6th Edition Rumors: Competitive And WAAC Players Chill Out!

Boy, am I sure ready for 40K 6th edition!

5th has been a blast, some really good gaming years, but the competitive community has kind of sucked the life out of it at this point, and I’m willing to argue that any change, even the “doom and gloom” randomness of 6th edition will be good for us!

As a game system, nothing has changed, and all GW is going to do is hit the reset button for a few more years.

What do I mean by this?

You guys remember 4th edition and what trends eventually dominated the game? Eldar flying circus, genestealer spam, assault cannon spam…

As a game with a static set of rules, there will always be exploits, and all the competitive players who figured out MSU, X transport spam, henchman/auto-cannon dread spam, will just start over and start unlocking the next set of best units supported by the new ruleset- even if some random is injected.

For a while all of us will be on the same page, trying to figure out what will make a good army in 6th edition be it full mech, hybrid lists, or maybe even full on infantry if the vehicle nerf’s are true. Some things in the new rules will automatically be garbage at first glance, other we will come to terms with.

Think about when 5th edition was released, and guys were still running 4th edition style lists, and how over time a set two or three lists and their concepts have come to dominate the competitive scene up to now where this is all you see at competitive events.

6th will not be the magic bullet to make every kind of army and every kind of build suddenly equal, even if GW wanted to do this. For a few months , perhaps even a year, there will be an “unlocking” period in 6th edition as we all find out way, and then of course I’m sure accelerated by the internet, the build themes for 6th will emerge.

Competitive players seem to be the most upset here with the 6th edition rumors, and I’m really not that sure why?

You will all unlock the magic-sauce build template for 6th and if the book missions are random or suck, events like NOVA will step in and adjust the missions to make them competitive, just as they have done for 5th. Put Stelek and Mike B. on the case and they will work out a fair format for us to enjoy. The integrity and hobby commitment of the competitive community will ensure that 40K continues no matter how bad GW nerfs it. GW will give you guys the ball, and you’ll run with it just as you have done with 5th edition RE tournament play.

As for the fluff, random terrain stuff, and wacky injection of fantasy rules, we can keep that as a Dreadfleet like formula- 40K to play when you need break from competitive play and just want to play the game in a beer and pretzels format.

Seriously, what are we afraid of?

6th edition can’t come soon enough!


  1. Right there with you. I picked up 40k back at the end of 2nd, and I've gotten used to seeing edition changes and the waves of "new meta styles" appear.

    All in all, I'm jazzed for 6th's coming. Can't wait to have some new rules, missions, and maybe (just maybe) a new codex and model line for my beloved Templar :D

    Good read!

  2. The sky isn't falling, the good players will be good in 6th, this is true. But GW IS a horrible company and for me, it's more of a question of getting off the merry-go-round or not. I cannot take another 4 years of Marines in Boxes; 5th Edition is so collossally boring and stale right now and I doubt this will change with 6th. It will just have new ways the Marines have all the advantages and zero drawbacks. If so, it's a great time to leave.

  3. That doesnt even make sense lol. 40k has always been about humanity fighting off the hoardes of evil Xeno. Why do you hate the Human Race so much?

    Marines in boxes rofl.

  4. I'm sure Mike and Andrew just love having their names joined like a team.

    They definitely are their own thinkers.

  5. I think we're all just sick of marines. It doesn't help that Terminators look to be made even better thanks to the new close combat AP rules. But we'll just have to wait and see.

    On the plus side, all the xenos armies are being crafted to kill marines, which makes me look forward to running my Eldar.

  6. i`m afraid the edition will be as worse received in my community as the fantasy one and i`ll don`t have anyone to play with ;)

    And that was received bad due to some boring decisions of GW not necessary the randomness - steadfast and premeasuring

  7. I'm amped personally, and edition changes add a challenge to your ability to adapt. Seriously, it's just a game, sorry GW broke your mathhammer, Blizz "breaks" this or that class in WoW, Bungie "breaks" armor lock, and on and on.

    So, while everyone's busy whining I'll be over in the quiet corner getting things done and having fun playing while others are yelling about rules and what flavors of bath-salt-crazed-pint-drinking-debauchery-inducing hooligans GW staff are...

    Game on! :)

  8. I am excited to see the changes, if anything to remove the hyper-competitive and WAAC players to have to rethink their lists. So, we will have a nice calm golden age for a short while. I think random is nice element in a game, to me it makes things more realistic. The military quote "no plan survives the enemy" well that is the dice and the random mechanics that forces you to think more than just build a list that will always perform the same way over and over.

    Stock up on Terminators boyz and girlz! I already see the spam about to be unleashed if true.


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