FTW Games: June 1st: Here We Come!

So Jawaballs and myself are all set to make our way down to visit Rob Baer and his gaming store FTW Games on June 1st to celebrate the stores 2nd birthday! I’ve always been a fan of Rob’s passion for the 40K hobby and his creativity in building and painting fantastic armies over the years so when he extended the invite to Jawa and myself it was an honor to accept…

…but we aren’t going to be the only ones there for the birthday event, which is going to be over the top fun- Goatboy is also going to be there along with top 40K player Paul Murphy, plus open gaming, and a Saturday night 40K tournament! Basically an entire weekend of 40K madness and FTW fun!

I’m hoping you guys in the Virginia area can make it, and of course lots of pictures and videos of the event when Jawa and myself return!

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