Daemonhunter Combat Patrol

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New player and was wondering about starting a Demon Hunter force. I calculated a combat patrol army to get my army started consisting of:

Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex - Forgeworld Model
147 Pts total for Lord and retinue
-Force weapon
-Artificer Armour
--Acolyte with Artificer armor

1 Justicar
8 Grey Knights
1 Grey knight with incinerator (I think it said only 9 in squad so i might have to recalculate that)

1 Rhino

I calculated it to be 135 dollars
Then i calculated all the codex Paint because i want to use the codex coloring
and i calculated 3 paintbrushes

It came out to about $208

Is it worth it to spend that much money on a 400 Point combat patrol army?
Or is there a way to get a box set of Demon hunters?

Reply Out:

Hi, combat patrol/500 point games are a great way to get started in 40K and learn how to play an army. They are also great for getting 3-4 games in where a larger 1750-2000 point battle game might mean only one played. Daemonhunters are also getting a new codex soon which is also really nice. Building a combat patrol army also means less models to build and paint- so you can really focus on making them stand out.

Let’s take a look at your combat patrol list and make a few changes…

With the Grey Knights drop the incinerator and add in a psy-cannon. The ‘knights will be on foot and walking across the table- so that is a special weapon that won’t be firing till mid to later in the game. With the knights you want to be moving and firing the storm bolters and the psycannon each and every turn- they put out a lot of shots! Plus the S6 of the psycannon gives you a change to bust open vehicles or tough infantry units- you can have up to ten knights in a squad.

With the rhino- swap it to a chimera so it can also get some shots off, plus the AV 12 front armor makes a big difference. The question here is going to be finding the points to pay for it- drop the artificer armor and play around with some other stuff- besides you can’t have a 2+ save in combat patrol anyway.

This would give you a unit and a vehicle with some good long to mid range shooting, and an assault unit in the Grey Knights. From there as time and money permits you can add another Grey Knight squad and build up in points.

As for the models, GW only really sells them in the smaller units- no battle force or box set. BUT if you check online- ebay, bartertown, etc. you can find used Grey Knights for a reasonable price- and since they are metal they strip down real easy if they are already painted- unlike plastic models which are really hard or impossible to strip.

I’d also check out my 40K bud Jawaballs’ web site and youtube channel- just type in “Jawaballs” in google or youtube as he has lots of vids, tips, and reviews on painting which will help you get started.


Wolf Scouts?

I’ve been starting to roll out the ‘wolves onto the table, and I have to say when looking at some of the other guys at the club, and the internetz as a whole I’m kind of surprised by some of the lacking Space Wolf builds out there…

Why are like all the ‘wolf armies I see either razorback spam, as the lines between Blood Angels and ‘wolves thins to just be all razorbacks, or all T-wolf cavalry- which I can at least understand from a WAAC mindset.

Where is Arjac? Bjorn? The Trickster? Wolf Scouts? So many possibilities in the ‘dex are falling short. I do agree that wolf claw terminators got hit with the points. So I’ve got a back of scouts that often work the outflank. Need to keep them mobile with the ability to move, shoot, and assault, so plasma pistols, melta guns, and bombs are the way to go. That’s not to say they always outflank- infiltrating is good for when I need them as a speed bump and not a siphoning unit. A siphoning unit is one that deploys on the side of the battle to lure off a unit or two of your opponent’s so your army deals with less of them coming directly at you. If the scouts had a missile launcher and cloaks maybe, but then I’d be codex marines. Plasma and melta are short range so they need to be in the path of anything incoming.

More SW shenanigans on the way, I’m at 1500 points, and working my way to 1750…

Grey Knight Incinerators?

Man, I’ve gotten a lot of Grey Knight feedback and email recently following a few posts and battle reports. Maybe it is all the anticipation of the codex dropping in a few months? Maybe it is inquisitor Fritz being admitted into the secret conclave of Grek Knight players? I will say this, the GK community is very much alive and very close knit, more so then even the Tyranid community out there in the interwebz.

So what about incinerators? What place if any do they have? Sure they invulnerable saves, but unless you are facing daemons or mass harlequins that little gem really doesn’t matter.

The key with the incinerators is that you have to get in your opponent’s face with them and wash them with that purifying flame. Much like the psy-cannon you are giving up that S6 attack, and unlike the psy-cannon you are not at least getting the trade off of some S6 shots to offset the S6 assault attacks.

So if I have to get in your face with the incinerators the question is now how to do it?

The fun way, and the conservative way…

The fun way is to play the knights as small teleport attack squads which have the additional advantage of not taking up valuable heavy support or elite slots. I take mine in groups of five- justicar, two storm bolter knights, and two incinerator knights. They go in reserve, and then when they enter play they put their faith in the emperor and teleport down point blank in front of the opponent with no room to scatter. Hands down this is risky, some might even say stupid, especially given the costs of the unit, and taking it away from scoring status as a fast attack unit. 100% true, remember this is the fun way of playing. While I’m looking to “kill” stuff, what I’m really looking to do, along with my assassin and other siphoning units is to draw away my opponent to these “distractions” so all of his army doesn’t focus on my advancing knights and pound them into the ground. Unfortunately, the overpriced teleport homers really don’t work as units with them will not be forward enough to bring them right down like you might do with chaos daemons or obliterators in a chaos army ala icons.

The conservative way of doing it is to take that unit and keep it as scoring, putting it in a land raider as a counter push unit for later taking objectives. Put that objective mid field and wait with the raider. Let your opponent take said objective, pelting them with psy-cannon and las-cannon fire, then on turn five push with the land raider, disembark, wash with flame, storm bolter, and assault to take the objective.

Grey Knight Tactics

Fritz here continuing on with the Daemonhunter knowledge, moving along to Grey Knights- the current workhorse of the codex. With this article we are going to be looking at the power armored flavor and then the 2+ flavor next week.

Starting off with the powered armor marine you actually get a nice bit of wargear and some nifty abilities for 25 points- a storm bolter, S6 weapon, shrouding, fearless, and built in psychic defense. Is this worth “25” points? By itself, yes, when compared to the cheap and plenty philosophy of 5th no. So right away you know against any other army except perhaps Necrons you are going to be outnumbered and outgunned. Tactics, are going to be the solid equalizer in the equation.

First up is squad size, what number to take? Being fearless there is the option to take a small group- five or so since the knights won’t be breaking and running off objectives, but being outnumbered this is perhaps not the best option. I’m a strong believer in taking ten strong with the justicar and two special weapon options. This lets me take some losses while still being a threat, along with allowing me to potentially string out units to cover multiple objectives, especially for those times when I need to be on an objective yet still within 6” of a fleeing unit to keep it moving back and away.

Special weapons. Two psy-cannons standard. Put out of you mind that you are paying 50 points for a heavy bolter like weapon, let it pass…

Justicar. Auspex, meltabombs, and bionics are standard, and the rest depends on the points you regularly play at. There is the possibility for a third psy-cannon in there, but the points are what keep that in check nebulous rules aside.

So the next question is- what do Grey Knights want to do? Well they like to combine shooting and assaulting for a one two punch to take out their opponent, and this is what we want to do with them. Essentially at the start of the game use those psy-cannons to target transports to get your opponent out on foot, followed by the storm bolters and psy-cannons as your opponent moves into infantry range, followed by one last volley of bolters before you charge with the S6 weapons. With this combination 10 knights are actually pretty strong.

Of course the finesse here is gently nudging your opponent into a position where they allow you to do this- and objective placement is first place to start. So you have that objective in hand, where does it go? Say we are playing capture and control. Right on the edge as far away as possible from your opponent? Nope. You would want to place it around 16” in from your table edge out in the open, (unless you are facing Eldar) and then park the knights right on the table edge in terrain. This means your opponent can’t take out the knight and capture the objective in one shot. It also helps to keep some of their forces in check away from you as they hold the objective. When the time is right and you are in position with the dreads (from last week’s article) fire that final volley and close for the assault.

A final work on the shrouding, forget about it actually saving you, today’s game is to fast with so many models on the table they will be able to probably shoot you on turn one. Use cover, terrain to block LOS or good old fashioned reserves to work around this.

Grey Knight Dreadnought Tactica

Continuing to put my spin on playing a Daemonhunter army, I’m going to continue the series this week with looking at the dreadnought, and why one would need its support in their army. While generic marines and the other 5th edition marines (BA & SW) have their own specialized dreads the Inquisition is still a bit behind on the times with their generic dreads- dreads that never the less must fulfill multiple roles for almost twice the costs. Such is the way of =I= right now…

At first glance the dreadnought appears to not always be the best choice for the Daemonhunter player as it occupies a heavy support choice in the codex competing for land raider and orbital bombardments. Towards the end of 4th edition not a dreadnought was in sight as the tri-raider list was popular so it wasn’t an issue. However, the game and how the community plays as always has evolved. A three raider GK list no longer works, but we will save that for a future article when we bring all the concepts together. Now dreads are mandatory to pull off a mission.
So before we get to the wargear what is the role of the model on the table? With so few unit choices, and costly basic troops/elites each model in the army needs to pull down multiple roles. No dedicated roles here! The dreadnought needs to be able to both provide long range support, followed by close range support to back up the ‘knights as the enemy closes in.

To make this happen we are going to start with adding the las-cannon for that long range punch, Keeping the close combat arm while adding a heavy flamer, and then throwing on some extra armor and smokes. Expensive? Hell yea, but what do you expect, we are playing Daemonhunters. Consider is incentive to push the learning curve…

Two are always better than one...

So now that we have said dread, what is the plan for him?

At the start of the game he is going to be looking to fire at any transports and start getting guys out on foot so the knights can get to work with their storm bolters and psy-cannons mid game, along with the assassin setup. As much as you want to fire at that land raider about to rush forward forget about it for now, we have other/better tricks for that mid game when it is in range.

Mid game he is either going to act as a speed bump to assault incoming units so your knights can keep backpedaling while using the storm bolters and psy-cannons or he is going to join in a multi-assault to help make up for the lack of numbers or losses to the knights.

More than anything else placement is key before the game starts, especially with your dreads. They are going to need to be in terrain for that cover save, keeping in mind that if there is only room for one to get the 4+ save, the other can park and peek out behind the first for the 4+. They also need to be in a place next to the knights so your opponent is forced to move through their path. Forget about moving out of cover and chasing or moving to intercept the opponent. They will go down! Stay put and wait for the moment. Also keep in mind how objective placement can funnel your opponent past your dreads.

Keeping your dreads alive to counter assault or speedbump is very important mid to end game, especially when your opponent has closed and is now in 2d6 melta range, or about to be. That is when shooting takes a back seat and you pop your smokes. Now in cover you have multiple layers of protection- first that 4+ cover save, and then the smoke (using the old rules, capitalizing on GW’s laziness) which takes all penetrating hits down to a glance.

Finally a word on the heavy flamer- be aware of the casualties you can cause, especially if your also tag teaming the unit with your knights- kill enough with the flamer- especially Tyranids and Orksies can have your opponent pulling off the lead models leaving you unable to assault.

More next week on realigning DH tactics for 5th! For the Emperor! Fritz Out!

Fritz’s 750 Point Challenge

So I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on my 500 point army rant…and I mean a lot…interesting. It has been a real eye opener for me from the other side of the community, the new or casual 40K player who is perhaps feeling a bit out classed, left out, or where to just start in the 40K hobby.

Sure I’ve got a lot of armies, some really great, some crap, more then I’d perhaps like to admit or ever really will to the wifey- a natural product of playing a hobby for so many years and at a great club with a cool bunch of guys.

BUT if I stretch my mind back to the beginning of time, at the dawn of the Imperium of Man it was just me and my buddy Naps playing Rogue Trader, with my Eldar pirate force of fifteen or so models. That is where I started...

So here is where I want YOU to start- the 750 point challenge. I’ve been experimenting with different sub 1750 point levels looking for two things- playing with the smallest amount of points so new players to the hobby aren’t overwhelmed and can afford the buy in, but with the largest amount of points so all codexes have a few toys to play with but nothing over the top or spammy. 750 is that sweet spot. Can’t pack in an IG tank battalion plus air cav support, and Necrons can get more than just a crappy lord and two warriors.

So what is the 750 point challenge? Right…

Write up a 750 army list and send me a battle report to post on up here at the blog. Send me those armies lists with your thoughts on the how, what, why you are thinking at 750 points. Pictures, pictures, pictures or it didn’t happen! Full credit to the posters and a link to your blog, page, or gaming group of course.

I’m going to posting up my own full detail battle reports ala White Dwarf trying to cover two spots- for the new player to the hobby talking about what I am taking in the list, what I am thinking, and trying to do on the table as long as the dice hold out, and for the veteran player how the army thinks and feels at 750 points over a 2K game.

I’ve got my first army all set and painted just for said challenge, and I’ll be posting it up with the how, what, why tomorrow- till then here is a hint: Xeno Space Crusade.

So are you up for the challenge?

My Next Tournament Army?

This army started out during Games Day 2009, hanging out with Brother Captain James talking about a doubles tourney we were going to play in and stupid armies since the tourney had a bunch of stupid force org requirements over the standard 1 HQ + 2 TROOPS so we were looking for way to bypass it...

I said I'd build it and play it, and I got the last two from Black Matt at the club! Actually comes out to 36 on the table. LOL! BFS is having a big 60+ table GT in October and I am SO tempted to show up with this. Guys who play me and get the buy have to share the loot, lose to me and you should give up 40K...

Games Day Eldar Scorpion Gear


Land Speeder Storm: Viable? Tactics?

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Hey I was wondering if landspeeder storms were viable in a 1750pt list. I've read on the Internet that it was a terrible unit since it takes up a fast attack slot, an easy kill point, and has terrible rules. Is it more of a fun unit or a competitive one?

Reply Out:

Well every unit in your army needs to have a reason for being there beyond the looks of the model, but perhaps none other than the storm. The main way I’ve seen it used is as a turn five contester/scoring unit ala Eldar. Cheap on points perhaps, but it can’t tank shock and its open topped.

The way I’ve been using it, proxying a regular speeder for now, is as part of an alpha-strike assault marine lists. I’ve talked before how in 5th the assault phase is more powerful then the shooting phase since you r single unit can “kill” multiple units in the assault phase, while for the most part shooting can only go 1 for 1- machine spirit raiders and long fangs excepted of course.

In support of my ten assault terminators with Shrike and Lysander I’ve got some storms with dudes inside. Storms set up in the center, Shrike/Lysander and the lads infiltrate, then the storms move and guys assault backing up the terminators. I’m also not as vulnerable to a first turn seize with the open topped storms since the infiltrating and fleeting terminators 18”away get all the attention…


Games Day 2010 Video!

Just a quick summary vid from Games Day 2010! More to come...

500 Points Saim-Hann

Five hundred points of pure Saim-Hann doing what they do best- shooting, moving, and winning by being a total pain in the ass. Used correctly this army won’t win you any friends…

HQ: Farseer W/ Jetbike & Guide & Singing Spear
Troops: 5 Jetbikes W/ 1 Shuriken Cannon X 2
Fast Attack: 2 Vypers W/ EML Top & Shuriken Cannon Under

Nice and compact, fast and sexy on the table. Biggest entry point is going to be buying the ten jetbikes you need. Look for them off ebay or bartertown or for an old Apocalypse box- although they are becoming harder and harder to find. Farseer can be easy or hard. Easiest way is to buy the jetbike autarch and use him- could also work as an autarch if you want to play with reserves, etc. If you are into conversions then use the fantasy wood elf rider, capes, and bitz to do it- can and does look very good. Vypers are well vypers, pick up two and you are set. Although we are using EML’s go through the trouble of magnetizing them for more options later. Also consider buying a pack of magz to make the magnetic flying bases.


The nice thing about this army is that it plays the same regardless of the mission. Everything works together as a wolf pack hanging back at maximum range shooting and then zipping away when things get to close. You have 48” on the missiles, 24” on the cannons, and then twin linked at the 12”.

First up is target priority and getting cover saves. The vypers are fantastic gunboats but they are open topped and only AV 10. They need to stay behind cover at all ranges, especially at las cannon or S8 missile range- if you can get them behind cover, after you shoot, use the jetbike 6” assault phase to move your bikes infront and wrapping around the back- now both vypers and bikes get the cover save. Remember the vypers are a squad so only one has to be in “cover” for the unit to get it. Nice Eldar trickery there…

So at the start of the game you hand back with one jetbike group attaching to the farseer as she casts guide on the vypers. The second group may hang back or move forward a bit to shuriken cannon snipe. Shoot just on the end of 24” and then move 6” back in the assault phase. Take out light transports first with plasma and then switch to frag. Forget about firing at that land raider if somebody brings on at 500 points- let it come to you and witchblade it or get cover and stay out of heavy bolter range if they are using it as a fire base.

In objective missions once the bikes start taking losses, zip away to get cover saves to keep them up for objectives. Turn five vypers and farseer turbo to contest as needed. Keep your objectives out of cover so there are no terrain tests, but be ready to hide your jetbikes behind them for the 4+ cover save , and if need go to ground for the 3+ to keep them up. In multiple 4+ objective games spread out the ones you can place as best you can. In kill point games you can be a total jerk- kill two things for the points and then zip away on the table edges, etc.

500 Point Daemonhunter Army Warhammer 40,000

“Narrow minded fool! What do you know of the warp? What you have been told from those in the classroom and from dusty old tomes? I have tasted the power of chaos and spat it from my mouth! The end justifies the means, and I will pursue those ends to any means!”

Inquisitor Hermonius Xon (Branded Radical)

Kicking off the first in my 500 point article series we are going to start with good old Daemonhunters since they have a soft spot in my heart. At 500 points, Daemonhunters are right before Necrons with their challenge level- the older codex with over priced units for the most part makes 500 points quite interesting.

Right away, the bad news is that Grey Knights are pretty much out- two small 5 knight squads + psycannon, with a terminator and a Grand Master + trinkets is just not enough- at the end of the day GK’s are still space marines. So that leaves the inquisitorial route, which the good news is that storm troopers in the =I= codex are still a fantastic buy. This is the core concept that we are going to build around plus making use of a little know and never used unit: daemonhosts!

So we start with the inquisitor lord since that is the only HQ choice that we can take, add in a bolter, CCW, and three warriors/2 henchmen (2 hellguns + 1 melta gun) and we are set. Pity there is no points for any wargear, but we will be relying on the abilities of the lord to help get through the game. I should also say at 500 point with so few models to paint, armies at this level are fantastic for really converting and painting to build a visually stunning army. Because of that I’d recommend the Inquisitor Lord holding a sacred tome from GW web site- the open book offers some fantastic scroll work opportunity to write in those true names to control the daemonhosts.

Next are our two mandatory troop choices- 10 storm troopers strong with one melta gun x 2 and we are set there. Modeling there are a lot of options here- generic Cadian guard is the quickest and easiest. Visually I like the Vostran First Born sets- pick up three of them, proxy the included flamer for a melta, and you have enough troops for the two storm trooper squads and the inquisitorial henchmen. You won’t be using the heavy weapons in this list, but they could later proxy for a heavy weapons servitor with some slight changes and or objective markers.

Finally the two daemonhosts fill out the list offering more possibilities- buy two of the host models or convert your own- hosts can really be any model.

28 models @ $145 dollars from the GW site if you want to go that way.

So now you have your models painted and converted up and we can move onto mission tactics. As a starting point we are going to divide the army into two group- the inquisitor and henchmen + daemnhosts in one and the two storm troopers in the other. Basically the first group is going to go out and wreck things while the second group supports, stays alive and captures/holds objectives.

The use of cover and LOS blocking terrain is going to be key to the game since transports to protect the storm troopers are out based on their point cost. Place any objectives that you can in cover, get the storm troopers there and hold fast. Keeping them alive is more important than shooting so be prepared to go to ground for the 3+ cover save as needed.

Your inquisitor goes front and center and heads toward your opponent. Any shots fired at him are shots not taken against your storm troopers. You want to exploit the fact that most players shoot at the closest unit. Remember that the warriors have a targeter, and both frag and krak grenades to deal with any vehicles, and that the inquisitor can make use of the iron will rule which we will talk more about in a moment.

Finally the daemonhosts- these deepstrike in next to your opponent, absorbing shots, hoping to roll the right power at the right moment and assaulting things. The inquisitor will hold the line till the hosts arrive. Now onto the missions…

Seize Ground

With the objectives that you can place you want to place them in terrain as best as possible and mirror as many as you can on both sides of the board since you won’t know if you are going first or second yet. Place them 12 from the edge, sides if possible, center if your opponent has potential out flankers.

When you deploy the storm troopers head to the objectives and get in cover, secure and stay. If any vehicles get past your lord and deamonhosts the melta guns are there on the storm troopers to pop them and then rapid fire with the hell guns on the guys inside. Try to move to hold two objective within 12”-24” of each other so both storm trooper groups can cover each other with 24” shots if needed.

The inquisitor and his henchmen float around and near your own two troop units to act as a speed bump or siphon unit as needed, and again to take wounds. The only time this really changes is if there is a big boom vehicle like a Leman Russ or heavy tank that needs to get taken out- head for it and pop that melta into is as best you can. As a speed bump unit the inquisitor is great for stalling assaulters- your opponent moves to assault, shoots, you auto fail LD and fall back so they can’t assault. Next turn auto-regroup and fire the storm troopers in the unit and on the objectives at your opponent. Don’t forget those targeters can also be used to judge ranges.

With the daemonhosts you are going to target your opponent’s troops first and move to assault them when you can. Keep the two hosts together and use them as if they are a single unit.

Capture & Control

A variant on the seize ground strategy where the ‘hosts are going to be doing all the work. Two troop units on your objective in cover. Lord inform as a speedbump and hosts ready to teleport in. With the lord you are going to advance forward trying to intercept your opponent. Again using iron will to fall back as needed and slow down any assaulters or incoming units. Keep pushing forward as a distraction. When the hosts come in bring them in to your opponent’s objective area and try to then run into cover for the 3+ save. If you can hide them behind LOS terrain all the better. Again, the target is your opponent’s troops holding their objective, and/or to contest their objective.


This is the hardest mission for the radical 500 point army as it has no long or mid range shots and has to walk across the battlefield. Deploy as far forward as possible and start advancing. Bring the hosts in near any isolated targets and go for the kill points. Once your storm troopers or lord start getting smaller in size start running and hiding them to deny the kill point. Pretty straight forward.

Final Thoughts?

A lot of fun with this army is the randomness of the deamonhosts- if you get what you need in the moment they are crazy unstoppable in such a low point game, on the opposite side roll something odd and they are useless for the turn- nothing you can do about this but trust in the Emperor even if you are a radical!

Warhammer 40,000: 500 Point Games (An Introduction)

Why play Warhammer 40,000 at 500 points? Can you enjoy the 40K experience at 500 points?

From the point of view of a new/perspective player to the hobby Warhammer 40,000 can be an overwhelming experience. The larger 1550-2000 point games that seem to be the “norm” in the community and tournament scene are quite overwhelming. How do you build and paint so many models? So many rules to remember? Where to start, and we aren’t even talking about the time and cost of such an army.

Playing games at 500 points is a fantastic way to get into the hobby at a completely manageable pace. It gives the new player a smaller selection of models and units to buy, build, paint, and learn to use. For potential players still on the fence about the hobby the cost to play is around $200-$250 with paint, models, and supplies.
But what about the veteran player?

500 points is a very different game then ~1750 and offers a fresh perspective on the hobby. Tactics really matter and the loss of each model really impacts the game. At 1750 with certain spam builds who cares if you lose a few razorbacks or chimeras- you have five + more! At 500 points the game is all skill and not just rolling handfuls of dice or broken meta combos. You can also play 2-3 as many games in the same time that it takes to play that 1750 point game, and having a few smaller 500 point armies gives you a chance to enjoy some other armies you might like to play without leaving your core army.

The hobbyist?

And finally 500 points is a great level for the hobby oriented player. This is the player who enjoys painting and collecting more than playing for the most part. When you are focusing on around twenty or so models you can really take your time painting and converting some fantastic looking stuff allowing you to own and experiment with a number of different armies while still enjoying the odd game here and there.

Where to start?

I’m going to be posting up a number of 500 point armies on my blog (links to the left) to get you started with building your own armies along with some ideas to consider for the game at this level. With each army I’m looking at a few factors:
F-U-N: First and foremost is fun. 500 points is going to allow you to get in a lot of games, so you don’t have to worry about winning or losing. I’m looking to combine certain themes from the different army books and fluff since we are looking at the game system from more of a skirmish level.

Conversion: As mentioned before with less models to paint and build I want to focus on units that can really be converted or visually presented- something your friend will see and think “Wow! I want that!”.

Cost: From the perspective of a veteran gamer who is looking for a diversion from their main army and the new player who still isn’t sure of the 40K hobby I’m looking to combine a good model count while still being both cost and table effective.

Competition: Finally completion- each army has to be able to hold their own based on the units and age of the codex. There are going to be some odd units, and stuff that just doesn’t work at 1750+ games, but does exceptionally well at 500 points or with some luck- there will be a method to my madness…

Games Day 2010 Cos Play

Back from Games Day 2010 and what a blast! Sifting through all the pics and videos that will be going up on the blog here over the next few days so stay tuned. In the mean time here are some cosplay pics to tide things over...

Is 500 Points The New 2000 Points?

What is better then winning games? Complaining about them!

Time for another Fritz rant…

When I started to really play 40K in a large group setting 1500 points was the gold “standard”. When GW ramped their grand tournaments up to 1750 points that became the standard, now 1850-2000 points seems to be the gold standard with 2500 not far behind…and we are not talking about Apocalypse games here.

Within the scope of the 40K rules how is this effecting the game?

At many levels 40K is becoming a first turn game- and where is the fun in that?
Since Jawaballs is my friend, his flattering opinion of me really doesn’t count as far as 40K street cred goes, but the other day we were talking about the state of 40K now compared to when 5th edition first came out. He pointed out how well I often do with what the internet considers crappy armies and with some of the odder themed armies that I like to play ala harlequins, followed by asking me to imagine how much better I’d do if I actually played a “competitive army”. Competitive = Blood Angels or Space Wolves razorback spam and IG valk/chimera spam.

Besides the point of view that I visually like playing the armies I play, and 40K is about visuals since we are not playing with plastic tokens on a 2d board, would I really win more with a competitive army? Flame me if you want, and I encourage it, but do you really need skill to win with a "competitive army"? I wager that beyond understanding the 40K rules and the basics of target priority there is little skill in running these armies. Line up, roll some dice. It all comes down to who goes first most of the time.

Disagree with me? Good, but please continue reading on and hear me out.

I know the rules and 5th game system favors certain armies- auto-win armies are nothing new, they existed and will continue to exist- remember assault cannon spam? What about the stealer rush? Rhino rush? Harlequin clown cars. The last GW GT I played in had two types of armies on the top two tables- stealer backed nidzilla or Eldar clowncars.

The difference?

Guys who played these armies (for the most part) knew they were power gaming the builds- they had no illusion of being an uber general or table top mastah. Why are things different now a few years later?

Why do you think your razorspam army makes you a top general?

What does it say about the “hobby” when you show up to a “competitive” tournament and it is all guard and razor spam along with a few daemon players still trying to sucker a few players with their fatecrusher build?

If you want to “win” then fine, but don’t consider yourself elite unless you are winning with some of the other less then optimal builds.

Why have I been playing Grey Knights recently? Beyond the visuals of the models and some wargear quirks, if I beat an opponent with such an army that means my game is on 100%. Everything has to be flawless to win- from deployment, to target priority, to speed bumping, tarpitting, and whatever else you want to call it. I want to pit my game skills against my opponent’s game skills and see who comes out top, not leveraging an army that needs no skills.

Players thinking they are the bomb are not totally at fault with these armies- GW knows what they are doing, I’ve talked to them, been told stuff I'll never put into print, seen and felt where the hobby is going. As I’ve said before, their “vision” of 40K 5th edition was going to be apocalypse- everybody buy expensive super heavies and throw down 2K+ of whatever models you want and start blasting away. Problem is, with apoc there are no rules- you need some force org limits and balance for the game to work. When apoc didn’t really take off, the next step was to start reducing the point cost of armies so at X point level played you get that many more tanks, infantry, etc. Sell more plastic crack, but this isn’t pushing the strategy level of the game.
Notice how they brought all those super heavies into the game with the new 5th 'dexes? Wan't to be that when orks get a new codex a stompa will be in there...
Who cares if I lose a valk, I’ve got two more- lose a razorback, got six more! Bid deal. On a side note, I’ll say it again since I’m already turning blue, planetstrike was a test run for 40K 6th edition. Got an army? Now you will need two variants of said army- one for being the “attacker” force org chart, and the other the “defender” force org chart. My 2000 point army now morphs into a 4000 point army. Yay! More plastic crack!

So what is the solution if you crave skill and the challenge of the game?
I don’t really know, other than the GW party line of playing the game how you want to play. I will tell you what I have been experimenting with recently, and what I challenge YOU to try out…

Try playing standard 40K at 500 points- not combat patrol, or kill team, but straight up 40K. What units do you take to get the job done when you can’t back in your three predators or five dire avenger grav tanks? The word "redundancy" bantered all about the internet suddenly means only two melta guns rather then ten. It really balances out risk and reward.

I’ve been playing a lot of 500 point games recently and have noticed quite a few things about them. First is the fact that I can get in 3-4 games in the same time it takes to play a 2000 point game. More games = more fun. Terrain, tactics, outflanking, etc. all really mean something now since you really have to make decisions regarding you army list. You can’t have everything, relying on the meta game or rules exploits to win the day.

True, at 500 points some armies just can’t really work or are uber boring like Necrons- 2 warrior units and a lord! (suck) or Grey Knights at 500 points, but these are the older forgotten ‘dexes. 500 points of IG, Blood Wolves or Tyranids can throw down some potent stuff in a small package.

I’m running out of steam and focus here and have actually forgotten where I'm going with this…so other then hitting me up with some feedback, flames, and comments, go out and try a few 500 point games and see how it feels, and how it refreshes the game for you, since you have to play on a different level and from a different perspective. You have to consider different options and things.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting up some 500 point lists with battle reports and ideas regarding what I’m thinking with the units and models selected to show that contrast vs. a 1750-2000 point army.

Callidus Assassin Tactica

Having recently been spotted playing Grey Knight, both in anticipation of their upcoming codex release and with some nostalgia for one of my first armies I thought I would share with the fine readers of my blog how I’m using them on the table. I know they have been talked about in some past posts, but I’d like to put a Fritz perspective on them, and on the Callidus in particular…

At first glance the Callidus really looks and acts like an assassin. She arrives like a deepstrike with no scatter, has a potentially nasty template weapons, and can then assault with a weapon that ignores both armor and invulnerable saves. Problem is, using her in this way, something that just comes in and “kills” never really works. The game has just changed so much since the initial release of the Daemonhunter codex. Assassins are no longer the power house hitters that they used to be- but with a little planning then can potentially be that and so much more.

The key to using Daemonhunters, and Grey Knights in particular is to siphon off your opponent’s units regardless of the mission. What I mean by this is that your entire army needs to be working as a block moving forward- all of your models and resources need to be applied to your opponent. No units can be just sitting back camping on an objective, etc. Now as an =I= player you are going to be outnumbered, outgunned, and out-everything. You can’t take on the full force of your opponent’s army- you need to break off bits of theirs at a time and apply the entire force of your army against thse bite sized bits- and the assassin is one of three tools to do this.

From the very first turn you need to be setting the situation/table up for the Callidus to arrive. The first thing I do is identify the unit I want to eventually hit when she arrives. This unit is never a dedicated assault unit as they will eat her alive. What I’m looking for is a unit off to the sides and near the middle or rear of the table/spearhead coming towards my army.

The next question is how much does this unit have to be softened up before the assassin hits? Does it have to be de-meched? Do my knights have to hit it with a few psycannon shots? Prime the target for the assassin to hit. Unlike regular 40K best practices where you want to shoot a unit and keep shooting it till it’s dead, I only want to bring the targeted unit down a bit in strength and size- enough so at best the Callidus can take the unit, at worst she get’s locked in the assault.

I’m also trying to manipulate the table, sometime successfully, sometimes not, to get my opponent to bunch up, setting things up for the neural shredder- again to help thin the numbers before I assault. In the example above where I am firing at an imaginary razorback filled with the minimum of guys my dreadnought(s) and Grey Knight squads will work together. The knights will try to position themselves so that when the dreads pop the transport and the guys inside get out they will want to get behind that LOS blocking wreck or terrain piece so they don’t eat a hail or storm bolter and psycannon shots.

When the assassin strikes, and wipes out the unit, of I may be so bold, the next step is to consolidate and hide- the perceived threat of what she can do now on the table, is magnitudes better then what she can actually do. Forget about charging her forward towards your opponent, run, hide the highland way. This is where siphoning off units comes into play. With the assassin on the sides of the advance my opponent will have to make a choice, break off a unit or two, or shoot with a unit or two if the assassin is in sight, or keep going to engage the bulk of my knights advancing. At this point for me, keeping her alive is the most important thing- so going to ground for the 3+ cover save takes over from the 4+ invulnerable save…

In this age of mighty Space Marine heroes and Mephestons on every table the role of the assassin changes and evolves…

40K Battle Report: Fritz Knights Vs. Khanh’s Swiftriders

So after slugging it out with my Necrons the Khanh bikers deployed vs. my Grey Knights personally led by yours truly, Inquisitor Fritz. Mission was annihilate with the GK’s fielding a land raider, two las cannons dreads, a group of terminators, an assassin and =I= Fritz. Space Marines had a Khanh + chappy lead command squad jacked out, three large bike units, and three groups of melta missile speeders. My opponent takes first turn and deploys everything out long across the table, again based on my army and the mission this is almost correct…

I castle up in the lower left since there is more terrain and I want the bikes to dangerous through it. I use a word in your ear to move the far right bike squad further away and into terrain for tests- which kill one marine plus a PF sarge later when they move out. The correct deployment for my opponent would have been smack in the center as far forward as he could- this way if/when I castle all his units can blob me, with a long deployment the once in the center and left would get me, but the units on the right will take a bit longer. This delay is what wins the game.
I deploy the knights near the raider, two dreads in a building to the right for cover saves, and the termies just ahead in terrain. My plan? Hold and shoot at the speeders and let the bikes come to me, when they get in range, assault with the termies and dreads as the first wave, and then shoot/assault with the knights as a second wave. Since this is a kill point mission if things go really bad, Inquisitor Fritz and a group of knight will jump in the raider and zoom away to deny two kill points. Cowardly? Don’t you dare question the methods of the Inquisition!

I deploy and castle, and then invoking the name of the god emperor of mankind I seize first turn! SOP for kill point missions with GK’s- it gives your dread and LR las cannons a “free” round of shooting, plus being speeders my four psy-cannons also have something to shoot out. Now lil Will who plays Chaos Space Marines game over to watch our game and hang out, and it must have been his influence of Chaos that cast itself over the game, lending the god’s blessings on these traitor marines…
…my psycannons hit true, and las cannons found their mark on the land speeders, but all I was capable of rolling was “1” and “2”’s- and blowing off a weapon on one, immobilizing another. Epic fail on the first turn seize…

Bike turbo boost and move out, next turn they will be assaulting. I REALLY need my assassin to come in now…and she doesn’t.

Now here is the problem with Grey Knight terminators, and there is no real work around for it if you are running a sized group that can’t fit in a raider. Ask yourself, why doesn’t anybody play regular termies anymore? Because they die like nothing with that 5+ invul save in a day and age where every rank and file guardsman is packing a melta gun. With so much more AP1 stuff on the table, that 5+ needs to be a 3+ storm shield, or at least a 4+ cover save, so GK termies who suck with the 5+ need that 4+ cover save…

I need to hit the command squad before they get furious charge off, so at least my termies can get a swing, I roll for difficult terrain and I get a “1” and a “2”. Now I’m sucking wind…

My two dreads have better results and they was a command squad with their heavy flamers, fire the lases and then assault taking out the squad. On the massacre roll I go bone head, and forget about the bike squad coming on my right, and leave the dreads facing forward- in line for a rear armor melta shot later, which one eats and explodes.

Command squad then hits my terminators and goes down hard, all of them without even swinging back. Defiantly =I= Fritz fries one with his combi melta as the two knight squads shoot and assault, backed by the dread who flames, shoots, and assaults, backed by the assassin who finally shows up, who shreds and assaults. Even with all that, leveraging the best of generic knights- combining shooting and then assaulting, I take the squad out to just khanh, who hits and runs away. Second dread goes down to a speeder melta shot, along with my assassin who eats a krak missile, before my psycannons and land raider lases finally silence the speeders. The remaining bike squad with Khanh moves into position to assault, as both my knights and =I= counter assault shooting and piling on. The game ends with a lone space marine biker moving away and hiding while I have two knight squads and a land raider left winning in kill points.

40K Battle Report: Necrons Vs. Khanh’s Swiftriders

Tonight at the club my Necrons stepped up to face a fast moving space marine bike army led by Khanh. Khanh was attached to a jacked out command squad led by a chaplain, along with three scoring bike units, and three group of melta missile speeders. Mission was seize ground, three objectives, with a 12” deployment. Two objectives were placed mid field left, and on to the right. I won first turn and of course passed it to my opponent who began setting up.

Deconstructing his army I was worried about the Khanh led bike squad as it literally could rip through my entire army and would be on me in two turns. This is the type of unit that is little seen in my experience, and if you don’t know what it could do, it can and will catch you by surprise. Furious charge, litanies of hate, feel no pain, TH/SS bikers- the works all mounted on a fast moving T5 platform. Most marine deathstar units these days are terminators in a land raider + null libby…

So my opponent deploys the speeders and outflanks everything else. I breathe a slight sigh of relief, now I at least have a chance with the ‘crons- and we’ll get to more of that in a moment. I deploy everything and castle up in the center of the table. Two warrior groups and the C’Tan to the left, immortals and the lord on a hill next to them, and 15 destroyers in the center. You know when elite jacked out marine bikers STILL outnumber you, your codex needs some updating ASAP…

As standard destroyer wing I try to seize first turn and fail…

Speeders move into position and start firing melta and krak missiles at the Deceiver, not a bad choice, but not THE choice of target priority. I understand the thinking- kill the C’Tan and there is nothing to stop the biker command squad, but my opponent is missing a key point, especially surprising since he used to Necrons himself.

My turn has the immortals and destroyers firing at the land speeders- 20 S5 shots, and 45 S6 shots make quick work of them and wipe out all three units. So far so good. I run the warriors closing the ranks in the center of the table, and move the Deceiver to just in 18” of the table edge so he is in range of an outflank assault for the command squad.

Command squad comes in and moves right to the C’Tan. With only two wounds left from eating malt and krak lest turn, and them getting the charge off he is the bait, they smash through him and the rest of my ‘crons are done. My opponent assaults and the Deceiver withdraws leaving theme there out in the open. On my turn every immortal, warrior, and destroyer takes aim as the lord detaches from the immortals and moves into assault position along with the C’tan. With a smile the Deceiver nods and I start rolling some dice. Feel no pain saves a few at first, but forcing so many wounds means the apoc goes down at some point and S5/6 bypasses the T5 of the bikes. Khanh and two bikers are left, as the C’Tan and lord assault…

From there it is just mop up as my warriors move into position to take two objectives as the destroyers single out each bike group and blast away- S6 means marines die like marines. Game ends with me holding two objectives while the marines hold none literally having been wiped out to the last marine.

Now for some after action commentary so this battle report is more than just how awesome I am with Necrons, but rather how not understanding my army really won me the game. Let’s reverse the armies. I’m facing a fast and very mobile shooty army while mine is primarily a fast moving assault army backed by some elements of long range shooting. With so few Necrons on the table I would have just gone for phase out so I can leverage all of my army on my opponent’s no one or two units being sent off to hold objectives. Go for phase out, that said 99% of the time with Necrons you just ignore the mission and go for phase out, remember this anytime you play against the ‘crons, expect when you play me of course, then please go for the mission...

Anyway, I’d take first turn and deploy everything in the center, and then on my turn turbo boost all my bikes right into the center of the ‘crons. With my speeders I’d pick a destroyer squad and fire into them till they are down. Yes they would get their WBB roll since another destroyer squad is within 6”, but then there are only two squads, which can only fire at two targets. Then with my bikes in the Necrons face for next turn assault, those destroyers would have to fire on the bikes to soften a few before the assault, speeders then continue to go to work on the speeders. As for the C’Tan I would just ignore him, I can’t assault him, he will be put into a position to assault me, and will, but the rest of my army would be crashing my lines and then I would pop and phase out. Understand how the destroyer wing works and it’s easy to take out. Since the game ended at 8:30 or so we got in another game vs. my Grey Knights…

GK post tomorrow…

The Wager

By Fritz


Somewhere near the Halo Stars far from Holy Terra…

“This is the Imperial Dogma, we read you Inquisitor Longinus, and have locked onto your signal. Ready to begin teleportation transfer upon your command.” Voxed the Captain from orbit high above the dead world.

“Longinus here, begin teleportation!” Replied the Inquisitor as two metallic cylinders about three meters each in height suddenly materialized next to him and his entourage.

“Have your Menials secure the stasis tubes and fall in behind us.” Motioned Longinus to the Tech-Priest Magos Oro.

“As you command Inquisitor.” Replied the machine adept through his vox implant as the huge cybernetic enhanced Menials hefted the cylinders as something from within banged and thrashed about momentarily throwing the tech servants out of balance.

“Sir! We have secured passage to the temple vault and have locked down the adjacent passageways.” Informed an Inquisitorial Storm Trooper as he moved forward and saluted the Inquisitor while catching his breath from the long dash to the surface.

“Good, we move now!” replied Longinus as he activated the vox on his wrist.

“Imperial Dogma, this is Inquisitor Longinus, we are entering the tomb now, if you do not receive vox transmission from either myself or Magos Oro within the hour orbital strike this position and wipe the tomb from the face of the planet! Longinus out!” continued the grim faced Inquisitor as Sister Ursula of the Ecclesiarchy looked uneasy at the order to enter the tomb.

Standing before the blasted open doors of the stone complex Longinus moved forward as a detachment of Storm Troopers moved to meet him and fell in line with the expedition party. Descending the stairs which lead into the blackness below the Inquisitor drew his power sword and racked his bolt pistol.

Passing through the rune engraved corridors which were lit by an eerie green light from a series of glowing crystals it was evident that the conflict below had only just ended. Dead Inquisitorial Storm Troopers littered the floor with their bodies scarred and blasted, mangled and stripped almost beyond recognition.

“We tread on the border of heresy!” Whispered Sister Ursula as she carefully stepped over the bodies as to not dirty her boots.

Looking for silent assurance to the Inquisitor, Magos Oro was met back with a reassuring glance as Longinus ignored the Sisters observation.

“Are there any mechanical dead?” asked the Tech-Priest as his servo arms and ocular limbs took sensor readings of the walls.

“No Lord Tech-Priest, their dead vanished shortly after we secured the chamber.” Replied one of the Storm Troopers unsure and hesitant how to address the Mars Priest.

“Vanished?” noted Sister Ursula looking about in disbelief.

Continuing on the party made quick progress to what appeared to be the central vault of the tomb complex. Now hundreds of meters underground there was nothing but coldness and silence broken only by the shuffled footsteps of the group and the whirling servo motors of Magos Oro’s Skirarii and Menials.

“We are here- have them place the cylinders over there.” Noted the Inquisitor as Magos Oro motioned to his Menials.

“By the Holy Machine!” gasped the Tech-Priest as his cybernetic ocular locked on the giant structure before him.

Standing as tall as the most ancient of titans the group stood before a huge metallic construct that appeared to be fabricated out of living metal which pulsated with unholy internal energy as runes danced across its surface.

Mounted on a huge four pronged base stood a crescent shaped support structure, which in turn supported a massive five pronged pulsating green crystal.

Turning to the Tech-Priest Longinus nodded his head as he switched off the vox communicator on his wrist…

“Magos Oro, you have twenty minutes to complete your analysis, I suggest you get started with all haste.”

Nodding in return the Tech-Priest moved towards the pylon surrounding it with Menials as their sensors and auspexes divined what secrets they could.

“Inquisitor! I must protest!” barked Sister Ursula. “This construct is an abomination and a heretical symbol to our faith.

“Sister, I will remind you only once that you are a guest of this expedition on behalf of your Sister Superior, and as a courtesy I have extended to the Ecclesiarchy. I suggest you remain silent and remember your place.” Continued Longinus as he watched Magos Oro continue his scans.

Growing more nervous with each passing second Sister Ursula slowly fingered the bolt pistol in her holster as she swallowed hardly.

“This is Heresy!” she yelled as she moved to draw the pistol.

“This is the Inquisition!” barked back Longinus as he turned with his bolt pistol already on the draw and fired a round into the Sisters neck tearing through it. Collapsing face forward on the ground Longinus kicked her pistol aside as Magos Oro stopped his reading for only a moment.

BOOM! Suddenly echoed one of the side passages leading into the vault as the sounds of hellgun fire and the screams of men filled the air.

“Reinforce! Go! Go! Go!” ordered the Storm Trooper Sergeant standing next to Longinus as he took off with his men heading down the corridor into battle.

Turning his head almost completely ninety degrees behind him Magos Oro pleaded “I need more time!”

“Five minutes!” was the reply from Longinus as he palmed a single bolt pistol round in his hand. Turning it over and over for a moment he marveled how it seemed to encapsulate a tiny galaxy in its translucent chamber head.

Racking back the single load slide on his pistol he pushed the round into his bolt pistol and took aim down the corridor while bracing it across the elbow of this other arm to steady the shot.

Brak! it cracked as the round traced through the air leaving a trail of warp residue as it sped down the corridor into the sounds of battle.

Removing a small activation ward from his power armor Longinus pointed it at the metallic cylinders and activated it as air hissed from within releasing the sides and blasting the tops off.

“Wrahhhh!” screamed a legion of voices as two misshapen humanoids bound in warp chains and runic hexagram wards stumbled out writing in agony and warp fire. Pausing for a moment they seemed to taste the air before taking off at breathtaking speed down the passage.

As the explosions and small arms fire continued Longinus moved to the pylon and the Tech-Priest as he trained his bolt pistol glancing around the empty space before him.

Feeling a shift in the air before him Longinus instinctively whipped around to the right and began firing off his pistol as a group of shadows materialized before him transforming into a group of hulking metallic humanoids wielding burning green rifle like weapons.

Peering into the very soul of the Inquisitor the tallest of the metal constructs motioned his warriors forward with an arcane staff which blasted out bolts of energy dissolving the organic parts of a nearby Menail leaving nothing more then a writhing heap of mechanics.

Moving to fill the gaps the Skitarii returned fire with their las-burners and plasma guns which slammed into the metal warriors blasting them apart while others reformed moments later to continue the assault.

“Done!” droned Magos Oro as he caressed the pylon with his remaining organic hand before sacrificing his Menials into the charge to buy a few more precious moments of time.

“Good, then our agreement has concluded!” Returned Longinus as he sheathed his power sword and removed an odd shaped grenade from his belt holster. Clamping it to the pylon he activated it as a small warp void opened and began to burrow deep into the construct.

“No, this artifact is priceless!” shirked the Tech-Priest as Longinus yelled over him into his vox.

“All squads back to the surface, fall back with covering fire! Teleportation evac…in ten minutes.”

Running through the corridors emptying clip after clip into the green tinted darkness Longinus fired upon an array of mechanical spiders, and metal warriors as his lungs and legs began to give way before climbing out to the surface of the planet.

Standing with a dozen or so surviving Storm Troopers and Magos Oro he gave the signal to transport as they dematerialized just in time.

“Faint life signs are noted still below.” Observed the Captain of the Imperial Dogma as the Inquisitor and Tech-Priest towered over his shoulders from behind.

“There is nothing that can be done for them now, only deliverance to the Emperor’s grace. Lance strike all ordinance on the tomb and a hundred meters out.” Ordered Longinus grimly as he turned to Tech-Priest.

“You are disturbed Magos Oro?

“I mourn the unnecessary destruction of any artifact to the manifestation of the Machine God.” Came a droning reply.

“We both have our obligations Tech-Priest. The ends always justify the means!”
Was Longinus’ reply as the planet surface below erupted into flames.

Clutching his Staff of Light as best he could with what remained of his shattered arm the Necron Lord limped into the central chamber of the tomb flanked by battle scarred Immortals.

The Harvest of thousands was complete and for now he would have a few moments of eternity to himself. Dismissing the Immortals with a flicker of hate form his eyes the Lord took the passage to his personal chamber overlooking the interior of the tomb complex.

Sitting in his archaic throne he rested his staff to the side as raised hieroglyphs on the throne parted releasing a swarm of small scarab like mechanical drones. Swimming over the broken body of the Lord they repaired living metal and star god technology with unmatched efficiency knotting the Lord back to full strength before reabsorbing back into the throne.

Once again the Lord took his staff and gazed over the open chamber below. Legions of Warriors were phasing in from the success of the Harvest as they were sorted out by the Tomb Spyders. Those with the scars of battle were directed to the Schlepula chambers for repair while other were marched to their stasis crypts to again slumber.

“How have I come to this?” echoed a shredded fragment of his soul.

“I was something else so long ago…”

“…do I dare to be it again?” intensified the glow of his eyes.

Chapter 1

Staring grimly at the vox-screen Inquisitor Longinus keyed in the access commands securing the feed to his console only. Scanning over the spider like hieroglyphs he waited impatiently for the Imperial Dogma’s machine spirit to translate it to high gothic.

Merely gazing on such symbols would immediately condemn a man to death, but as an Inquisitor he was beyond such trivialities set up by the High Lords of Terra.

“The ends always justify the means.” He intoned as he whispered thanks to the Emperor before committing the translated message to memory and keying the console clean of any data traces.

“Commander, status on our progress?”

“Lord Inquisitor, we have finished the transfer with the Space Wolves and are ready to bring the warp engines online.”

“Good, I am on my way now, comm the Space Wolf Commander to meet me.” Replied Longinus.

“At once Lord Inquisitor.”

The command deck of the Imperial Dogma was quite different then other Imperial cruisers of its class. Extensively upgraded with the blessings of the Machine Adapts and null magics, it was built to penetrate places unseen.

Working with a minimal crew of servitors and menials most of the cruiser operated itself through the presence of a power machine spirit. So much so, there were times when Longinus was alone yet he could feel as if the ship was watching him.

Walking over to the main bridge panel, Longinus feigned interest in the readout on the console as the Space Wolf commander grew more impatient by the moment.

The ‘Wolves were a proud chapter with an inherent distaste in Imperial authority so Longinus knew he needed to establish his dominance in the next few moments if they were going to be of any use to him.

About to speak the Space Wolf Commander was cut off as Longinus motioned to the Imperial Dogma’s Captain.

“Captain, prepare to jump to warp take us to this point.” Was the order as Longinus entered the coordinates into a keypad on the console.

“Coordinates confirmed Lord Inquisitor, awaiting jump on your command.” Replied back the Captain as relays and pic-screens flashed to life on the command deck.

“Commander…” motioned Longinus to a harness seat next to the Space Wolf as he strapped himself into one in preparation.

“Jump!” Issued Longinus as the structure of the Imperial Dogma began to elongate and then bend inward as it broke through to warp space in a shower of prismatic colors.

Chapter 2

Part of the fifth great company, Falgeirr and his pack of Grey Hunters were on their way back to the Fang when they received an Inquisitorial order to rendezvous with the Imperial Dogma.

Not one to obey any outsider’s order, especially one from the Inquisition, Falgeirr did what any proper Space Wolf would do- he promptly ignored the broadcast and continued on his way.

“Let them eat static!” he laughed with his Wolf brothers as the Inquisitorial ship hailed them again which was cut short by litanies from the Iron Priest over the comm.

“Engines are off line! Grav-drives failing!” was the frantic message as the Space Wolf vessel slowed to a dead stop.

“Brother Falgeirr, the Inquisitorial ship is haling us again, they want to know if we are ready to listen now?” remarked one of the Space Wolves stationing the communications console.

“Battle posts lads! We won’t fire the first shot, but by Russ we won’t be pushed around either!” replied Falgeirr as his brothers readied themselves.

Pulling alongside the Space Wolf ship the Imperial Dogma launched its boarding cables and extended it coupling as the two ships embraced. Signaling that the airlock had cycled, Falgeirr and his group of Grey Hunters stood with their weapons drawn and at the ready.

With a rush of stale air the doors to the hatch opened qw a squad of heavily armed Inquisitorial Storm Troopers escorted a servitor forward.

“Space Wolf Falgeirr, this ship, yourself, and the Brothers in your command are hereby under conscription to the Inquisition. By the Immortal Emperor of Mankind you will transfer all control and command to Lord Inquisitor Longinus.” Droned the servitor as a parchment copy of the Inquisitorial decree slid out of a scriber mounted into the side of its head.

“What?” gasped Falgeirr in disbelief as the vox relay inside his ear also sprung to life.

“…Storm Trooper boarding squads have teleported to the engine room and weapons control….orders…?”

Hesitating for a moment Falgeirr calculated the odds of a dozen or so Space Wolves versus the Inquisitorial forces that were suddenly taking over. It would be quite a tale to tell back at the Fang.

“Tell Inquisitor Longinus that the ship is his, but there will be a reckoning for these actions this day, so I swear!” Replied Falgeirr as he issued a ship wide order to transfer command.

Chapter 3

“I demand to know the reason for this abduction Inquisitor!” barked Falgeirr as his patience had finally worn out.

“Respectfully so Brother Falgeirr, you are in no position to make demands of the Inquisition. What I choose to tell you is out of the grace of my generosity and our mutual commitment to serve the Emperor.”

Definitely not his first choice in an ally, Longinus had learned long ago that even with the best of plans you often have to make your own opportunities, and drafting the Space Wolves into service was just such an example.

“Brother Falgeirr, what we speak of here and now is heresy, it is beyond everything that the Imperium holds sacred. What we are about to cast our eyes upon would be an instant death sentence in any other situation.” Paused Longinus for a moment as he dismissed the Storm Troopers from the post at the door.

“There are but a few moments in history, where the heroic actions of a few can alter the course of the universe. You and I are about to embark together on such a moment.” Continued the Inquisitor as he keyed in the pass code to the door before taking hold of one of the cable like communication interfaces dangling from the ceiling.

Activating the interface spike, Longinus inserted it into the data port behind his neck as he released the final runic ward to the door causing it to slowly open as runes of warning flashed across its surface.

Feeling a pulse of unholy energy washing over him Falgeirr caressed the runic charm and wolf totems that decorated his power armor.

“Sorcery!” he whispered as he followed the Inquisitor inside the room.

Seated on a raised platform in the center of the room supported by a jumble of hoses, wire bundles and arcane mechanics was a large metal sphere made out of an array of misshapen metal sheets that seemed to blend and redefine themselves over the curvature of the structure.

“Names and labels are wasted on the uninitiated, but the importance of our mission depends on your understanding of this object, and what it represents to our cause.” Began Longinus as Falgeirr cautiously inched closer to it.

“This is but one of three xeno objects known as a Dyson Sphere. Fabricated by a long dead race, its true use to us has been lost to time. What we do know from the experiments and research of the Adepts of Mars is that such a sphere has the ability to negate the warp by causing a tear in the reality that feeds it.”

“If this relic has such power how were we able to enter the warp in its presence?” inquired Falgeirr skeptically.

“Such an object is antithesis to all Chaos and its abominations, but this one currently lies dormant. All attempts at divination on how to activate it have failed, but a recent opportunity has presented itself to me where we have the possibility of securing the rites to its activation.”

“And once it is active?”

“Ahh, that is the nature of our mission, to obtain the rites of activation, and then to deliver such an artifact into the very heart of Chaos’ domain!”

“I need your help in this Brother Falgeirr and that is a difficult thing for an Inquisitor to admit, this opportunity has come to me while under strength and under manned. If I were to go though proper administrative channels there would be talk, debate, and a waste of valuable time, not to mention those in power who disapprove of my methods.”

“Now is the time for warriors such as you and I to do what we were born to do. So I ask- are you and your men with me on this?” finished Longinus as he gazed intensely into the unflinching Space Wolf.

Nodding grimly for a moment Falgeirr replied.

“The will of the Emperor works in strange ways Inquisitor, myself and my battle brothers will assist you if what you say has been truthful so far…”

Chapter 4

Exiting from the warp with a metallic shudder the Imperial Dogma decelerated as its relays and console displays returned to normal. Now at the edge of Imperial Space it drifted among the Halo Stars- huge gas giants and void pulsars who have existed since the creation of the galaxy, but have now grown cold and dim with age.

A segment of space marked by superstition and myth there was little Imperial presence anywhere other then a few observation probes from the Adeptus Mechanicus.

“Brother Falgeirr, assemble your men and have them meet me on the bridge, tell them nothing other then we will both be working together to deliver a great blow to the mightiest of traitors to the Emperor. The less they truly know is for their own good.” Ordered Longinus as he parted ways leaving the Space Wolf to his own thoughts.

Secrecy was for those without honor and as a Space Wolf it was going to be hard for Falgeirr to keep the details of this mission from his men. He always took comfort in knowing up front the perils that one might face and what sacrifices would be called upon to make. If he had little faith in Inquisitor Longinus with what scraps of truth he was undoubtedly told about this Dyson Sphere how could he ask his men to follow him into battle on even less?

“Ho! What news?” greeted the Grey Hunter Sergeant as Falgeirr entered their jail like barracks onboard the Imperial Dogma.

“Yes, how long must we be caged like animals!” asked another Grey Hunter.

“Be still Brother Arius! I’m sure Brother Falgeirr made the Inquisitor see things eye to eye and tooth to tooth.” Belted the Sergeant back as the pack assembled.

Clearing his throat Falgeirr continued.

“Brothers, we have been through many trials together and shown many a foe what it means to be a Space Wolf.”

“Here! Here!” raised a muffled cheer.

“What I ask now is based on the integrity of my heart, my loyalty to you and the chapter.”

“We have been chosen for a new assignment, what was to be a quiet homecoming back to the Fang will now take us to a place beyond to all but the light of the Emperor.”

“I know little of what will be expected and what is known I have been sworn to secrecy by order of the Inquisition. All I can ask is for your loyalty and trust in that the will of the Emperor has decided to test our resolve and worthiness as Space Wolves.”

“What kind of test?” asked a Brother.

“A test against the mightiest and most epic of traitors to the Imperium.”


“Yes, Chaos, but different in that we will be taking the crusade to them this time, to bring retribution to the very heart of their wickedness, and show them the wrath of betrayal.”

“Are you with me lads?” asked Falgeirr hesitantly.

“Aye!” was the instant response in unison to the question.

When one had total faith in their Brothers there was no need for words or diplomatic persuasion, such was the way of the Space Wolves.

“I am Inquisitor Longinus and I ask for your attention to what we are about to speak about.” Began the Inquisitor as the group assembled on the command deck of the ship.

“The secrecy of this assignment is of my choosing as it is paramount to its success. We are on the edge of known space, a region known as the Halo Stars and in a moment there will be no chance of turning back from our task.”

“Heed closely, as what you will soon see and be asked to do in the Emperor’s name will be trying. There will be times where truth appears as falsehood, and what you have been trained to hate must be cast aside.”

“Once we are again underway and you have demonstrated your trust in me and the mission at hand will I be able to fully tell you what will be expected of you.” Finished the Inquisitor as a faint strobe like flash could be seen far in the starry distance out the command deck window.

Something was approaching the Imperial Dogma with a tremendous velocity as a mere speck in the distance grew larger and larger as it was evident a starship of sorts was approaching.

“Commander, clear the bridge and secure the doors. On my authority have the Storm Troopers stand watch and shoot anybody who leaves this room until I give the order to stand down.”

Confirming and following the Longinus’ orders the bridge was cleared of all personnel including the servitors and menials till only the Space Wolves and the Inquisitor himself remained.

“Imperial Dogma, lower shields and power down all offensive systems.” Commanded Longinus as the machine spirit of the ship shuddered in compliance.

Decelerating to a complete stop at the last moment a planet spanning vessel clad in shadowy darkness cast its bow over the Imperial Dogma followed by the sound of faint metallic grinding throughout the ship.

“Stand fast!” whispered Falgeirr to his Brothers as they instinctively readied their bolters and gripped their chain sword hilts.

“Imperial Dogma, signal that we are ready!”

Chapter 5

On the bridge of the Imperial Dogma there was a feeling of time standing still as a ripple of distorted space folded out next to Longinus. With a flash of blue light there was a sudden appearance of a group of skeletal beings.

Surrounding their Lord were a dozen hulking Immortals, their blasters at the ready as their sulking heads framed between massive ornamental shoulders glanced back and forth waiting for orders.

Drawing power weapons and flashing chain sword to life Falgeirr’s Grey Hunters stepped forward as the Immortals blasters began to power up.

“Hold!” boomed Longinus as he put himself between the two groups forcing both sides to lower their weapons and uneasily stand down.

“Hrash Sharr…” whispered a long dead voice which coldly filled the room.

Bowing for a moment the Inquisitor then replied.

“I am ready to honor the terms of the agreement.”

Parting the Immortals aside with a casual wave a Necron Lord strode forward looking down Longinus.

Its skeletal form etched in gold, the Lord wore a shimmering metallic cape and held a techno-arcanic staff which was clearly both a powerful weapon and symbol of rank.

“Imperial Dogma, set course for the Eye of Terror! Activate null shields!” Ordered Longinus as he turned aside and bid the Necron Lord to follow.

Marching like clockwork machinery the Immortals moved behind their Lord before coming to a halt outside the door as their master, Longinus, and Falgeirr went inside.

Standing outside the closed door meeting room the Grey Hunters made sure their bolters were chambered and their chain swords only a fist away as both sides stood unmoving before each other.

Reviewing the star chart before them Falgeirr was amazed at the level of detail it contained regarding the Eye of Terror.

“Brother Space Wolf, do not be surprised as we are not the first to find ourselves in this shadowy realm.” Offered Longinus.

“Sayash…” whispered the Lord back.

“Yes, the path you have charted will take us to this planet, 5th in the system, volcanic atmosphere. The artifact in question is located here.” Continued Longinus as a small rocky red planet displayed across the pict-screen before zooming down to surface level revealing a towering obelisk like object.

With its red eyes flickering intensely for a moment at the image of the obelisk Falgeirr wondered why it was clearly so important to the Necron.

“I will deliver you there as promised and when so I expect the activation codes in return.”

With another flicker of its cold gaze the Lord signaled its understanding as it took leave of the room leaving Longinus and Falgeirr alone.

“Imperial Dogma, secure this room.” Ordered the Inquisitor as there was an echo of shifting metal in the distance.

“We are free to speak now.” Began Longinus as he turned off the pict-screen.

“What do you think of the situation?” casually asked Longinus as Falgeirr thought long and hard for a moment.

“We Space Wolves have our own customs and often the service of a Space Wolf is rather simple. All our tales of legend, training, and faith in the Emperor compel us to seek our and destroy those who would threaten humanity.”

“Now you have not only made a pact with such an enemy but you have brought us to the very shores of hell to consummate that pact.”

“The edicts of the Emperor demand we follow your orders but what my bothers have seen this day…it might be too much to ask of even a Space Wolf.”

“This Necron Lord, he has the ability to activate the sphere artifact?” asked Falgeirr.

“Yes, it was his race that created it.”

“That structure we just saw, it is Necron also?”


“What do they want with it?”

“I don’t know other then the Lord has his own personal reasons.”

“What is to prevent them from betraying us?” asked Falgeirr.

“Nothing, other then it is not in their best interests in do so…for now. Just as we are taking great risks here so is this Necron. It is acting alone and no doubt the powers that command it would not be pleased to know it is working with us. As long as it needs us we are safe.”

“And when it no longer needs us?”

“It will turn on us as we will turn on it, and this is where I need you Space Wolf. We will have only one opportunity.” Finished Longinus.

Chapter 6

“How long must my talents be wasted here? Lamented the Chaos Lord as the Khornate collar around his neck grew tighter suppressing his thoughts of rebellion.

His masters were fickle and a moment of laxness had brought him to centuries of boredom on this volcanic waste of a planet. Failure for the World Eaters meant death, yet he was denied his place before the brass throne, left to anguish here, cursed warrior now turned bureaucrat.

“Lord Syn…production from barcardium pit five is lagging again…” Hissed once of the sniveling lackeys who was forever trailing him with details, statistics, and numbers.

Watching the anguished forms of the slaves working below in one of the mine pits, Syn was angered for having his thoughts disturbed.

“Let the men handle it, take some heads and the rest will fall into line!” he barked about to continue as a flash of light in the ashen sky caught his attention for a moment.

Without the instincts of his master the lackey behind Lord Syn was vaporized by a wash of plasma as the slave pit in front of them exploded followed by the echoed explosions of ordinance in the distance.

Kicking the charred corpse aside Lord Syn rose to his feet as the comm inside his helmet blared to life.

“I know that fool! Assemble the legion at the refinery and prepare for a counter attack!” ordered the Chaos Lord as the collar around his neck broke free and tumbled to the ground.

“First salvo away, lance barrage two loading, thirty seconds…” replied the bridge gunner of the Imperial Dogma as Longinus picked out the second round of targets.

“When we land, fire at will, but keep this sector free.” Was Longinus’ final order as he made way to the hangar.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Immortals in the hold of the Thunderhawk, Falgeirr could sense the uneasiness of his Brothers as the Necron Lord and Inquisitor Longinus closed the hatch behind them.

Moments later the small craft was hurtling towards the surface of the planet as the Inquisitors voice commed the cabin.

“Space Wolves, enemy ground contact, prepare to engage, two minutes…”

“For the Emperor….and Russ!” was the reply in unison as the Immortals stood by in silence.

Whipping the dust up into the air around the landing zone Lord Syn looked on as his World Eater Bezerkers took up position.

“All teams in position my Lord!” commed his Chosen as Syn looked up making sure the Havoc squad on the ridge was in position.

“World Eaters! The lackeys of the false Emperor dare to come here and challenge us, take their skulls for the skull throne!” he replied on the open channel as the Thunderhawk landed dropping its ramp into the blackened ground.

As soon as the shadows inside began to move the first wave of Berserkers were afoot charging with bolt pistols and chain swords.

“Blood for the….” Was their rally which was cut short at the surprise of the skeletal Immortals marching down the ramp instead of marines, as they stripped away at the World Eaters with lightning from their gauss blasters.

“Havocs!” rallied Syn as he cursed, directing their las cannon and missile fire into the Thunderhawk blowing off one of its turbines as the Space Wolves then disembarked moving ahead of the Immortals.

Meeting the World Eaters failed charge head on Falgeirr and his Grey Hunters crashed into their ranks which quickly turned into a mass of whirling chain swords and flashes of bolter fire.

“Get him up there now!” bellowed Syn as he shoved away the mutant lackeys scurrying around him trying to direct the battle.

Breaking through the front ranks Falgeirr called out to the pack next to him as he tried to locate Inquisitor Longinus.

“Rally!” he ordered just as a mutated World Eater Rhino rumbled ahead dragging a chained and bound Chaos Dreadnought behind it. Bellowing in pain and eternal fury the Dreadnought popped its chains free as it towered forward lining up its plasma cannon.

“Take Cover…” ordered Falgeirr as his group instinctively dropped to the ground while continuing to fire away with their bolters.

Caught out in the open the group of Hunters to the right was incinerated by the ball of plasma from the Dreadnought.

“Melta-gun! Brother Arik!” cracked the comm as the battle intensified.

Driven by madness the Dreadnought charged towards the Space Wolves as a veil of darkness shimmered next to it materializing the Necron Lord who then lightly swung his staff of light across the machine blazing through its leg and lower torso.

Toppling forward the Dreadnought crashed to the ground as the plasma cannon discharged at point blank filling the air with star fire.

“Let them die for the Blood God! Order the rest to fall back to the wastes and we will draw them in for a counter attack!” ordered Lord Syn as he exited with his chosen Terminators.

Chapter 7

Regaining his senses as the World Eaters retreated Falgeirr took a roll call of his men which was met with more silence then “Aye!”.

Picking up Brother Arik’s melta-gun Falgeirr found Longinus talking to the Necron Lord.

Blocking his path a group of Necron Immortals strode forward causing him to stop. Taking stock in their numbers only a few were missing, probably buried in the piles of dead scattered about, while surprisingly the remainder appeared unscathed in the least.

“Honor our agreement!” commanded Longinus as the Necron Lord’s eyes flickered before dismissed the Immortals so Falgeirr could approach.

“Commander Falgeirr, we advance to the obelisk. You and your marines will go with the Immortals to draw away the enemy. I will accompany the Lord and we will meet at the obelisk.” Was the order from Longinus who now seemed a bit stiff and formal.

“Yes Lord Inquisitor.” Saluted Falgeirr as he rounded up his Brothers.

Trekking through the ash waste the Immortals trudged on ahead with little regard for cover or stealth.

“Let them lead lads, better to draw fire, and keep their backs to us.” Remarked Falgeirr as the volcanic winds picked up almost washing out of sight the Necrons ahead.

“They test me, the true gods are granting me redemption!” hissed Lord Syn as the scout reports were relayed to him. Many other commanders might have been confused in the chaos around them, but Syn’s centuries of experience told him otherwise.

“The bombardment from the cruiser is of no concern. They target the slave pits and refineries to mislead from their true objective- which is here.” He pointed out to his assembled Chosen.

“Now it seems that they have split up with what appears to be their main attack force here led by the Space Wolves. We will deny them this advantage and make sure we strike first!

Pausing for a moment Falgeirr and his pack crouched low in the ashen waste as a growing rumble could be heard in the distance.

“Armor?” commed one of the men as the ground began to shake followed by the eruption of gauss weapon fire.

“Forward you slaves and mutant dogs!” cursed Lord Syn as the Chaos task masters drove the remaining slaves from the chemical mines into the ashen wasted towards the Space Wolves.

Moving back to back with the Necrons, the Space Wolves emptied clip after clip into the huge mass of misshapen slaves who were more afraid of the wrath of their masters then the fury of the Space Wolves.

“Magazine clear!” barked one of the ‘Wolves as a fresh clip was passed to him as others were slinging their empty weapons and drawing chain swords.

“Wait for it!” was the order as a wall of slaves crashed into them pressing and pulling in all directions. In such a sea of flesh, skill was of no importance as there was no room to swing a sword or draw a pistol.

Power armor and Necron bodies were torn apart by thousands of prying hands and claws as Falgeirr struggled to maintain his grip on his melta-gun.

“Pst!” “Pst!” popped the Immortals as their bodies began to phase away while a shimmering of darkness gathered next to the last two of them. Seeing an opportunity and acting on instinct Falgeirr struggled through the sea of bodies and grappled onto the back of the Immortal as he felt his insides churn and spill out as the veil of darkness enveloped him.

Chapter 8

Materializing atop one of the broken mountains overlooking the ash waste Falgeirr rolled away behind a group of larger rocks as he struggled to keep from passing out.

Climbing across the rocks he glimpsed the battle below as the few remaining Space Wolves that he could see were swallowed under the mass of the horde.

“Call off your warriors and give me the code!” came the familiar voice of Inquisitor Longinus from the other side of the rocks.

“Rashat…” was the silvery reply.

“Consider your next move carefully Necron! My ship has locked onto this spot and if the correct code for the Dyson Sphere is not relayed it will fire on this position. Even if you survive, this structure won’t!”

Turning on his back Falgeirr could see the top of the obelisk as he heard the two immortals move away.

“…we will have only one opportunity.” Whispered the Inquisitor’s voice telepathically in his head as Falgeirr willed himself up and crouched low to remain hidden.

“Good, and now that our agreement has concluded…” began the Inquisitor followed by the sudden bark of bolt pistol fire followed by flashes of gauss energy and a high shrill scream.

Rising up from the rocks Falgeirr caught a final glimpse of Longinus’ life as half his body, power armor and all, disintegrated away. Vaping away the two Immortals with the melta gun Falgeirr swung around to the Necron Lord as his trigger clicked a final time.

“Empty!” Flashed through his mind, as the Necron Lord held his position keeping the staff aimed directly at him. Understanding the Necron couldn’t risk a glancing shot to the obelisk it held its fire.

Raising the melta gun an inch higher towards the obelisk the Lord’s eyes flickered brighter as it took a step forward.

Hoping to buys some time Falgeirr called out to the Necron as he slowly moved over to Longinus’ body.

“What is this?” he asked nodding to the obelisk.

“Old Ones…” echoed back the Lord in perfect high gothic as the ground rumbled and the obelisk rose to life and began to open apart.

Leaping away with all his strength Falgeirr rolled as pulses of light impacted into his armor while the Necron used the distraction to enter the obelisk.

“Longinus!” gasped Falgeirr as he grasped the Inquisitor’s other bolt pistol from his belt and removed the helmet to his power armor only to find a woman’s face heavily studded with neuro implants in its place.

“Falgeirr!” suddenly commed the inquisitor’s voice inside his helmet.


“No time! The Obelisk has shielded itself from our targeters, we can’t take it out from orbit…Necron Lord….” It cracked before washing out to static.

Knowing what needed to be done Falgeirr ran to the obelisk finding the Necron Lord inside about to enter the shimmering light of its power core.

Firing off the remaining pistol rounds to no effect the Lord’s eyes grew dim as it entered the light.

“We have a lock on the obelisk!” replied the bridge gunner on the Imperial Dogma as Longinus watched the pict relay of the obelisk powering up.

“Lance strike it now!” he ordered as a volley of plasma fired from the cruiser.

Hearing the screech of ordinance entering the atmosphere Falgeirr knew there was no surviving once it hit. Filling with anger at the deaths of his ‘Wolf brothers and the machinations of Inquisitor Longinus, he swore to Russ that wherever this Necron was going he would follow to make sure it paid for its part in this scheme.

With a wolf like howl Falgeirr tackled the Necron Lord as his eyes were blinded and all sense of space and time seemed to stop.

Floating in a sea of light he heard the booming sound of plasma in the distance as he hovered across from the Necron Lord who’s skeletal body began to dissolve and transform into a being of light as the fragmented remains of its soul were finally released from its curse of mechanical immortality.

“Peace…” where its last words as Falgeirr reached out at the last moment taking hold of its staff and yanking it free from its hands.

Feeling the weight of the universe returning to him the staff glowed with an unholy green color as the bright white light was replaced by the stone blocks of a cold dark room overlooking a large center chamber.

Rising quickly from a large metallic throne Falgeirr spun around as ranks of Necron Immortals entered the room and stood at the ready.

“For the Emperor…for Russ!” he growled tightening the grip on the staff…