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Let’s Play XBOX Space Marine

If you enjoy playing Space Marine on Xbox and are looking for some friends to play with, consider joining the 4th company “Knights of Baal” of the Blood Angels lead by myself and of course Jawaballs, as we bring the Emperor’s judgment to the mutant, heretic, and traitor. We are on most nights playing capture and control, and annihilation, and sometimes exterminatus if it is a slow night. Send me a friend request to “Fritz40K” and I’ll get you on the roster.

Any of the weapons and perks are fine- play the weapon and class that you enjoy since even that comes first over winning the game. All we ask is for a uniform appearance when playing as Space Marines- quite an image to behold at the sight of all that red power armor advancing and working together!

Please change your Space Marine power armor the any of the Blood Angels armor sets, and adjust your helmet color based on the class you are playing: Tactical Marines- red helmet, Devastator Marines- blue helmet, and Assault Marines- a yellow helmet.

Hope to see you in the game!