Best Space Marine Dreadnought?

I’m going to make a bold statement that I still believe that the best space marine dreadnought out there is a black templar dreadnought.

How and why?

Well, as a starting point we can’t just look at it from a pure point cost ratio and what those points buy you. It’s not fair to just look at points since not all dreads are equal- black templar dreads are from a different time in game design where GW wasn’t pushing as many models (pre-apoc days), vs generic cost of space marine dreads, vs the greatly reduced cost of grey knight dreads to re-launch and sell that army and model line.

Put points aside.

Venerable is the starting point as it allows a destroyed dread a new chance at life. Over the years I’ve found that running a venerable dread is the only way to go in 1500 point to 2000 point games. The re-roll always makes the difference in a game.

All codexes can buy a venerable dread so they are all equal here.

Next is shooting and while generic marines and grey knights can take the abused rifleman pattern, and ‘knights can stack on psybolt ammo, the black templar dread is still in the running, in the bottom, since it can take tankhunters giving it the equivalent of psybolt ammo vs. vehicles.

Now grey knights can essentially just shrug off all shaken and stunned results and nothing can compete with this across the game, true it is just that good and broken/frustrating to play against.

Black templars can’t touch this.

But what they do have is the binding of the Emperor’s vow of preferred enemy- a preferred enemy dread in combat, on the charge, is just brutal. Grey knight dreads on the assault are just laughable since they are all just shooty in the current game terms, and even a shooty/fist dread still doesn’t get the re-roll.

Note: I’m leaving out ironcalds and furioso dread, since just like Bjorn they fall in their own categories- kind of like a chaos dread vs. defiler- we are looking at generic dreads here.

THAT is why my vote goes to the BT dread since hands down it has something to offer for each role it plays- above average in all categories.

Which is why either with the assault cannon version or las-cannon version I always run a fist on it.

Venerable through cover help keep it alive as it moves and advances shooting, and then when in range, it assaults to add some extra punch to the sword brethren pouring out of the land raider and razorbacks…

Best generic dread in the game?

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