The Problem With The New Tyranid Tervigon Kit From GW

So a few closer up pics of the tervigon have been released and I’m kind of all over the place on the kit and how I feel about it.

There seems to be some mini dreadfleet like rage on the internet regarding WHY it took GW so long to release such kits- especially since they were the new flagship models of the codex when it was released.

GW, you had the trygon kit ready, why not the tervigon which in turn sells gaunt kits as you need something to poop out.

Some will blame chapter house, others GW, in the end it is both good and bad the kits are out now but we sure could have used them sooner as players and supporters of GW.

That said there are two questions that have me scratching my head with the soon to be release of this kit…

Between the both of us BC James and myself have eight converted tervigons- what is there fate now?

Will they be allowed in a tournament?

The second question is this…

Check out the size of the tervigon, GW has created almost a new class of model- a super sized MC, kind of like comparing a baneblade to a leman russ. Awesome looking kit, but how is the physical footprint of the model going to effect the game?

Things are hard enough getting a 4+ cover save off the converted tervigons, how is it going to happen with the new kit? What about a 5+ cover save in 6th? I can see no MC cover support in the game unless you bring venoms.

Will the kit size itself and the 5+ save make the model useless from a tournament perspective?

I’m not getting all doom and gloom here, but should they be considerations?

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