Cult Of The Possessed!

So many games so little time…

Haters are still hating Dreadfleet!

As wacked out as 40K gets sometimes with the crazy lists, cutthroat tournament scene, and man children throwing their fits, always keep in mind there is so much more to the GW hobby and community. Other systems to explore, new worlds to dominate, exploits to carve your name into the stars!

On one such world, in the ruined city of Mordheim, a grim and desperate warband devoted to the dark gods is lead by Magister Fritz in their search for wyrdstone. Unlike 40K, “chaos” is actually rather decent and fun to play in Mordheim.

What is exiting about spreading your wings into other GW specialist and defunct games is that it allows you a chance to experience the magic once again- a place where you don’t know all the rules, have to relearn your tactics, grow and expand.

For example in my Cult of the Possessed warband I have a magister (think psyker), a possessed mutant, and some henchman. Given the gold you need to spend to make your possessed mutant bad ass enough, and the temptation to over indulge in the gifts of the gods, your warband is going to be smaller than most. Knowing when to strike an being conservative is key.

Naturally when I started playing Mordheim I expected many of my god like 40K skills to carry over since the game was similar- wounds, toughness, shooting, assault, etc. well…not quite. Myself and the rest of the guys playing were all on equal footing in terms of learning. Getting to be a noob again is fun when everybody in the room is a noob. It allows you to check your ego and grow as a gamer!

So there I am with a big bad chaos mutie who on paper looks like a deathstar so I play him like a land raider and terminators- go out and kill stuff! Unfortunately, as I quickly learned when you don’t have fifty or so more models and dozens of tanks to back you up this isn’t always the best idea. The hazards of Mordheim alone are enough to get you killed or hurt.

Learning and growing…

Now I use my possessed mutie as a bodyguard for my magister. Think of a core that the rest of my warband revolves around- magister is protected and gets to leverage his spells which can be key depending on the roll I get.

Something easy to learn after a few games, but sometimes hard to see if one is caught up in a particular system of thinking.

It’s easy to get burnt out or jaded after awhile, let yourself have some fun again…

Necron Codex Leaked Pictures And Point Costs (Full Pics Below)

More info coming our way, including some more Necron pictures and the start of scanned codex pages. Interesting to say the least.

Rumored point costs floating all around the internet, who knows the original source?

Necron Lord @ 45 points

- Necron Cryptek @ 35 points and 55 points (depending on wargear no doubt)

- Lychguard @ 40 points...however, one squad of 5 was +25 points more expensive...could be that the shield option is +5 points.

- Deathmarks @ 19 points...not that bad, actually.

- Flayed Ones @ 13 points (and no mention at all of the "Fearsome Visage" rule or something they used to have)

- Warriors @ 13 points

- Ghost Ark @ 115 points

- Immortals @ 17 points regardless of weapon

- Scarabs @ 15 points per base

- Destroyers @ 40 points

- Heavy Destroyers @ 60 points

Necrons seem, well, really cheap in terms of point costs. I know the current codex hasn’t been through the 4th and 5th edition point reduction yet, but, these points look really low. I do have to potentially keep in mind the fact that many of the units get a reduction in abilities, armor saves, toughness, WBB AKA Regeneration, etc. So cheap might not be that cheap after all.

Scarabs at 15 points? Sign me up! Any word on Tomb Spyders?


Commander Badass

Just a couple of random 40K thoughts for today’s post kicking around in my head…

I like named characters in my army. It’s cool to have a defined leader with a personality leading the group. Often my entire army is built up around this commander- my Death Guard being the perfect example. Forget WAAC, forget min/max, who is the boss man leading the legion beyond Mortarion? Typhus! And, based on the fluff, what would Typhus be leading? Plague marines, lots of them, all on foot as Mortarion intended. Although a do break my rule just a tad, since I have a dread in the list just because he is the forgeworld one and is just to cool looks wise not to play, even if he well sucks.

Of course Typhus is anything other than a Commander badass, heck he wasn’t even that great when the Chaos codex came out, hopefully the LEGIONS codex will finally do him justice, which I am guessing it will- GW has all but milked the Space Marine cash cow, so now it’s time to start the spikey bitz Space Marine cash cow…

Who is the biggest Commander Badass in all the current books. Who has the most bling, killy powers, and broken rules for the least points? Opinion please! My vote is still for Mepheston!

And one last question- why do you guys in the UK and Australia get hit with comp points for taking a named character, and/or why are you banned from taking them. We might be going back to hero hammer 40K, but not quite yet…

House Rules?

I hear about house rules all the time, does anybody actually play with them? Our group doesn’t, and the ridiculous INAT Faq would also count. I don’t have issues with them, but I think they should be kept for house games only. Tournaments that draw from players outside your group should use the regular rules.

40K Shooting Vs. Fantasy Assault.

I’m normally not one for GW conspiracies, but just something I’ve noticed long time in coming- 40K is all shooting now, assault is “dead”. Why? Assault takes some careful planning, tactics, and some luck, what is there to shooting beyond basic target priority and rolling dice? We know GW has been focusing more and more on a younger age bracket of players- is shifting the game to all shooting make it easier for them?

Another Leaked Necron Pic (Below)

So apparently November 5th is the magic day all the Necron stuff starts shipping, and I wonder what my first attack plan should be?

From a modeling perspective I do love all the new kits, especially the vehicles even if they are more of a Dark Eldar rip off but I still have no idea what they all do, officially anyway. Other then the codex I’m kind of taking a wait and see approach first. How good are the new units, and how much of a nerf do the existing units take?

What I find odd in the picture above is the fact that the rods are green- rumors had them at orange or not even included at all. I wonder?

Final quick question- what do you guys think the power level/codex creep value of the Necron codex will be? Will it be an auto-win like Grey Knights and Space Wolves? I personally don’t think so despite getting the Ward treatment- I suspect it will be more like Dark Eldar, skill to play and use on the table, powerful yes, but not on par with Space Marines.


What To Do About Necron Warriors?

Getting close to the release date, and I’m still asking myself what the deal is going to be with Necron Warriors?

Are they going to make or break the codex as our troops choice?

Right now in the codex what is the problem with Warriors @ 18 points a pop. Basically the fact that they can be cut down with a sweeping advance and are not fearless/stubborn. This is a hold over from 4th edition where the bots could stand up in the assault taking a loss, and then teleport out with veil of darkness or the monolith portal. With 5th edition and the negative modifiers applied to LD along with a crappy I, Warriors get swept by everybody and anybody- a major problem when you are paying 18 points.

So, supposedly GW predictable drops the points down to 12 (standard codex creep) so you get more models on the table for less points which = more physical product you have to purchase.

Another established trend with GW and codex updates in 5th edition is to nerf all the current models by bringing down their abilities while jacking up the new models so even established Necron players have to buy the new stuff.

And Warriors hold that as true- going to a 4+ armor save, and a 5+ WBB. Is this a big deal, YES. Ask the few remaining Tyranid players how a 4+ save on their warriors feel, and a 5+ WBB over a 4+ is also bad. Sure I can take it no matter what, but most stuff you die against in 40K is not rending, AP 1 or 2, etc.

The proper thing to do would be to keep them at the 3+ and 4+ and drop the points down to 16.

Ok, so we are at 12 points which means more on the table, but they are still not fearless or stubborn, and gauss is still gauss with glancing, so what do I get with all those cheap warriors and what do they do.

Unfortunately in the current book they don’t do much, and stat wise in the new codex they appear to do even less.

The changing factor here, and what we don’t know is what role Crypteks and Lords/Overlords will play. Like warlocks and mini-farseers attaching to Warrior squads perhaps they will give a utility and function boost that the warriors alone don’t have.

As one of three troop choices Warriors need to do something- and this is the real definition of a 5th edition codex. Troops that you need- at least 6 units, that can do something more than just sit on objectives- look at the stock Grey Knight and Space Wolf Troops- special weapons, force weapons, psychic powers, counter charge, two close combat weapons, wulfen upgrades, etc. Wow! Troops that can actually impact the game! Imagine that!

So while lots of guys are pointing out to me that Warriors are cheaper so just take more, I’m pointing out that they really aren’t that cheap with the upgrades in Crypteks and Lords that one might have to take to make them do something. In actuality we might be up to 18 points or higher a model for each squad with these factored in.

Another options is Immortals- what Warriors should have been in the last book, and what they shoud be in this book. Maybe GW wants us all to buy Immortals?

Other options are to bypass Warriors altogether and go with flayed ones- but then you are paying an Overlord tax and eating into one that you possible don’t want to take. Somewhat related, from what I’m seeing- dual overlords are going to be mandatory in the book, just like currently now two lords are mandatory- or a lord + C’Tan.

And then there are the trade federation, I mean undead troop transport vehicles. Are these going to be spammed all over like Dark Eldar. I’m predicting no and here is why?

Dark Eldar transports move fast and shoot- so can Necron Transports.

Dark Eldar transports drive up and the guys inside rapid fire with poisoned shots (potentially), Necrons just rapid fire.

Dark Eldar transports drive up and the guys get out, shoot, and assault with quite a punch.

Necrons get out and do what? Rapid fire OR assault with a crappy one base attack and I 2?

Just what are Necron Warriors going to be killing?

This has me either looking to the elite slots for killy- but we don’t know points and unit numbers, or scarab walls of death backed by tomb spyders pumping them out so warrior gauss can actually do something.


That said, 60 warriors is ONLY 720 points, and in the new tournament standard of 2500 points that does leave plenty left over for addition upgrades.

Dreadfleet: First Play

Got in my first play of Dreadfleet at the comic shop this week, and it was just the type of game I needed at the moment as work and some family stuff has been kicking my ass recently.

Posting up on our club forum that I was bringing it, I thought I would have a hard sell finding some players, but that wasn’t a problem having Black Matt, Burt, and Joey from the club join in.

While we will eventually get to the scenarios and perhaps even run a full campaign at some point for now we decided to just pick the warships we like and start blasting away to learn the game mechanics and the ropes of the ships.

Sides were myself and Black Matt as the Dreadfleet, and Burt/Joey for the Grand Alliance…

Matt and I lost both games, but there we so many awesome moments you didn’t really care about winning or losing, but rather finding out what was going to happen…

In games involving man children there are two types of noise and arguing- both good and bad. Bad arguing is when guys yell about the rules, what you can and can’t do, broken armies, etc. while on the other side there is the good arguing yelling at your team mates to make a certain roll, making four 5+ armor saves and then gloating about it, talking trash, etc. Good and bad, you know what I mean? Those moments when you have to pull something crazy off with the dice and actually make it are what war gaming is all about.

We were having so much fun screaming and yelling, Bishop the store owner had to politely come and tell us to tone it down a few times.


Yours truly commanding the chaos dwarf sub and coming up right next to the dwarf ship, opening fire, and launching a boarding action with six dice and failing to score a wound. Black Matt dropping anchor to blast away as I pinned the ship, only to take it from behind from the Heldenhammer- and Joey rolling a “1” for the hammer attack completely screwing it up.

Matt and Joey fighting it out with both ships ablaze, drifting, gun decks collapsed, etc.

Joey later bringing his ship out and my tomb kings barge killing all his crew in one turn setting it adrift…

Lots of good arguing and fun all around…

Gameplay mechanics from a first play perspective…

Fate cards were awesome, but two a turn seemed a little much- one a turn would have been better.

Wind counter was well kind of useless, but then again for both games only one or two ships had sails, and we were going right towards each other to kill stuff- more tactical games could give those sleek sail ships some extra punch.

Hands down all the guys wanted to play again, so this Monday at the club is out next game...

Overall I am really happy I picked this game up. It gives me that GW model fix by getting to push around cool models while making the game a big deal in terms of winning or losing, which more and more is a big deal given how competative 40K has become in my area.

What’s Fun In 40K These Days?

I go through phases in the game, don’t we all? One army style for a bit, method of play, tactics, even missions- helps to keep the game fresh and exciting over a bland shooting game.

What is my current kick? Necrons perhaps? Having fun with super heavies vs. regular armies? Yes, got some mission scenarios I’ve been kicking around on the way.

More of a phase of the game that has caught my fancy as of late, which means more Harlequins and Tyranids on the table as they are geared up to make it happen- at least in the assembled armies I have. Black Templars can do it also, but only with one core group in my army- the lightning clawed preferred enemy furious charge terminators in a land raider.

That’s what I’m talking about- the assault phase!

What do I like about it? A lot has to do with power armor being the de facto army in 40K right now- I like rolling up and slaughtering space marines before they can even strike back. Marine players expect, nay, demand their GW given right to a 3+ armor save and are used to at least getting a few swings back or that hidden power fist in.

Oh, what great joy and confusion on their faces when they get blitzed with dozens of I6 power weapon/rending attacks that wipe them out denying them the dice of armor saves and attacks back.

Bonus points of joy and domination if I can time it so I hit a few squads in the same phase- seeing 10-20 marines vanish under taloned claws or smiling clowns is such fun!

Of course such fun is not easily won!

Overpriced and single use (read assault) units taken from outdated (Eldar) and piss poor written (Tyranids) books don’t make such happiness easy. Marines aren’t just going to let me roll up and swing away for free.

And that is the challenge, getting an assault based army into the ranks of my opponent when I am outnumbered, outgunned, and playing a shooting based game with an assault army.

Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, but when it does, it is a happy ride home at the end of the night at the gaming club…

So what is your favorite part or flavor of the game right now?

Necrons Living Metal Rule Overpowered?

So myself and a few of the guys have been discussing the new living metal rule, which is kind of like Fortitude in that it removes shaken and stunned results. Grey Knights started the trend which now means all future armies moving ahead will be getting these abilities also…

Eventually there will be no way to shut down vehicles other than to destroy them, making them even more OP, thus selling more.

But, will Necrons really benefit from this rule like Grey Knights do?

Well the first question is the ability “free” as in built into the base point cost, or is it an upgrade like extra armor and the like? Free is fine, upgrade isn’t worth it, except for one notable exception- the barge with the big gun, which always wants to be shooting.

Why do I say this?

Grey Knight vehicle spam tons and tons of shots- rifleman dreads, psybacks, etc. all for cheap. Necron vehicles are already going to be a tad expensive and they really don’t deliver the gunboat action like dreads do. Sure it is always nice to shoot, but the power won’t be ground breaking for the Necrons army.

Big Plans For Necron Deathmarks!

I know it’s still all speculation regarding Necrons, but as each day passes more and more gets leaked and finds its way to the community. We already have many abilities, stats are starting to follow, points, then the codex.

Let’s talk about Deathmarks for a moment and what I’m planning to do with them if everything holds up as true…

We know there are tons of goodies in the elite section that can all do amazing things and of course they are a main thrust of the new models being put out by GW. Sure it is looking a bit crowded in there, but unlike Tyranids the other Necron FO slots actually do something, so we can use elites for what they are intended for over trying to act as a failed crutch to the army like Tyranids.


Cool models and cool name.

Snipers are well, meh, and these guys look like a cross between snipers and marine stern guard- wounding on a 4+ regular sniper stuff or the 2+ wound ability. Snipers in an elite slot, there has to be more?

What really caught my eye is the ability to reactive deepstrike and as my favorite Klingon commander Kruge puts it- “This is just the turn of luck I have been waiting for…”

I’ve got my Null Deployment, which Necrons can do…

I’ve got my outflanking disruption unit, which Necrons can do…

And now I have my reactive deepstike, which it looks like Necrons can do…

This is why I am excited by the potential!

Ready for a Dreadfleet reference?

Those posts are coming and what I have learned from them, so I won’t jump the gun, but I will say that Dreadfleet is a dynamic game, in that each side rolls for the turn and activates ships back and forth in sequence. You can potentially counter each move each turn.

5th edition 40K has been a passive game in terms of sides…

My opponent moves/shoots/assaults, and then I do it. After I have done all my moving, shooting, and assaulting my opponent goes knowing that for that moment, my actions on the table are locked and done, they can move/shoot/assault based on the game table.

If we are talking about reserves they can enter on knowing that they are “ok”. BUT if something was waiting, a trigger of sorts the react to their move, this throws a potential wrench in their plans on THEIR turn over the usual my turn.

Make sense?

Imagine if overwatch was back.

If Deathmarks are going to let me do this, then I don’t really care that they are “snipers” or what their shooting/profile is good. Of course I hope it is, and being new models and getting the full WARD treatment means their fluff will somehow involve the soul of a space marines so they are just like space marines so they are OP…

I’m interested in what they potentially do to upset my opponent’s plan- steal the momentum, get my opponent focusing and thinking about what I am doing over what they are, or should be doing. Up till now I could only do that in MY turn, but thanks to Necron OPness I can now do it in THEIR turn?

Sign me up!

Space Marine HELP

Hey fritz

No sure weather this is the right email but anyways here goes hope you can read all the stuff and help me out.

I am 15 years old and live in Australia and been playing for around 2 years.

I play space marines (what a surprise), specifically a Kor’sarro khan army.

I got the idea to play Kor’sarro khan a bit before your “null deployment” video after the video I was convinced on playing it. The army first started of always of as everything out flanking, but what I found that it would come on piece meal and get shot up with 2 rhinos against and entire army of shooting who had 2 turns to set up, although the army worked sometimes really well and that was most of the time other times against more experimented players who knew how to counter out flank it would just completely fail and fall apart on it’s self. In my area we play 1000 point matches sometime up to 1750 (rare). I have been trying to refine my list enough so that I have to courage to go to tournaments and play the older guys. But from the yabbering I observe on the internet some tournament players look like they’ll just smash up your hobby to hell and back and really I don’t want that because although I play to win like everyone else, I also want to have fun with my opponent. Not constantly arguing with them over rules and have they challenge my every more. Having them turn the game into something Not what I believe is 40K. I want to play for the enjoyment but also like everyone want to make my army as competitive as possible with out losing the fullyness of having Kor’sarro khan (counts As Uriel Ventris). Well here is the list


Kor’sarro khan @ 160

Command squad with champion X2 melta guns X2 lighting claws, storm shield, and rhino @ 230


Stern guard with x2 melta guns combi flamer rhino @ 175


Tactical squad with melta gun, combi melta multi melta rhino @220

Tactical squad with flamer, Combi flamer missile launcher @215

Total being 1000

Also today I faced a mirror match up (were both army’s are the exact same) except this play was space wolves. I decided not to out flank as I would come on piece meal and get shot up. His army went as follow


Wolf priest @100


5 Wold guard with x3 wolf claws rhino @ 170


X3 10 grey hunters with 2 melta, power weapons rhino @ 205 each (WOW) total 615

Heavy support

Long fangs with X4 missiles @ 115

What is confusing and troubling me about marines is this, for 205 I get a flamer MM and rhino 1 attack per guy for the same price he gets double meltas and power weapon not only that his guys has a bolter, bolt pistols and close combat weapons and counter charge. is it just me or is he getting the better deal, it really makes me wanna quit my marines as fun as they are to play they just don’t play as competitive any more just because there’s a more recent codex that follows the lower points effect you pointed out that GW was doing. There seems no point to me to play an army that can be copied and pasted to another codex doing the list 10 times better. What was ironic was on my wipe out he had exactly 10 marines left. Which is what he out numbered me by. The marines kind of went boom into each other.

Here what else troubles me:

Am I playing my tactical marines more like grey hunters wrong, going up the field and shooting meltas, is this more tactical marine tactics completely wrong?

What improvements could or should be made to the marine list?

Is it me the player that is just playing this list completely wrong and should change something on how I play the list?

Am I playing an out dated codex that is just not practical any more since other MEQ codex’s play it better?

How can I expand to 1500?

These questions keep recurring in my head. I would like another view on this as mine is too close to the matter also I need advice out side my gamming group, from a person who understands the dynamics of the game better and doesn’t say ‘marines suck go play Space wolves or BA cause there better”.

Your advice, experience, and view on this issue would be much appreciated, as right now marines look like they just have lost there way in my view at least…..

Regards noodles (nick name for 40K)

Reply Out:

Noodles, lots to think about and you have noticed some of the trends in 40K, which we will get to in a moment.

I wanted to start with some advice regarding tournaments since it is obvious you have a passion for the hobby and enjoy the game- if you can attend and play in one go for it!

All the questions you have regarding them are normal and I had them myself years back when I decided to get into the tournament scene. Here are a few reasons.

Understandably there are a few jerk players in the tournament scene that will pop up from time to time, but they are not the majority. Most of the guys you will play will be just like you- into the game, there for fun, and pushing their skill for the win.

I’ve often said, and posted on my blog, that if you want to get “good” at 40K the quickest way is to play in a tournament or two. The first is that you will get to play X number of games against completely different opponents. Gaming clubs and hobby stores are great, but playing the same guys day in and out won’t always push your skill after a while.

Second during the event you will get to see a ton of armies on display- all ideas for modeling and painting for your own army or future army, along with armies that you can look at and ask yourself- how would I beat that army, etc.

Finally you will make friends in the tournament scene which will expand the hobby for you.

I’d say at least give one tournament a try…

Next up, codex creep.

It’s unfortunate, but 100% true, each new book that GW puts out is better than the last in terms of units and point cost. As you noticed with the space wolf grey hunters vs. your tactical marines, the ‘wolves get more for less. When Dark Angels and Black Templars come out you can bet they will be better then the ‘wolves.

This is the frustrating aspect of the hobby, but understandable- GW wants to move plastic models and sell armies.

So what to do if you are still playing the marine codex?

Fortunately it is still competitive, and can stack against the newer marine books with a few tweaks. Looking at the units in the marine codex you want to focus on units that the Space Wovles, Blood Angels, etc. don’t get. Sure you are going to need tactical marines as troops, etc. as a baseline, but you don’t want to stock your army with these units in full since you will always be outnumbered and outgunned. This is what we are going to check out in a sec when we get to your army list- and then well look at a Null Deployment/Outflank model. Here are some point to think about and you will have to play with the points a bit to see what can be done. I’ll try to work with the models you have and make new model suggestions where the benefit is justified in spending the money.

First Khan and your command squad.

Khan is a decent HQ choice even without the outflank and we want to use him as a close combat model where he excels at. You can put him in a regular tactical squad and he does “ok” if the unit goes up against a like unit, or in a command squad like you have which boosts his killy potential.

Khan and a command squad need a delivery system where they can get up into assault range and assault unmolested. The way to do this is with a land raider. The problem with a rhino is not only the AV 11, but the fact that you can’t move 12 and assault. Assaults will usually be on your next turn, as opposed to a land raider which moves 12”, disembarks you 2” and then assaults 6” for a 20” assault range. Yes melta has the potential to vape a rhino or a land raider the same with the 2d6, so you will have to keep in mind tactically ways to keep melta off your land raider.

Sternguard- a good choice for the marine codex for what they get, but again the delivery system is off with them in a rhino. I would put them in a drop pod- especially since this will come down turn 1. Before you buy a pod, you can proxy something for it, or even build your own that looks good if money is tight. A pod will give you huge payback allowing you to deliver the melta and special ammo right into your opponent for a first turn punch.

The last two rhinos with tactical are pretty standard and are ok. Missiles are good, but I’d go with las cannons for the extra +1 strength.

Bumping your list up to 1200-1500 can easily pay for the points, squeezing it in at 1000 might mean dropping the command squad and the two rhinos for a land raider and then potentially combat squading down the second for three troop choices, etc.

The stern guard in the pod are a suicide unit to take out the threat to your land raider and destroy vehicles so the guys inside get dumped out for your land raider to assault. Same with the tactical in rhinos-they pop the hatch and fire las or missile targeting vehicles.

Right now you are zooming up the field bringing your marines into a greater numbered opponent with no real “advantage”- if you cans strike first or before your opponent you can do enough damage to take down those numbers.

Does that make sense?

Minimally I would consider dropping the command squad down, going full tilt on the sternguard and a pod- ten marines dropping down and getting into cover with a 3+/4+ with combi meltas and special ammo will take stuff out and be around for a turn or two- time for the rhinos to move up and get into position without eating shots. Yes, the SG will die, but they will buy you a good deal in what they kill and time in the game.

Since the command squad isn’t scoring you could even consider dropping them and getting another SG squad in a pod to come in later and add Khanh in with them in the second pod to land, kill another unit, and then next turn assault.

I hope that gives you some ideas- look at your codex and build a Khan army around the units that the other books don’t get and think about how you can exploit them against your opponent. Going head to head with cheaper and better tactical marines just won’t work.

Let’s finish with a few line by line responses:

Am I playing my tactical marines more like grey hunters wrong, going up the field and shooting meltas, is this more tactical marine tactics completely wrong?

// In this case as noted, yes- charging up the field you are outnumbered and outgunned. You need to hang back and shoot and then charge, or have other units to crash into the ‘wolves, soften them up, and then finish them off with the tactical.

What improvements could or should be made to the marine list?

// In your face delivery system- land raider, pods, etc. Backed by units that can open up vehicles at range so the delivery system units have something to shoot at when they come in- and when they do come in they are in your opponent’s face, not a turn of zooming up. Even if you decided to outflank the raider it has that 20” range to hit units on the side it comes in and center.

Is it me the player that is just playing this list completely wrong and should change something on how I play the list?

// Not wrong, just a tweak in delivery.

Am I playing an out dated codex that is just not practical any more since other MEQ codex’s play it better?

// You are a bit under the gun but you are still marines and marines rule in 5th edition- even armies like Black Templars and DA- you just have to find and take what your codex has that the others don’t and exploit that.

How can I expand to 1500?

// Land raider, second SG and pod, more tactical, autocannon dreads/speeders, but now we might be getting away from the theme of your army.

These questions keep recurring in my head. I would like another view on this as mine is too close to the matter also I need advice out side my gamming group, from a person who understands the dynamics of the game better and doesn’t say ‘marines suck go play Space wolves or BA cause there better”.

// Nah! Hunker down, retool, and come back out fighting. Don’t overlook that fact that SW, BA, and GK players know their books are the best right now and that the marine dex is a bit older and not as good with stock units. Use this perceived weakness they have as your advantage, look, find, and come up with a combo or ideas that will overwhelm them in the moment, cause hesitation, disruption, and in that moment you seize the momentum , never give it back and win!

Hope that help!


Necron Cryptek Leaked (Pic Below)

Well with all the "leaks" October is shaping up to be a very interesting month for 40K. I think a lot of the excitement is due to the release NOT being more Space Mairnes and all of us holding out breath hoping to get the OP Ward treatment- fluff be damned!

You can't stop it...Cryptek info is starting to leak, here is one of the five pics...

Looks  a bit like a Necron Deathmark- and we'll get to those guys as I am very interested in what they can do based on the leaks...

Anyway Crypteks, think Eldar Warlock + Space Wolf Wolf Guard Battle Leader- buy a few, sprinkle them into your warrior groups and things get crazy real fast- each one can take veil of darkness so I hear...

Aachen Doubles Tournament October 29th

One of the things that always amazes me is how “international” various 40K blogs really are. Physically I may be located in New York, but through my blog I get to interact and email with 40K guys and gals just like me from all over the world. While a lot of my readers are from the USA and UK, there are a few pockets of players from Germany of which I’ve had a chance to meet a few on more than one occasion and have always had a blast talking, playing, and hanging out. Just thought I would help out one of my readers and plug an event for you guys in Germany looking to throw down some dice.

So for you guys around Aachen City there is a doubles tournament being held on October 29 at the GW store there. Doubles tournaments are always a blast since it is twice the players at the table, and offers some really fun army synergy when two different armies mesh and work together on the same team. Next to narrative tournaments, doubles are my second favorite.

Event info:

-2 players per team, 750 points per player

-1 HQ, 1 Troop choice per player is mandatory

-Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy are restricted to 0-1.
-all standard rulebook missions will be played

New Necron Flayed Ones

Flayed ones are up next…

So what is the deal with the models- lot’s of guys seem to really be hating on them? I think they are a big step up from the metal ones- except for the weird looking running one, he reminds me of that one goofy World Eater CSM model that is also running.

Still in the elite slot kind of disappointed me- was hoping they would move to troops without the need for the named overlord. While that is cool you can do a flayed ones army if you want, outside of the theme, I need my overlord points for well other overlords.

Terrifying visage is gone, ho hum 3 base attacks, pretty much neutered. No transport options are even worse.

So what do they occupy in the army?

Going to depend on the point value- if they are warrior points then I can see the value of a throw away unit to outflank as a cheap disruption factor, but that is about it.

Personally I would have liked to see terrifying visage reworked.

40K Meeting Of The Minds

Maybe it is the Eldar in me in that I view and play 40K as a poetic meeting of the minds, a contest of will and sportsmanship, eloquently played out on the “battlefield”, over the crude mon-kei methods of just lining up tanks and rolling fist fulls of dice.

While many wield a crude butcher’s cleaver, I prefer the eloquence and sophistication of the rapier and main-gauche…

At a tournament sits another player on the opposite side of the table, what do I know of them?

What do they know of me?

If it isn’t a famous blogger or somebody I have played before, how can I judge what kind of player they are? So much has to happen in 5-7 turns of play, so any little bit of information, a taste, a glimmer, can help me figure out how to proceed on a tactical level.

In all my armies I like to have a bait unit, something to push out there quick to check the gut reaction of my opponent. Are they a reactive player? Can I mesmerize them with a shiny bauble?

Of course some of my armies do this better than others.

Ironically Necrons and Eldar do this the best- Destroyer Lord + Scarabs, Second farseer fortuned seer council which then turbo-boosts.

Space Marine bikes also work well, and my Hawk Lords make use of the MM attack bikes with a bike libby. A blob of assault marines, you get the idea…

A unit that can suddenly move fast breaking away from the deployment block, or teleport out first turn fits perfectly. I suspect that it is humanized psychology. The human eye is attracted to movement, sudden movement, the brain focuses on it even if you are not aware.

Turn one, right away, usually on the flanks or sides I like to zoom out…and see what happens...

It’s all smoke, those units won’t kill much unsupported, and I’m not going to suicide in 400+ points of dollies, but my opponent’s reaction is the first tell.

A lot of players tend to shoot the closest unit you put out there no questions asked.

Some players match the aggression.

Some are more reserved.

And others keep on rolling fistfuls of dice.

All tell me how to proceed on turn two.

You can cut right to the heart of the onion or peel it back layer by layer…

I always get average sportsmanship marks at tournaments, a few games all good and I’m the best guy around, and a few bad where I am a real tool. Took me a while to figure out the why, especially when many of my peers such as Jawaballs and Brother Captain James seem to do “ok”.

Usually what happens at a tournament is that I crush a few players without mercy and then in turn get crushed without mercy. I prefer it this way with my lists- they don’t win on the merit of their spam or overpowered codex, but rather on some obscure strategy or game plan that I’m just waiting for the moment to spring into action.

“This is just the kind of luck I have been waiting for…” ~ Commander Krudge

Finest example is with my Saim-Hann, hanging back, getting blasted by my opponent, but me oddly taking out units that don’t seem important to the game, and then on turn five BAM the game is contested on all objective but one that I hold. Sadly in a NOVA format this isn’t as good since you need all those objectives for the maximum points, hence why my Saim-Hann now sees most of its action in RTT’s these day.

It’s my experience that guys can take a beating when you line up and trade shots, they might not like it, but that is how the game is played these days. What they don’t like is winning for five turns blasting me out of the sky, and then at the last minute a few jetbikes swoop in for the win. Only in the world of 40K can you lose 90% of your army, kill almost nothing of your opponent’s and still win.

“Earning” victory is one thing, but “stealing” it is another, so I get dinged.

Of course with these wacky armies and plans I then find myself on the top tables at the end of the tournament against a full WAAC list form the shiniest most recent Matt Ward ubder ‘dex and I get blasted off the table, Eldar tricks, cunning, and Machiavelli ambitions mean nothing at this point.

But then ever so often, hiding in the vast unwashed crowd of gamers at a tournament, I run into the stealth sportsman and really get hammered hard. I used to just take it and suck it up from these guys till I realized they are operating on a different social level, and now realizing that I fight BACK!

I play some of these guys and no matter what I just can’t win! Forget what army I’m playing and what they are playing, forget the mission, I just can’t win…

My opponent always has full and open LOS so my vehicles don’t get cover saves, but somehow when I shoot back at the same angle they get cover saves?

In the assault phase I’m always just short on the charge, but they are always in? Same thing with 2d6 melta!

I don’t know my own codex, and get questioned on everything, but can’t dare to ask an obscure question about theirs.

My jetbikes have to turbo boost in a straight line to get the cover save, but your space marine bikes can turbo boost in a circle ending where they started an still get a cover save?

They have an entire proxied army from the entire 40K model range, and say you can’t use X model tank because it is missing extra armor upgrades? What does an extra armor upgrade even look like?

It’s not so much a rules lawyer issue, or an “I’m right you are wrong” issue, but rather using a different paradigm to win the game. These guys, and thank god they are few in number, use the rules, and their personal interpretation of them to club you over the head with.

You can’t win the game because they wear you down and take little bites here and there out of the rules to leverage the game in their favor.

And when you do ask questions back, get a judge, or try to settle it with a dice off, your punishment is a big fat zero for your sportsmanship score.

These guys want to win at all costs- netlists and original play are not enough, they have to use the rules as a weapon, so my solution is simple…

You won’t let me win no matter what, so guess what, you aren’t going to win either.

Against such an opponent I’m already screwed in the tournament rankings, they won’t give me a fair shot to play the game and win under the rules and good sportsmanship, they do this because they want to WIN so bad, it truly is at all costs.

Try this in an exercise of principal next time you and a bud play a casual game and you will see just how easy it is to DRAW a game, even when you are playing a subpar army or list. If you 100% focus on the draw it is easy to grab, since these types of guys can only see winning. It is unknown that you would be pulling for the draw. I let them get their 2+ vehicle cover saves, bizarre moves, and hidden dice rolls, won’t matter, we will still draw in the end. Both of us are going down in tournament flames if you want to push that button.

The tournament scene in any area is usually pretty small, barring a nationwide event like BOLSCon, NOVA, or Battle for Salvation. These stealth sportsmanship players do quickly get tagged, and after I burn them a few times they see me coming. Suddenly we are all a bit nicer and more civil, perhaps even playable even with a slight edge.

We can either play the game like adults, or Fritz will take away your toys- of course you are still giving me zero sportsmanship scores, but that is ok, at least we have an understanding. I see your name in the tournament roster, and you see mine also. We can meet like men on the table, or trade one childish game for another…

The point is, in a tournament you have to play the opponent you are paired up against, most games will be bad, a few mediocre, and one or two, every now and then a nightmare. Said nightmare players won’t let you WIN under the rules, so sometimes you have to find another way to “win”.

Black Matt In Trouble Again PLUS A Free Necron Blog!

I’ve been writing up some initial thoughts on the upcoming Necron codex and model wave, and those will be popping up over the next few days along with some Dreadfleet stuff, but in the mean time just a quick housekeeping post…

First up- is there a lawyer in the house that can chat with Matt for a few seconds regarding parking/moving violations- he needs some advice to challenge a recent tix- here is what he posted on his blog:

In all seriousness, I am looking for a lawyer in the Greater New York Metro area that is willing to chat about some serious consequences that I have pending. Anyone who has Esquire attachedd to their name and is currently practicing, would you be willing to shoot me an email cause I gotz me some questions and a proposition! My name is Matt McClanahan and my email address is Thanks in advance for the time because I know that your time is money!

Second bit of housekeeping: Necrons!

Thanks to you all for the help securing some final metal models for my oop Necron army- I just need five more flayed ones to seal the deal- anybody have five more hanging around they would part with for a fair price?

Second bit of Necron housekeeping- anybody want a ready to launch Necron blog for free? Before I rolled everything into “Fritz 40K” I was running a separate Necron blog which then got put on hold for a bit, and has been parked ever since...

It has just been sitting there and maybe somebody in the 40K community is hungry to jump start a Necron blog? It has a few dozen posts and some youtube videos that link back to it and is just waiting for somebody to take over- here are the “stats” below which have been while it is just parked. With the upcoming Necron mania release this would be a good time to restart it- only reason I’m not is I really can’t manage another blog, and all my Necron stuff is now here on Fritz 40K and will stay there moving ahead.

SO, if you want it, shoot me an email at: and well get it transferred over to you- I’d add you as an author on blogspot for it, then promote you to admin, then drop myself from the blog and you are in charge. I have to strip out my adsense but will leave all the images, articles, and videos for the new owner to use as they want with full permission, etc. All I ask in return is a permanent link somewhere on the blog over in the side or bottom back to Fritz 40K and it is a done deal.

Finally the Necron tactica .PDF- it is now coming down, been a good run, and once I have the codex, have played the units, and built an army it will be fully updated and hashed back out like my Tyranid analysis- from there everybody that has a copy of the old version will automatically get a new one- just give me some time to do it right…

NEW Necron Destroyers

Time to start making some Necron plans based on the leaked rumors and speculation…

Let’s start off with Necron Destroyers…

Being one of the previous edition units and already in everybody’s army you can be sure they will be getting the GW nerf bat compared to the new codex release models- GW want’s you to cash out on your old army for a new army.

Going on what we know the Destroyer nerf might actually be a good thing once we see the points costs…

First up is the fact they are no longer jetbikes but rather jump infantry as odd as that sounds. Moving 12 and shooting still gives them decent mobility but the loss of the jetbike turbo boost kind of hurts. Previously I was using destroyers to pound my opponent, and then use any remnants to contest objectives.

With other stuff in the ‘dex I can get around this end turn contesting so no big loss…

Weapon load out in next- regular destroyers getting one less shot but at AP 3 at first seem pretty good. My first thought was- I’d take that since all the marine players in my area take small spammed marine squads of five dudes, so 10 AP 3 shots should be able to drop them- but what about cover? Tournament terrain has taken a huge jump in providing cover so that AP 3 is negated to a 4+ save- and then there are terminators which will shrug it off.

BUT, we can then upgrade each one to a heavy destroyer which is very interesting- taken in units of five I get the equivalent of a long fang squad with mobility. I can possibly see two destroyer packs becoming very useful- I say two since they occupy a fast slot and we also want scarabs.

Finally the preferred enemy rules is well odd.

A non close combat unit with preferred enemy?

So If I can get the heavy destroyer variant on the table with a 3+ save and T5 + regeneration roll for less than 65 points I don’t see that as a bad thing at all.

Conflict GT 2012 Grand Tournament Registration Open!

Easing into the Fall tournament scene here in New York also means getting ready for the upcoming winter scene, especially since a few of those early events are such fun to play in.

That said, it’s time to start planning for the 2012 Conflict GT on January 13, 14, and 15 since tickets are going on sale this week and the event always fills to capacity pretty quickly- you are not going to want and wait till the end of November/December to book a spot.

The Conflict GT is a three day gaming event blending sportsmanship and competitive play in a relaxed and FUN tournament setting. It is also on the Northeast Warhammer Indy GT Circuit and a sponsor of the Overlord Trophy if you are looking for those rankings.

Now in its 4th year strong myself and the guys at the club make it a priority to play at this event- why?

Missions, players, and venue all mixed together for a great time.

The Conflict GT has always had a variety of interesting missions involving terrain, objectives, and deployment zones. Now more than ever the tournament scene needs this flavor over the usual boring missions. At this event my army is not on auto-pilot, I’m forced to ready the mission at the table, and plan out what I’m going to do right there over the usual, oh its seize ground, ok, I’ll just do the same thing I always do. Mission variety also gives you a chance against those WAAC spammy armies since there is more than just sitting back and blasting your opponent.

Then there is the players since the CFGT has a reputation as both a competitive and fun event- last year I got to play against Tau, Chaos Daemons, and two different Space Marine lists- one with a big assault marine group, and the other with vindicators and land raiders. I’s FUN when you play a variety of armies over just mech spam on mech spam action. There were actually Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar and even NECRONS at the event!

Finally, the venue- the Palisades Mall- one of the biggest in the area. Plenty of parking, food options galore, and lots of nice restaurants and bars for hanging out after hours with both new and old friends!

Check out the Conflict GT site for more info and register for the event now:  . These types of events are what 40K is about.

That said I now begin the process of agonizing over what army to bring- Necrons should be out by then and this event would be perfect for a return of the star gods…oh right, more star gods…

Question now is will I see you there as well?

Sell Me Your Necrons!

I hope you guys are ready for lots of upcoming Necron stuff, once I get a hold of that codex we are going to tear it apart and rebuild Necron tactics and ideas from the ground up. It's time to see stuff on the table other then just power armor...

If you have been following my Necrons stuff for a bit you know I have two armies- one out of the current range of models, and one out of all the oop Necron raider stuff- one of my first 40K armies! So many memories!

I'll be updating the new army with all the new toys- especially the skimmers and star trek command vehicle, while at the same time updating my oop army- it's something I've always done!

SO, I need some of the soon to be oop models to fill out the collection- maybe some of you guys have a few and don't play Necrons anymore or you are looking to cash out the older model line for the new ones?

Here is what I need- painted, unpainted, new, used doesn't matter as long as all the parts are there.

20 Flayed Ones- the metal ones, soon to be OOP.
5 OOP Necron Warrior Raiders
4 Metal Tomb Spyders

I can do paypal, check or money order....

Tyranid Ripper Wing?

Email In:

Hey Fritz,

I've been going through some of your blogs and a thought ran through my mind.

You can run a crap-ton of rippers, with a decent amount of wounds and assaults, a lot of people consider them tie up units. Couldn't a large number be fatal, especially combined with something else?

My question is, would it be possible to create a ripper-based army with the Parasite of Mortrex as HQ?

You could run him with the fast attack sky lashers. Attacking smaller units to create swarms of rippers to wreak havoc.

My issues is I'm not sure what kind of firepower to back it all up with, or if there should be some at all. Or maybe even the deathleaper as a distraction unit. Or even possibly Old One Eye to stay with a swarm to get and contribute his leadership to them.

I hope you can help me, this has been bugging me for a while.

Thanks man,


Reply Out:

Cody, I hope you have a lot of rippers- not just enough to throw down on the table, but enough for the spawns also…

I played around with a ripper concept army for a while and it certainly was fun to play- especially when the rippers made contact and started to snack. What held me back from full playing it was the fact that you need a godly amount of rippers to make it work, either leaning towards proxies or unpainted trash standing in for them which I would never run. That said, if one wanted to pursue it with the state of Tyranids at this time you could probably build up the required collection of swarms via ebay, online 40K trade sites, even guys at your club. I picked up SO much ‘nid stuff from all the guys at the club who jumped ship once Tyranids got nerfed…

So the question is how to build a themed concept army, but still have some “competitive” bit, while being aware of the limitations placed on building a themed army- something that always happens in 40K when you are constrained by fluff/theme.

The goal is to throw down the most rippers while still being able to use them effectively and in theory win games. Here is my list for 2000 points, if you are playing 1750, 1500 just start pairing it down taking a few out from each unit till you hit the magic number.

== HQ ==

The Parasite of Mortrex (1) = 160 pts.

Tyranid Prime (1) - Deathspitter, Lash Whip And Bonesword, AG = 110 pts.

== Elites ==

Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.

Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.

Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.

== Troops ==

Termagant Brood (20) - Fleshborer = 100 pts.

Termagant Brood (20) - Fleshborer = 100 pts.

Termagant Brood (15) - Fleshborer = 75 pts.

Termagant Brood (15) - Fleshborer = 75 pts.

Ripper Swarm Brood (9) - AG, Toxin Sacs = 162 pts.

Ripper Swarm Brood (9) - AG, Toxin Sacs = 162 pts.

== Fast Attack ==

Sky-Slasher Swarm Brood (9) - Spinefists, AG, Toxin Sacs = 252 pts.

Sky-Slasher Swarm Brood (9) - Spinefists, AG, Toxin Sacs = 252 pts.

Sky-Slasher Swarm Brood (9) - Spinefists, AG, Toxin Sacs = 252 pts.

So we are going to break this army up into three “groups” The first is the parasite with a sky-slasher group attached and the two other sky slasher groups. The second group is the two regular ripper swarms, and the third group is the prime attached to a gaunt group and the other gaunts.

Hive guard first- these guys operate out of their own group and want to be in the center of the table. They have two functions- the first is to take out any units that can tie up your rippers- especially dreadnoughts, and the second goal is to open up the lightest vehicles that they can. Don’t bother shooting AV 10 or AV 14- let the gaunts/prime shoot the AV 10, and ignore the AV 14- the guys in that land raider won’t want to get out…

In terms of shooting, all the las cannons, S8 psybolts, etc. while they will be deadly to your rippers- killing a base a shot, they will be targeting your hive guard first. For you this is a race against time- the hive guard will go down, the question is how many shots can you get in with them opening vehicles and how many shots can you absorb before dying to get your rippers into position before those guns turn on them.

Hive guard are the best option- old one eye, while cool, will get shot to death and taken out in a single round- especially if you are trying to get cover saves. Zopes in a pod are for a different army build…

Synapse, this army needs synapse more than every and it will cannibalize itself real fast if that fails. The parasite is synapse but he will be moving out and will eventually die as we are going to be aggressive with him. A tervigon will get shot up with just being one, so an embedded prime is the way to go. Bounce him from unit to unit as needed and don’t put wounds on him. As for “theme”, model him up as a giant ripper, or maybe use one of the OOP warriors with some rippers.

Let’s start with the parasite and the fast moving group. Their job is to move out as fast as they can and make contact as quickly as possible- preferably attacking units that have been disembarked by the hive guard. Although tempting, go for any weaker units, stuff the parasite can kill depending on the army of course so you can spawn more rippers. He and the sky slashers are not a deathstar type unit but rather a spawner like a tervigon.

This group will be sacrificial to kill the enemy, tie them, up and basically cause as big of a mess as possible.

While they are moving out the second group of rippers moves ahead of the prime and guants. Their job is to chomp anything that breaks through the first ripper swarm mass and kill them or tie them up. They don’t have any guns since the gaunts behind provide the shooting- less shots and weaker shooting then the sky slashers but the unit they engage should be weaker. From here the last group of gaunts then follow up in support and to claim objectives which is why we have four groups as 15 strong assuming a NOVA like mission format.

Getting the charge with the sky slashers should be easy, and if you have to lead with a non parasite unit first to bait the opponent and then move in with the rest. Assuming you are going against a marine group (it’s not like anybody plays anything else these days…)that is 45 attacks on the charge wounding on “4”’s with rerolls on the failed wounds.

If you can shoot before the charge that is 36 shots twin linked, wounding on a 5+ THEN followed by the 45 attacks charge.

Of course we don’t have to point out, getting tied up by dreads, washed by flamers, and templates suck from the ripper POV, but that is just how it is…