40K Road Trip: Hobby Town USA

So Jawaballs and I have been talking about taking some 40K road trips for some time now- basically visiting any and all 40K gaming stores one to two hours out from where both live, in the NY and lower CT area.

Things lined up for this Friday so we decided to take a trip up to Hobby Town USA which hosts the Ordo Ineptus 40K club. Jawa of course brought his Blood Angels, I was rolling with Tyranids, and Brother Captian James also came along with his Ultramarines. They have open 40K gaming on Monday and Friday nights and the plan was to just show up and play all casual and regular, just three dudes walking in to play some 40K.

Jawaballs looks like Jawaballs, and as soon as he starts laughing you know who he is. Myself, you could say I was in disquise since I'm rocking a beard- BC James and I have a bet to see who can grow the most epic beard, necks not included.

We get to Hobby Town USA at around five thiry after a stop at Arbys and it is in a nice strip mall with plently of parking. Walking to the store you really are blown away by all the hobby stuff. Models, terrain, trains, RC planes, cars, and boats. On the one hand this was really cool to see so much gear, on the other, quite bad for yours truly since I've been thinking about getting back into RC cars despite being banned by my wife. My argument that I was already told “no” to the motorcycle means RC can't be vetoed also.

Guys back me up...

In the back of the store on both sides were some well laid out tables with terrain and stools to sit on- stools, this is a big thing, having a place to sit while you play. Very nice. We settled in to play and the store manager, who's name I already forgot, sorry, bad with names, introdued himself, pointed out the bathroom, where drinks were sold in the store, etc. Really friendly and made you feel welcome. The guys gaming and hanging out from the OI club were likewise friendly and passionate about 40K. Definely a nice vibe from the store, club, and left at the end of the nite with that fun feeling, but enough of that, time for the battle report:

Tyranids Vs. Space Wolves. 1750 points, 4 objectives, 12” in deployment.

My list: 1 Prime 3 Hive Guard 3 Venomthropes 4 Warriors 2 X 10 'Stealers + Broodlord 10 Termagaunts 1 Tervigon 3 Trygons

My Opponent: 2 Rune Priests 1 Land Raider + Maxed Blood Claws & Priest Dude 2 Rhinos + Blood Claws 3 Lone Wolves TT/SS Terminator Armor X 2, Wolf Claws X 1 2 Longfang Groups W/ Las + Missile Spam

We both place two objectives- he places one on the far left, and one kind of center. I place my two one on the right and the second center. Right away my plan is to give up the objective on the far left, focus my entire army on the cluster of three- taking three at best, or taking two and contesting one at worst. Space Wolves take first turn and deploy out, land raider in the center, long fangs on the far right and far left, rhino on each side of the land raider, and the three lone wolfs right, left, and center. I deploy castled up to the right, pushing the tervigon and trygons backed by warriors, venoms, and the guard. Genestealers can't infiltrate due to two chosers of the slain in the center of the board pushing them back.

I'm not outflanking them since there are no castled assetts so they go down to the left of the trygons. I try to sieze first turn but fail. Turn one has the trygons taking a wound, along with the broodlords and three stealers. Not bad thanks to cover and the 5+ on the big guys from the venoms. I start the push forward with everybody and shoot the first rhino and shake it. Tun two has jaws going off on two Trygons thanks to a bad run roll keeping them clustered and I breathe a sigh of relief not losing them. Land raider moves up shooting into the first stealer block killing a few. Tervigons starts farming gaunts who go behind the stealers.

Land raider moves up, gets the claws out, fires some bolters killing the first stealer group, I try to pull enough off but am still in assault range. I figure I will get assaulted and wiped out on the charge, then I'll counter by shooting two groups of gaunts into them and charging with the second stealer group and a trygon. Turn out they will just clip area terrain near the center thanks to their large unit size and they fail to reach me on the terrain test. Now I don't have to divert my trygon and can hit them with two full stealer squads or which I bust in with eleven rends on five armor saves on the charge. Huzzah!

Ultimately they hold as a lone wolf then piles in. Shooting has my trygons eating more krak and las and one goes down from Jaws- the one with no wounds of course! Remove from play, don't collect $200. Sad face. I'm now in contact range as one trygon charges the BC sqaud with the rune priest after they got out of the rhino for jaws and it puts the hurt on them as the second lone wolf then piles in next turn- tying me up as the trygon splats the blood claws and causes the rune priest to run, but eventually goes down from the lone wolf. The second trygon splats the center lone wolf and then next turn with the tervigon run up and punch the land raider destroying it, before finally going down to missile and las spam.

The stealers battle it out with the other lone wolf losing as I pile in the tervigon and he dies also. Finally the remainig two lone wolfs go down to mass warrior, hive guard, and gaunt fire, but just barely, 2+/3+ with FNP is really durable when you aren't getting hit with AP 1 / 2 weapons.

Eventually I finish off the long fangs to the right with my warriors and hive guard which are now down to just one as the warriors push for the top right objective. Gaunts hold the other two as the remainig blood claw rhino holds the one on the left backed by the long fangs on the left. Game ends on turn six with Space Wolves holding one objective, and the Tyranids holding two. Observations? I had a huge advantage in deployment with how my opponent spread out long to cover the table- would have been better clustering up in the cente rand then react/move turn one based on my deployment.

Going second, while eating a free turn of shoting before I could move means I could castle and focus all my army on his, delaying the third lone wolf and lesseing the second rhino and blood claws and left long fang pack through the game- they were will in range, but I was getting a 4+ cover save which is huge. Objectiev clustering also helped me as I planned to focus on just what was needed to win. Choser hurt me bad not letting me infiltrate with the stealers as a screen to keep the wolves busy while my trygons ran up. Running side by side with the trygons lessened their punch, both units- I almost didn't have enough momentum to strip away and break the wolves core so my gaunts could just sit there playing hold the objective solidified by warriors and the prime.

If that final lone wolf wasn't stopped he would have cleaved through the gaunts and it would have been a disaster. Long fangs did what they do, rune priests with jaws just suck for Tyranids, and the lone wolves were the super MVP's of the night slaying and slaying away, they were like little Mepheston JR.'s- being Space Marines I'm really surprised GW only limited them to three.

Beers and burgers after, and all in all a great hobby night. Will definelty be back at some point and if you are in the Brookfield CT area check out Hobby Town and the OI club-

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