Hunter Killer Missile Tactics

Ok, so for today’s post can I really get away with outlining some tactics for the hunter killer missile? Is it a one shot wonder or something we can actually use in the game for a reliable effect? I’d say a little of both…

So for around 10-15 points you get an unlimited range krak missile that you can fire one- what are we going to do with this?

The first place you might tack on a HK missile is when you have those 15 or so extra points in your list and nothing to buy with it. Maybe you play at 1750 points and in brining your list up to 2000 you have a little extra- so you buy an HK missile- don’t forget to shoot it?

On the other side we can approach the HK as a strategy in itself.

First where I have seen it used, and how I use it in both my Grey Knights and my Black Templars.

I’ve seen the HK used in mass effect in more than one ironclad dread list- Ed at the club used to run such a list. With it you are building an alpha-strike like effect where all the dreads fire their missiles 12 in total + your four missiles from the tactical, and your conversion beamer from the master of the forge. The idea is to not only disrupt your opponent, but also blow stuff up for when the ironclads arrive.

“Optimal” in terms of being competitive? No, a one shot wonder never is, look at the Necron Tachyon arrow…

BUT, in a themed dread list where your points are invested in the dreads and what you need to support them, the HK’s help to make the list work.

Something a little more conservative with an assault based deathstar pouring out of a land raider…

My furious charge preferred enemy lightning claw terminators NEED to assault and sometimes I’m forced to move them up against a unit in a transport and gamble on getting out, blowing up said transport and then assaulting.

When this happens my HK is a backup shot to help.

Of course other elements in my army are pounding down shots but what if that doesn’t work?

Then I have my las cannons, but what if they fail?

One last lucky shot with the HK!

Your HK thoughts?

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