Saim-Hann And Space Wolves Vs. Grey Knights And Chaos

Played another battle mission this week- total annihilation where there are no limit to the number of turns- the side that completely wipes out the other side to the last wins- just like how I used to play 40K back in the day. A bunch of us decided to randomly pair up and play 2 on 2 for fun- with my Eldar teaming up with Space Wolves, and Chaos Marines teaming up with Grey Knights- can we put some sort of fluff spin on that? Fallen Grey Knights? Redeemed Chaos?

Right from the start Chaos and Grey Knights advanced right into our deployment zone, rhinos and razorbacks popping smoke with a daemon prince and group of paladins running behind them- quite a sight to behold.

First into the fray had the Space Wolves dropping in with a drop pod disembarking Grey Hunters to try and take out a vehicles and get the opposing team to disembark and shoot/assault so then the warhost could then strike.

Space Wolf casualties were high as my Saim-Hann waited, but what was the loss of dozens of mon-kei if it furthered the craftworld’s goals?

Upon the command of my farseer the warhost moved out, blasting with shuriken cannons, star cannons, and a fire prism. First round of shooting wasn’t that good, but the second and third found their mark taking out a rhino, a group of Black Legion marines, and biting in deep to the paladins.

I may not have had any high strength AP 2 shots, but when your are shooting massed twin linked shots backed by doom, the numbers will come up. By mind game I had the librarian dead, and the squad down to two paladins.

On the opposite side the Black Legion was pushing deep into the Space Wolves, and despite the loss of some plague marines and the daemon prince they had crashed into the front lines of the blood claws and the long fangs.

My farseer had to make a decision…

The jetbikes and vypers were still needed for another turn to deal with the paladins, yet the Space Wolves needed some backup…

Send in the guardians!

Both defenders and storms assaulted, pressing into the attack and downing an obliterator, and then holding…

…till we ran out of time, with many more turns to go.

Just for fun we resolved the combat against the paladins- two paladins vs. a group of ten storm guardians.

Could the craftworld do it?

Would the storm guardians win and the internet explode?

A few hits, one wound, and saved on the paladins.

Paladins hit, wound, kill, and the guardians run…

Next, let’s look at some of the lessons learned and how things have changed a bit as my Saim-Hann return to the game here in the closing days of fifth edition…

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