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The march forward with my Necrons continue! That said I just can’t seem to stay away from C’Tan shards- my old codex habits still die hard. I have to say that from a pure competitive standpoint the C’Tan shards just don’t work. I’ve already got two pricey HQ choices, which I will debate are not a waste of points and make my list work, but points are points. Dropping another 200+ on a C’Tan stretches the rest very thin. As much as I try and tweak to “fit” the C’Tan it is just bringing my list down in this current build- scarab farm.

Even with that worldscape continues to be very interesting! Dangerous terrain tests are suddenly around everywhere- especially with MSU spam. A razorback blows and marines like to get in cover from my destroyer group- terrain test! Objectives in cover- terrain test. You get the idea.

Brother Captain James has now completed the update to his Tyranid army with the new models, fully making the transition to a Swarmlord star list with nine hive guard- just in time for some more doubles tournaments we have planned. I’ll be swapping out my Necrons for Grey Knights since now our roles will be reversed and I need the hard hitting first turn strike via Mordrak. We’ll see how that works out…

Back to Necrons for one more second…


Yes they are cheap for the points, but they just feel kind of limiting when I face all immortal build Necron lists. My warriors get hammered! I’ve also made up my mind on tesla- yes, hidden gem of the codex.


GW needs a model ASAP so I can get a proper wraith wing on the table! Finding enough old models just isn’t going to happen, and the more I face and play wraiths myself the more I see so many possibilities- especially with stormlord on the table!

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