The Future Of Eldar Jetbikes?

Hi Fritz,

Just starting 40k and wanted to pick your brain about something: do you have any sense if some of the existing models (i.e. guardian jetbike) in the Eldar army might get a new one when the supposed Eldar codex finally gets released? It's my understanding that the current model is quite old. I own 3 of them and am fine with the bike but I think the rider with his jacket is pretty old school and I've had a tough time thinking up a paint scheme that makes him look respectable.

My thought is that anything they've put out in the new resin format is probably not going to receive an update but some models still sold in plastic might be up for grabs. Thoughts?

This is important because I'm about to go out and blow a ton of money on jet bikes and would be real chuffed if in six months they released a brand new resin model or perhaps a boxed set with higher number of jet bikes.



Jonathan, thanks for emailing- this is a hard question to answer…

I haven’t really heard anything about Eldar jetbikes getting an update. Since they are a plastic kit already we can be pretty sure they won’t move to finecast but what is the timeframe of getting an update over all?

Again who knows?

Current 6th edition release rumors now put Dark Angels, Black Templars, and Chaos at the front of the line which would push back Eldar to a year at least!

So I guess the question is this- you want to start your jetbike army- do you want potentially wait a year to find out of there are now jetbike models or not?

I guess the main question is this- what do you think of the current models? Yes they are quite old in sculpt, but if they don’t bother you, then you can go ahead and buy them.

As for a higher number of jetbikes in a box- I’m pretty sure we won’t see that- GW NEVER increases the model content of a box.

My plan is this regarding jetbikes…

I have all the jetbikes I need so I don’t plan to buy any more and I’m happy with the looks of the current model. So if GW releases a new kit I won’t be that busted up over it. IF it really is so much better and mind blowing awesome then I would probably but five or so and make a seer council out of them- so both sets of bikes are different- guardians look like one, seer council the other.

Another option is to swap the riders on the jetbike- mine are storm guardian bodies and helmets vs. the leather looking riders that come with the bike. You can also check out the ‘net for examples of fantasy elf kits/models for the riders offering a different look.

I wish I could give you some more concrete advice given that you are spending money, but for now so much is still really up in the air regarding Eldar.


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