Doubles Tournament Lists: Space Bugs & Cranky Robots

Ok, last list to consider for the doubles tournament and then decisions have to be made…

James would run his Tyranids which I am going to have to build around and support- being Tyranids we just can’t build a gimmick list around it since the two armies won’t hold up on what we are likely to face- Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, 2000 point lists just cut in half, etc.

I need to both support the Tyranids AND make up for the codex design flaws vs. these other armies….

As for the space bugs James is running trygons, tervigons, some gaunts, and venomthrops for cover- basically a big bug rush list- not a bad list for Tyranids, but nothing that scream OP or is really scary. Shooting is crap, and he has to walk across the table into a barrage of las cannons, krak missiles, psybolts, and all that.

Cover- either 4+ or venom 5+ is the first layer, and then FNP the second, but this will only buy us some more time.

How can my army make the bugs stronger?

I first looked at Eldar since I could throw down runes of warding and in theory shut down all the force weapons, cleaning flame, GK vehicle tests, etc. This would go a long way even as a dice off, but then the rest of my units really don’t bring any POP to the table, nothing that again really stands out and makes your opponent’s eyes bulge with fear.

Wake up the tomb world!

But what about Necrons…

Yes, I think that could work…

Start off with Stormlord and add a cryptek with a chronometer which solves two problems- the first is that it gives us night fight for two + turns which gives the bugs another layer of protection on their way in- and it gives us the lightning strikes each turn which will be our “long range” shooting that the Tyranids lack. 1 in 6 odds have been good to me, especially with the rampant MSU builds out there.

I then need some scoring units since ideally James will be flooding the table with gaunts to sacrifice and bog units over camping on objectives- take some small place holder warrior groups and I’m good there…

I’d like a cheap disruption unit to outflank, deepstrike, and normally that would be a unit of ‘stealers or commando stealers, but James just doesn’t have the points- but I can make up that shortcoming with a small wasteoid group of flayed ones.

Finally throw in some scarab-sauce into the mix 3 X 10 which will run with the Tyranids, munching vehicles to open them up, and taking the shots so the bugs don’t have to…

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