2K Black Templar Lists

Hey Fritz,

I've been looking at your tactics vids for a while, and I play wraithguard eldar, orks, and I'm starting Templars. How's this for a 2000 point list (the main points level at my club):

Black Templars 2000 Points


Emperor's Champion with Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds - 140

Marshal with artificer armour, lightning claws, bolt pistol, Holy Orb of Antioch, Iron Halo, Terminator Honours, teleport homer, frag grenades and furious charge - 190, 330

Command Squad of five Initiates with Terminator Honours, apothecary, Chapter Banner, furious charge mounted in a rhino with extra armour - 275, 605

Reclusiarch with bolt pistol and terminator honours - 111, 716


Five Initiates with chainswords and bolt pistols in a rhino - 130, 846

Five Initiates with chainswords and bolt pistols in a rhino - 130, 976

Nine Initiates with chainswords and bolt pistols mounted in a drop pod with deathwind launcher - 194, 1170


Five Sword Brethren Assault Terminators with lightning claws and furious charge - 215, 1385

Five Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators with tank hunters - 215, 1600

Dreadnought with Venerable, assault cannon, close combat weapon and tank hunter - 145, 1745

Heavy Support

Land Raider Godhammer with Extra Armour - 255, 2000

This army is not supposed to be incredibly competitive, (I leave that to my army of warlocks, wraithguard and d-cannons) it's mainly for fun, but winning can be fun too, right? I love the fluff of templars, and the 'No Surrender! No Retreat! No Mercy!' series of vids seriously influenced my decision to start Templars (the fact I've been offered a forge world Templars venerable dread also helped ;)).

Thanks, Harry

Harry, just a few minor tweaks to your list- stuff I’ve observed playing my ‘Templars against other competitive 5th edition armies. You are going to have to play around with the points a bit…

First up is the dread- 100% venerable and tankhunter. Go with the las-cannon over the assault cannon since you only have one dread in the list. Las dreds have fallen out of favor in other marine lists since the autocannon build is so much better, but we ‘Templar players are still waiting for the mechanicus update on that. The assault cannon, while kind of a poor man’s auto cannon is only 24” range which means you either have to wait for the opponent to come to you- wasting a turn or two of shooting or move forward with the dread exposing him and taking him out of cover- which is an easy target only having one.

I’d rather have him in 4+ cover with the venerable re-roll and S10 las cannon plinking away every turn. Keep him near an objective as support and when your opponent goes to take said objective use the close combat arm with preferred enemy to punch things- another reason, for duality I keep that on and not the las/ML build- but you can try and play with that- S9 missiles are nice, more of just a personal preference.

Since we can’t combat squad down ‘Templars want to be 5-6 strong in size with a power fist in each unit for our initiates. That said, putting them in a rhino is kind of a waste- they won’t be shooting out the hatch so a razorback is better with a heavy bolter or a las cannon- at least with the HB you get some shots moving forward. As mentioned in the vids I keep a las cannon RB in cover on my objective(s) with the dread as a firebase and move out with the HB RB to engage my opponent.

Command squad is blingy but you are going to have a blast with them- get a power fist or lightning claws, I prefer the lightning claws even though they are pricy.

Everything else is pretty much spot on Black Templars- you are going to have a blast with the furious charge lightning claw terminators also- the art with these guys is getting off the charge of which they are godly.

Everything else kind of follows my vids or .PDF guide. Of which the vids and .PDF need to be slightly tweaked for smoke and the storm shields since they are pre-update but the core idea is 100% still the same.

Best of luck!


Games Day 2011!

Of all the 40K events through the year, ranging from multi-day GT's down to weekly pickup games at the club, Games Day is one of my all time favorite events. It is a time to really immerse yourself in the hobby, participate in a ton of events, see armies, terrain, tables, and meet both old and new friends. And then there is the drive, or in this case, flight- a time to just hang out with the guys and talk 40K for three days straight before one has to get back to the real world of jobs, family, and just regular life...

So I'm bringing the Grey Knights this year since the entire army PLUS my dice, tape, and other toys can all fit into one small hand held case- there really is something to be said about playing an "elite" army! The other space that I have since we are flying is needed for other stuff. Tyranids were just to big!

I'd like to get in as many 500 point games as I can with any of my readers who are attending the event and bringing an army- fast and furious so we can throw down some dice, hang out, and get to see all the other events of the day. Even if you can't bring your entire army, throw together 500 points and pack it!

Jawaballs and myself will be hanging out at the Heroes of Armageddon table if you want to stop by and say "hi", and from there if you want to roll some dice we can head over to the open gaming tables...

Of course pics and vids to follow once we get back if you can't make it to the event.

For the Emperor!

Harlequin Tactica Snapshots

As long as we are on a harlequin kick here on the blog, let’s dig through some of my archived pictures from the clowns in action from various games and take a look at what was going on in with each picture, demonstrating where we can some of the tactics that need to be ingrained to playing such a themed army.

First pic has my clowns getting ready to shoot and then perhaps assault a chimera or the guys inside. The fact that I am this close kind of means the dice sucked or I messed up. Shooting point blank or assaulting vehicles is the last thing I want to do with harlequins, but sometimes you have no choice right?

Shooting at point blank with the shreiker cannon on the ‘jester and two fusion pistols means the vehicle will probably explode, especially with the +1 on the damage chart- vehicle explosions kill clowns bewing T3 and 5+ invul. Sure I’d hope to have fortune up, but that is a dangerous place to be. Same thing with assaulting a vehicle. Ideally I’d like to hit them at range and get the guys inside on foot.

Fire bases aren’t just for Grey Knights either in this pic! Lots of cover for all my units, including the wraithlords and with fortune up even big blast template weapons get shrugged off. I’ll often deploy all castled up in a fire base and then advance from point to point on the table through terrain- flip belts and MC status on the WL’s means terrain isn’t a problem, and the rangers have move through cover.

Against parkinglot spam you sometimes have to break the stalemate with the wraithlords and their role shits from backup units to front line guys. Wolves are behind the wall, can’t get to them with my clowns. BUT on my turn if I advance the warithlord and hit it with fortune now on my opponent’s turn they have to decide. Come out and assault it, killing it to hidden power fists, and then get assaulted by the clowns, or try to take it out with shots and failing that then get assaulted by it next turn, pulling them closer for the clowns to follow.

Mid game the WL’s also switch over to tarpitting units. With each new codex GW releases Eldar get less and less on the table to the point of stupidity- especially and elite themed army like harlequins. Once the WL’s are down to one wound it’s better to just tie them up with units that can’t hurt them- like lightning claw terminators or squads with no power fists. I can’t “kill” everything with my small army, but bogging key scoring units down is just as good.

The perfect “snapshot” of how harlequins need to operate- getting close enough to uber units like or nob bikers to fire off some shots and then charge them with doom and fortune up. Hit said unit with two clown units and then massacre roll into terrain for the 4+ re-roll cover saves.

40K @ 500 Points (Task Force 40K)

What is the “standard” point level to play in 40K? I have to often remind myself that where I play is just a small part of the community and our standard might not be your standard. 1750 used to be the norm, now 2000 is the norm and we are even starting to creep up to 2500 points as I see the start of this 2.5K becoming the new tournament standard.

How is this as a 40K experience?

Forget about cost and time spent building and painting and let’s focus on the experience on the tabletop. If both armies are painted and the terrain is “ok” visually it is an impressive game, and I get to play all my dream units at once. I get my terminators AND my three land raider AND my uber HQ, but at 2K the table feel a bit crowded and the game takes 3-4 hours to play. For the most part I enjoy games at this point level but sometimes they can be a grind.

And then there is the time and commitment to painting and building an army, I understand why so many armies go unfinished, but as I’ve touched upon elsewhere bare plastic and primed armies really take away from the suspended belief of the game.

On the other side what about playing at smaller point levels? The rules are written to be played at 1500 points, but that doesn’t mean lower points won’t work anymore then 2K plus points work.

Enter the 500 point game- how did I arrive at 500 points and why?

On and off for the past year I have been playing games at a range of point levels- 500, 750, 1000, 1200, etc. and I’m at the point that for me personally that 500 points really has the most “fun” level attached to it.

How and why you ask?

First there is the time and cost of models which is really a big entry point for new players in the hobby. Guys more than a few years in who have a couple of armies tend to forget the expense and commitment of starting a new army or buying into the system. Personally, and not to get sidetracked I don’t see 40K as that much of an expensive hobby compared to others- yes you are using disposable income to buy man toys, but what hobby doesn’t?

500 points means you have an HQ, 2 Troops, and maybe a Heavy, Elite, or Fast in your army. 3-4 boxes, paint, glue, basing, and you are set. Maybe $200 to start playing if you are new to the hobby and buy new as opposed to used. Put that $200 in terms of video games or even golf like my buddy Naps is trying to get me involved in. Now how much for a 2K point army? Buying from scratch and not recycling unit you already have- easily $1K+.

If you are new to the hobby a small 500 point army is not overwhelming to build and paint, especially if you are part of a club with guys who can help you build and paint it, giving some tips and guidance- you could be playing in a week with a fully painted “army”. Now imagine you are new to the game and actually buy in at 2000 points- how long to build any paint, heck if the vets can finish their army how is a neophyte to the hobby?

Then there are learning the rules of the game, which is easier with a dozen or so models over hundreds and multiple units that all interact differently. This is also more than just a starting point, if somebody new to the game wants more than HQ, Troops, and other unit can form the base for a larger army if they want to venture out to bigger and better.

For somebody already involved in the game a small 500 point task force army is a great way to start a new army and take a break from your main army. Maybe you want to play Dark Eldar without really playing them, something to pull out every now and then, same thing with Tyranids perhaps, 500 points isn’t much of a commitment and can offer you a nice diversion from your regular loyalties.

How does the system play and feel at 500 points?

For me, in many ways more enjoyable, more of the feel of 40K I had when I started in the hobby, but do realize I am influenced a bit right now from some serious tournament burnout.

More enjoyable? How?

First is the time limit, at the club we have around 3.5 hours to play, counting board setup, the actual game, and then breaking tables down and away. In that time period I can get in 3-4 games at a very relaxed and casual pace over 1 played at 2K. Winning AND losing become fun- if I get trounced my opponent can offer me a rematch right there to restore my honor. We can also play a variety of missions, and if I only have time for a quick game on my way home from work, I can pop in, hammer out 500 points, and be done in an hour.

Visually the quality of the game is also much better which leads to that more cinematic and movie feel. There is no excuse for an unpainted army, nice terrain, and all the fun fixings that make 40K a wargame over just playing some sort of Avalon Hill like game, not that I don’t enjoy them.

How is the flow of the game different?

The first thing I discovered is that I had to shift my FOCUS of the game and adjust to 500 points. When testing different point levels my first reaction was “What? I can’t get at least a land raider, termies, troops, and a dread in? This sucks!” At that level I was looking at around 1200 points, which we might as well play the 2K. I had to approach 500 points with my thinking as a skirmish level based game and really MAKE a decision as to my special unit in the army.

Surprisingly tactics became even more important at 500 points. Losing a unit or HQ choice is a huge deal, you would be surprised at how carefully you play, waiting to commit, probing, etc. Once you commit that is that, one mistake and you get wiped out. Unlike 2K point games where if I lose my raider and termis it is “Ok” since I have two more- I have so much redundancy that it is at this point ridiculous.

Back to the 500 points side, make that mistake, get wiped out, no big deal, we have time for three or four more games.

When building your task force you are going to have to make some hard decisions rather than just cut and pasting the same units across the force org chart. What angle are you going to take the army in? HQ slots are suddenly very powerful, but be careful you don’t get into a points sink with them- they are only one model and there are mission objectives you have to keep in mind…


So what are two some examples of 500 point armies I enjoy playing? Let’s look at Tyranids and Grey Knights since that is what I have playing around with as of late. All the codexes expect Necrons (which will be fixed shortly) and perhaps Black Templars since they are so expensive, can throw down a nice variety at 500 points, you would be surprised. You will also be challenged since EVERY point is valuable and you will want to get your list at 500 points on the button!

First up is Tyranids…

Tyranids: Release The Beast!

Hive Tyrant (1) - Scything Talons, Scything Talons, Wings, Paroxysm, Leech Essence

Hive Guard (1)

Hive Guard (1)

Termagant Brood (10) - Fleshborer

Termagant Brood (10) - Fleshborer

Genestealer Brood (5)

I want a big scary monster to charge forward and tear stuff up? How is that not fun? So we start with a Hive Tyrant and give him wings since they are needed for the mobility. Even with them he will be running forward so no shooty, and I want the double talons for the re-rolls.

Two groups of gaunts run next to him for some shooty and objectives, pretty standard, while two hive guard in separate shots also work their way up.

A small “commando” stealer group is my fun wild card- they either infiltrate, outflank, or just camp on a back objective hiding and going to ground.

I have anti-tank in the hive guard, some so-so infantry suppression with the gaunts, and said wild card with the stealers, while the Tyrant is the beast that I release.

Lots of point in the Tyrant? Parhaps, but this list is out there to show that you CAN play some of the big baddies in the list and hit all your other checkpoints.

Something a little more conservative?

Tyranids: Warriors!

Tyranid Prime (1) - Deathspitter, Rending Claws

Lictor (1)

Lictor (1)

Tyranid Warrior Brood (4) - Deathspitter, Rending Claws

Termagant Brood (10) - Fleshborer

Genestealer Brood (5)

Prime joins the warriors and the gaunt brood goes in front of them to grant cover saves as needed, this block moves up to engage the opponent, or maybe even hangs back as a firebase depending on the mission objectives. Warriors can still get instant punked from S8 shots, but at 500 points 3 wounds is very solid.

Stealers go commando as usual, and the lictors are the assassins in your list- popping up behind tanks for rear armor, popping onto objectives to contest, hide, go to ground, etc. In cover supported by the warriors they are very efficient.

Onto Grey Knights…

Grey Knights: Purgation Task Force

Brother Captain

1 Paladin, Halberd

1 Paladin, Halberd

1 Strike Squad: 5 GK, Psycannon

1 Strike Squad: 5 GK, Psycannon

Lots of options for such a small force…

Depending on the mission of the strike squads have to advance the BC attaches and takes the first incoming wounds as they advance and fire. If they are more defensive then they camp in terrain as mini fire bases. Paladins really shine here with the 2+ and two wounds. Deepstrike them into the back as the strike squads advance, hold them back with the strikes as a counter attack unit, attach the BC as a mini- death star unit, etc.

You have some nice assault elements on the BC and Paladins, anti-infantry fire with the storm bolters and psycannons, and your anti- tank with the psycannons- could even deep strike the entire army, and you have a few points left over to tinker around with…

500 point as a viable way to play 40K your thoughts?

Not from the perspective of a 2K tournament player, but as a new way to approach the game- you are not longer commanding a huge army, but rather a small "elite" task force that has to get the job done and the mission accomplished.

40K Missions WIP

I know October is a bit out, especially since it is the middle of summer, hot and humid here in New York, but yours truly has been humbly working on a set of twelve missions for the upcoming Battle For Salvation RTT tournament in October. Did I mention that I will be running a mini-tournament event either on Friday or Sunday in addition to the main event being run by the club?

This will definitely be a HOBBY tournament in both scale of points and mission objectives. My hope is to provide a venue for some fun games and allow all armies to compete evenly as much as possible despite the overall lag in codex releases from GW. Necrons should be able to fare as well as Space Wolves, in theory anyway…

First up is the points level- going to be around 1000-1200 points so you HAVE to make choices in building your army. Sure, spam can still exist, but losing that terminator squad WILL hurt big time since you don’t have two more plus all you tanks, etc.

In writing the missions I’m trying to do two things- have a tactical objective for a clear winner, along with a random seed or event in the mission which you will have to deal with. Can this bite you in the ass- it sure can so you have to have tactics down as best you can to make up for it, and you can be sure it will be biting your opponent also. Below is the first mission that I have been working on, and it, along with the others is still very much a WIP- which is good that it is July- plenty of time to refine them. Thought, comments, and flames welcomed and encouraged.

When the twelve missions are done, the entire mission pack will be released so guys and gals entering the tournament know what they are getting involved with as a hobby event- for each round a random mission will be picked so during the day of the event only 3-4 will be played in total...

Mission: Machine Curse

Longinus and his squad of initiates slowly approached the hulking dreadnought, picking their way quietly through the ruins and broken rubble.

The tech adepts of Mars had divined that the war machine had powered down and was now safe approach for recovery, but Longinus still wasn’t taking any chances.

“Lionus, take point!” voxed Longinus making sure his melta-gun had a point blank shot

Even tech-adepts have been known to be wrong from time to time…

Command has assigned your task force with the recovery of wargear salvage from a destroyed dreadnought class war machine. Scanners indicate enemy presence and be prepared in case the machine powers back up.

Table Setup

Place a piece of area terrain in the center of the table, as players then take turns placing terrain and scattering it 3D6. Once terrain has been set up place a dreadnought or other appropriate "machine" model in the center and take turns scattering six objective markers 2D6 using the center of the dreadnought as the center point. If a “hit” is scored place the objective marker in base contact with the dreadnought.


After the terrain has been scattered and the dreadnought/objectives set up, players roll for table sides and deploy 8” for their chosen table side.

Mission Objectives & Special Rules

Players must try and recover as many tech objects (represented by the markers) as possible by the end of the game. The player that controls the most at the end wins. Objective markers may be picked up by a unit if they are “infantry” by moving into base contact with the objective in the movement phase. As soon as this happens the objective marker is now part of the unit and the unit may continue moving, shooting, and assaulting as normal. If the unit is destroyed or removed from play then the objective marker is placed back on the table in base contact to the last model removed. Units with an objective marker may also embark/disembark to/from vehicles.

In addition to fighting the opposing side and trying to recover as many objective markers as possible there is a chance each turn that the dreadnought will power back up and start going berserk using the rules below:

At the start of every turn if no models are within 18” of the dreadnought roll 1D6 and on a “1-5” the dreadnought stays powered down, and on a “6” it activates. In addition, once any models approach within 18” or less the dreadnought automatically activates. Each turn the dreadnought is active roll 1d6 and consult the chart below:

1: Fire Smart: Pivot the dreadnought on the spot and fire all its weapons at the closest unit. Range, cover, etc. apply.

2: Fire Insane: Pivot the dreadnought on the spot and fire all its weapons at the farthest unit. Range, cover, etc. apply.

3: Shamble Around: Roll 2D6 + a scatter die and move the dreadnought in that direction. If a “hit” is scored continue to move the full 2D6 using the arrow direction on the scatter die.

4: Insane Assault: The dreadnought moves 6” in its movement phase, runs D6 in the shooting phase and then assaults D6 all heading towards the closest unit. Terrain tests apply and may prevent the dreadnought from assaulting.

5: Power Down: The dreadnought powers back down following the above D6 or 18” rule.

6: Malfunction: Belching smoke and machine fluids the dreadnought takes no turn this action.

The Dreadnought has the following profile: WS 4, BS 4, S10, I4, A2, Twin-Linked Las Cannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Arm With Built In Storm Bolter.

Note that the dreadnought has no armor value and for the duration of the scenario cannot be shaken, stunned, weapon destroyed, immobilized or destroyed for the game.

Ending The Game

The game lasts seven turns and at the end of the game the player with the most tech-objectives in their possession is the winner. If there is a tie on objectives then the side with the most kill points wins, tie on kill points, then it goes to victory point.  


This is how awesome NOVA is going to be...

So here we are, one month out to THE 40K tournament and hobby event of the summer and the question is are you registered and attending? If you are then you need to stop reading my blog for the next few weeks as I go over and rant about my list and tactics…just kidding of course, with the stop reading part, but I will be reviewing my plans and hope for Tyranid glory! If you have been on the fence about the event then what are you waiting for? Make it happen!

The plan with Tyranids? Total pwnage, I'm gonna run up and kick guys in the face...or get blasted off the table...

Last year was the bomb and this year I’m sure will be even better. Looking through some of the event pics shows awesome tables, armies, and more than a few famous bloggers and 40K heavies to hang out with and potentially play against.

I’m registered, down, and set to go- and if we don’t meet in any of the tournament rounds let’s get a fun game in during open gaming?

Slots and a few rooms are still open so do it, we will hang out Friday and Saturday night and get Jawaballs and Brother Captain James to pick up the tab… http://www.novaopen.com/

NOVA Tyranids List

So with a very slight disclaimer* here is my NOVA 2K Tyranid list, and I do apologize ahead of time for the snooze fest to be found…

== HQ ==

Tervigon (1) - Stinger Salvo, AG, Toxin Sacs = 180 pts.

Tervigon (1) - Stinger Salvo, AG, Toxin Sacs, Onslaught = 195 pts.

== Elites ==

Hive Guard Brood (3) = 150 pts.

Venomthrope (1) = 55 pts.

Venomthrope (1) = 55 pts.

== Troops ==

Tervigon (1) - Stinger Salvo, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat = 195 pts.

Tervigon (1) - Stinger Salvo, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat = 195 pts.

Tervigon (1) - Stinger Salvo, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat = 195 pts.

Termagant Brood (10) - Fleshborer = 50 pts.

Termagant Brood (10) - Fleshborer = 50 pts.

Termagant Brood (10) - Fleshborer = 50 pts.

== Heavy Support ==

Trygon (1) - AG, Instinctive Behaviour - Feed = 210 pts.

Trygon (1) - AG, Instinctive Behaviour - Feed = 210 pts.

Trygon (1) - AG, Instinctive Behaviour - Feed = 210 pts.

== Total ==

2000 pts.

48 T6 wounds with cover saves (venoms), and potential FNP coming at you as I spawn crap loads of gaunts and onslaught the hive guard for giggles. I miss my few lone stealer units but at Grey Knights 2K with all the shots they just get shredded, as does most everything else in the ‘nid dex, and I’m planning it on being a Grey Knight love fest at NOVA. I also need the five tervigons to have a reliable gaunt spawn base incase they do constipate out at the start of the game, plus I’m already starting with 30 on the table. That said, even with 190 gaunts in my box I still have to get them killed as quickly as possible. Venoms are broken up for the coverage over a single unit- as for kill points, CHA! I’m already getting killed in that area.

So basically I run at my opponent, flood them with gaunts and hope the trygons can make contact with their front lines- pushing enough synapse and shadows (LOLZ) plus spawned gaunts to cut through all the purifier BS.

The disclaimer? I’m running Grey Knights in the team event with Jawaballs, and IF I can complete the army up to 2K then I’ll be running it instead (shields up!) since I know I will have more fun with it then just MC spam. Problem is some of the guys I need are still on GW finecast back order and this has to happen by the end of the month to get them built, based, and painted…

I should also say that for regular pickup games at the club I’ve been running drop pod ‘nids for the fun factor and having a blast, and as tempted as I am to bring them to NOVA to have “fun” I KNOW I would just get smoked at such an event. The other option was stealer spam- Swarmlord, 30 Y-stealers, and the rest regular guys, but even THIS at 2K isn’t enough bodies and got smacked down in my test games with the guys, plus not even I have that many stealers on hand.

I guess we should talk about deployment for these guys either way since some of you might want to run the list? Thoughts? OH, what 5th edition has made me!

Fritz 40K Updates…

Just a few updates in addition to the regular posts…

I’m working on both an Eldar and Tyranid unit guide. The Eldar one has been done for a while, and just needs some editing, and the Tyranid one is in play as at this point I have pretty much played or used all the units in more than a few games. When done I’ll upload them to scribd and you guys can grab em.

The focus is not on tactics but rather why a unit sucks or is good in the current game, and other things to think about if you want to field said unit. Mix in my rants and tactics on the blog, and the other uploads and you should have a firm foundation on where to start if you are new to either army.

Games Day?

Sorry can’t give any sneak peeks of the Jawaballs Blood Angels banner, have to bug and email JB for that. As for what army to bring, points, etc. I’m going to bring 500 points of Grey Knights. Clowns were a close second, but the ‘knights will tie in with a bunch of upcoming posts.

Games Day is always really hard, as I’ve said the event needs to really be two days- one to just hang out and game, and the other to see the sights. 500 points isn’t much, but it will allow for a game to play in a half hour or less making sure I can get in as many games with as many people as possible, and as a few emailed who only have a few hundred points in models it won’t be a problem, plus the fact that myself included, not everybody can bring in a few cases of models. I’ll be posting up my GK list in a few days along with what I was thinking for those interested in GK and how they perform at smaller point/skirmish levels. So if you want to get a game in, whip up your 500 point list using the standard force org chart and we can play either the stock 40K missions or battle missions- I’ll bring both.


NOVA of course and a few smaller RTT planned for both my Tyranids and Grey Knights, and of course Battle For Salvation in October- seems so far out, but not really. On both Friday night and Sunday I’ll be running a small tournament open to all attendees- either combat patrol or 500 point format. Mission will be customized and appropriate for small fast games. I’ve got a few planned out, but am really open to as many ideas as possible- anybody out there, clubs, TO’s have some mission formats they like? Any links or sites I can check out for ideas and to stack up against what I am writing. If I am putting my name on the event and running it then it 100% has to be an awesome experience and memorable event.


Seems to be a surge in interest in my Harlequins both here on the blog and in email (apologies in my lousy response time, I’m a bit behind, and just working through the emails by date.) Have a few posts ready to go up in the next few days.


Where are my Necron rumors? They started coming out bit by bit, and are now dead? Huh? Sisters seem fun also, no plans to do a sisters army, but I might do a small 500 point army if the White Dwarf release warrants it.

40K Campaign?

For the tournament in October I want to have 12 or so missions ready to go which will be released before the event. Then on the day of the event I’ll randomly pick 4-5 play for the day. This way you know what you are getting into ahead of time so if the event format is not to your liking you don’t have to play- thinking it to be a WAAC event over a hobby focus event which is my plan, but at the same time you won’t know 100% which missions will be pulled.

So that means play testing and tweaking the missions, and I can only do so much at the club and in the Jawacave- so what about a 40K campaign?

Was planning to start running one anyway, so why not just port over all of it to be online so everybody can play? This way if it is just you and your bud in the basement in the middle of nowhere or all your friends at the club, everybody is experiencing it together. Think of an updated Eye of Terror kind of thing.

How would it work?

It would warrant whipping up its own blog and would be story driven- I’ve got the campaign/story from a Dark Heresy event I ran last year. Each week I’d post up the mission and you would play it with your friend(s). Snap some picks of your army and then just send me a brief email at the end of the week and I would tally up all the armies that won and lost, rank them, and then advance the story line based on the results. At the end of the event one 40K army faction would “win” and I’d give out some prizes to the winners- a few random drawings for everybody that played regardless of your army, and then a few prizes randomly drawn for the players who represented the winning factions. Could also do a best painted army thing also. We would all have some fun, I’d clear out some 40K stuff making the wife happy, and I’d get to test out some mission ideas.

Busy summer so far for 40K, need to step things up even more…

Games Day 2011 Countdown!

Flight and hotel booked.

Top secret Jawabanner done.

This year’s army…

You tell me?

Every year I try and bring a different army to play at our table or in this case at the open gaming tables. Since we are flying in this year over driving down the army HAS to fit into one case- either a GW hard box or my army transport since I know both can fit on the overhead in the plane. So what is it going to be guys?

Harlequins, Black Templars, or Tyranids?

My chaos need some updating and Necrons are two cases so they are out.

Send in the clowns, launch the next crusade, or release the swarm?

Dudes coming to Games Day what do you want to play against?

Jawaballs and myself will be hanging out at the Heroes of Armageddon table to meet up with anybody that wants to get in a game. I’m bringing up to 2K of models for each army so I’m down with playing any point value, and mission, maybe even some stuff from the Battle Missions book.

For The Emperor! Epic YouTube Moments!

Fritz why are your Grey Knights painted black?

Originally my Grey Knights were painted black and gold with silver highlights because that was the original color of the Grey Knights chapter, to give you an idea of how old that army is. After my original Eldar it is the oldest army that I own. When I came back to Eldar in 4th edition the ‘knights went back in the closet and really never came back out except for a fun game here and there, until I dropped them on the floor after hard boyz, they exploded, followed by being retouched by Black Matt to launch his painting business, to adding in lots of space monkeys and death cult assassins into the force that they are now...

Of the games I played with them, the emperors’ blessing was always with me. At least one or two times in each game mad crazy stuff happened.

Grey Knights Vs. The Flawless Host @ 8 minutes 48 seconds in…

Grey Knights Vs. Eldar @ 4 minutes 45 seconds in…

Of course come to think of it I’ve always been hot with the dice at key times, is it the might of the emperor, the ordination of the star gods, or perhaps a gift from the dark gods?

Saim-Hann Vs. Ultramarines @ 6 minutes 3 seconds in…

…and then there are all the times the game has ended on turn five, more than my fair share, especially for a guy who has made his 40K “career” on the game ending turn five 33% of the time. I should also point out, as long as we are having some youtube fun, that the guys I’m playing with in the vids, BC James, Black Matt, Jawaballs, etc. are good friends and we both always talk trash on the vids and ham it up, all in good fun, I’m not usually THAT much of a jerk.

Saim-Hann Vs. Ultramarines @ 6 minutes 12 seconds…

Necrons Vs. Imperial Fists LOLZ!

Or course the dice sting even me from time to time…

Saim-Hann Vs. Chaos Space Marines @ 3 minutes and 20 seconds in…

LOLZ good times all around, but of course there is the darker side of my rolling and epic tacticas that utterly failed. The times when the dice have chumped me on youtube, including a vid by Jawaballs which has had over 30K hits showing my n00bishness that I just can’t seem to get removed! I’ll leave that for the epic Fritz failz post coming up next…

Harlequin Help Follow Up

Hi Fritz

I have played Eldrad's version of the Harlie list in your PDF with some great success (two draws and five wins so far). As I have been playing them I have noticed a couple of things. The first and the one I know you always talk about is the ability for most armies to shut down Eldrads powers, but more than that, is the abilty of armies that deny my cover save on the pathfinders!

I have had trouble with Tau Marker lights, Blood Angels flanking Flamer Baals, Blood Angels horrible Sternguard bullets either drop podding or Storm Ravening in (I won't mention there 2+ poised guns!!), Ork Snikrot rear flanking commandos with flamers! I know there are a few tricks to help out like the reserves game, but I am now starting to think it's time for Mauggy!

Eldrad can't use his powers and if he does pathfinders can take saves even if they are fortuned, so I am thinking, lets stick Mauggy in as per your PDF and give them something annoting to think about as a distraction!

Sorry for the build up, but this is my question:

Where does Mauggy go in the Capture and Control mission? Does he go up front like in Seize Ground? or do you hold him back with the pathfinders for his Maugateer shots and to help the Pathfinders in the assault, should that happen? I would imagine it's upfront, but you don't mention it in the PDF

Any other tips would be welcome as well

Many thanks


BTW what is it with the BA Codex? I just found out how much the Razorback costs! WOW! 90 points with twin las/extra armour/hurricane missile and storm bolter! Plus it's a fast vehicle? No wonder my buddy has power fist and melta in the five man unit inside! Makes a mockery of my Space Wolves!

Reply Out:

Nick, frustrations noted when you have a unit that relies on 2+ covers saves to survive, and then having it yanked out when facing certain units. Basically two options- reserves and building threat rings. A lot also depends on your gaming group and friends. These days I never face Tau with my Harlequins and outflanking units are almost non existent. The last time I faced the issue was with chaos oblits deepstriking in, and ironically Eldar Dark Reapers which sucked big time.

Kin vs. Kin... 'Reapers on the far hill vaped my first pathfinder unit, forcing me to hide the second behind the hill here, and then later push/run for the objective...

As I’ve mentioned the pathfinders basically camp on objectives, the rest of your army kill stuff, and the remains of the stuff you send out to kill left at turn 4/5 then run to contest objectives not secured by your pathfinders. If I’m facing units that will deny cover my first defense is to just reserve them and hope they come in mid to late game, and then move on the objectives which are on my side of the table. Before that happens I have to neutralize what my opponent has to deny the cover.

Second option is to push out my threat ring or bubble wrap as some guys call it. You mention podding stern guard with their special ammo. Imagine my pathfinders in cover and then two harlie squads spread out the maximum 2” all around them pushing the pod out more than 12” when it lands. Throw fortune up on both harlequin groups so when the SG come in they can’t rapid fire the pathfinders and have to shoot the fortune 5+ invul harlies. Of course even with this the harlies will perhaps take unacceptable losses so I prefer the reserves route.

This is my usual MO for drop pod marines- reserve everything and come on turn one to assault if they put the pods close enough. These are my units right after movement- the clowns right and left will run to assault the marines as the WL's take shots at the land raider. Pathfinder group one will run to the cover and group two will create cover by camping behind the WL's.

Sometimes you can pull this off, other times not so as much- comes with playing a themed army over an older codex- especially when compared to ‘wolves and BA.

Mauggy Vs. Eldrad.

From a personal perspective I love playing Maugan-Ra! Fast shot and crak shot are awesome. Watching guys who might be a little WAAC position their vehicles to get facing for the 3+ cover save, even coming over to my side of the table in their movement turn to see the facing, is a joy when Mauggy busts out no cover saves for you! Be sure to have that codex handy…

That said, Eldrad is still king! Basically this still holds true- for games less than 1500 or events where no named characters are allowed you go with the basic seer first, then Eldrad, and then Mauggy. You mention how cheap BA transports are in cost- marines get SO much on the table, they are no longer an “elite” model based army. You need that fortune to keep units alive, and guide to make sure what shots you have do hit. Harlies also really need the doom multiplier to chew through dedicated assault units, and the runes of warding are stock to shut down Grey Knight cleaning flame BS. Mauggy is the icing on the cake, we still need the cake first. I expect in the next Eldar codex to be able to take both of them with a reduction in points and increase in power. Eldard should be even more of a beast, and even now for the points he is pretty good.

That said, experiment around with the idea. In seize ground Mauggy tends to hang back shooting and then counter attack any incoming units heading towards my objectives. In capture and control he joins a harlie group and they are the delivery system to help push him across the table so he can break out and contest my opponent’s objective- although C&C is the hardest mission for a pure clown build.

Hope that helps.

I do have to also say I’ve really been pleasantly surprised from your report and a few other guys playing pure harlequins and some of the wins they have pulled off with both luck and skill- especially against some really brutal and spammy armies. Armed with a plan clowns still have some bite left in 40K, all the more so when EVERYBODY has written them off completely.


From the same game vs. Space Marines, Lysander has to make three armor saves from my pathfinder shooting, the dice are rolled and....

Assault Marines Forward!

So I’ve been revisiting assault marines in my Black Templar list and am kind of wondering where they have gone from the rest of the chapters, other then maybe Blood Angels- although around here I have yet to see descent of angels- BA is still razorback mech, only painted red.

Playing in a tournament heavy environment I know assault marines aren’t “optimized” for two reasons- cost and transport. At around ~22 points for a basic marine before wargear they are expensive and still only have a 3+ save. Also, with no way to transport them up (other than BA) they are jumping across the table exposed to fire. This kind of limits their role to two functions- counter attack, and insertion. That said is this really a bad thing? On the plus side assault marines take up a fast attack slot which isn’t always used so they are easy to fit into a list, not that marines are challenged from slots like Tyranids, or even Grey Knights to some degree.

Counter Attack

The idea behind this is easy- take a ten marine strong squad and camp behind vehicles or terrain, and when the opponent come close, jump out, shoot, and assault them. I personally argue that plasma pistols are a must in assault squads since they allow you to pop vehicles followed by assaulting the dudes inside. Ideally I’d like to pop said vehicle up front with shots from another unit so I can 100% get the assault with the marines, but that extra chance with the plasma pistols are key. PP’s are also nice for some last minute shots before you charge in.

Playing Black Templars means all my dudes have preferred enemy which is nice when you are throwing out three attacks on the charge plus power weapons. Vanilla marines can get around this with a chaplain for litanies. True it burns up an HQ and is more points, but then you can also break him off as needed and take wounds on him first depending on the hit and armor. Fearless is nice also if you have to take some shots on the way in. ‘Templars have that hidden surprise of also being able to take melta-bombs so you can counter attack land raider in a pinch or even dreads, and of course vehicles.


Second option has me breaking them down into five man squads with plasma pistols and deep striking them in. Think thunderhawk insertion. If I’m desperate they will drop in for rear shots to key vehicles like predators and the like. Down side to this is for the points I get one shot, if I blow up said key vehicle it’s ok, I don’t mind trading the points, If I fail, well then it sucks, because either way the assault marines are dead wither way.

What I prefer is deep striking them in near key terrain pieces so they can then run, and being five in number effectively hide and camp out till I need them to jump out and assault. Think of using them to project a 12” + 6” assault threat bubble of high mobility. I use them to either speed bump incoming units, or take advantage of vehicles I’ve blown up mid field, but can’t get to with other units yet.

Of course in deep striking there are many layers of risk- actually coming in when needed/optinally, scatter, dangerous terrain, etc. but I put my faith in the emperor for this, and randomness is a two way street- sometimes some cheap units (in comparison to the entire army) can keep my opponent guessing or at least occupied for a bit, is always a good thing.

So who here is using assault marines, and are they on the table in tournaments in your area?

Grey Knights Kill Team

Have to look at Grey Knights going through the kill team stuff right? Ironically the elite and somewhat expensive codex offers some neat options in a 200 point game suffering few drawbacks. For about $150 bucks new you can pick up three “armies” with three different play styles depending on your opponent.

List number one: “Insertion Strike Squad”

1 Paladin with master crafted psy-cannon

5 Grey Knights Strike Squad with storm bolters, psy-cannon, and master crafted on the Justicar.

What isn’t to like with this setup. 6 model, seven wounds with a T3 2+/3+ base save. Lots of 24” shots, two psycannons, and two master crafted weapons, along with power weapons in the assault. Lead with the Paladin, support with the ‘knights. Plus, OMG you get to play PALADINZ at 200 points!

List number two: “Terminator Insertion Squad”

The terminator bug bites all of us, even at 200 points, and Grey Knights can do both flavors…

Five stock terminators or three paladins with a psycanon plus some extra points for master crafted, etc. Paladins are a bit more attractive since you have one more wound over the five termies plus the psycannon if your opponent brings vehicles. MC is nice also.

List number three: “DB Grey Knights”

Know what DB stands for? You, potentially with this list- a psybolt assault cannon venerable dreadnought which is deadly on all fronts. TECHNICALLY you can bring a dread to a kill team mission, same with vehicles, but personally it kind of spoils the fun of the aims of the mission- fast paced wacky casual play as opposed to WAAC tournament play- you have your 2K lists for that guys…

Unit Upgrades…

List one: The paladin gets FNP for even more crazyness or even eternal warrior if you are worried about S8+ weapons since they will be looking to instant punk him. The psy-cannon GK gets relentless, and then maybe you give the Justicar furious charge.

List two: FNP one the psycannon termie, furious charge on the other, and eternal warrior on the third if you are going with paladins.

List three: LOLZ! Stealth on the dread, furious charge, preferred enemy, all crazy.

As an aside, any artists out there who want some exposure? I need a set of paper tokens with all the USR’s on a single sheet that I can print out, and cut up as markers for the models. I’m experimenting with running a KILL TEAM tournament using the base mission and other from the battle mission book and if we go ahead with it, it will run at the October Battle For Salvation tournament on either Friday or Sunday, and I’ll need token players can use to mark the USRT models. Be happy to give credit and exposure on the blog, etc. Fritz sucks at anything art related.

Eldar Kill Team

Aspect warriors get a new lease on life in Kill Team games, a much welcomed break from all the Fire Dragons in Wave Serpents you see when Eldar usually appear on the table. Ironically this kill team plays like the clip from DOW with the rangers providing support for the Banshees who seek to close. Double irony that they are facing off against a kill team sized marine force, minus the dread, but marines could bring a dread to a KT mission…

So in the list we have five Rangers and five Banshees with one of them being upgraded to an Exarch with a triskele. The Exarch gets FNP, one of the Rangers relentless, and the other is up in the air really. So here is the plan…

Two or three static rangers go up into terrain as high as they can to draw long range LOS on the opponent. The other 2-3 and the one with relentless go on the ground, again trying to draw LOS. We have the 36” and we are going to be using it.

Banshees run forward, trying to hide and block LOS terrain as much as possible. The Ranger with relentless moves with them to provide mobile long range support. The Exarch takes the lead not only to throw the triskele, but to expose enemy models to take shots at her so the rest of the girls can then assault. T3 sucks, a 4+ save is meh, so basically it comes down to the 50/50 shot of FNP. With the banshees you have to creep up and hug terrain, and then pounce, and try as you can to get the Rangers into position so if you at least kill one with the Banshee charge and then get killed with the return fire you can then open up with the Rangers from range. Normally assault based models get hurt in kill team since you are almost always assaulting through cover, but with the banshee mask you can laugh that off, and even at S3 power weapons are sweet.

500 Points Of Harlequins Revisited…

I’ve been revisiting my 500 point harlequin list for an upcoming escalation league and here are the results:

I’ve got two lists in the running, both a bit different, both with challenging flaws since packing in enough clown goodness at 500 points is tough…

List 1:

HQ: Farseer W/ Guide

TROOPS: 5 Rangers X 2

ELITE: 5 Harlequins W/ Death Jester

HEAVY: Wraithlords W/ EML, 2 Flamers

NO kisses, NO Shadowseer, and NO second weapon mount for the WL- hey it’s 500 points! Farseer camps with a ranger group with the Wraithlord nearby to babysit for wraith sight and pings away with the EML and then sniper rifles once in range. Harlequins go out and harass at 24” with the death jester. Harlequins are going to be more fragile than ever with such a small size and no SS support, but on the other hand the WL will be really nasty with T8 at 500 points and is a good counter charge unit for the rangers.

List 2:

HQ: Maugan-Ra

TROOPS: 5 Rangers X 2

ELITE: 5 Harlequins W/ Death Jester, Fusion Pistol

A overpriced named character in a 500 point list? Madness! What is this Black Templars? Still no SS support or kisses but Mauggy makes the harlequins much more resilient and annoying. Staying out 24”-36” and pinging away with the DJ cannon and maugateer, taking those long range non AP 2 shots on Mauggy first, fusion pistol since the last few points have to go somewhere. Mauggy can break off if needed to intercept or even go solo while the clown hang back and camp with the rangers depending on the table.

Have to decide soon…

Oh, and just for kicks check out the 2nd edition Eldar codex on Scribd. Wargear and awesome options- what Eldar hopefully go back to being. Actual Harlequin armies, awesome stat line Aspect Warriors that could actually challenge Space Marines and not fold under a light breeze of air. As always some of the older models look a bit funny, glad GW got over trying to push IG las guns on us, while a few of the models like Eldrad really hold up so well in looks- a testament to the sculpt- betcha didn’t know Eldrad was that old!

Codex Eldar 2ed

Kill Team Terrain Setup

So here is the base terrain setup we have been using for Kill Team games- basically 200 point 01- elites, 0-2 troops, 0-1 fast armies where each MODEL acts as its own unit…

First up is the table itself, a little less than half of a 40K table, or something around 4’ x 4’ which means there is just enough room for maneuvering and hiding, while at the same time making sure model contact will occur- you can’t just sit back and pew pew away with long range stuff and call it a day.

Taking a cue from Cities of Death we place the first terrain piece in the center of the table, and then start placing the other pieces 6” away from each other, building up an evenly distributed grid- making sure to fill the entire table.

From here the “lanes” in-between each terrain piece is then placed with filler terrain- barricades, craters, burning hulks, etc. Enough terrain to hide and sulk, enough for cover, and lots of varying elevation. Basically more than half the terrain used in a regular 40K game on a table half the size of a regular 40K game.

Some Sicarius Love?

Hey you Space Marine players out there, codex chapters, not ‘Wolves, BA, or GK- why no love for Cato Sicarius? How long have I been battling Space Marines with my Saim-Hann, Necrons, and now Tyranids?

Have never seen Sicarius on the table, not once…Lysander, yes, Cantor, double yes…

Actually following a discussion with some of the lads at the club I can see why- for the points what do you REALLY get for the S man? Not bad in the assault thanks to I5, the tempest blade, and FNP- hardly Lysander country, but not bad. But then we take a look at his special abilities/chapter modifications, and well they are really weak sauce. Can’t make uber units scoring, no bolter drill, kind of gimped Shrike like abilities with the infiltrate.

Am I being a bit hard on him?

Fellow marine players out there probably have 2K plus of models, so what if we wanted to build an army using Sicarius, something to try out, play with, and offer a different angle over the same list we play each week vs. the same guys- meaning, throw out a slightly different angle to use on the guys at the club.

Well, in that case the first thing is to build and army out of his ability to seize the initiative. Build a Space Marine army on dishing out some hurt on turn one, something with some mass to be decisive at crippling the opponent. With the build we want to take first turn, and failing that, attempt to seize twice. Las cannons, thunder fire cannons, and autocannon dreads will then go to work on turn one. If you are facing an assault based army, let them go first, baiting them to set up forward, and exposed optimally so they can get running across the table, and then try to seize twice.

On the squad level we are sticking Sicarius in a full ten marine tactical squad with a multi-melta and plasma gun, and infiltrating them 16” away from a target- perfect for that first turn shot with the multi-melta and double tap on the plasma. You take the MM for the +1 damage chart for the infiltrate shot over a las cannon.

If you want to build on Sicarius you also take Shrike and infiltrate him and a group of TT/SS terminators, and pop something with Sicarius’ squad so Shrike can assault followed by the termies on turn two. Plus if you have those crippling turn one elements in your list and pop open a few vehicles there is going to be plenty to assault next turn with Shrike and the temries.

That was my reply on how to use Sicarius, nothing uber OMG, but there is a bit of backdoor trickery with him that may be useful.

Which is also a topic for another post regarding well worn codexes’…

Codex Space Marines has been out how long? Lots of builds, lot of plays, no surprises left? When your codex has been mined and nerd raged to death, you STILL have to come up with some hidden gems to use.