Upcoming Necron Releases

Wow, looks like there are a bunch of upcoming ‘cron releases for May…

Of course the stalker has been on most people minds and the model looks perfect, but what interests me the most if the spyders and wraiths- three wraiths for $47 isn’t that bad. GW price of course, take 30% off from getting it online, etc. I’m glad they at least come in packs of three, since now doing an actual wraith wing can happen and it will look unified with the rest of my models. I’m really excited about that…

…and then there is a single spyder for $33? A bit steep for just one- thoughts? Then we have the upgrade packs for the heavy destroyers and the Necron destroyer lord- also interesting. A bit of magnetic magic and we can swap between the two- destroyers/heavy destroyers, and perhaps some of the Necrons DL options?

Either way, glad to see Necrons getting a pretty quick second wave, even if they don’t have any flyer models yet in print.

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