1500 Pts Of Tournies Eldar FTW!

Hi Fritz,

First of all i have to say, Great Blog! Everyday i wait for the next article to come up so i can read it. I can say I have learned and enjoyed a great deal from your posts.

The thing is, there is small local tournament this weekend and i will be joining it with my Eldar. It is the only 1500 point army i have that is playable. I have a mech eldar list (i will post the details below). Personally i dont think i will see any let alone many "parking lot" lists. My local club here dont seem to care about those. However, I do expect many different armies from, MEQ to orcs to necrons to deamons. Accordingly I have to make my army as flexible as possible. I am against 5 man DA squad lists even though they might be effective. I like to keep my squads especially DA as close to max as possible. And now on to the list:

Farseer x1
Jetbike, Fortune, Doom, Spirit Stones
Warlock x5
Enhance, Embolden, Destructor
Farseer (goes with the DA)
Guide (Doom can be here too, but i seem to miss the rerolls for the falcon)
DA x9 (Goes in the WS)
Exarch, Shimmer, Blade
Waveserpent x1
TL Shuriken cannon, Spirit Stones
Storm Guardians x10 (Goes in WS)
Warlock, Destructor, 2 Flamers
Waveserpent x1
TL Shuriken cannon, Spirit Stones
Howling Banshees x6 (goes in the Falcon)
Exarch, Exeutioner
Falcon x1
Shuriken Cannon, Under. Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields
Fire Prism x1
Fire Prism x1

This is exactly 1500 points. I have 1-2 more jetbikes, an unassabled DA squad (I probably can not make these ready so i count them out), 2 Vypers (1 half assembled and 1 not assembled but should not be a problem), a Wraithlord, 2 War walkers (1 unassembled), More banshees, Scorpion squad, and an unassembled WS, 5 rangers.

I dont have much experience and I can not really say i have a solution for every situation. The list is mech because I wanted my army fast, thats really it. I will deploy probably second, and keep the council out of LOS if possible for the alpha, If it is dawn of war I will not put anything in the game and let them all come next turn. I am not sure about null deployment as i ted to be pretty unlucky for reserves. I will also keep the falcon and the DA serpent together so that the farseer inside can cast Guide on the falcon as I slowly move.

I used the falcon for 2 reasons, 1 cause its different than a WS and 2 to some more s6 and s8, in order to pop those transports better. Until now it has been pretty effective. From the games I have played at the club, even though not many, I get the impression that they are not used to the general "internet tactics", they were surprised when I flatted out on to their army, to cause some havoc and to get into CC. They thought not firing for 1 turn was a huge deal with my WS. (It was necrons)

This is about it. I apologize for the long email. I hope you can take a look at it, and give me feedback regarding my army composition and tactics?

I will be following your blog.


Reply Out:

Tolga, pretty solid list and very mobile- which is one of the strengths Eldar still have. Only a few minor tweaks in the list from my point of view- can we get runes of warding in on the farseer in the waveserpent? The chance to mess with enemy psykers from anywhere on the table is just too good to have in a tourney where you may face them. I’d give it to the WS one since they will be safer then the seer council. I’d also take a look at your dire avengers- chances are if they get out they will maybe kill some models, and then get hit back and die thanks to being T3 and with a 4+ save. I’d rather see them just hanging out in the transport and with the farseer having fortune in the unit so he/she can fortune the wave serpent so it gets a re-roll on cover saves.

First job is going to be getting your opponent out on foot with the S6 shots and fire prisms/falcon. Once they are on foot, start targeting the troops from range- anything gets close enough to assault, just zip away. If your prisms get the cannon blown off then start tank shocking with them. At the end of the game look to hold you or one objective and contest any that your opponent has- if they have any troops left.

The key to this is going to be keeping your serpents, prisms, and falcon “up” through the game. Cover saves, and fortune help, but nothing helps like not being shot at- consider your seer council.

Seer councils still kill a lot of things, but only one unit at a time at best, and there is more on the table in the 5th ed. books- I’ve found my seer council is better zipping around with fortune up, making a play to make it look like they are threatening units/going to attack so my opponent shoots at them or moves away from my other units which helps keep the skimmers up. 3+/4+ saves go a long way with a fortune re-roll.

Good luck and let me know how the tourney plays out!


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