Ripper Deathstar! FTW!

Luciferiel Ophelia Commented:

I have 50 ripper bases... cause they're annoying as hell to come at you in an endless tide of bodies in Apoc games. Plus, I bought 12 boxes of gaunts, and 15 of the warrior boxes, on top of the stuff I already had for my 4k point army before Apoc deals were going on... This post is relative to my interests for fun of the game.

Taken from comments regarding my recent Parasite post got me thinking about some of the other “fun” Tyranid stuff one can do with an insane amount of rippers from some other experimental builds I was playing around with…

Who doesn’t like a deathstar unit? Is there nothing better than running some unit up and wiping out another unit before it can even attack? I’m talking about delivering dozens of wounds, ultimate over kill 100%. Most armies have access to them, and the meta is slowly evolving where one could even argue that you want (read need) two of them to be competitive these days.

But what about in smaller point games?

This is what I was experimenting with my Tyranids- smaller point deathstar units for use in escalation games where I have to work my way up to getting Swarmlord and his buddies on the table.

Take a prime for synapse, give him bone sword/lash whip and rending claws so he can threaten vehicles and then attach him to a unit of nine rippers with adrenal glands and poison. Get two of these setups on the table. Against marines (does anybody play anything else?) on the charge you will be throwing down 45 ripper attacks re-rolling failed wounds, followed by the prime shots. Against certain killer IC’s you get the prime into base, and they will die before they can even get a shot off. Running two groups costs next to nothing, and with the small size of the rippers getting cover saves, even 3+ cover saves is possible. If you get charged, you are still throwing out around 36 attacks and wounding on a 4+ and then the prime.

Even better? They are rippers and so thought of as trash, and mostly ignored till they hit, at least in my test games. Of course if your opponent has flamers or template weapons you cry, but who plays these anymore either right?

Throw down those two groups backed by warriors with venom cannons to break open vehicles (going on the models LO has in stock, and then throw down the gaunts as fodder/screening units to block the rippers from getting charged.

Troop slot is going to get crowded so consider modeling up a tervigon and getting your gaunts that way.

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