending or armour-ignoring weapons to make all those wounds stick. Or do you see them as mobile psychic support - nigh unkillable denial - harassment unit?

  6. Fritz, I have a question - I play in a mostly casual environment. How do you feel about the "fun" factor for the jetbike council? While they're not nearly as bad as necron flyer lists, a lot of folks have offered that they are "absolutely no fun at all to play against". I have to say I'm sympathetic - most guns have less than a 1% chance of killing one of them.

    I'm also curious how many you generally run. A fully kitted-out council rolls up to almost 1000 points. Do you run that many? If so, how do you structure the rest of your army to compensate for this?

  7. I had a go at this 'invisi-council' the other night, got all excited and didn't roll a five! Oh well, next time...

  8. I also had a go at this invis-council last night and success. Huge success.

    Thanks, Fritz. Your name all over the post.



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