Grey Knight Librarian- What?

So here is a quick snapshot of my GK Libby these days- hiding behind one of my land raiders throwing up his psychic defense- shrouding and sanctuary as needed- his role has shifted, but not changed.

For a while I had him in with my terminators throwing up shrouding and sanctuary, but this limited the scope and range of the terminators- they had to hug close to me core of raiders and dreads to keep within the 12”.

Side note in case you missed my last post a bit back…

Two land raider and two venerable castle up and then make the push mid game backed by terminators and the two full knight squads inside. I want to engage at range with six TL las cannons and psybolt heavy bolters but need to be alive and up each turn- low model count = needed survivability. SO, if I can get or create cover and throw up shrouding the opponent first has to hit me, then glance/pen, then beat my 3+ cover save- and AV 14 is the first layer, and venerable dreads the second. Make sense? Back to the libby…

So now, he just hides behind the raider, completely out of LOS doing his thing- and if needed, when the raiders move out, he runs behind or just joins one of the units inside when they come out.

Of course this then changes my terminators and their role. More on that tomorrow…

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