Revisiting The Eldar Seer Council In 40K 6th Edition

There is no arguing that the best way to run a seer council is on jetbikes which pushes greater toughness, more mobility, cover saves, and firepower options with singing spears, witchblades, destructors, or shuriken catapults as needed…but sometimes a foot council demands to be played, at least in my foot Eldar build just because it can be done.

That said, even with the points, I still want to get the “best” out of the unit and not have it be a total point sink. In revisiting my setup I have to say there is something to be said for the invisi-council even on foot, I’ve just had to be a bit more defensive with the unit rather than my normal go on the offense.

Normally I Eldrad them up with fortune and doom and send them out as a kind of ponderous death start to fry dudes with destructor. The 4+ rune armor re-roll is “OK” and if they last to turn four I’m happy.

But now they are more about area denial and blocking stuff off from the rest of my warhost. I’ll get to center terrain and go invisible + fortune for the 2+/4+ re-roll as needed and trying to assault me off the terrain with invis, fortune, and doom up is a biatch. There is still the threat of my mass destructors so units can’t get that close or I bake them, marines don’t have to be that afraid, but xenos is another story.

Imagine the foot-seer council as a wheel hub that the rest of my army works around.


  1. We need some video batreps Fritz!!!

  2. Do you drop the Conceal in there in place of one Destructor? I suppose it depends on how much cover everyone uses, but it seems like a worthwhile investment against Barrage weapons or just to stand in the open.

    After losing Destructor Overwatch to the FAQ, I was down on the Seer Council. It seems like you can get better results out of a Harlequin squad without having to roll for Invisibility. This is probably something you have addressed before, so I'll go searching. Heck, you probably have room for both, and with Eldrad right behind, both units would get Fortuned up.

  3. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around this whole Eldar foot-list thing. I feel like if I give up the Eldar's speed and mobility, I am giving up one of their main strengths to try and slug it out on the ground with armies that can do the same thing with less points and more models.

  4. Fritz's lists are designed to take advantage of his own play style. That is, forcing his opponents to make mistakes. However, his lists struggle against level headed opponents, and "no-choice" lists. No choice lists are usually all assault or all shooting lists that have no possible upside at changing their tactics up. There is no reason for people, with decent lists, to have trouble against this kind of army if they don't get in their own way.

    Additionally like the other people have said, why not just run a unit of harlequins instead? They are cheaper and more survivable and are far more potent in close combat. You only lose destructor, which you are relatively unlikely to get off in the first place.

    1. Unfortunately, a legitimately good player with a much newer codex has a pretty solid chance of taking you to the cleaners no matter who you are.
      You have to be wise, skilled and tricky to pull off wins with an old codex. It does make victory that much sweeter though.

  5. You know fritz you can do the same thing with wraithgaurd. Take 10 of them with a warlock with concel, take a farseer with fortune and eldrad. You know have a 2+cover save with rerolls on toughness 6 3+ armour saves models, making them extremely difficult to kill. On top of that, the wraithguard are troops, making them very liable.

  6. I don't think the council is worth their points now that witch blades took a big nerf.

    In my local meta people are still running lots of tanks, not to mention the most hated av13 wall of death that is Necrons.

    The council just does not cut it any more, maybe singing spears are a good choice, but you then lose 1 attack, not sure if they are worth it.


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