New GW Tyranid Models Confirmed

Word on the street is that GW is FINALLY releasing some new Tyranid models....

Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord, Trygons, and a Tyrannofex! About time!

These kits are going to be a real help for us Tyranid players out there, and just looking at the plastics I'm sure 'nids will pick up a few new players.

Personally I don't need these upcoming releases right now....must....focus....on...Necrons.....

Necrons have kind of detoured me from a third Tyranid list variant I have been working on, really enjoying, and showing some real potential. First I had the Null Deployment list, then the Bigzilla list (5 Tervigons + 3 Trygons), and my third list was the Swarmlord Star.

Now with such a cool new Swarmlord kit....

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