How Would YOU Handle This Tyranid Invasion?

The city perimeter has fallen, Tyranids are flooding the streets, and just why are you tasked with defending this ruined and bombed out hulk of a city?

Thanks to a recent generous donation of terrain to the club we now have a number of really cool city fight boards- Brother Captain James and Will recently played a game which was really fun to watch given that both armies were painted above tabletop level and the terrain was well done- like watching a cinematic movie…

So let’s wargame this out, and be an armchair general for a moment- how would YOUR army deal with James’ Tyranid invasion force- what is your game plan?

The battle was 1850 points with six objectives, two on each backside and two in the middle. The spearhead of James’ army is a Swarmlord Star- Swarmlord, three tyrant guard, and a regen prime attached. He then had nine hive guard, standard 3 x 3, two tervigons with FNP, adrenals, and toxin, two gaunt units, and then a group of ten genestealers with a broodlord. Deployment for him was just a line moving forward swarming anything and everything in its path with the ‘stealers outflanking.

What do you do?

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