Eldar Harlequins & Null Deployment

One of the options I wished I had for my Eldar Harlequin army was some sort of null deployment (combination of outflank, infiltrate, and deepstrike) options. For the most part with my list and the strategies that have developed out of it, the clowns are walking forward right into the guns of my opponent.

Against some armies with the age of the Eldar codex and their over cost vs. 5th edition books this makes things very difficult- for the point levels my opponent just has SO much more than me. Not their fault for the unbalance between books…

Although the composition of my Harlequin army is on “hold” for the moment while I’m waiting for a new codex and the impact of 6th edition I have been playing with a few things in anticipation of the changes.

Keep in mind I’ve got VERY limited points to work with since the core of the list if 30 tricked out harlies and rangers/pathfinder units. Sure I could cut down on the clowns, maybe from 10 to 8 in each group and bulk up on other areas, but myself imposed limit on the army has always been to play as many harlequins as I can. Period.

We also need a farseer, and as much as I personally like Maugan-ra he is also optional and a completely different build.

Wraithlords are also important for both the weapon support and assault support but this is where I’ve had some room to tinker.

With the fast attack slot completely open I’ve added in three ultra stripped down vypers. We can rationilze this in the fluff since harlies used to ride in venoms before the Dark Eldar codex jacked them, and they are small enough to fit through the webway portals that they Harlequins use.

Essentially this gives me three turbo boost markers that well, just zoom around. Fortune goes up on them first turn and they boost- which despite being open topped and AV 10 really makes a huge difference, but mainly as a way to open up some simulated null deployment options by being able to radiate out to other sides of the table. They don’t kill much, preferring to boost over shooting, basically it is a push to absorb as many shots as I can before they die.

Hardly optimal in the list, and it does break down a bit of synergy and resilience in the list, but it does offer some fun experimentation.

Now if skimmers get a huge boost in 6th edition…

If Eldar get access to webways like their DE cousins…

If Harlequins could actually ride in them…

Well, then the game really has changed…

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