Blood Angels Death List

I may not officially play Space Wolves or Blood Angels but there are a few army builds out that that have my name all over it- a play style that fits right into what I like, and if I was going to build a wolf or blood army I’d probably be running it. So while I can’t take “credit” for inventing the following, it certainly seems fun to play having both seen it and faced it a few times on the table…

So if I actually completed all my “to-do” projects and got my Lords of the Rings stuff painted up, what kind of army would I move on next?

A heavy armor Blood Angels list.

Something with a low model count so it is relaxing to play, but packs a big punch if I can make it work…

AND, just personally speaking if I am playing Space Marines it has to include my favorite models- land raiders, termiantors, vindicators, dreadnoughts, and assault marines.

So we start with three land raiders with a minimum of three five marine BA squads inside. Basically MSU spam only in land raiders- the five dudes in each are to make them scoring only. Godhammer pattern so they sit back and shoot- and done correctly are quite resilient as I’ve both seen and experienced with my own land raider spam Grey Knight list.

Six twin linked las cannons, three heavy bolters, and if we have the points three multi-melta shots, all on AV 14.

This is the defensive part of the list, hang back in support shooting and take mission objectives.

On the offensive side we have a storm raven with a death company dread in tow, a unit of power sword death company, a chaplain. This entire part of the army is disposable- the raven cover saves turn one as you hold your breath.

Las cannons shoot to open up vehicles and then turn two your insane blood talon dread is assaulting along with the death company.

The plan?

By the time they all die, and they will, they have taken out your opponent’s toys 2 to1 in theory.

Yes you are putting all your eggs in one basked- expensive at that with the death company and dread ,but if it makes it in…

Depending on the points you also then add in Mepheston as an auto-include in every BA army now and depending on who you face and the mission you either run him next to the storm raven, or hold him back hiding behind a land raider to intercept anything incoming or act as a screen of one of the land raiders has to move out.

Relatively cheap army to build also if you find the land raider second hand.

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