Tyranid Termagant Tactics

In the null deployment model I first experimented with dropping large groups of termagants in a spore pod in support of my larger elements and genestealers. A nice big group was relatively cheap, could lay down a few anti- infantry shots- maybe killing a marine or two, and the big swarm could spread out and grant cover to my second wave of genestealers. This worked well, but what I found was that gaunts just tend to die against everything and anything. Not a big deal if you have a bigzilla list with five tervigons gestating them- they are there to die, but in a null deployment list where your bug numbers are finite, you tend to lose them at the start of the game or mid game.

I then tried the super-gaunt: pumping them up with adrenal glands and toxin sacks. Their effectiveness for the points was still rather poor due to their low number of attacks, lack of frag grenades for cover, and the pathetic armor save. Again, spawned gaunts getting the buff off the tervigon is one thing, but finite guants are another.

So in this capacity the optimal use of Termagants in a null deployment list is as a screen and cheap and game scoring unit. I use a medium sized unit to grant cover saves to my hormagaunts, and warriors that advance as the main wave, and then the gaunts break off and just lurk/go to ground on an objective. In this capacity I don’t expect much and they really don’t let me down- which is about right for a 50-60 point unit. They are kind of the guardians of the Eldar craftworld in use, a scoring marker really.

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