Necron 3 C’Tan Shard Army Build: Warhammer 40,000

Since the dawn of time Mankind has accomplished great feats of engineering and heroic daring for no other reason other than “just because” and in keeping with that spirit for this weeks post we are going to take a serious look at building and playing a 3 C’Tan shard army for Warhammer 40,000.

Come on, being a loyal thrall of the star gods, you know there was no way I could resist if GW gave me the option for three C’Tan right? Now, do I even have to throw in the standard disclaimer of “competitive” build vs. fluff build? We’ve got three C’Tan, need I say more!

So this build is going to start as all my fluff/model centric builds go- get the maximum amount of theme models on the table (in this case C’Tan) and from there add units that both compliment them and support the theme of the game. We are doing this at 1750 points as we can’t get in all the toys and bling at lesser point to even try and make it happen, just the way it is.

We can only take each C’Tan power once in the army so that means in taking three, each one is going to have their own role to play- the first has world + dust, the second has time + gaze, and the third has thunder + pyre.

C’Tan are big targets and a 4+ invul save is “ok”, but against a variety of las and missile spam that can bypass their T7 we need something to keep them up and alive from long range shooting so Imotekh is next in the list. I know, I know, can I build a necron list that doesn’t include him? He really is the cornerstone of so many of my builds, and of course we are going to max out the cryptek court, and one of them is going to have a chronometron to allow Stormlord to re-roll the lightning and night fight.

This does two thing- first it protects the C’Tan from long range shooting, and it allows a bit of anti-tank, even if it is random on the table, which I might add, for me anyway always does very well given that guys bring 6+ vehicles, 3+ heavy weapon units (long fangs), etc. Over 4+ turns I’m going to be hitting something!

For the rest of the Cryptek court we go with all tremor staffs to take advantage of the synergy between the worldscape C’Tan as each one attaches to a group of five immortals. And then finally we have two small groups of scarabs in the fast slot…


This army build works to control your deployment side of the table and center field- forget any objectives on your opponent’s deployment side. Hold your deployment side with the immortals, and contest the mid field ones with the C’Tan.

The C’Tan themselves get staggered in their use- the one with dust and worldscape hangs back trying to get the 3+ cover save from terrain if possible and floats around in your deployment zone. We don’t want him (it) to get killed till later in the game since that is the key for the tremorstaff ability. End game we will be using him to assault any opposing units moving to take our own deployment objectives being held by the immortals.

The second C’Tan with Thunder and Pyre runs up mid field and fires away at vehicles to get stuff out on foot with the help of the lightning strikes so the crypteks and immortals can go to work. Being an MC and sometimes you can’t fire on vehicles he has pyre shards, but you could also swap dust on him, and try to get him mid table for the 3+ cover save if terrain is there- and as a las cannon like shot he will be taking your opposing AT shots so the 3+ helps.

And then finally the third assault C’Tan who actually we are not going to assault with. Even remotely dedicated assault units and hidden power fists take down C’Tan so I don’t want to assault unless I either have to (as if a gang of paladins is going to get me) or it is the end of the game and I need to sweep stuff off objectives to contest.

Don’t commit your C’Tan! Be elusive and float around, run away from things, and get your opponent to give chase and shoot- buying time for the immortals and crypteks.

What about the scarabs?

They are there to work with the C’Tan and draw shots. If I’ve got a C’Tan moving into range of my opponent and they are going to be able to potentially bypass nightfight, say because it is mid field, then run the scarabs at the unit is going to shoot and get cover/go to ground for the 2+ save.

That is how I’d run a three C’Tan list, and well, actually how I’ve been running them. I’ve got some battle reports upcoming and we’ll talk more about how to be elusive with the C’Tan and scarabs, but in the mean time are any of my fellow Necron players up for the challenge? I’d love to see you guys build your take on the three C’Tan list and post up a battle report or youtube vid- I’ll put the link here, or respond in my youtube channel.

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  1. Fantastic, love a Fritz challenge, I will give this ago for sure


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