No Retreat! No Mercy! No Surrender! Part 2?

Well, not really a part two to yesterdays post, but maybe a follow up or quick and short summary. Lots of guys who play netlists know they are netlists and even on a small level there is a sense of superiority that comes with playing these lists.

“I’ve got the best of the best in the game, and what do you have?”

In many ways when you roll up with an off the wall list, or a 3rd/4th edition army you can see their smile grow- you are planning to beat me with that is the feeling?

They are almost expecting you to get blasted off the table, to hide, cower, reserve your army, hug terrain to minimize losses so you can maybe pull off a win or draw. Contempt like this breeds a sense of invincibility.

“No way Necrons can cap me, this will be a full victory with max battle points.”

Turn the tables on them, full attack, throw mathammer out the window for a moment, get in their face (with your models of course) and start wrecking face. You only need a moment to create a shift in momentum when they are taken off guard by what your army can suddenly do, and what you are not supposed to be doing to their army. Follow up, bring their army down to your 3rd/4th edition codex, and then play the mission for the win.

Question is, can you do this in 5-7 turns?

No Retreat! No Mercy! No Surrender!

We all have our own preferred play style for 40K, beyond army selection. I personally like to hang back, play my opponent’s game, maybe even take some serious losses to the point where they victory for them is all but assured, and then at the last moment slip in and take the prize from them. Sneaky Eldar. That said sometimes this isn’t possible at all, especially if you are playing a non 5th edition codex.

Some of the 5th edition army builds/netlists out there are at the top of the heap because those codexes play to the strength of the core rules in the big rule book. Cheap and plentiful scoring units, multiple small units to shoot with, resilient vehicle with threatening gun, etc. It’s not so much the skill in these lists to win, as opposed to leveraging the best of the rules in your favor, and in truth what general wouldn’t want to do this. But this isn’t war, real life, or anything other than a toy game, and what if you really want to play space bugs or undead robots. How does your 3rd edition book even try and compete with the top heap 5th edition builds?

Can it?

I’ve often talked about how one should play the mission, almost ignoring the opponent, only dealing with units when they cross into preventing you from dealing with the mission. This is true for the most part, but against the top of the 5th builds with an older codex things have to change.

Before I can “play” the mission I have to destroy my opponent’s army- let’s look at this from the perspective of my Necron Destroyer list.

3 X 5 Destroyers
3 X 10 Warriors
1 X 10 Immortals
1 Lord W/ Veil + Pulse

1750, nice and compact and actually a lot of bots given the cost of the units, lots of T5 also which is nice, but I’m getting off topic.

I step up to the table and my opponent is playing BA razorspam- 3 preds, 5+ razorbacks, and a land raider with termies inside. Lots of vehicles, lots of shots, and lots of cheap scoring units. Let’s say mission is capture and control to make it really hard for me, worst case scenario.

While I’d like to hand back shooting, zipping around, porting in and out with VOD as my warriors advance to play the mission, I can’t do that. 3 auto cannon, 13 las cannon, and 5 plasma shots will make quick work of my list, and that isn’t counting the guys inside the boxes.

I have to be bold, go all out, and full attack. When two lists like this match up, it is going to come down to who blinks first. I’d take first turn if I can, set up center as far forward as I can, and go for a crippling first strike with my destroyers and immortals. If I’m lucky on that first turn I’ll take out three razorbacks with the destroyers and stun a pred with the immortals. Turn two I need to continue pressing the attack, focusing on blasting my opponent’s list rather than focusing on the mission. If I’m still alive and not phased out by turn four then I start switching over to the mission. What if my opponent sets up first turn? Well, in the case of Necrons vs. BA spam I’m also setting up center and trying to seize first turn, 1 in 6 odds are actually pretty good. If I fail, I get blasted off the table turn one, but in many ways that is getting it over quickly.

Non 5th edition armies NEED to deliver that first strike, working on bringing down the 5th armies to the same level, and then switch over to the mission. I wish things could be on equal footing or at least “fair” but the gulf of old vs. new ‘dexes is still pretty wide.

Know when to play the mission, when to play the army, when to switch from one to the other…

Army Deconstruction 101

So when you play with the same crew of guys each week you kind of learn the in and out of their personality and play strategy. Jawaballs likes to just sit back and shoot with his razorspam, kind of like the equivalent of BA Tau, Black Matt likes to lash and plasma, Brother Captain James loves his deathstar units even when he is playing space bugs.

But what if you don’t know about the guy sitting across from you?

I want to know what they are thinking about doing before the game starts, if it takes mid game to figure things out it is already over. So the first place I look at is their army or if it is a tourney their list. Is it a netlist or something original? What is the plan of the army? Use AV 12 in mass and sit back firing away? Speed to isolate my units and take them apart. Lots of big bugs with six wounds so I waste my time shooting at them so the little buggers can crash my lines. Asking yourself how the list would play itself when set up is the first step. If I’m confident with that, then it is time to start planning how I’m going to destruct it on the table so it doesn’t play like my opponent wants.

But sometimes you come across those lists where it isn’t quite apparent what the opponent plans to do with them. Maybe you are unfamiliar with the codex, maybe their unit choices are “trash” according to the internet but the guy just keeps sitting there with a huge grin on his face. Deployment is the next step, watching how they deploy their units, how each unit backs each other, will tell you the next part.

Let’s look at thunder wolf spam from this POV.

I’ve got three groups to the army- the T-wolves, my grey hunters in razorbacks, and then my longfang groups with or without razorbacks. Longfangs deploy in the center of the table in cover if I have it, if not then using the razorbacks. Depending on the deployment mission I may have to spend a turn getting up there, that is ok. See if I’m in the back with the long fangs then my opponent can stay just out of range, if I push center table then they can’t hide anywhere from my 15+ krak spam.

With the t-wolves they also deploy as far forward as possible and start running at my opponent on turn one. No hanging back, no going around the bend, straight and true. Their mission is to crash into my opponent’s lines and take out their troops. I’m looking to target troop units and then move on from there. I don’t care how many t-wolves I lose as long as they are killing troops and keeping my opponent busy. I may even have two wolf lords in there to split off to create more threats once I’m in the back, and of course I’m fully abusing the wound allocation system like it is ork nobz bikers all over again.

Finally in the back on objectives and once it is clear my grey hunter razorbacks move out, either from reserves or cover supporting with the t-las cannons, while mid to end game turn 4/5 my long fangs, whoever is left also start running towards my opponent to act as speed bumps to anything my opponent might have left making an attempt to hold/capture/contest.

So when I see this type of army and deployment, knowing it is one dimensional like that, but very effective so no knocks there, what am I going to try and deconstruct it with?

Of course it depends on my army…

Do I have something that can run up and kick those t-wolves in the wolf balls? Two harlie groups with some double dose of doom? Furious charge preferred enemy lightning claw assault terminators with a command squad in support? OR is the hardest hitting assault unit I have some guardian jetbikes? Maybe I meet those wolves head on, or maybe I make it look like I’m going to meet them head on and then start running away from them in the opposite direction of the core of my army (Tyranids) Sacrifice worthless snacks to the pups to keep them away.

Can ignore the long fangs? Only army that I have which can is the harlies, otherwise they have to go, maybe with a rush of the seer council or a well placed spore pod with DOM, backed by some Y-Stealers. And what about those razorbacks in the back. Forget the fangs and t-wolves all together, bypass them with null deployment and concentrate everything on my opponent’s troops- better pull back those cavalry in support, and as that happens I move in from the front also.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that your opponent has a plan with their army and they are going to try and ram it down your throat, especially if it is a net list and they only know one way to play it. Why play that game, or try to counter that game? Stop being passive, go active, and force them to play your game. We need to talk more about active and reactive players, leaving the lists and the debates behind…

Harlequins @ The Conflict GT?

I know…I know…I said I wouldn’t bring my Harlequins to the Conflict GT, but of course I’m rethinking that also. I’m really not happy with my performance with them at the last BFS tournament- two wins and two losses vs. proper competative 5th edition armies, when I should have gone three wins and one loss. In my second game vs. T-wolf cavalry spam I got greedy and made a mistake sacrificing a clown squad when I should have played it safe- that loss of victory points to my opponent cost me the game, but it was a critical lesson for me, good medicine to take.

If the missions are similar to last year then I stand a good chance of being able to pull off some cool stuff. No transports aren’t kill points, five objectives each mission standard + other mission objectives NOVA stuff. Good old book based missions…

But here is the conflict with the Conflict. I’ve mentioned how, at least from my tourney perspective you can either bring an all takers type army or something that works off a novelty or trick. Kind of like how T-Wolves abuse the wound allocation to spread them out and keep them alive. My Harlequins operate on that first perspective- units that you can’t kill or shoot at unless you get close, and once you get close the clowns attack. Veil of tears, 2+ covers save with fortune, T8 models in cover, and pinning on everything helps.

That said within my harlie list I’ve written them to take on all armies the best I can. Question is this- do I go with an all comers list, or risk some tweaks which might give me an extra advantage or potentially really really hurt me. Once the list is locked and submitted there is no going back…

Tournament is 1750 points so it is either Eldrad or Maugan-Ra. Eldrad is stock and the best tactical choice- using doom, guide, and fortune to support my units while throwing up runes of warding to piss people off.

Eldrad’s biggest use is to throw doom on a unit that I need to hit. Now in the past when you saw full tactical marine squads with a power fist, etc. I needed doom to make sure they folded in one turn of the assault. Success with clowns is wiping out what you hit on the charge, don’t do that and it ends poorly. But now, with all the razorspam the marines inside are nothing- five stripped down dudes. Of course more MSU is on the table, so I have to try and heard them together to pull of multiple assaults and bring up the wraithlords more, but doom isn’t needed as much for these armies.

Maugan-Ra has also been a gem in these games- exarch powers of stripping away cover saves have been huge. I used to use Mauggy as an assault multiple, and still do, but being up and shooting each turn is so much more valuable for cracking open rhinos.

So, the question is, do I drop Eldrad and psychic support for full on Mauggy support? If I encounter those MSU spam armies I’m good, but if I get paired against a dedicated assault army then I’m sunk.

The next question I’ve been throwing around is pathfinders vs. rangers. The crux of the list is pathfinders with the 2+ cover re-roll from Eldrad. Unless you are assaulting me or hitting me with cover denying attacks, good luck getting rid of the pathfinders, BUT I only have two troop choices. Sure I make it work, but I’d love a third. If I stick with Eldrad then maybe I can get away with three ranger groups throwing fortune on two of them. Cuts down on guide and doom tho.

My stock harlies list are optimized for the game, extend them a bit for an advantage, but gamble with facing certain armies.

If of course I do bring them to the Conflict GT...
I'm feeling Necrons again....maybe I should just throw up a poll and let you guys decide?

Tournaments? Yes? No?

I have a couple questions about tournaments that I was hoping you could shed some light on. First I’ll give a little background on me so the questions make sense. I played 40k back in 2nd edition but I was too young to ever fully understand the rules (I couldn’t afford the rulebook so I learned through reading white dwarfs. For that matter I didn’t have money to buy a full army). Two years ago a few of my friends expressed interest to play, and I was all too ready to jump back on in and play for real. Fast forward to now, I usually get a game in every three weeks on the average, but only with my few friends who also play. Now that I understand the rules fully, and have experience enough to play at a fast pace, I’m looking to try my hand at some competitive play.

Unfortunately for me, I live in an area where our local gaming store doesn’t have a very active 40k community. Or if they do, they hide it extremely well. So in order to go to tournaments, I’ll have to travel an hour and a half to get up to NY and go to some places up there. This matters to me as I am nervous about playing against strangers in a competitive environment without practice. Not afraid of losing, that I expect at my first tournament experience, but of play etiquette and “un-written rules” since I haven’t ever played in a tournament situation. I was wondering if you had some pointers on the subject of beginning tournaments? Or if you could offer any insight into whether I would be better off starting with a small tourney, as opposed to a “big name” tourney like the Conflict GT or if that even matters.

Reply Out:

Nelsonus, I can understand your hesitation at jumping into the tournament scene, but I think if you approach it from the correct perspective it can really give you a jump into the 40K experience, and improve your game tremendously- in many ways tournament play is what 40K is all about.

My advice would be to find a larger sized tournament, like the Conflict GT, etc., and come and play!


I’ll share what I get out of playing in them, other than trying to do my best to win, which sometimes happens and other times doesn’t…

Tournaments are a place where I can get in X number of game over a weekend/day against a variety of armies and players. Even with playing in a large club (Battle For Salvation), I tend to play against the same guys over and over. Nothing wrong with this, but they know me, and they know what I’m going to do. So when I bring out my Harlequin army, they know what I’m going to try and do.

Tournaments have the excitement of playing against dudes who don’t know me, they don’t know what I’m going to try and do with my army, so there is an excitement of fun as I try to pull off crazy stuff. Tournaments also improve my game as it lets me see and play armies “outside” my regular gaming circle. I throw my skills and luck into the mix and see where I am standing at the end of the day.

From this perspective alone you will get in some games, play a variety of dudes and go home with more than a win or a loss, but with a perspective of how you played, what great moves you made, and what bone headed moves you made, how and why. Tournaments are a great way to jump start you game.

But what about the jerks? Honestly, when I have played a jerk/rude player they were really rude and an a-s hole, BUT those guys have been very few and far between. 99% of the guys I’ve met and played are cool, enthusiastic, and into the hobby just like you and I are. Which leads to the social aspect.

Tournaments are a great place to meet people, network, and come away with a wealth of ideas. There is down time in-between games, a lunch break etc. which is a chance to meet and greet. Been thinking about running terminators and how to do it? Ask one of the many guys running said unit in their army how it is working, how they are making it work. See and army at the event you were thinking of building and playing, consider it a chance to inquire about it.

Tourneys also give you a chance to see so many armies on display and in play. I always bring a camera to take pictures of them to later mine for conversion ideas, unit ideas, etc. while asking myself what is that army trying to do on the tabletop and how could I beat it with my army.

I think if you attend a tournament with this mindset you will walk away with a fantastic experience and lots of knowledge to mine over the coming weeks, and of course doing your best to walk away with some loot for that next army project. Approach it as more of a 40K convention where you also happen to be playing some games rather than a do or die event.

If you make it up to the Conflict GT, you will already know somebody there- me, we can grab lunch during the break and talk 40K.

Wraithlords In The Wolf’s Den

So one of the questions that is now standard when trying to build or figure out what army you are going to play is this: can you army eat or absorb 20+ krak missiles and 9+ las cannon shots a turn? What is your plan for this type of spam passing off as an army?

Most attack the issue with the same solution- throw down as much krak and las, go for the alpha strike or spray and pray. Another option is to go MSU (multiple small units) or dispersed horde so all those missiles and las shots are only killing single models at best. With the Eldar codex in mind, and its now limitations, I went in the direction of making it impossible to shoot or even kill my army in the shooting phase. With my harlequin army I’ve only got three units- harlequins which you can’t shoot at over 24”, pathfinders who go in cover for the 2+ save backed by a fortune re-roll by Eldrad, and wraithlords which are T8. On a side note I find the WL’s 3+ save kind of a joke. Anything I need to save against like bolters can’t even hurt me, well, Necrons maybe, and all that las and krak bypasses the 3+ save…

Well, for long time that army model worked very well. Want to beat me in the shooting phase? Then come close to bypass veil of tears and assault my weak sauce pathfinders and then the clowns pounce on you.

Space wolves and their mass long fang effect have kind of changed that, I really can’t repel that kind of firepower on my wraithlords for more than a turn or two. So as always I’ve had to change and adapt…

They are still “in” the list rather than switching over to some wave serpents or fire prisms for support because with those models I really haven’t gained any synergy- they can be taken out with a single lucky shot, an average shot will stun/shake them, and they can’t pull double duty as both a gun platform and speed bump/counter assault units to help the clowns out with.

So how to continue to make those wraithlords work?

Well, castling up has become as important as ever, especially with guys playing parking lot style where they blob all their vehicles in the center and move from there, which happens to be very strong. Is there terrain to the left/right where I can get a cover save for my wraithlords? Eldrad then possible backs them with fortune and if I can get a turn of shooting with the thinned numbers I can stand up to the shots back.

At 24” + range my army can throw out 9 S6 shots, 3 S8 lance shots, 3 S8 missile shots, and 12 rending AP1 sniper shots. Hardly Space Wolves or Blood Angels material, but not that bad for the small model count I have on the table and an out of date book.

My second line of defense is reserves. I’ll let the death jesters and snipers get in a turn of shooting, and when the wraith lords do come on at least they will get a round of shooting in before being shot at.

My final layer of updated defense is to embed the wraithlords in the assault since you can’t shoot units locked in the assault. This has the added advantage of providing a cover bubble for my harlequins to hide behind for their own 3+/4+ cover save if needed. They key to this is having a group of harlequins nearby for when I need to free up the wraithlord since it works both ways- T8 is hard to kill even with a hidden power fist, but the pathetic attacks back means I’m really not killing anything…

New Grey Knights? My Thoughts?

So what do I think of the “new” Grey Knight rules and codex teasers. Awesome, fantastic, but sadly perhaps not enough.

Based on the current missions in 40K and the cheap cost of vehicles and stock tactical marines in points I’m a bit scared that the Grey Knights just won’t be able to cut it.

But Fritz, they are a Space Marine chapter to GW will ship the codex with an auto-win button right?

They may try to do that with cool psychic powers, stock artificer armor, forge org chart altering HQ characters which look boss on paper, but at the end of the day you are rocking a 25 point space marine BEFORE upgrades.

Other armies can afford to take you on based on attrition only. Yes there will be tricks and tactics to help leverage what they do have, but I have a feeling these guys are going to be the new “Deathwing” of 40K. Small, elite, and scary, but one mistake and you are done- hey kind of like Eldar only with an armor save.

I’ll still be rocking them of course, and I do think they will be great as a second/alternate army since the buy in of models is small and their visual appeal is awesome. Time will tell, and we’ll know soon enough once the “leaked” codex gets out from those guys across the pond as it always does…

Conflict GT: Army Decisions

So over the past few days I’ve been trying to figure out what army to bring to the event…well it seems like the choices have been narrowed down for me. Going though their rules packet, battle points, paint, and sportsmanship will be all rolled together to determine the various winners. A few lines down, if you bring/play an army professionally painted or done elsewhere, etc. you take a 50% hit on paint points. So what does that mean? Well, If I play my Grey Knights or Tyranids I’m taking that 50% hit, which is fair. The Warmaster Black Matt freshened up my Grey Knights a bit, and the Tyranid army used to belong to him, and a bunch of other guys at the club over time including Ultrabob and Brother Captain James.

So all that really leaves me is Eldar, Space Marines, or Necrons.

OR Chaos AND/OR my…shudder…3rd edition Tyranid army. What’s this? Why have I never spoke of it. Let’s just say some hive fleets are better off drifting in the cold darkness of space.
Tyranids played and painted by a young 14 year old Fritz, back when Imperial Guard had a little thing call robots.

Now Chaos on the other hand…

Was talking with Brother Captain James about our ‘Nid lists before the 50% hit, when I was going through the armies I could bring and hit on chaos. He thought it would be a hard list for his Tyranids to stop. Going to have to playtest it out against his Tyranids and Ultramarines. Have to decide what the hell I’m going to do soon so I can start my own playtesting, and building a proper dispaly board.

HQ: Typhus OR Typhus Lord Imposter
Elite: 5 Terminators W/ Combi Melta + 1 Reaper
Troops: 4 X 10 Plague Marines
Troops: 2 X 10 Plague Bearers….excuse me lesser daemons.
Heavy: 1 X 3 Obliterators

Mordheim Mission Pack I

So I’ve been busy writing up a narrative Mordheim campaign to play at the club. Epic stuff that starts with your warband outside the city gates of the ruined city, then inside, and finally underneath in search of prestige, wyrdstone, and a mysterious artifact called the Infernal Machine.

Been play testing a bunch of custom scenarios and campaign tracks and there were a few left over which while fun, didn’t fit into the campaign. So there they are rolled up into a .PDF to try out along with the standard GW missions.

Fritz's Mordheim Mission Pack I

Eldar Star Engines? Still Viable?

If you play like fritz you have to give everything star engines and keep it in reserve. = GAY.

~ ericismyname

Continuing along with some Eldar analysis of their place in 5th edition and how we should be stacking up against the 5th edition books now that the old vs. new codex load is about half and Grey Knights + Necrons are on the way.

Star engines, that extra little boost in the shooting phase- still worth it? Were they ever worth it? Depends on your tactics. I’m still here arguing that you need spirit stones and star engines as stock on all your skimmers, vypers excluded of course. The ability to keep moving and boosting is key- even for fire prisms and spinners for when their main gun gets blown off.

Vectored engines, if you want to save points, but not if it is an assault boat like carrying a load of banshees to deliver into your opponent. This way if you boost and go down at least the girls are still inside the vehicle and protected.

Again it goes back to looking at what you gain by having them, vs. the points saved by not taking them. Cheaper, more in numbers, and better is the mantra for all the Space Marine and IG books, but not Eldar- we are still locked in a 4th edition ruleset and are a focused army. Won’t work if you try and pretend you are Space Marines with pointy ears.

So, star engines.

They let you move an extra 12” and how is that good? Well beyond more control and the ability to almost apocalypse like strategic redeploy there is a number of in game tactical uses. They don’t come up every game, but when they do, and you can see them, it can tip the balance of the game the Eldar way.

First up is of course tank shock. Now, can you tank shock in the regular movement phase and then fire the star engines to tank shock again? Some say yes, other no, stating that star engines happen in the movement phase, etc. Tournaments have house rules thrown into the mix. These days by default I just don’t tank shock with star engines, but they are far from dead.

Recent example vs. Brother Captain James’ Tyranids. Fire prism gets the main gun blown off despite holo-fields, and article for another time, so now the skimmer is just a guided space elf cruise missile. James has some gaunts camping on an objective in the back, just out of synapse range, maybe by .5 an inch. I tank shock and they run, but James breathes a sigh of relief since they run 9” away and can now regroup. I then kick in star engines to close that gap to 2” and they can’t regroup running away next turn.

Next application of star engines- working in tandem with another wave serpent or falcon. So your opponent is camped out on an objective with a razorback right on top. Game could end and you need that objective. Move in with the first wave serpent 1” away. Shooting phase fire away with the other skimmer hopefully taking out the razorback, and then star engine in the wave serpent to contest/control the objective.

Star engines are also about creating terrain. They are part of the secret sauce that keeps my vypers up. Vyper group one moves into position to shoot as a wave serpent moves fast alongside them. Shooting phase the vypers open up with the star cannons and shuriken cannons, and then the wave serpent star engines infront of them- cover saves for everybody!

‘Engines help take your Eldar’s movement to a new level, and more so then ever we need everything we can get against the mon-kei...

Conflict GT: Black Templars?

Black Templars? Last time they took the field in a tourney was at Brothers Grim so long ago…

Nothing is more satisfying then rolling up on a nice big unit of guys and hitting them with furious charge preferred enemy lightning claw terminators. Moments like that are what make 40K for me. This is what happens when you like to play so many armies, and can't make up your mind.
At the last BFS tournament my Harlequins went up against a Black Templar army and for a moment seeing those Templars take the field I really wanted to switch sides.

I said I wasn’t going to play marines, but are ‘Templars even marines anymore with only two razorback variants available? The only thing that might have me reconsidering is that I’m sure a number of xeno armies will also be entering into the mix so maybe I won’t be beating on marines every mission. From what I hear one particular Tau army will be in attendance that I have a blood feud to collect with…

Run my standard 1750 list, or my ‘Templar in your face list with two groups of terminators AND a uber jacked out command squad led by a marshal with the hold orb of antioch! Bonus points for purifying filthy xenos with the orb. Of course I only then have two (!) troops choices…

With the 40K rules, updates Black Templars actually GAINED something huge, at least the foot/pod variant, which I of course don’t run. Go to ground for the 3+ save in terrain, I’m “pinned” but have to take a test for a loss thanks to zeal, and then I get up and am no longer pinned! YAY for inconsistent rules across codexes!

Of course I could just call them “red wolves” and play them as “Space Wolves” by proxy. Becoming the very thing I hate, but then I’d be getting Bjorn on the table, and Arjac, AND Lukas for kicks. Lukas running around trying to get himself killed by every elite or expensive unit on the table in the assault.

Eldrad More Than Ever?

Inheritors of a dying race…

How are your games holding up these days vs. the mon-kei? Are Eldar still a viable army? Have things gotten to Necron status yet?

Not yet, but there are still a few traps we have to be careful not to fall into and that’s what I’m here to point out with Eldrad…

At 1750 point games and above there are really only two choices- Eldrad or a jetbike farseer if he/she is part of a seer council, which thankfully still packs some punch. So why Eldrad over a generic farseer? Why would you not want to take a gneric seer for the best of both worlds- psychic support and less points spent so you can pack in more fire dragons and wave serpents right?

One of the evolving trends I see with Eldar is that they are trying to emulate space marines and the 5th edition codexes. MSU, minimum points paid, no upgrades on anything. Dudes even seem to be going into battle without spirit stones on their skimmer- how can you continue to collect those cover saves? One lucky shot, or even half lucky and you are literally dead in the water.

Eldar are not Space Marines, they are written and most likely will be rewritten to continue to be a smallish focused army. You need both a specialized theme and a system to deliver it. We are not do ti all for less and better grey hunters. Figure out what your focus is going to be and pay the points.

Back to Eldrad and a quest to save points. What are you really saving. You need three powers minimum- doom, fortune, guide, then stones to bust out two of them. Spear might be optional, runes warding are standard, might get away with not taking witnessing. Add up all the options and you are getting close to Eldrad’s level.

Eldar need to continue to do more with less, think of it this way- how long is an average game? 6 turns? That means Eldrad can bust out 18 powers a game, while a McFarseer only 12, and no double powers at that. Farseer psychic powers are more important than ever to force rerolls and focus your smaller units on the table. Eldrad lets you do more for less, despite his increased point cost. Something to consider.
For what you get is it worth the difference in points between the two? What are you going to spend your saved points on anyway?

Conflict GT: Saim-Hann?

Did pretty well with Saim-Hann last year? Go for a repeat? Make it easy for guys to find and mark me at the tournament? Bring the wild riders just on the off chance that I face Jawaballs since he hates them?

How have my Saim-Hann changed in the face of Space Wolf Spam? More than ever my play style has changed with the army, while the list is the same one that I’ve ran and continue to run since 2007. The only little tweak is a second farseer that joins inside the wave serpent from time to time depending on the points.

More than ever I have to be decisive with the list, bold, fast, in your face action. Finding where you are weak and over loading that part of your army as quickly as I can while I furiously make fortune and cover save rolls. In many ways my Saim-Hann army plays like my destroyer list, or probably a bit more accurate is that the destroyer list mirrors my Saim-Hann since they came first.

I may be over costed, and jetbikes are still jetbikes, BUT I’m still the fastest army out there, and on a table with the correct amount of terrain getting cover saves is easy- keep the vypers up, and a seer council still hits like a ton of bricks…

Conflict GT: Grey Knights?

And then there are the Grey Knights…

On the plus side if I play them I know I’ll be the only ‘knight army there, so style’in props for that. Down side is that at the end of the day I’m still only “space marines”. And thirty models on the table is nothing! Although I told myself no space marines since the tourney will be awash with them, the knights are out there in my mind for two reasons. First, take a look at this vid for pictures from last year’s conflict…

Daemons! There were a couple of daemon armies at the event, and I’m sure there will be this year. The chance at an epic GK vs. Daemon battle(s) sounds awesome! The prospect of Fateweaver eating six psycannons a turn is hard to pass up…

Second reasons is that the ‘Knights are getting a new ‘dex up next, so one last send off for old times’ sake before they become a new army would be fun.

And the third reasons, even though I said only two is for the style and flavor points in my mind only. Not only playing well, but looking good on the table also.

My list:

A Grandmaster and some terminators
2 X 10 ‘Knights W/ 2 psycannons
1 Inquisitor + Callidus Assassin
1 Land Raider
2 Las Dreads

38 models in total! Yikes! At least I won’t get tired playing them and pushing them around.

Conflict GT: Necrons?

Must….not…..bring….Necrons to tournament. Internet….says….they are a fail...

When it comes to trying to figure out what kind of army to bring I’m like a girl trying to pick out a dress for the prom, just can never decide…

For Necrons this is what I was planning on bringing, not that I am, or am not bringing them…

3 X 5 Destroyers
2 X 10 Warriors
1 X 10 Immortals
1 Lord W/ Veil + Pulse

Does what Necrons do best. Take first turn, set up, and start blasting, and blasting, and blasting, using cover saves and WBB rolls to keep the shots going down table. Lord veil around with the immortals and late game warriors for objectives. Pulse is standard equipment for a turn of “free” shooting since there is always at least one night fighting mission.
Now here is the question for my readers-WHY should I bring Necrons to the Conflict GT? Why should I not bring them?
I could just go with warrior horde...

NEW And Improved Grey Knight Vehicles

So the Grey Knight rumors continue, and for the most part I’ve adapted a sit and wait attitude till March, but what seems to have a lot of guys worked up is the new sacred hull rule for vehicles in the codex- with the upgrade at 15 points, the price of regular armor you get to ignore all shaken and stunned results. Can we say possession?

Now, while you are thinking about that keep in mind that GK’s will also be getting both razorback and chimera variants. Are GK’s going to be the new parking lot spam? Imagine all the spam now moving and firing every turn. I don’t see as many marine players jumping on the band wagon but I can see tons of competitive guard players doing it- just buy a handful of GK’s and you are set to go.

What I am hoping is that things will balance out a bit with the cost of the GK’s being the same, no 16 PT Grey Hunters taking in small groups just to sit inside the vehicles.

Now what really has me interested is the proposed new assassin rules…

Necrons Like To Shoot....

So Necrons like to shoot, especially a destroyer wing based army. Necrons don’t like to get assaulted, can’t get assaulted by ANYTHING in the game. I need to use the shots of my destroyer wing to engage one target at a time, if my opponent zergs me, that is a problem.

Currently my destroyer wing is thus:
Lord W/ Veil + Pulse
10 immortals
3 X10 Warriors
5 X 3 Destroyers

For Necrons, actually a lot of bodies on the table, but not enough that I can sacrifice units (speedbump) to buy other time. What is even funnier is guys groaning as I pull out all those destroyers. Really guys? I’m playing Necrons!
I want to take first turn each and every time since nobody reserves anything around my parts, especially against ‘crons, maybe DE will chance this? Time will tell… Warriors and destroyers on the far right, lord and immortals on the far left. Lots of space in-between the two.

What I am hoping for is that my opponent will react to my deployment by putting out some units in line with my immortals and lord- either viewing them as an easy target or even a threat to their flanks. First turn they VOD back to my warrior/destroyer core and the fun begin, their placement siphoning off a unit or two.

If I don’t take first turn I still do the same and try to seize…

There are also many variations on this, especially against assault based armies. Warriors in reserve, destroyers, immortals and lords castled right or left. After my opponent deploys the destroyers move to the opposite side along with VOD, and that is also the side I start bringing in reserve warriors.

Among other things this is why I really enjoy playing Necrons, in addition to the killer robot fluff- you HAVE to be on top of your game to win with tactics, can’t count on being an autowin army of the month or a dicehammer army to carry you through the game…

More Necron Horde...

Turn by turn pictures from a Necron horde list I used to run with. Fun to play for the sheer number of bots on the table, but far from being optimal for Necrons, and that is saying a lot…

Following up on some questions on how one runs a lot of warriors, since if that is all you have what are you to do? Interestingly, while I’ve moved on from all warriors, I might be coming back to them in the current codex incarnation.


More and more tourney formats are always have five objectives in their missions, as in the mission is kill points AND objectives, table quarters AND objectives. In this incarnation going with two troop choices and the rest of actually effective stuff doesn’t work. You need a minimum of 5-6 troops. Grrr…once again favors marines who can combat patrol down.

So you have a troop choice that sucks, the absolute worst in the game, but you have a lot of them. Shooting 50+ warriors is a waste, so you assault them. Feeding your opponent groups of warriors to slow them down and then rapid fire the survivors is what it is about. That is how I beat down the termies in the pic above. Stopped the land raider on a glance (huzzah!) but the termies charged. Wiped out the first unit, then I rapid fired them to death followed by an assault with the lord and some warriors. Got lucky but took them out.

Sacrificing warriors like this means falling back and staying together, forget about nabbing objectives on the far side of the table- scarbs and destroyers contest, and worst case VOD a lord with or without warriors.

It also goes without saying you are running two lords with stoked wargear.

There are some tactics for the list, and I enjoy playing it for the looks, kind of a T-800/future war kid of thing. I’ll post up a bit more on the tactics, etc. if you guys are interested. Sometimes there is a lot to learn in making the worst of the worst "work". Onlything more humiliating then being wasted by Necron horde is getting wasted by a grott army.

Now if only my ‘crons could be like this…

Wyches + Dreadnaught = ???

By Shin

Hey all Shin here again and just reporting another Battle Report as I start to get the feeling for the Dark Ones. First off, now that I re-read the codex completely I won’t make the mistakes of over rolling for Combat Drugs, etc. I decided to try a few new things, and I’m still waiting for the day I can be fully mechanized *Damn you bills!*.

1250 Spearhead/ Capture & Control vs. Dark Angels
Archon – 100 Points
• Clone Field
• Agoniser
Incubi X 5 – 140 Points
• Klaivex
• Bloodstone
• Onslaught
Raider – 70 Points
• Flickerfield
• Shredder Cannon
Haemonculus w/ 10 Wracks – 180 Points
• Liquefier gun X 2
• Acothyst
10 Wracks – 130 Points
• Liquefier gun X 2
• Acothyst
Wyches X10 - 140 Points
• Hekatrix
• Power weapon
• Shardnet
• Razorflails
Raider – 70 Points
• Flicker Field
• Shredder Cannon
Wyches X10 – 150 Points
• Hekatrix
• Power Weapon
• Haywire Grenades
• Shardnet
• Razorflails
Haemonculus W Trueborn X 10 – 245 Points
• Dracon
• Dark Lance X 2
• Shredder X 4

Looked like another semi-mirror of the last report I did. I really would like a game of Kill Points or something, but then again this mission teaches me how to abuse terrain.

I get a game against the marines I love SO MUCH! *See sarcasm* Well so to speak, as Dark Angels already have the most meh codex when compared to Space Wolves or Blood Angels. I say this in humor, at my FLGS only one Blood Angel player (the owner of the store) and one Space Wolves player who hasn’t really started running tournament lists so I really need to go to a battle bunker and learn to hate marines. Okay on to the game before I start ranting in a comical fashion. Rolling for who sets up/has the first turn, Tim won but made me deploy and have first turn. I couldn’t seize objective unless I had Vect I my army. Oh and for combat Drugs I roll the re-roll wounds in CC… Razorflails cost almost not worth it.

1st Turn Dark Eldar

I Turbo boost it towards my opponent with the Archons Raider & the Wyches Raider, run the other Wyches into cover, Wracks into cover. My Trueborn hiding in the woods with a Haemonculi fire Dark lances which glance the Dreadnaught and it can’t shoot. I destroyed a weapon on one of his Razorbacks but he made me reroll it *I forget what does this* then I proceed to get nothing. Eventful first turn DE….

1st Turn Dark Angels

Tim moves his stuff around; I’d like to go on record here, Tanks & Heavy weapons teams are my new nightmares as Dark Eldar. Yes I can destroy the tanks etc, but as I’m losing guys left and right I want to say, “its okay I’ll take my we’ll be back…” I have to get that all out of my head lol. As a Necron there was only a few things I actually feared *AP3, Assault, Terminators & Genestealers*. Tim moves up his Land Speeders tries to punch a hole in my raiders with multi meltas, whiffs on the Archons Raider, but hits the Wyches and I of course fail the 4+ save I got from flooring it. It explodes and 3 Wyches die in the process, but this isn’t enough for Tim, he shoots from his TAC squad back at his base a nice plasma cannon… 4 wound I only save one with cover. They fail the pinning from the explosion and I’m stuck in a crater. He has his RB shoot Twin linked Heavy Bolters into my A Raider penetrating but cover save saves the day! Predator shoots into the fresh 10 squad of Wyches in the rocky area killing 3. Dreadnaught pops smoke, another razorback shoots into the previously fresh Wych squad killing 2 more, and I make the save.

2nd Turn Dark Eldar

I want revenge at this point, too many girls died in the first turn.
Raider opens up with Shredder cannon wrecking the Land speeder & lets off its crew who run into a nearby forest. Trueborn squad Immobilize a Razorback and it can’t shoot. The Wyches hiding in the craig area assault the dreadnaught... Right here looked good on paper… They destroy its plasma cannon; it smashes one of the ladies into the ground they are stuck in.

2nd Turn Dark Angels

Rhino moves up, RB moves pops smoke, the wounded RB pops smoke.

Other Land Speeder wants to kill the last raider and succeeds as I fail the 5 up, and it’s wrecked for additional cover. Librarian and his squad of 5 get out of the RB near my Archon and drops a lovely Psychic power I had no idea about rolls up AP3 and Strength 7 *Damnit* which ignores cover kills 2 Incubi right there. TAC squad shooting Plasma cannons at the Wyches hiding in the crater scatter way off but still kill a Wych. Seriously if these ladies survive this game I might have to promote them to Blood brides. Predator decides to open up on the wracks I have relaxing nearby in cover and kills one. Dreadnaught vs. Wyches ends in another missing fest, still stuck.

3rd Turn Dark Eldar

Not much movement on my part just repositioning, Bloodstone shot kills one of the TAC squad with the Libby, Dark Lances whiff on the Rhinos, Incubi & Cratered Wyches jump the Libby squad. Archon wounds the Libby for one, Hekatrix kills 3 marines, rest of the Wyches only kill one, and the Klaivex finishes the job killing the librarian for his insolence in the earlier turn. Pain tokens around! *I want a FAQ as the book is pretty vague, but if two squads fight and kill a squad, do they both get pain tokens? Does the Archon as well?*I give a token to Archon, Incubi and Wyches and we scatter into cover. DN & Wyches continue missing each other.

3rd Turn Dark Angels

Devastator squad pours tons of fire into my Wyches, after saves FNP etc, 3 Wyches die. The squad is now down to a Hekatrix, and 2 Wyches. Wounded Razorback takes cheap shots at the incubi who save everything. Land Speeder tries to Melta my Incubi, we save with Cover. Predator now decides to shoot everything at the Incubi missing almost entirely but succeeds to kill one. Down to Archon, Klaivex and Incubi left. So close to his base… Razorback starts shooting at the Wracks I have camped at my base killing 1. Rhino tries its hand and misses. DN and Wyches continue their slap fight with no results.

4th Turn Dark Eldar

Just trying to get into that Dark Angel’s point while they have a RB and a Rhino with guys converging on my Wracks & Haemonculi holding the point… Trueborns destroy the heavy bolter on the razorback and can’t shoot result. Wyches and Incubi jump the Devastator squad, Hekatrix kills one marine, marines whiff completely, Archon just goes crazy this combat and kills the remaining 4. Pass out the pain! Oh look the Wyches are still fighting the dreadnaught…. 1 glance that gets can’t move/shoot *big deal* DN kills a Wych, still going….

4th Turn Dark Angels

Land Speeder is still trying to pick on the Incubi but it misses. Predator takes its turn at shooting everything at them, only hits 5 times and Saves and FNP take care of that nuisance, but the Archon got clipped for a wound. Razorback bolter picks on the objective holding wracks but they save. Guys in the RB shoot out as well, but can’t wound. Dreadnaught and Wyches do what they do best, completely MISS.

5th Turn Dark Eldar

Trueborn Dark Lances Wreck the RB near my base, I try a liquefier gun into the Land Speeder, I know it’s a long shot but it doesn’t break through… was gambling on AP1. Bloodstone from Klaivex into a TAC squad kills another Marine. Assault from Incubi and Wyches wipe out the last resistance at his base and I bunker in as the predator is still nearby. Dreadnaught actually kills 2 Wyches, but they make the leadership and still stuck.

5th Turn Dark Angels

Predator kills the Wyches at his base. You did good ladies, but in the end their story ended here. Land Speeder doesn’t get off the Incubi’s case but continues missing. Tac Marines got out of the Vehicles near my base and just pour rounds into the wracks, killing 3 but they hold. Dreadnaught kills another Wych but stay stuck in.

The roll off makes the game continues on.

Turn 6

So being under pressure from the marines near my base I move the trueborn as close as I can and fire all 4 of the shredder shots, one scatters but hits the other squad. Killing 2 marines’ total. Splinter shots he saves, Wracks move down closer roll a 3 for AP I could have asked for better, and kills 5 marines, then assaults killing them all and consolidating back into the base. DN & Wyches resume slap fight.

Predator would go on to kill 2 of the wracks on the left flank I was trying to get into his base. Rhino Tank shocks the Wracks towards the marines that are left who assault but are cut down by the wrack. Go poison weapons! The game ends with the DN & Wyches still slapping each other. I hold mine, but he’s not controlling his giving me the win.

Things I got out of this game:

• Haywire grenades aren’t that good against walkers, as the slap fight proved
• Wracks are pretty good objective holders, and liquefier guns are just sick with a 50% chance to kill MEQ troops
• Haemonculi are good cheap tokens, parking them with my Trueborn in the woods is nice.
• I like Shredder Cannons on Raiders against marines. I’ll let the Trueborns or Ravagers lug around the Dark lances.
• Shredders on Trueborn are cheap and relatively decent. Against a Hoard army they’d work pretty well.
I really want to try out Webway portals next, and once I start getting more Raiders Ravagers I want to give fully mechanized a chance. Also after this game my friend told me, “Oh yeah I’m getting 2500 points worth of an IG army for Christmas” that bastard…

Necron Horde List?

Email in asking about a warrior horde army. Harder then hard to play since the best of Necrons is immortals, destroyers, and monoliths. Can it be done? Here is where I would start looking…

60 warriors as a base since that is the look and theme of the army. Maybe with all that rapid fire I can kill some marines just on splashing enough dice… Have to demech first so it is going to be 2-3 groups of heavy destroyers just to make sure…

AND I need a way to possible stall incoming vehicles, tie up small fast moving assault units looking to crash my lines, and get some cover saves for my guys so two groups of disruption field scarabs.

Top it off with a lord and your choice of wargear.

Straight forward deployment. Scarabs up front, warriors next, and then heavy destroyers in the back- get cover saves on everything by layers as best you can. Pretend you are skynet and give the order to advance…

Conflict GT 40K Tournament

Still some open spots for the Conflict GT 40K Tournament in January down, over, or up here in New York. Three days of 40K, last year was a lot of fun, and well done. I'm set and signed up, now just have to decide what to play. Tzeentch are done and set to go, but I'm not ready for a tourney with them, maybe for the next BFS tournament. Anyway, web site, and registration here:

Necron Scarabs Revisited

So I’ve been shifting over and adapting some of my Necron scarab ideas. Maybe a change in the meta-game

Of course I am still using them as a delivery system for my destroyer lord, basically to take wounds on the way in and out from his target, but in another list variant where I have ten strong, what have they been doing?

Escort duty, yes? Tarpitting, not any more really, at least not effectively, and more then every the ‘crons needs to be effective.

SOP before was to sometimes take that big blob of scarabs and throw them into the assault to tie up a unit- either to prevent it from shooting next turn, maybe like devastators, of to hold said unit in place so I can withdraw like when facing terminators. Not having any AP 1/2 shots sucks!

But now there are just too many units on the table, and many of those units I’m looking to tie up are so uber powerful they will just blaze through the scarabs in one turn. Sigh. Not to say that the tactic still has its place, but usually more and more out of desperation.

So what are my scarabs up to doing these days? The usual contesting objectives for sure, even stringing them out wide to hit two if I can control placement. Fire magnet and cover save screen for my warriors, you bet.

However, mainly they are there to glance vehicles, and while the down side has always now been needing two sets of “6”’s one to hit and one to glance, and ideally a third to immobilze, with all the razorspam out there this role has actually gotten better. How? Why? With so many guys running parking lot formations, my scarabs can and often do hit two or three vehicles in a turn, and if I do immobilize on, I’m still in base contact for free hits on my opponent’s turn! Yay!

Upcoming Grey Knights?

As most of you have probably seen, there was a new wave of rumors coming from Blood of Kittens from TastyTaste. By all accounts, they seem very plausible and we could be getting a sneak-peek at the new codex, but no one can really say until we all get that "Incoming: Daemonhunters!" email hopefully very soon. I should let you know these are not word-for-word rumors from the site nor are they in the order posted there, they are simply my interpretations and responses. My responses will be italicized under each rumor, in order to try to keep things organized.Without further delay, here they are.


· The codex will be coming out around March-May.

This is what we have been hearing all along. A March release would me an email this month, while April in January and May in February.

· Allies are out, but units from Codex: WH which are not female are in this codex.

Allies being tossed out has been expected. However, the addition of Witch Hunter units hasn't been. I believe anything not specifically a "Sister" will be in the new codex. This means possibly new Henchmen and Penitent Engines.

· There will be plastic Grey Knights, both in power armor and terminator armor.

I'm personally thrilled by this. I probably won't invest in any for a while if I don't have to, but plastic models are much better than pewter in almost every way, if you ask me. Cheaper models makes me happy.With a lot of units going out of stock on the Games Workshop site, they are either planning new plastics or are discontinuing the line.

· There will not be Grey Knight Chaplains, bikes, or jump infantry.

I was looking forward a bit to Grey Knight Chaplains, but I didn't expect bikes at all. I was hoping for Jump Infantry in the form of Warp Spider like units, but there not being any does not surprise me. Most Grey Knight players have made by without these units and I don't feel like they are really necessary components of the army.

Army Wide Rules

· No longer Fearless, but have Combat Tactics and And They Shall Know No Fear.

Ouch. A tremendous let down here. Not even being Stubborn? Insane. I sure hope they are all Leadership 10 and re-rollable or something because I feel fighting giant Demons and traveling into the Warp in a strike force while not being Fearless is a bit silly.

· All Grey Knights are considered psykers and work similar to Psyker battle squads.

This is what I was hoping to hear. I truly hope their powers are worth using and not just making them Crucible of Malediction fodder and easy pickings for anti-psykers. This could really make or break the army, so we'll have to see what is given.

· Any enemy unit which deep strikes within 6” of a Grey Knight mishaps instead.

Pretty interesting, but I don't see it happening too often. Obviously meant to be anti-Daemons, but it could be a pain against anyone who just scatters a bit too close. I don't think Drop pods will have to worry about this, but we'll have to see the wording on it.

· Nemesis Force Weapons are Force Weapons and no longer Strength 6.

A bit depressing to me. Force Weapons don't help at all against Daemons, the main enemy, nor do they help against vehicles, which have always been a pain to kill with this army. We'll slaughter MEQs and the such in close-combat, probably, be there is a lot of versatility lost here. Not only this, but Terminators no longer have any close-combat killing bonus over power armor troops, a bit depressing if you ask me. Also: will each model be able to cause instant death only once? Does this mean you have to roll to wound separately when attacking Nobz or Thunderwolf Cavalry? What a pain...

· All vehicles are immune Crew – Shaken and Stunned due to Sacred Hull.

Very cool and powerful, but it is a bit hard to believe. 'Free' extra armor and then some (and by some, I mean a lot). Chaos get this, but it lowers their Ballistic Skill to 3. It will probably make our vehicles that much more expensive, but we'll have to see.

· Vehicles are psykers treated as Leadership 10 and have Blessed – a power allowing them to increase one armor facing by 2, to a maximum of 14.

This seems a bit overpowered, to be honest. Armor 13 Razorbacks which might as well be Predators or Land Raider-like Dreadnoughts in close-combat would be unstoppable. This may only last one turn and be once per game, so it might be a bit more fair... Again, we'll have to see.


· No standard Marine weapons still (meltaguns, plasma guns, etc.)

Expected, but I do hope they give every squad the option for anti-tank, and hopefully without having to sacrifice for anti-infantry. With so few squads, Grey Knights will have to be very versatile.

· There are a lot of new weapon upgrades, such as extra strength or Rending Storm Bolters.

Could be very helpful if it isn't too expensive. I could see this not being taken ever if they are even a mere +5pts per model, so I'm afraid they might not see use, though I would love Rending Storm bolters.

· Psycannon is S 7 AP 4 Rending, Heavy 4 or Assault 2

It's as if Autocannons and Assault Cannons had a love child and then was blessed by the Emperor several times over. If they stay their current costs, I have a feeling this will be some of the best weaponry in the game. Bring out the psy-spam! Kind of odd, as Rending doesn't help against Daemons, but I won't complain.

· Incinerator is S 5, AP 4, Rending

Rending template weapon? I don't think I've seen that one before. Very cool though, a Heavy Flamer on steroids. Might be tough to fit these when you are spamming Psycannons to no end, though.

· Nemesis Force Weapons can be upgraded to +1 Initiative and possibly +2 Strength.

Awesome. Makes up for the Force Weapon change, as long as the costs are cheap. I could see this going hand-in-hand with the Storm Bolter upgrades, though. With both of them, it might be a pain to keep track on which squad/models has what.

HQ Units

· Many of the Special Character HQs will change around the Force Organization Chart. For example, troop Terminators and troop Purgation squads.

This has been very popular with Games Workshop as of late, and I like it. It allows more flavorfull armies, like Deathwing or Wolf Guard lists. This will probably mean (Non-troops) -> Troops, as usual, but could be a couple things going to Elites, Heavy Support, or Fast Attack.

· Brother-Captain Stern is back, with Eternal Warrior and instant death that ignores Eternal Warrior.

Old rumors stated Stern was dead, but it seems like he is back with these rumors. He has Grey Knight Force Weapon of old, ignoring Eternal Warrior, and I'm glad he has Eternal Warrior himself. Games Workshop has seem to be giving fewer and fewer HQs this in the past codices, so I expect he will be the only unit with it in here.

· Grand Masters give out D3 minor weapon upgrades such as master-crafted weapons and digital weapons.

Could be very cool. Master-crafted Weapons and Digital Weapons make rolling a bit of a pain, as Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Vulkan players can probably atest to, but if your opponent doesn't mind you can just have one reroll for every one squad member. Grand Masters will definitely be a great HQ if they are similar to Standard Space Marine Chapter Masters in the other aspects, but I'm curious what special character Grand Masters we'll see.

· Grey Knight Command Squads may be taken which has an apothecary that gives out Feel No Pain

Command Squads have been not taken as of late due to them being overpriced, but the Blood Angels codex took a step in the right direction by making them a bit more viable. They could use a bit more increases in power/slight price decrease, so we'll have to see some more information before judging. An additional unit can only be good, though, so no complaints here.

· Inquisitor Lords are still an HQ and there are three special characters, one allowing henchmen (see below) as troops.

Inquisitor Lords making a return isn't surprising at all, nor is making Henchmen troops. I would have like to seen all Inquisitor Lords do that instead of just one Special Character, but I have a feeling that Special Character might be our good friend Coteaz.


· Henchmen squads will be elites and range from Daemonhosts and Assassins to Stormtroopers.

Good to hear. Some rumors said no Stormtroopers while others said troops, and so on. At least people with 20 of them won't have them wasted.

· Mystics are part of the Henchmen squad and count as teleport homers instead of disrupting deep striking.

No more cheesy anti-deep strike. I'm fine with it, as it was a bit overpowered.

· Assassins are still in, and you no longer require an Inquisitor. They have all changed since 3rd Edition.

While I've found them all really strong, they were either easy kill points or didn't do all too much for their point costs. I'm excited to see how they have changed.

· Vindicare has infinite ammo for special shots.

Infinite Hellfire rounds makes me happy, personally. I wonder if the ammo changed at all...
· The Callidus drops a S 4 AP 2 Large Blast upon entering the field and has a S 8 AP 2 Neural Shredder. Whether or not this is still against Leadership is unknown. Can’t assault when coming from reserves.

I'll miss the whining about how broken the Callidus was, but the blast seems very powerful, too. Hopefully A Word In Your Ear will be intact this codex.
· Terminators are about the price of standard Space Marines cost.

Fair enough. I hope they have more than just force weapons by default, though. Force weapons are strong, but having a squad full of them is a bit overkill if you ask me. Strength 6 Force Weapons, please?
· They can still mix Nemesis Force Weapons and Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield with Psycannons and Incinerators. Nemesis Force Weapon and Storm Shield is unknown still for a choice.

Expected this to stay the same. I am really hoping for Nemesis Force Weapon + Storm Shield, but we'll have to wait and see.
· There will be a new Terminator-like squad that has two wounds, Feel No Pain, and a Terminator statline. Price is unknown.

This could be so amazing, almost defining Grey Knights as I think they should be. Hopefully they'll be somewhere between normal terminators and Obliterators (75 pts) when it comes to cost and will have nice options.


· Grey Knights are about the same cost, close to Plague Marines.

Not changing too much here. I expected as much, so no much to say about this.
· As said, Stormtroopers will be able to be troops in the form of Henchmen with a Special Character.

This might be the only use for Stormtroopers, or there may be a squad in the troops area for them.
· Other troop choices remain to be seen, but Terminators may be troops by default.

Troops Terminators by default would be pretty cool, saving people from having to use a special character to play an all Terminator army.

· Grey Knight can now take Transports.

A lot of people have been wanting this for a looong time. I'm not sure if I will be one to spam vehicles, but the option is nice.

· Chimeras, Land Raiders, Razorbacks, and Rhinos are Dedicated Transports. Stormraven is not.

Chimeras as transports for Grey Knights? That would be cool. Stormraven being Fast Attack only is kind of expected. Razorback spam Grey Knights is possible, but I don't think it would be worth it.

· Psycannon and Incinerator weapons have not been mentioned on these vehicles.

I'm really hoping for Twin-linked Psycannons on Razorbacks/Land Raiders, especially in their current rumored state. Oh, everything shall be purged!

Fast Attack

· Grey Knights will see the Stormraven for themselves.

I think this is the hint that got everyone to think Grey Knights will be the next codex, so it is obvious it would be included in rumors.

· Penitent Engines are also Fast Attack and in the codex.

Penitent Engines are a bit... odd. I'm not sure if they will be worth taking over a Dreadnought, but they are pretty close in usages. Plus, they are a lot weaker in most aspects. Even if they are Fast Attack, I hope they see some changes.
· A Grey Knight Fast Attack choice may use Gate of Infinity with no scatter once a game. This may apply to all Grey Knights.

Seems really powerful, a bit too powerful at that. Teleporting across the map to contest objectives or getting away from a squad about to assault you is really strong. Add in hitting rear armor on tanks and killing squads in cover hiding in the back, it would be great but again, a bit too powerful.

Heavy Support

· There is a new Monstrous Creature/Walker similar to a Talos and Karamazov as an Elite or Heavy Support. It will be in plastic and a new model released at launch.

If there is another walker, I just don't see Penitent Engines being useful at all. Anyways, I'm curious what these guys end up having. It's a bit nondescript right now, so again, we'll have to wait and see.

· Dreadnoughts are still Heavy Support.

Expected a bit. Elites would be too cluttered if they weren't.

So, that's it for the rumors. Be sure to take everything with a grain of salt, however. Even though Blood of Kittens have been reputable in the past, many places of similar reputation have reported rumors that contradict these. I'm personally pretty excited for this new codex, even if I'm not happy with everything thus far. Have any opinions of your own on any of these? Comment them here.

Until next time,


Chapter Master: Shaken Not Stirred

Time to talk shop regarding a Space Marine Chapter Master as your HQ. While I often argue that a libby has become the standard HQ choice for generic marines for the hood and null zone, second behind him is the Chapter Master. In my 1750 list I’ve got both- pricy, yes, but check out my load out.

Chapter Master- power fist/power power sword, jump pack, artificer armor. Single, land raider cost models need to be able to do everything and anything, boost the squad they join, and work in a surgical manner. Heck, I’m also sometimes dropping vanguard vets on the table, so I don’t let silly notions like points stop me from making the magic happen, as long as I can apply and make those points back.

So the CM starts off by joining a squad- which unit depends on the mission and my opponent. Maybe he joins some assault marines, maybe he hangs with a tactical unit. Either way I try to place and keep an eye out for the orbital bombardment. I’d take the CM on this alone, so useful even if it scatters and misses. The fact that I can and will drop this, look to punish you with this if you bunch up or make a mistake is worth its weight in points. Heck, we need a tactica article on this alone- note to self.

Set your units up with lanes of fire and terrain so your opponent has to bunch up somewhere “safe” to get to objectives, etc. When the do it, BAM hit them with the OB.

Second to this the CM is an close combat booster- either as a powerful speed bump or boosting the power of dedicated assault squads. Sure he can shoot, but what am I going to kill with a single shot- even if it is a plasma pistol or combi? One or two models? I’d rather be in the assault where his 3 wounds, WS 6, and I 5 can punch through. I give him the power fist and sword combo so he has the right tool for the right job. Want to try and flatten him with the carnifex- BAM eat my power fist! MEQ infantry, BAM power sword. Finally the artificer armor allows him to take non AP 2 shots on the way in or deal with cheap horde units, perhaps even alone (as long as they aren’t poisoned gaunts!) Maybe I’ll run him with a dedicated assault squad and then break away to contest or take on the unit behind your screening unit.

Mordheim Warband Development: Part II: Shutting Down Your Opponent’s Heroes

Crossbows and pistols is what this article is really about, and how if your warband can find and use them, then one or two models in your warband should be packing them, and how I try and use them. I say “try” as there is an art to the form…

During each scenario I’m trying to do three “things”- win the scenario based on the mission outline, keep my heroes alive and in position so at the end of the game they gain experience, and remove as many of my opponent’s heroes from the game so they don’t get experience and need to be “replaced” along the way expending gold and resources.

Sometime, in a long Mordheim campaign as key points you don’t actually want to win the scenario, but go headhunting instead….

Ideally I’ve got two models working as a team with pistols and crossbows, or just bows in a pinch or based on the warband- buy/find the best that you are allowed, who’s only job is to get into position to take that lucky shot. This is the first half of it…

The second part is taking the lucky shot. Some players will risk their heroes or try to take advantage of their increased stats and abilities. Others are more conservative, and are gaming them during the exploration phase. A turn or two into the game and you will know how your opponent is playing.

Wyrdstone markers out in the open or sending out a lone henchmen is often the only bait needed for that hero to show their head, and then you take the shot. This is just one of a few ways and ideas that we are going to explore regarding crippling your opponent’s exploration phase.

Mordheim Warband Development: Part I: The Basics

So everybody has their own secret sauce regarding putting together and developing a warband for Mordheim, would I be any different? Let me share with you the filters I use when putting together a warband…

Common Mordheim tactica on the web talks about how the game is different than other skirmish based games, and definably Warhammer 40K & fantasy in that there are TWO phases to winning the game that you have to consider. To come out ahead overall in a campaign you need to do well in both the skirmish battles AND the in between game exploration. Your warband has to be able to do both these things well as you can literally “win” every scenario but still lose the campaign.

Well, I’m here to argue that there is actually a third phase to the game. Not only do I need to win the scenario, I also need to do well in the exploration phase AND I need to shut down your warband in the game so you don’t do well in the exploration phase.

Regardless of the warband I play, official or experimental I’m looking to fill it out in the following ways…

Heroes first, then henchmen, but with balance. Having heroes for the exploration phase is key, but not at the expense of having henchmen in the scenarios to do the dirty work- you don’t want to risk a loss to your hero if needed. So, these are the four “groups” that my warband breaks up into.

Deathstar: This is my powerhouse model, or in some cases model(s). Perfect examples are jacked up possessed or trolls. Hard hitting, scary, and expensive, you might think their job is to go out and kill stuff, and sometimes that is their job. But, what their real job in the group is to project a force bubble. Meaning I’m looking to get said model(s) into position where they can hide/hunker down and block my opponent’s movement- move close and I’ll thump you. Denying parts of the table to your opponent is very critical, especially in a game where the models can work independently of each other. How many points to sink into a deathstar unit? Depends on the faction- enough to make is scary, really scary, but not enough that if you lose it your crippled in the next few scenarios while you struggle to replace it.
Fast Movers: I’ve talked about how you want to keep your warband compact and working together, and how you want to spread your opponent’s out right? Search the archives for that one… Fast moving models create points that your opponent has to react to, counter, and move against. They are also there to get into position so they can “steal” the game at the last moment should the opportunity arise.

Fodder: Henchmen, rank and file. Give them two weapons and call it a day. These are the guys to capture objective markers, numbers in certain scenarios, or to act as blockers, or hordes in launching an attack.

Heroes: In addition to trying and win the mission, I’m also looking to get my heroes into position on the table to get any bonus experience, while using the fodder in my list to make sure they stay alive and active for the exploration phase. Keep in mind, that if you are using your heroes to win the game, or throwing them up against your opponent’s henchmen then maybe a strategy rethink is needed.

Tank Busting With Terminators

By steveNspace

One of my favorite strategies to pull off with my new 10 man terminator squad is to split them up and use one half to blow up an enemy battle tank on their teleport drop. With combat squads, you can deep strike half the group and do whatever you want with the other half, deploy on the table normally or deep strike somewhere else. Before I get carried away, the reason for taking a 10 man squad to begin with is to gain the ability to stack your 2 heavy weapons into a single 5 man group. I specifically like the Cyclone Missile launchers, however Assault Cannons can be just as devastating (or more vs. certain armor values).

The plan is to drop your 5 man squad down for a flanking shot on a juicy battle tank. Rear armor is best of course, but I try not to be too risky with deep strike using terminators... If there's not a good amount of space on the table, I won't try to squeeze them in behind. Usually side armor is the safest bet. Vindicator, Hammerhead, even a mighty Leman Russ… All are vulnerable to 4 krak missiles out of nowhere. The reason I prefer the CML for this tactic is the 48” range. I can deep strike at a corner edge and still get those surprise side armor shots across the board. The added range also lets me be a little more cautious and tactically flexible with my deep striking. Say there’s an enemy tank at one end of the table and a squad I need wiped out at the other end, or even just two tanks at opposite ends. With the CML, I have the option to deploy close to one unit and be prepared to assault it next turn, (providing the Terminators survive) while firing at the second target across the board when I drop down. Two birds with one stone, something much harder to pull off using the mediocre range of the Assault Cannons.

The chain fist is the other tank hunting weapon choice for Terminators. They’re cheap at only 5 points a pop, and useful if I need to bust open a Land Raider. However, I do not rely on them solely for a few reasons. I wouldn’t be able to drop down next to a demolisher tank or something equally nasty with a template AP2 weapon, as the next shooting phase would see my Terminators turned into dust since they can’t charge on the drop. Footslogging is not going to be an option either vs. those kinds of units. Don't get me wrong, Chainfists are great, but I use them as the secondary punch. Because they aren't immediate use after a deep strike, I *need* to take those heavy weapons in addition to the fists.

It’s all about scoring that tank kill immediately without giving my opponent a chance to shoot you back. With the relentless rule, the termies will shoot their CMLs or Assault Cannons right into that weak armor facing when they teleport down into battle. Remember, it only takes one demolisher cannon shot to ruin your game, so don’t give your opponent that chance... Once that tank is clear, I use my Terminators for whatever I need them for. It’s good to plan ahead, and devise a contingency plan if my tank busting fails (for example, I'll shoot with my termies before my other AT units) while equally preparing for a success and deploying where I will have a secondary target for the next turn.