Eldar D-Cannon Tactics

6th edition has given me a chance to revisit my support weapons for a variety of reasons- potentially scoring on back field objectives in certain missions, the ability to hit units far away with templates, and relatively cheap for the points- especially considering they are Eldar units. The only down side to them is that the support weapons compete with wraithlords and fire prisms which are other must have units. And, while I play at 2000 points at a minimum, the dual force org chart thing still isn’t catching on here even though it is in the rules, if I was allowed to use that then problems solved- I get the best of both worlds- wraithlords and support weapons!

So for this post we are going to focus on the D-cannon which is kind of out of place when it comes to support weapons since you can’t sit in the back and plink away with it- you have to get into 24” range which means you are also in range to get hit back.

This means the D-cannon is going to need support as it is moving up to get into position in the center of the table. We are going to need other units marching alongside it to give our opponent pause at what to shoot at- shoo the wraithlord, d-cannon, or fire dragons, etc. as opposed to just the d-cannon by itself.

We also want to add as many defensive layers as possible to keep it up and alive so a conceal warlock could be worth the investment- this also opens up the chance for Eldrad invisibility on the unit knocking down that 5+ cover save to a 2+ cover save.