Biovores FTW! What?

As I’ve been recently running with 8 MC’s in my Tyranid list I wanted to swing to the opposite side of the army list and build an all swarm based army. All 1 wound models that will rush forward, sideways, outflank, deepstrike and the like angry bugs. I want to outnumber horde Orks and don’t care if I can’t move my arms by the end of the first day in a tournament!

Looking at the models I have in mass, which at this point is everything except gargoyles I’ve started to build the core around my ‘stealer shock list- 60+ stealers to do the troop killing dirty work while the rest of the swarm concentrates on mission objectives.

Elites and Troops are filled to the max, and for the first time in a long time I’ve got some open spots in the heavy support slot- usually filled by three trygons.

What to take if not the big boys?

I painted up some biovores got in a few games, and more and more I’m seeing these guys as a sleeper unit like venomthropes. Neither good or bad on paper, but interesting from what they bring that effects the flow of the game.

One was useless, a mere annoyance, three was over kill in the sense of points needed to be directed elsewhere. Two was the magic number- each in their own slot so they can target different things. Sure I’m expending an extra kill point but we are talking about Tyranids here right? They bleed kill points like mad so I stopped trying long ago to minimize the kill points as it really hobbles the army.

Essentially the biovore is a large blast frag missile that becomes a spore mine if you miss- which is great because even if you miss there isn’t a turn of wasted shooting. Tactically the value in these guys has been the waiting with when to drop the template.

Realistically what are you going to kill with these guys? Each game I maybe bag three of four marines and maybe a scattered spore mine.

Guys tent to not notice these dudes till they start shooting- much like the venoms get ignored until they charge a unit wrapped by the spore cloud bubble, then it’s all moans and groans of broken and overpowered units.

So the game starts and I wait, biovores just chilling, no need to drop a spore mine on a vehicle to do nothing or hope it scatters. I just wait till we get some marines on the table- either disembarking from a blown vehicle or to rapid fire the swarm of stealers. There all bunched up, the spores start coming down.

Is it just me or do templates seem to annoy players? I know I don’t like them being placed over my models, not really sure why, can you feel what I mean? Flamer templates that ignore armor and cover saves are the worst.

With the bios I have this cheap little model with the range to shoot and hit a cluster of models, when that happens all of a sudden it is a big deal and guys start shooting at the bios- shots that could be going into my tervigons since they have the range and high strength and AP. It’s almost like the bios exist to keep the tervigons up and running longer so they can keep spewing poisoned furious charge gaunts.

I’ve also found them to be annoying for long fangs and just the thing to attract their attention for a moment- usually right away on turn one so the LF’s don’t frag spam my advancing stealers.

In a 1750+ list for under 100 points, what you get to tactically shift the game in your opponent’s head (potentially) has been so worth it.

Now how would we say the same about pyrovores?

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