Grey Knights Assassin Lists?

Dear Fritz,

I been playing you harlequins list for a while and I love it I even took it to a regional tournament and got 3rd. but that is not why I am emailing you today.

I been looking at the grey knight codex and frankly i don't like how over powered they are but i liked the assassins most people think they are over priced but i like them specially when you combine them with Death cult assassins.

now this is what I am thinking


inquisitor Coteaz


Callidus Assassin

Eversor Assassin

Vindicare Assassin


Death cult Assassin x8 in Dedicated transport

Death cult Assassin x8 in Dedicated transport

Death cult Assassin x8 in Dedicated transport

Death cult Assassin x8 in Dedicated transport

we can add few more here

Heavy support

Tank busters could be Dreadnought or Purgation squad (weakness is mid range) 3 of them

I like the Idea of the destructive power of full army of power weapons, high Initiative and 15pts per models :)

what do you think


Reply Out:

Fajhan, I’ve been toying around with my own assassin based list (and a daemonhost one also) just because it can actually be done in the Grey Knights book. They are starting to look more and more fun to play over the usual power armored spam. Before I digress let me say, awesome job on 3rd with Harlequins! I’m impressed, probably caught a lot of opponent’s off guard.

Here is the build I was leaning towards…

Coteaz and death cult assassins as the HQ and troops since this is the core of the list. Adjust for the points you are playing 1500, 1750, 2K, etc. The assassins need to get to the target to assault and need to be protected on the way so we need transports as you have noted.

In the elites slot I was looking at theCallidus Assassins since they can pop in anywhere on the table- more on that in a second.

Heavy support needs to be something to work with the approaching transports to break open vehicles- sadly probably some rifleman dreads.

The plan?

Turn one vehicles up and rifleman start shooting, hopefully de-meching a few units. Turn hopefully the assassin drops and she shoots and templates on the exposed units. Dreads continue to shoot so when the assassins in the vehicles arrive they can get out and assault.

The entire army moves forward- with 8-10 strong assassin squads and when a unit gets down to 3-4 assassins they then jump back in a transport and head over to any objectives on my side.

Much like I plan to use harlequins two things have to happen to make the list work- the assassins have to have something to assault when they get in range- assaulting vehicles is a no-no, and they have to win the assault so they can massacre roll and move back into terrain for cover saves/going to ground if needed.

Alternately, since we have Coteaz I was also playing around with some Jokero as more fire support and static troop- two groups sitting on objectives on my side. Tactically they play just like my harlequin .PDF working similarly to the ranger/pathfinder troop choices. The transports for the assassins protect like the veil or tears on the shadowseer. I don’t know if this makes sense but take the .PDF and layer the following over:

Jokero = Rangers

Death Cult assassins = Harlequins

Dreads = Wraithlords

The Callidus is in there for fun and disruption, kind of the like the Deathjester, only they are their own unit.


The Unholy Harbringer

Fellow BFS club mate Lil' Will has some new conversions out that he has been working on and I wanted to throw the link your way to check them out:  .

One of the few players at the club still loyal to the dark gods, Will is building quite a rep as a painter and modeler. What has impressed me most is his ability to build the characters you want to play like Angron and Mortarion from the graphic novels and books. His enthusiasm to BUILD and PLAY his own models reminds me so much of what the hobby was in the beginning when I started. Here is some of his recent work, more on the site. Bonus points if you know what the blog name is from...

Disruption Units

In all my army lists I always like to include some sort of disruption unit to help mess up the flow of battle for my opponent, essentially a wildcard of sorts.

A disruption unit is a model or unit that can appear anywhere on the table and start killing stuff right away. Maybe it kills a lot, maybe nothing, but it suddenly shifts the flow of the battle and forces my opponent to deal with something else for a moment- and that moment can buy me some much needed time.


Tyranids- lictors are best, a group of 2-3- only one slot since they are competing with hive guard and venoms. My space bug horde is running forward and there are always some pesky back table assets like a pack of long fangs or a leman russ tank that need to be dealt with, or are perceived as “safe” by my opponent since I’m on the other side of the table. Disruption unit comes in and maybe kills a something. Of course next turn they are most likely going to die- but the more shots they take to kill- going to ground for the 2+ save, etc. are shots NOT going at my trygons and tervigons.

The best disruption units are ones that can enter play right away just by placing or without scattering- these are best since you have complete control over them- Y-stealers work great also. Second best would be a group of out flankers or deepstrikers- in my Black Templar list I have a group of thunder hammer & sorm shield guys that fill the role- hardly optimal at all, and a huge risk at the deepstrike, but 5-10 termites materializing in your ranks with zeal IS a problem that needs to be addressed.

In my most recent Grey Knight build I’ve also included a Callidus Assassin, and while her rules have changed she still is a potent unit- problem is much like ‘nids she competes with venerable dreads and paladins.

What other disruption units do you think would work?

Anything in your list?

Jetbikes And Vypers?

Hello Fritz,

I am an old time Eldar player (2nd edition and early 3rd edition) who has recently began playing 40k again. I have been loving your battle reports and your tactical videos... they have really helped reintroduced me to 40k. I do have a couple jetbike army questions if you have time to answer them.

First - What helped you determine the size of 7 for your guardian jetbike squads? I have been running two 6 man units with 2 shuriken cannons and a warlock with Embolden. I also give him a singing spear, so that even my puny jetbike squads an pop a tank with a little luck (and 3 points...) Thoughts?

Secondly - I mainly play MEQs, and I find Shining Spears to be an amazing accompaniment to the mounted Seer Council. It gives me two great units to hit marines with (especially having the autarch in with the Spears). I do, however, like to create "tournament" quality army lists and am concerned about the overall usage of Spears vs anyone but Space Marines.... thoughts?

Thirdly - I notice and admire your usage of the Vyper squadrons. I have loved Vypers for my entire 40K career, but I am worried about their vulnerability so I usually field Falcons instead. (I dont have any prisms, yet) I do notice that your vypers tend to not attract too much attention in your battle reports... is that the key? just make other targets more appealing? you know... eldar trickery... :p

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully for taking the time to reply. I dont have any other Eldar players in my local area, and so I find myself hitting the internet for my tactics.

Reply Out:
Thanks for emailing, and welcome back to Eldar! Jetbike squads…

I found seven to be around that magic balance of firepower and squad size/points. As for a warlock that only helps, and in the past I have attached one to each unit- these days I tend to run them bare and save the warlock points for a seer council. When I did run them with the squad I took destructor for that extra punch since jetbikes have two roles- pinging away with the cannons from a distance and then moving 6” in the assault phase to hide OR zooming up close to finish off a squad. Problem with this is that you are getting close and NEED to wipe out the unit you are shooting at- even two marines can shoot and then charge you. Destructor gives you that extra little push. If you are a bit more conservative you could go for conceal, but I don’t find that as useful these days since cover is pretty easy to come by even with jetbikes. Regardless, singing spears are pretty much mandatory for the vehicles or if you get charged by a dreadnought, etc.


Not what they were in previous editions and you will have “fun” with them, but in terms of competitive play the points are better spent elsewhere. Their main problem is lack of invul saves, and they need farseer support for fortune. If you attach a farseer to them, plus their points, you might as well take a seer council. I wouldn’t take them- get a seer council or proxy them as a seer council and try that out.


Love the model, but more and more it is showing its age in the codex. Not bad for what it can do, but the points are just way over the top compared to what comparable units marines and dark elder get. That said, I still run them since what else am I going to run? War walkers pump out more shots, but the mobility of the vyper matches the rest of my jetbikes and grav tanks. Having my entire army super mobile is key.

If you are going with vypers you want either scatter lasers or missiles on top, and shuriken cannons on the bottom. The missiles give you a bit more range vs. the extra shots of the lasers. Staying the maximum range out is key. You are also going to want farseer support to guide a group at a time.

Right now I have both Eldrad and a regular seer in my list. The vanilla seer goes with a council and Eldrad sits in a wave serpent casting double guides for two of my vyper groups, along with fortune, etc. More than ever Eldar need guide- compared to marines we just have so less shots- what we do have each turn HAS to at least hit.


Space Marine Command Squads = FUN!

Imagine a bicycle used to get you from point A to pint B. What kind of bicycle would you select? Maybe a mountain bike, or a sleek touring bike- either way it would be adapted for your immediate needs of A to B. If we are talking about the bike as a mode of transportation then why would you ever take a chromed, blinged out studded bike? It serves no practical reason other than to look good while you drink your soda riding down the street as slow as possible.

Space Marine command squads are exactly like this.

Fragile when compared to terminators, at sometimes twice the cost, they kill just as well- is there an end difference between twenty or thirty power weapon wounds?

Dead is dead.

That said, sometimes you want to deal it out in style and with some bling.

So why play a command squad? They are fun as hell and one of the best parts of my ‘Templar army, right along there with preferred enemy furious charge lightning claw terminators- strike first and re-roll everything FTW! In some armies where you elite slots are choked full already a command squad can give you that extra punch. Since I’m already playing an old and outdated book I don’t have to worry about trying to be optimal or competitive- on the flip side ‘Templars are a funfest to play since they still use so many old 4th edition rules like preferred enemy, furious charge, tank hunters, etc.

Should you play one in a competitive game? We’ll let’s just say I have never seen one in action other then when I’m playing my marines, which need to start hitting the tables more. From a pure number crunching point of view NO, for fun, hell yes. Can you be competitive and still have fun?

First things first- you are paying for the bling so no reason to do it on the cheap- go all out. My Black Templar has command squad has a marshal with the holy orb of Antioch just so I can say “Taste my holy balls!” to my opponent before I throw it, along with a banner, lightning claws, apoc dude, and a company champion all with preferred enemy and furious charge.

So what is the plan with them?

Kill stuff!
Command squads, much like vanguard vets, need to be worked into an overall army wide design list- send them out and they will just die. Use them as a primary assault unit and they will just die. One needs a primary deathstar unit first- like say termies in a Land Raider, and other assault based units backing them up- like assault marines and crusader squads rushing forward. Into this mix sprinkle in the command squad. Use them to take on that secondary unit your opponent is setting up to crash your terminators after they hit, send them into the back ranks or against weak units to really draw some attention- they should be part of the one/two punch of your army.

So what is your verdict on command squads?

Crimson Fists Are HERETCIS!

Servo-skulls vox record on. Inquisitor Fritz personal log M 41.12.00...

I have always suspected the Crimson Fists Space Marine chapter regarding the taint of chaos, and the events that unfolded today have only further sealed my righteous indignation against them. The inner circle knows of the incompetence and blundering at Rynn’s World- a single missile, not just any missile but one piloted by a lowly grot destroyed their entire fortress monetary. Only a taint in there gene-seed could allow such a thing.

In passing through the Behrgassi sector vox contact was made with a small strike force of Crimson Fists pacifying the remains of a rebellion on one of the home planets in the system. Seeing this as a chance to confirm some of my personal thought regarding the chapter I ordered the strike force to assemble at the star port for review and submission of their gene-seed to purity tests. Imagine their refusal from a direct command of the god emperor himself, which I am by extension of course…

Of course this could only mean one thing- the stain of chaos so by the immortal emperor of mankind I pronounced extermanatus on them and dispatched a small force of Grey Knights under my command. I would have preferred to send the space monkeys out of personal amusement, but the servitors are still having difficulties rounding up sufficient numbers…

The strike force landed just north of the star port by thunder hawk insertion and advanced with two venerable dreadnoughts and the land raider Dominatus in support. Contact was made with the Crimson Fists- four full tactical squads, two dreadnoughts, a land riader, and a full terminator group lead by both a captain and chaplain. Clearly the chaplain had failed in his imperial duty so his capture for interrogation was also of high importance.

Three points on the map were tactically marked to gain a stronghold point, one on either side of the drop point, along with a center point. The ‘Knight forces castled up behind the ruins of a building, under the support of a librarian and paladin squad and opened up with a fully volley seizing the initiative from the Crimson Fists. Targeting the heretics land raider had no effect while one of the dreadnoughts exploded from a direct las-cannon hit.

As the Crimson Fists advanced I ordered the two ‘knight squads forward opening up on their ranks with storm bolters and psy-cannons cutting down a tactical squad and putting heavy losses on another as return plasma and devastator fire reduced one of the ‘knight squads to combat ineffective- which was then ordered back to hold our objective.

Advancing their land raider and termiantors forward the Grey Knights pounded the machine with las-cannons, rending psybolts, and hunter killer missiles, eventually destroying all its armaments and mobility stranding it in directly ontop of the mission center point. I followed up swiftly by ordering the paladins and second ‘knight squad forward cutting their way through the advancing ‘fist terminators- putting their commander and chaplain to the force sword in the name of the emperor.

Unfortunately with the bolstered vigor of the heretics and the stranded land raider in the center, the strike team could not continue to push forward and route the Crimson Fists so I ordered the strike force to pull back and await storm trooper reinforcements.

Of special note is the vox-pic capture of the Crimson Fist land raider taking multiple penetrating hits from our las-cannons only to shrug them off and keep coming- if this is not further proof of their taint then I don’t know what is…

So I castle up in the corner going to work with the long range shots on the dreads and land raider taking out the ‘fists long range support- dreads. With them down I then go to work on the devastator squad camping in a building to the right with my Grey Knights- but being in range for storm bolter fire also meant I was in range for their plasma cannons as half the squad got cooked. Plasma Meh? Who still plays plasma?

With that squad down to combat ineffective I run them back to my land raider and hop inside securing my objective. I’m going to bypass the objective on my opponent’s side supported by two full tactical squads and take the one in the center- push the blob paladins forward and then run the second ‘Knight squad up.

For the entire game I fire all my las cannon, rending psycannons into that land raider, FINALLY stopping it in the center forcing the terminators to get out on foot, but I just can’t blow it up. Ugh, when 40K is like that. EVERY other penetrating hit was just vehicle shaken. I penned that thing at least four time a turn, my dice were HOT, just not on the damage chart side.

I advanced my ‘Knights up to terminators and opened up on them at point blank range dropping a few before charging and eventually killing the terminators on turn two- halberds and force weapons FTW!

Of course now we are moving into turn five and this is where my lack of timing lost me the game- I had been sitting back with the blob paladins and not advancing them turn three (duh!) so now they are moving up to the center with a dread in support to punch the land raider camping on the objective. I’m just short- if the game ends turn five it is a tie, if it goes on I’ll shoot it, punch it, and then move on with the Grey Knight squad for the win on two objective…and the game ends.

Fun as heck game, first time I’ve ever actually faced Crimson Fists so that was a treat. Firebase held up well, but I just couldn’t kill that land raider period. If I hadn’t immobilized it, nothing would have stopped it! Also messed up the timing with my paladins advancing since I was so caught up in trying to kill said land raider. I let that land raider dominate the tempo of the game rather then me taking it from the beggining. Important lessons here. 

Next time…

40K 6th Edition OMG!

Yea, I’m jumping on the bandwagon as is every other blogger and their dog with the “released” 6th edition rules rumors. Pasted below is what is posted on the ‘net- who do I even credit for breaking these? Tasty? Some dude on Dakka? My guy in Germany? It’s spreading faster than the leaked Grey Knight codex a few months back.

Read the rumors for yourself and make your own call. My take on it, if even 1/3rd of it is true- YES! The game NEEDS to change away from the one dimensional tournament scene that it is now- X army build goes first and you die! Next! Imagine a system where ALL armies could compete? Imagine something like asset cards or wargaer cards allowing you to tweak your army and the flow of the game?

If GW looking to push more models by bringing Apocalypse into line with mainstream 40K, hell yes, but what else is new?

My understanding is that GW HAS to do this based on the corner they have painted themselves in with Space Marines. 5th edition has been all about the power armor love affair, xenos exist as a freak side show for the boys in 3+. Release 6th with the same rules, and start dropping xeno books with the increased power levels like we have been seeing in Grey Knights means marines will get the beat down, and the crappy GW fails to update their books in a timely manner repeats itself all over again. BUT if you allow the RULES to address the differences in each codex and have core mechanics to at least allow options between older and newer books, that is a game system that won’t frustrate older armies.

Of course in true GW fashion all the coin you just dropped on your mech spam army now means you are on the bottom of the pile as predicted and will have to buy all new toys- thankfully my only 5th edition “army” is Tyranids, but the change to 5+ cover saves and MC’s being slow lumbering beasts that get hit my anything and everything is perhaps the final nail in the coffin for bugz.

On the other hand…Eldar…fast moving jetbikes and vehicles being extra hard to hit with Eldrad cover save re-rolls AND wacky asset cards has made my week and it’s only Monday! Thoughts? Comments? Are you pissed at the proposed changes?


first real 6th edition codex: Codex Chaos Legions, really big release in three waves, doesn’t invalidate Codex Chaos Space Marines which gets extensive White Dwarf update as Codex Renegade Space Marines

two starter sets, each with rules, dices, movement markers, mission booklet, one with Dark Angels and fitting scenery, the other with Black Legion and Chaos scenery. You can combine both to play the campaign or use one set alone to play a selection of dumbed down scenarios against every other force, first starter set that comes with a model for a well established special character

All codexes since Codex Tyranids were written with the new rules in mind, especially the new mission and reserve structure

The main design goals are: one book to rule them all, heroic characters, visceral combat, streamlined mechanism, cleaned up presentation and strategy before chance

similar ballistic to hit chart as wound chart: compare BS to target’s speed and unit type. BS 3 hits moving infantry on 4+, but lightning fast jetbikes on 6+ and stationary tank on 2+

victory points are back, but with another twist: you get two victory points if an unit holds an objective for an entire game turn, if a scoring unit holds one, you get three and one if you destroy a squad leader or vehicle

before the game there is a bidding contest for the opportunity of the first turn, if you bid more strategic points you can go first, but the enemy can spent these points on stratagems as in Cities of Death: 22 generic stratagems – for example for one point you can decide on night fighting or place an automatic gun, for four you can shift your reserves, most expensive stratagems are at 12 points and are really drastic, every unspent point can be used once a game for a reroll

Even two identical armies will play completely differently due to A) the bidding effecting what the first turn player has left to spend and B) the player who didn't bid so hard, now has cards up his sleeve to deal with the fact that he is going second

Players can customize their tactics to fit their playstyle vice using units they otherwise would not want in their list to meet a "meta" standard

The stratagems being drawn from the same book means that there will be no calls of shenanigans and all players will have access, so there is no basis for a claim that you were beaten by codex creep instead of a better or smarter player

new phase “consolidate” phase for random movements, jetpack movements, pursuits, morale checks/effects and resolving shooting reactions

new turn sequence: prepare-movement-assault-shooting-consolidate

One rulebook for all

flyer rules are incorporated in the main rules

narrative rule section that expands core rules: formations, super heavies, gaining experience

modular rules, core rules can easily be expanded by narratives rules or another expansion set

Heroic characters:

independent characters more powerful, armour save and invulnerable save at the same time

squad leaders more important, no more 50% rallying threshold, unit can rally as long as squad leader lives

independent characters can snipe

More visceral combat:

standard cover only 5+ now, Feel No Pain (1) only on 5+

slow slogging units very vulnerable

some weapon types are specialized in taking out specific unit types and are incredible good at doing this (sniper vs. infantry without armour), but on the other hand ordnance vs flyer isn’t going to do much


no more random movement at all

5 general types of psychic powers

wound allocation like 4th edition on unit basis, but attacker can chose every 5th wound to go to a single model (sniper weapon every second wound)

artillery is normal immobile vehicle squadron, crew has no other game purpose than to be a counter for rate of fire and attacks

clean up of combusted rules:

there are tiers for most of the special rules. Instant Death (2) circumvents Eternal Warrior (1) for example. Feel No Pain (1) is 5+, Feel No Pain (2) is 4+ and Feel No Pain (3) is 3+. If no value is given, the special rule is tier 1.

no more difference between leadership test and morale test - more streamlining

terrain rules on a single page, true line of sight, non-vehicles models are ignored altogether, rules for special terrain like bunkers, ruins or deathworld mangroves in narrative rule section

less randomness, more strategic options:

more elaborate reserve rules, can nominate turn of arrival and has only small change to arrive earlier or later, or can intervene behind enemy lines, arrives randomly but can hinder enemy reserves, must be distributed evenly between turn two and three, later arrivals only randomly

This is pretty cool and reflects what battlefield reserves are meant to do and once again, like the assets, makes the player more of a factor than his list)

no more random game length

When looking at the bidding system for turns, this really means that the player who bids to get the first turn gets what he pays for and vice versa

no roll for first turn

deep striking units more than 18” from enemy away don’t scatter, but landing in 6” is much more dangerous

movement impairing effects from pinning weapons even if morale check is passed (if roll is above halved Ld), Fearless not immune to this, but only effected if rolled over full Ld

more reactions to shooting than going to the ground depending on unit type and special rules. bikes cavade (3+ cover as same as before, but cannot assault or shoot next turn), jump troops can fly high, units with Stealth can attempt to vanish

Alternative 40K?

Much of your 40K experience is dictated by the local gaming scene you exist in, be it large or small. My early 40K years were just three dudes playing 40K in the basement- my buddy Naps with marines, Miguana with squats (still hasn’t forgiven me!), and yours truly with Eldar baby! Later on, thanks to the magik of the internet my gaming experience has evolved into playing with the Battle for Salvation gaming club, along with other shops and groups in the New York area. An awesome time to be playing 40K, I have it great.

So what is the “norm” for our club? Honestly, the majority of the players are 100% competitive dudes who play mainly at the 2K level. Honestly, I have lots of fun playing at this level even if it is with less than optimal codex’s (read : ‘Nids, Eldar, and ‘Crons), but even I know I’m missing out on other 40K experiences.

I think it is safe to say many of us fall in the middle of 40K- we play the standard missions, maybe tweaked a bit for tournaments at 1500-2000 points, but keep in mind there is also Apocalypse games AND alternatives like city fight and battle missions to offer an alternative 40K experience.

And that is what this post is about, enjoying 40K in all its aspects…

Better late than never right? I picked up the Battle Mission book recently and was pleased to find the kill team mission in the back, especially since I have been rocking Mordheim recently with my Dwarves- 40K “Mordheim”, sign me up!

For those without the Battle Mission book (buy it!) Kill Team is a small skirmish based scenario where you have 200 point to build your army with 0-1 Elite, Fast, and 0-2 Troop choices. Once you have your army and deploy each model then acts as its own “unit”- moving, shooting, and assaulting as normal. Once you then take 50% losses you start making leadership tests to see if your squad falls back. One final layer is that you also get to assign a USR’ to three models representing veteran troopers. Right away you can imagine a relentless model with a heavy weapon, moving and firing on the go…

Quick, easy, and playable in 30 minutes or so even going slow and tactical.

So why has the Kill Team been a blast?

On average you play with around ten models or so, and it is a fantastic way to “start” a new army without really starting one. Maybe you have always liked Dire Avengers but don’t want to start Eldar fully, or just can’t commit to the $$$ right now- one box and you are set. Overwhelmed with the paint and build prospect of a 2K+ army, easy to do in with just a squad. Of course GW isn’t really happy with you playing their game with only a single box/few guys- one of the reasons they “killed” Mordheim. Could be a GW “protest” if that is your thing.

Surprisingly tactics with only ten or so dudes is HUGE, since every loss hurts and can lose you the game- think of real squad level tactics- no “It’s no big deal I lost a dread since I have FIVE more…”

Layered over this I’ve been further playing the battle missions and city fight scenarios using the Kill Team rules- battle reports and the like to follow of course.

So who are the two Fritz Kill teams?

First up is the Dark Angels…

While you rarely see me playing Space Marines, it’s not because I don’t like them, quite the opposite, I really do, but since everybody else at the club plays them, it gets boring real quick playing MvM- one of the main reasons I’ve taken up ‘Nids- but with Dark Angels I can have my cake and eat is also.

I’m both the good guy and the bad guy depending on my opponent. If I’m facing xeno scum or heretics I’m fighting in the Emperor’s name- if I’m facing my fellow battle brothers then I have to kill them so they don’t learn about the fallen, or maybe one of the fallen is even in their ranks and he needs to be brought back to the rock for a little chat.

Tactically I go in with a full tactical squad (and we’ll get down to breaking up the how and why in a few posts) with a melta gun, las-cannon, and a sarge with a plasma pistol. A good mix of bodies, fire support, and 3+ armor saves.

My other Kill Team is entirely new and fresh. I’ve always wanted to play Tau, but honestly at this point I’m not jumping into those waters till a new codex comes out. BUT in the mean time I can still play them in Kill Team taking along ten fire warriors and a suit. Minimal cost, built and painted in a weekend, and I’m playing “Tau”. A battle suit with FNP thanks to the injector AND eternal warrior thanks to the USR is a little one man (or should I say Tau) army. Been a blast…all for the greater good of course!

Nice to remember there is more to the 40K hobby then just however your group currently plays the game, be ready to explore and enjoy the alternatives to the game out there.

Put together a Kill Team- what are/would you run?

Vindicator Love?

The most famous vindi on the 'net- Jawaballs!

Why no love for the vindicator? Can’t remember the last time I saw one on the table in ANY game let alone tournament play. Shame really. A lone vindicator won Jawaballs and I a doubles tournament a few years back vs. some really strong players. This was 4th edition when or knob bikers were the OMG unit of the month, tearing dudes up, that nothing could stop. We fed them a unit and got them out in the open and dropped the vindi on them- HIT! Killed the entire unit. Later on we hit a point blank shot vs. a Black Templar squad that decimated them. Fun times.

So why no love for this tank?

Well even back in 4th it was a hit or miss unit. Much like the fire prism you had one big and scary gun- if it got weapon destroyed or vehicle destroyed it was done. Also, unlike the fire prism which has some nice range to it, an immobilized vindi is as good as a dead one. You could get around some of the issues with machine spirit back in the old marine codex- right now only Black Templars can tack this on, but that makes the tank even more expensive.

What killed the vindicator was the expansion of mass vehicle spam and most events running at 2K points. At 2K you don’t have to make and hard choices to your army list- you get all your anti-tank, infantry, death start units, mobile units- everything and anything! It’s like being a general and going to war with everything you could ever want and need. At this point level the vindi is just too vulnerable. 1200-1500 points and it’s a different game altogether, but those days of 40K are sadly over.

But what if I wanted to run a vindi? Right now I think only BA can do it = stand a chance of having it work. The key is going to be pushing a wall of AV 13 together with more important things to shoot at then the vindies, and if you do shoot them and they die your other AV 13 will be in tearing things up. Three fast moving vindies running alongside three baal predators. I’d also want a termie squad in a land raider to take those incoming anti-armor hits and a second wave of cheap assault troops in razorbacks moving up- I’d give them assault cannons.

Even then I’d probably only get a shot off on each of the tanks before they go down…

Army Update: Saim-Hann Warhost

So what is the current state of Saim-Hann in the 40K game as we start nearing the end of 5th edition? By Saim-Hann I mean pure fluff- an army of jetbikes, grav-tanks, and of course vypers. Things get a bit harder with each new marine ‘dex and the increase in the power level, just not perhaps in the ways you are thinking, and yes I do have to get some more battle reports and tactics up on the blog with them- heard you and done, just so many armies to play, and of course my forays into Mordheim and Kill Teams is sucking up table time…

The problem with Saim-Hann isn’t the killing power- despite all the S6 shots, and even AP 2 shots, Eldar have never really been about gunline mass killing- not on the level of IG or even Space Marines these days. They have always had tricks or areas they excel in to magnify the killing- like speed to isolate units on the table, and of course psychic powers in support. In part isolating units has become much more difficult, and for two reasons here...

Vehicles keep on getting cheaper and more powerful- “fast” razorbacks, psychic power fortitude razorbacks, psybolts, etc. There are more of them on the table with an increase in killing power on their own. What makes it even harder is their spammed out nature. 4th edition from when the Eldar codex was written had units that were not min/max. You didn’t see seven or eight vehicles with 3-5 dudes in each since if the unit dropped below half in number it was no longer “scoring”. Now, you are scoring to the last man. This increase of Apocalypse sized armies and point levels played on a standard sized table means it is very hard to isolate and gang up on unsupported units.

So beyond the basic tactics I’ve always outlines how can we further adapt?

In objective based games spreading out the objectives, the ones you can place are more important than ever. Creating pockets of models as they cluster up to get objectives is the only way to try and isolate- this now happens mid to end game rather than the start of the game.-which also means your stuff has to last longer.

Of course we do this through the reserve game, but now running two seers is almost mandatory, actually scratch that- it is mandatory. In my 1850-2K list I run both a vanilla seer in a council, and Eldrad in a wave serpent. Two things happen here:

As the size and killing power of marine armies have grown compared to the same static line of Eldar shots actually hitting on the 4+ is more and more important. Throwing down three guides- one from the seer and two from Eldrad is massive- from the POV of my vyper gunboats. On the return side or when needed throwing up triple fortunes is key. Seers are needed more than ever to boost these two deficiencies in the Eldar codex.

Finally the razor thin line of decisive action and running and hiding the Eldar way has less room for error more than ever. Against some army builds you need to go first, deploy as far forward as you can and come out guns blazing. Even if your opponent takes first turn you have to set up far forward and try to seize- fail that and you are done in either way, vs. when you could be a sneaky git all the time.

Brief examples?

Thunder wolves backed by razorspam and long fang spam = I can hang back and be sneaky zipping around and all. Fire prisms drop blasts on the fangs, vypers go to work on the razorbacks, and then run circles around the t-wolves blasting away.

Grey Knights 6+ psybolt vehicles + 6 psybolt rifle dreads = deploying out and taking first turn and trying to seize first turn. Sucks, but only option. Wall off half the army with your AV 12 energy shield and holo-field vehicles, and use them for cover saves on your jetbikes and vypers.

Eldar aren’t dead and buried..... yet, but are perhaps both harder and more rewarding to play. Harder because they are not a point and click army- not that they ever were, more rewarding since your game has to be 100% to pull off the win.


Thouoghts on the vs. Grey Knights and the changes 'knights have caused with other armies for them also in a bit.
Final word? Vs. Grey Knights Eldar are a blast to play with runes of warding. Since so few people play Eldar anymore, and many GK players have yet to face them, or are quickly becoming used to being “kings” of the psychic phase, it really sucks when a space elf chick with a charm necklace shuts them down.

Called Out On The Jawablog!

Lets get one thing straight Fritz, I am squashing your bugs before they even molt. Do you expect the Blood Angels to take the field with a bunch of mindless roaches? Let alone the Ultramarines? Do you think they have forgotten Ultramar? Smurfs dreadnought is decorated with the rotting carcass of one for gods sake. No sir, Mephiston is calling in Inquisitor Fritz to lead his contingent of The Inquisition to join the might of the Blood Angels and Ultramarines. :)

Myself, Jawaballs, and the StoutSmurf have already convened our war council regarding NOVA and what armies we are planning to bring for the trio-tournament on Friday night. Apparently Inquisitor Fritz has been summoned by the high lords of terra!

So Grey Knights it is!

Is that good or bad?

I don't know yet.

I need to start thinking about a 1K list for the team aspect and a complete 2K list that can stand alone AND work with the other two marine lists. I’ve got a good selection of GK models ready, and a solid if not elite 2K list, but since this is Jawaballs we need something over the TOP and not just solid.

For those in the space bugs corner fear not- I’ve got my 2K list revised after some more GK beatdowns and plan to play them for the main event...

Fritz’s Necron Wish List

So I’m back to thinking about Necrons and what secrets the nex ‘dex might reveal in service to the star gods. Let’s put the rumors aside and focus on what I’m wishing for in a new codex.

Model cost and power level really isn’t an issue. We all know that across the board models will get a reduction, GW’s way of selling more plastic, excuse me finecast, to increase profits. We also know that the overall power level of said units will increase to keep in line with the rest of the codex’s. However, with this I expect Necrons to be around Dark Eldar level- some good stuff, but nothing to dethrone Space Marines in 5th edition. But that is actually a good thing…

I want my Necrons like to KILL marines...real UNDEAD space skellies! I want guys like Jawaballs and Black Matt to cry in bed at night and hide under the bed all scared the 'crons are coming for them.

New Models.

We’ll get out new models and with this I am really hoping for some sort of cool monstrous creature. I know there is something sitting in the back of one of those tomb worlds waiting to be released. Give me that centipede thing, or even better a huge warrior like construct that poops out scarabs or something.

What about the current range of models? Normally this would be a huge concern- look at what happened to Tyranids. In the old ‘dex ‘stealers were the bomb and carnifexes where the double threat of cheap and effective on the table. Dudes spent a lot of coin on that nidzilla build and I fought against it for years with my Saim-Hann. New codex means stealers and ‘fexes now such so dudes have to buy trygons and build tervigons. Sucka!

I’m not worried about this happening with Necrons since well, the current line of models is so wack stat wise you can’t really gimp them any further. What you can count on is the current models getting a slight boost, but the real gems are going to be the new models. It’s a shame since really what you do is just look at the new releases as to what is effective in the game. Am I wrong? What is the bomb with ‘nids? New kits. Dark Eldar? New kits. Grey Nights? Dimg! Trick question, they are Space Marines everything is da bomb!


Unlike some of the other rants and raves on the ‘net. I DON’T want ‘crons to get any transport vehicles. Fluff aside, and hoping that GW keeps them different, no “floating rhinos” and the like, vehicles for Necrons would be bad.


As xenos when compared to marines the overall model range will be more expensive point wise then marines- take a look at what you get for a Grey Hunter and compare it to the “new” immortal. The immortal is still wack for the points when compared to the Space Wolf. Where are my grenades? ATSKNF? Counter attack? Transports would just suck away vital points.

But there is more to this point then a perceived personal bias…

We are on the verge of 6th edition soon and a reboot to the game. Vehicles will get tweaked, cover saves downgraded, weapons more damaging, expect a decline in power value for vehicles. I want tactics and army builds with 6th edition in mind and for 6th edition. Time to start thinking of this now if you are WAAC.

Keep the monolith as a support vehicle, please keep living metal, but you can probably count on that going away since we know warscythes no longer ignore both armor and invul saves. In keeping with the flyer rules coming out with 6th you can expect a Necron flyer.

Give Necrons some way to teleport around on the table, kind of like more widespread veil of darkness. Give them some sort of phase movement like the 30’ Grey Knight jump. Allow them to deepstrike with limiting scatter options- kind of a phase in. Lots of ways to give a commander mobility without vehicles.

Star Gods?

Can you believe that Fritz is actually saying removing the star gods can be a good thing? Really? Look at the Deceiver- he is a living god who could punk the emperor of mankind, but is so-so on the tabletop? What level of power would he have to be taken to be represented in a normal game? Could GW do it justice and still be fair? Keep it Mepheston level? Or is it better to apoc datasheet the C’Tan and allow their blessings to upgrade and manipulate lords? I’d rather play this then a half-assed gimped start god any day on the table. That said IF GW keeps them I’ll play them no matter how lame/over costed/underpowered just because they are a god.


More wargear please to make up for rank and file ho-hum warriors and immortals. I’m also hoping the lords will allow a manipulation of the force org chart showing their mastery and responsibility over certain aspects of the tomb- rumors and GW fluff point to this. This would be the single greatest thing for Necrons, and will have Tyranids players continuing to ask WTF? since Tyrants can’t do this.

Army Builds?

I’m hoping that in the new ‘dex I can finally build a proper wraithwing taking my knowledge of Saim-Hann trickery and stupidity and fusing it with my love of immortal undead futuristic killer robots from the past. Let me get thirty wraiths on the table. Give me some flying destroyer lords and let me get down to business! Oh star gods, grant me that and I will be a happy servant. I'm also kicking myself now for NOT picking up some more wraiths before they want to finecrap! Spending money on stupid jokero!

I was also interested in an immortal monstrous creature spam army, kind of techno-horror type thingy, but only if they get a 2+/4+ save. Lacking invul saves (Trygon country) means gimp, and with the coming reduction to 5+ cover saves MC’s will be hurting even more. It will be a shame if the core rules make certain army builds in a NEW codex dead before they even really come into their own.


Forget the rumors and actual stats of the models- what do you guys and gals want to see with Necrons? Since they are being reduced away from MEQ’s there better be some interesting stuff in there to compensate!

Grey Knight PSYBOLTS

So what’s the deal with psybolts?

I’m not talking about the most obvious use of loading them up on razorbacks, dreads, and land raiders for a token five points, but rather putting them on the rank and file Grey Knights. The internet has completely dismissed this option as a waste of points and not effective.


Depends on your build- and let’s talk about the build and why one WOULD upgrade to the psybolt ammo on true grit style storm bolters. For spam-knights the upgrade is a waste, so much so that a causal flip through the codex makes this obvious. If you are taking a min-max ‘knight squad you are upgrading how many storm bolters for the points- one, since the other four guys are toting psycannons.

BUT, if you are taking a full ten marine ‘Knight squad then spreading out the points even with two of them being psy-cannons the upgrade becomes a bit more reasonable. The very fact that we have this options shows the coolness of the codex.

Fritz digression here for a moment…

Previous codex you had your stock Grey Knights and you had to like it. Expensive right out of the gate, you were forced to play an elite army, and as the newer ‘dexes came out, the army was harder and harder to play just on weight of numbers since you had no wiggle room with the ‘knights. NOW, we have options. You can spend a few more points than a codex marine and put that down on the table, something in the middle, or something totally elite with psybolts, halberds, etc. Of course the more “elite” you go, the more you have to know what you are doing since each loss is huge.

So why psybolts on the rank and file guys?

S5 increases your all around threat range. Stop looking at each ‘knight unit as just a buy in to get psycannons on the table. Sure, psycannons are the bomb, but we want every marine to be pulling down something, and S5 is a step in that directions. Against our fellow battle brothers we are wounding them on a 3+, and against most xeno races a 2+. What isn’t to like? Against light vehicles, other than the GK flavor we have a chance to at least suppress them. Sure I’m planning on having my psycannons explode them, but it’s nice to have a little backup when the dice gods whiff the psycannons.

Psybolt storm bolter also increase the combat effectiveness (CE) of your units, which is HUGE for small elite armies.

What is CE?

It’s the start of the game and I have a full squad of ten knights with psycannons, and psy-storm bolters. I’m dishing out the pain, and taking losses. Eventually when I get down to five or so marines the effectiveness of the unit starts to drop. I’m potentially killing less and less each round, till I get down to one or two marines. At this point my two guys really can’t effect the game in terms of killing so it’s time to run off and hide, hop in that land raider, and stay alive to keep the unit scoring.

Now with psybolts I’m retaining that killing potential a bit more so when I’m down to five or so marines my CE is still good to go for another turn. Important with elite armies since I have so few models to begin with- I need to milk all I can out of them.

Which as an aside, how do you “beat” elite armies even quicker? Especially important given the resurgence of Deathwing all around? What is the normal SOP of 40K? Shoot a unit till it’s dead and then move on. With elite armies you just have to drop down their CE first and then move on from there. Get the unit to the point where it can’t influence the game, and move on.

Oh, and just as an FYI- operation monkey spam is a GO GO GO!

Grey Knight Tactics: Firebase

In running a pure Grey Knight army, one of the main challenges you face is your low model count. Sure they can kill lots of stuff, and do lots of neat tricks, but at the end of the day stacking numbers to numbers 40K often comes down to who can throw the most dice first. When you are always outnumbered how do you even the odds?

Borrowing a page from my Harlequin themed army (which is also low model count, only without T4 and power armor!) you need to make the units that you do have hard as nails. They need to be as impossible as possible to kill! Sure it always comes down to luck, but I at least want to tilt thing in my favor a bit.

Grey Knights can do this with the firebase concept- which is hardly something “new” in 40K or even tabletop miniatures, but as always, being the newest marine ‘dex they do it best.

During deployment I’m looking for a spot on the table where I can castle up in terrain and get cover saves. Sometimes the table is set up with lots of terrain like in a city fight theme, and other times there is next to nothing- budget tournaments. As long as there is one large building or area terrain we can work with it.

Castle up there and use that as a springboard to thin your opponent so their weight of numbers can’t drag you down, and then push with your terminator blob to secure and deny parts of the table, before finally moving in with the scoring units to get objectives.

How is that for uber simple?

So what units are we going to use to build that firebase?

Ones that can do more than just benefit from librarian assisted cover- we need units that can abuse it- mainly Paladins, Terminators, large vanilla ‘Knight units, venerable Dreads, and Land Raiders.

Been reading a lot on the ‘net how ‘Raiders are dead for Grey Knights- they are just too expensive in an elite army. Really? I feel the opposite, and I’ve played lots of elite armies- you can’t fight the low model count, try to do so an you lose every time. I’d rather have everything hard as nails and jacked up.

So put that AV 14 in 3+ cover, venerable dreads in cover- all with fortitude and BS 5 on the dreds- think about that. Open fire and all but laugh at the return shots. This is also one of those things that make jokero spam work- something else I’m building up. Somebody has to play an army of space monkeys regardless of the viability…

Target priority next, which if you can’t guess is different for elite armies since even the hardest army will have some bad rolling and lose units- you need to be quick and decisive in turns 1-3 setting things up for the push on turns 4+.

Grey Knight Terminator Paladin Tactics

So where am I with the Grey Knights? Still figuring this out, but two core concepts that I know are mission critical are using FIREBASES and BLOB units. My own terminology, feel free to offer your own nomenclature.

The way I see it, is basically you have two camps of Grey Knight players- the purists and the spearhead players. The spearhead players follow the usual trends of 5th edition and build on it with the strengths of Grey Knight psybolt ammo- small groups of purifiers to max psycannons, razorbacks, and henchman spam chimeras backed by 3-6 psyrifleman dreds.

No need to write any articles on this build or even talk about it- set it up, and roll lots of dice. Leafblower on steroids, I’ll let the BOLS guys come up with a new name for this type of list. I really hope that the rumors of us being in the final days of 5th edition is true as this is the pinnacle of boring for 5th.

If this is the type of army that you are playing I’m not personally crapping on you for playing it, it does maximize the best of rules for 5th, and once again marines take it to a new level, but is it challenging to play? Tournaments won’t be a problem where you are matched with opponents, but in pickup or club games it will get old playing against said lists real fast.

On the other hand we have pure Grey Knights were all your units are GK- no inquisitorial henchman or ‘Guard inducted vehicles.

Given that Grey Knights are now the strongest book to play hands down, why would you want to gimp yourself right out of the box and not go with spearhead spam?

Good question.

Maybe it’s a fluff thing or a personal bias, OR maybe you want an army to play that is still strong enough but doesn’t play into the money grubbing hands of GW. Pure Grey Knights is a small, effective, elite, low model count army, and low model count means less to buy.

I’ll leave the reason up to you.

About blobs and firebases.

Blobs first, firebases to follow.

An elite army needs to say together, close and compact, to maximize its footprint and killing power, while having other units close by incase things go south and you need a little backup. Problem with this, is the fact that you have to navigate the entire board. As much as you want to say in your little corner all castled up, you have to move out to get objectives and accomplish mission goals.

You don’t have enough units to spread out like horde armies, or even regular marine armies, so instead you create “no-fly” zones projected across the board. Check out this setup…

So I’m on the right camping on an objective and I want to get the one on the left, but so does my opponent. Other armies might send out a unit to intercept anything incoming, kill it, speedbump it, tarpit, whatever you call it, but the ‘Knights can’t. What they can do is put a large unit in the way that you really can’t shoot to death, don’t want to assault, and a unit that can dish out some serious firepower pain.

This is the blob unit and terminators do it best.

Take a large group of terminators and add a librarian for some flavor- side note here- ANY GK list you are playing must have a libby in it- these guys are like Farseers in an Eldar army- you would never ever think of not playing one.

Push them to the center of the table in cover and pop off the shrouding so now you have a 2+/3+ save or a 2+/2+ if you go to ground. Add master crafted psycannons and regular psybolts and that is a LOT of mid range hurty shots, on top of halberds and sanctuary for the assault. I’m also here to say that halberds are 100% mandatory and psybolt ammo on stormbolters DOES have its place with certain GK builds.

Paladins only make said blob unit all the more ridiculous and more punishing with even more psycannons. Pushing mid field to deny sections of the table with what you project also means an incinerator might have some use, and not just for stupid wound allocation tricks on your Paladins- which hey if it worked for nob bikers, and thunder wolves, it’s good to go for the ‘Knights also.

We have the blob, now just need the firebase…

Nothing Is Over!

June already? Time to start gearing up for NOVA and figuring out how Jawaballs, TheStoutSmurf and I are going to bring the pain for the team tournament on Friday night. If you were thinking about pressing the button for NOVA-DO IT! There are still a few slots left (not many tho) from what I hear and it would be awesome to face some fellow bloggers and readers in the 40K community on the table.

That said if you are going to NOVA you are banned from reading this post and all future NOVA posts as I share my ultra secret strategies…

Just kidding, but I will be talking shop and plans over the next few weeks.

So what are we going to do for the team games? Since the three of us are not total JERKS we are not just running a 2K army and cutting it in half painted different colors AKA Blood Angels & Flesh Tearers. Three different armies working together leveraging the best that they do while minimizing the worst by relaying on the other armies.

Question is this:

A- What do Tyranids do best?

B- What do Blood Angels do best?

C- What do Ultramarines (codex marines) do best?

Each wing has to exist at 1K points both on their own for the singles games and as a unit for the 2K games.

Jawaballs wants me to play a “real army” and bring Grey Knights and drop the Space Bugs, but I think in the right combo at 1K points backed by power armor we can do some real damage- which brings me to my current place with Tyranids.

Remember the movie Rambo at the end after he has blown up the town and Col. Trautman tells John that it is over, and he replies that “NOTHING is over!”

We’ll that is where I am at with Space Bugs. One a$$ beating to a spam Grey Knight army is not going to be the end of the bugs. List changes will apply, as is my tactics.

I’m going to have to become more of a sneaky player as opposed to in your face with bugs…some times. Vs. those armies that crush me thanks to massively imbalanced GW rules and not “tactics” I will play for the draw and bonus points. I will make you earn every stupid little bug kill, dig in, go down hard, scorched earth and all that…

And that not to say I won’t bring Grey Knights to the team tourney since that is really a vote between my other team mates, but for the main NOVA event it is going to be Tyranids. But for now let’s focus on the possibilities of Tyranids teaming up with the Blood Angels.

What lists would you guys put together?

My thoughts?

So far I’ve been playing around with a full attack type list where the full might of the Tyranids runs forward with the Blood Angels. Nothing holds back to get objectives or table quarters, etc. I plan to spawn gaunts to do that- never pay for troop choices when you can get them for free.

I’ve also been looking heavily into y-stealers to combine them with Mepheston, Dante, and descent of angels. Imagine Jawaballs going back to his BA roots of all assault marines…

40K Wound Allocation

Hey there everyone, Xethik here with part one of three of a guide to wound allocation. For most experienced players, I don't think this will be that new, but for new players or players that have shied away from this for a while I have a feeling this may be massively helpful. This part is just going to be the basics of wound allocation, the abuse and disruption of it will be later articles. So, let's get started.

What wound allocations means is you declare which models are taking which wounds, before you attempt to save and ignore any wounds. In both the Shooting and the Assault phase, wound allocation occurs. However, they are treated somewhat separately than each other, so we'll start off with the shooting phase.

In the shooting phase, one player (the attacker) shoots at a defender, rolling to hit and then rolling to wound. It is now the defenders turn to allocate his wounds. What is important to note is that you must wait for all of the shots to be fired before attempting to save. This means all "special weapons", normal weapons, and blast/template weapons have rolled to hit and wound. You may receive a lot of odd wounds, some of them disallowing certain saves and others allowing saves as normal. An easy way to differentiate between the two and keep wounds tracked is to use your dice. You could have the number facing up be the AP value or use different colored dice, as long as it is clear to both you and your opponent. Now, wound allocation begins.

Before you go and declare which models are taking wounds, you should mentally think about your complex model groups. Models are in a group if they have identical wargear, special rules, and the same stat-line (I believe the name does not matter. Can anyone confirm? For example, Assault Terminator Sergeants are not in their own group.) What I mean by this is even though you have 10 Space Marines, one could have a Meltagun, another a Missile Launcher, and a third could be a Sergeant. So, you have four distinct groups. Your meltagun marine, your missile launcher marine, your sergeant, and then seven normal Space Marines. These are your wound groups. Now that you have those sorted, you need to allocate your wounds. In this situation, every model must receive one wound before you start giving them a second wound, and you need at least two wounds on every model to give a third. Simply put, you have to give everyone in the unit a wound, and then you start over from the beginning, giving out wounds. Be sure to keep track of different types of wounds during this phase, you don't want to forget how many AP 2 wounds there are if it is going to affect your saves.

Now, models should have dice in front of them. Pick a model group, and then start making your saves in batches. All models in the same model group make saves together. That means your seven Space Marines will take all of their wounds simultaneously. There is no way to distinguish "who" in the group is taking what wound as this point, they are just collectively doing so. Repeat until all wounds are dealt with.

So, let's do an example. You have a squad of five Space Marines. One of them is a Sergeant, and one has a missile launcher. So you have three model groups: Sergeant; Missile launcher; and three Marines.

You are shot at by an enemy, and you take three AP 2 wounds and eight AP 5 wounds. Seeing how you have a 3+ armor save, you can only save against eight of the attacks, so some players would immediately remove three models and then make three saves. This isn't necessarily going to be the case. Let's go into allocating the wounds.

White dice are AP 5, red are AP 2.

Now, let's throw a single AP 5 wound on all of them, and then the extras on the regular guys. Then, with the red dice, we'll put one on the two "special models" and then one on the final group. It looks like this. (ignore the number on the dice)

You can immediately pull off the Sergeant and the Missile Launcher, as they have died. At the same time, you take away the AP 5 wounds with them. It doesn't matter if they would have passed them or not, they are still dead. You can also take off one boltgun Marine, as you automatically fail one save. You take the rest, and fail two saves. The entire squad is gone. Darn. Well, let's say you allocate differently. You could put all of the red dice on the regular guys, or you could put two AP 2 wounds on the Sergeant, the other on the missile launcher, and then have seven savable wounds on your regular guys. How to deal with this is up to you, and I'm not going to cover some of the better ways of dealing with it until next article. To finish off, let's talk about the differences in close-combat and with multi-wound models.

In close-combat, there are very small differences. For one, Independent Characters are treated as a separate unit in the assault phase (until you check morale, etc.) and thus attacks towards an Independent Character cannot be put onto the squad he is in, unlike shooting. Also, wounds are allocated and saved at the end of each initiative step, instead of the entire unit at once. Keep this in mind when fighting close-combat, as perhaps you want to save some weaker guys to absorb the Power Fist hits at the end of the initiatives.

Multi-wound complex units can be... Complex. Rules state that multi-wound models that are the same must take away unsaved wounds that would kill the most number of whole models. However, if every model has a different profile, you would allocate each wound one at a time and would have to put a single wound on each model before adding an additional, just like above, and then roll your saves. It is with these models that wound allocation gets a bit fuzzy and abused, and it is in the next article I will go a bit deeper into this. However, it states that after rolling for saves, you must deal with instant death wounds first and they must go on an unwounded model first. So if you had a group of 3 Paladins, all of which are identical and you suffered three wounds, one of which caused instant death, you can't do a normal wound, then the instant death, and then a normal wound, removing one model and removing another. You have to do the instant death and then the other two wounds, meaning you would kill off two whole models.

I hope the diagrams help explain wound allocation a bit better for those of you who didn't before. Next two parts is where the meatier information is, so expect a lot more diagrams then.

Hope you enjoyed!