Space Marine Front Line Assault List

Here is a variant of a list that I have been seeing on the local tournament level as 40K seems to devolve into a single phase shooting game.

What was the last time you saw a true assault army on the table? Tyranids don’t count of course. I mean an army that surges forward and crashes into the enemy looking to smash and defeat them in close combat.

The main issues with an all assault base army is that not only do you have to GET to the other side of the table, after you wipe out a unit, you have to EAT another round of shooting before you can go after the next unit. Add the ability for your opponent to seize the first turn and it gets a bit harder yet.

On the other hand, we are now seeing so many vehicles on the table, often with min guys inside just to get another vehicle on the table, that the very mobility of vehicles is being cut off- Eldar not withstanding of course. So you have this huge parking lot of vehicles which like to sit there and shoot, becoming more of a bunker system.

Added to this is the fact that more and more players are just bypassing traditional deathstar units entirely- no need to take them, just add more psycannons and the like.

So why are we now talking about an assault based list? Well, if you are a marine player you probably have enough models to build the list so it gives you a variant to play over your regular army, in addition to the fact that front line marine assault lists are very fun to play.


You set up and roll out. Your opponent HAS to stop you mid table or they are in a world of hurt. Are you putting all your eggs into one basket? Yes, fail on the charge and you will be sitting mid field getting blasted by your opponent, done and finished. But that is ok, no guts not glory right?

The list?

HQ: Lysander & Cassius

Elites: TH/SS Terminators

Elites: Command Squad W/ Assault Cannon Razorback

Troops: Tacticals W/ Las Razorback

Heavy: Redeemer Land Raiders W/ Multimelta X 2

Termies and Lysander go in one LR, Cassius and the other termies go in the second. Command squad goes in an assault cannon razorback since it will be moving ahead with the land raider, but las could work also if you don’t have the variant.

These vehicles go as far forward as they can and head right towards your opponent shooting assault cannons and multi-meltas as they approach.

Behind them are las razorbacks moving up and shooting, options also include MM land speeders if you have the points, but with the termies, land raiders, and special IC’s probably not.

The razors break stuff open with the LR in support so when you arrive everybody gets out and assaults. Lysander and Cassius are beasts on their own so they can separate if needed to go after a gimp henchman squad or the like. As the razors blow up the guys inside get out and move to camp on objectives as needed, or surge forward to support as needed.

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