Grey Knight Tactics: Firebase

In running a pure Grey Knight army, one of the main challenges you face is your low model count. Sure they can kill lots of stuff, and do lots of neat tricks, but at the end of the day stacking numbers to numbers 40K often comes down to who can throw the most dice first. When you are always outnumbered how do you even the odds?

Borrowing a page from my Harlequin themed army (which is also low model count, only without T4 and power armor!) you need to make the units that you do have hard as nails. They need to be as impossible as possible to kill! Sure it always comes down to luck, but I at least want to tilt thing in my favor a bit.

Grey Knights can do this with the firebase concept- which is hardly something “new” in 40K or even tabletop miniatures, but as always, being the newest marine ‘dex they do it best.

During deployment I’m looking for a spot on the table where I can castle up in terrain and get cover saves. Sometimes the table is set up with lots of terrain like in a city fight theme, and other times there is next to nothing- budget tournaments. As long as there is one large building or area terrain we can work with it.

Castle up there and use that as a springboard to thin your opponent so their weight of numbers can’t drag you down, and then push with your terminator blob to secure and deny parts of the table, before finally moving in with the scoring units to get objectives.

How is that for uber simple?

So what units are we going to use to build that firebase?

Ones that can do more than just benefit from librarian assisted cover- we need units that can abuse it- mainly Paladins, Terminators, large vanilla ‘Knight units, venerable Dreads, and Land Raiders.

Been reading a lot on the ‘net how ‘Raiders are dead for Grey Knights- they are just too expensive in an elite army. Really? I feel the opposite, and I’ve played lots of elite armies- you can’t fight the low model count, try to do so an you lose every time. I’d rather have everything hard as nails and jacked up.

So put that AV 14 in 3+ cover, venerable dreads in cover- all with fortitude and BS 5 on the dreds- think about that. Open fire and all but laugh at the return shots. This is also one of those things that make jokero spam work- something else I’m building up. Somebody has to play an army of space monkeys regardless of the viability…

Target priority next, which if you can’t guess is different for elite armies since even the hardest army will have some bad rolling and lose units- you need to be quick and decisive in turns 1-3 setting things up for the push on turns 4+.