Warhammer 40K: Mission Burnout

How long has 40K 5th edition been out? Four years? Five? And we still don’t have an Eldar codex, skipped and neglected for years and an entire gaming edition…but I’m getting off topic…

Anyway, for the most part- read 99% of the time I play the three standard 40K missions at the back of the big rule book. It is kind of the standard at the club, and at most small tournaments. Why is this? Why have I potentially missed out on so much over the years?

Are you missing out on the same?

Why is this, for me? Well part of it has to do with the fact that over the years our club has gone from hobby heavy to tournament heavy. Many of the Monday night games are really just practicing for the next tournament- nothing wrong with this, but they lend to the three missions or the NOVA variants. “Other” missions are usually reserved for Saturday special events at the club like Apocalypse or other system events.

Well, I’m really burnt out on this at this point, and I’m going to change that for myself…

What gave me the idea?

I’ve been working on my Wood Elves for Fantasy and looking through the big rule book for Fantasy when I was reading over the missions and it really hit me- why can’t I play these for 40K? Many of them transition over 100% like the one where you capture bridges on a river- the two systems (fantasy and 40K) do have many core mechanics that are the same.

With everything that GW has put out there, what you can buy/find, and what you probably have over the years is there really a reason to every play the same mission twice?

Imagine a fresh new mission each week?

I’m thinking just with what I have alone- Warhammer Fantasy, Battle Mission, Cities of Death, Planet Strike, 40K 3rd edition rulebook, and the 4th edition rulebook. What’s that, like 70 missions? Oh, and the missions from the old codex books- remember the missions included in the Daemonhunters codex? Stop the ritual?

That’s what I’m going to be challenging myself with more and more- I’m never playing the same mission each week again!


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