Spawning Gaunts?

Is the new “rule” for Tyranids never pay points for your troop choices other then the tervigon tax? With everything you need to try and run Tyranids competitively (word paradox!) why waste points on troops?

That is the conclusion I’ve come away with other then maybe warriors who have their own place/build but that is getting off topic a bit…

So when you are spawning guants when is the time and place to do it? Constipating out isn’t the problem- not when you have multiple tervigons, but constipating at the wrong turn is the problem.

A quick summary of my experiences? Depends on the army you are facing of course.

I thought Space Wolves were crazy with the firepower- non TWC builds, but long fang GH/RZB spam builds but Grey Knights at our club continue to amaze me and further shift the end of 5th edition to shooty based armies. In that case I need to get as many gaunts out as fast as I can before my tervigons go down to shooting turn two/three. Sure that means my gaunts can then be shot, or I might constipate out on my side of the table, but it has to happen.

Against other builds where I have a turn or two before the tervigons start to drop I’ll save the spawns and wait…

Wait till I get mid field and then spawn, move, shoot/assault. Why? It’s a visual thing, messes with guys perception of what is coming at them. Messes up the mental measuring that goes on in their head, or shooting phase if they are sneaky with the tape. Waiting mid field to spawn also means that even if I constipate out, I’m still right there with the gaunts right in the action.

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