40K Narrative: The Setup (Part 1 of 3)

Last week at the Battle for Salvation club the legions of the immortal god emperor joined together to launch a gigantic crusade against a xeno held world the likes which has not been seen since the great crusade. Their mission…

…to recover a number of lost artifacts for the imperium of man through a series of narrative games over the next few months with the final game being played though a club wide apocalypse event.

In addition to the story track, each army had their own individual goals to pursue and as a commander of a nearby tomb world the task was set for my Necrons- the nature of the artifacts were Necrontyr, perhaps offering a chance to once again become blood and flesh- recover them from the lesser races, and exterminate any who may know of it…

So what kind of army do you bring to a narrative event and what should one expect if it is your first time playing in such an event? Of course we want to be on the winning side, and in many circles talking about how to win narrative events kind of goes against the fluff/hobby aspect of it, but why can’t we win and have fun at the same time?

The first thing to realize is that you are not alone, but rather part of a massive team all striving for the same goal. In the case of this event, there were over six other players on the same side as me, and while my Necrons did have their own agenda, how my other team mates did also potentially affected my future games- and my game theirs.

With all the wins and losses added up for each side a single win or loss is not a big deal, and even big losses tend to get evened out so there isn’t much to worry about there- enjoy the event. On the other hand, if you can be bold, go for it- a big win can really effect the story arc, and when worst comes to worst, try to lose by as little as possible so the advancing story isn’t effected as much.

Wacky random stuff?

With any narrative events you have to be ready for some really wacky and unexpected stuff- stuff that kind of upsets competitive players since it isn’t “fair” and completely random- stray ordinance rounds from other tables hitting you, exploding objectives, unexpected reserves, and other game changing events that reflect the giant nature of the battle field you are simulating and playing on. Don’t get upset, shrug it off, and keep going. It’s not about “fair”, but rather about “fun”. You may get nuked this turn, step back and have a laugh, because your buddy will get hit next turn and it’s time to laugh then!

That said, let’s prepare for battle!

Part II tomorrow…

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