40K How To Beat Broken Grey Knight Rifleman Spam

Just pretend he is a rifleman...

Second set of requests this week was how to beat Grey Knight rifleman spam- what do you do when you are staring down three to six of these dreads?

First let’s look at what makes them so “good”…

Auto cannon dreads are nothing new- generic marines can get them, and even field up to six in a standard game, and they perform well for the points, but the Grey Knight version is a different model entirely.

First thing is that the shots are all twin linked, and shooting to hit on a 2+ or 3+ with a re-roll means you are going to hit. Next we add psybolt ammo for the +1 strength and you have a long range multi-shot weapon that not only hits, but is a threat to everything in the game- infantry, vehicles, and high toughness MC’s . You also force lots of saves against those that get it, so although it is not AP 1 or 2, some bad armor saves are going to pop up- it punches through by torrent of fire.

If this wasn’t bad enough, you can’t shake/stun the dreadnought so it can’t shoot for the turn since the ‘knights have that fortitude power to shrug it off.

THEN on top of this add venerable status to make a few of them even more of a pain in the ass for you.

WHAT was GW thinking?

Heck, even the point value of the model is way undercosted…

But I’m starting to get off topic here, let’s keep it tactical.

So, the problem is that you HAVE to destroy the dread to stop it. Blow off a weapon and it still has one. Shake/stun it and it keep shooting, immobilize it, and it still keep shooting…

What are we to do?

First line of defense in stopping these dreads is what tools do you have in your codex- what army do you play?

Can you prevent them from shooting at you till you get in range like say with Necrons and Stormlord night fight?

Do you have access to stuff like runes of warding to make fortitude a bit harder?

Are there passive options like these two to mess with the dreads?

If something like that exists take it.

Throw a wrench in what Grey Knight players take for granted.

Next question is how to stop their fire output.

No way we can take the shots for a full game, period. Maybe we could take one or two dreads shooting at us if we had no choice, but three to six?

So we need to kill at least three of them ASAP.

Long range shots like las cannons are important, even if they have a hard time beating the odds- especially if the GK player does like I do, although in defense I use las cannon dreds so I’m not a total jerk…

Do they have a shrouding librarian there projecting that bubble for the 3+ cover save if the dread is in terrain? Another layer to bypass makes it even harder! You have to hit, bypass the 3+, pen and then destroy, and then maybe venerable.

It will be hard, but you want those shots, you just can’t rely on it.

So perhaps more than ever a suicide units is important- something that can get up there real fast and take out a dread or two before dying.

Scouts in a storm speeder + power fist. Take first turn, scout move, move and get out. Suicide valks with vets? Deepstriking guys like legion of the damned? Sure, your suicide unit will be expensive if you look at it from the point of view of trading them for the dreads, but look at the entire picture- those dreads will not be savaging your entire army.

Time to turn the table on YOU- what is your battle plan for dealing with three to six GK dreads?