Necron Wishlist?

So here is a question for my fellow Necron players- what would YOU like to see in the new Necron codex. What do the ‘crons need to get them back on the table and stand a chance of going head to head with the new marinehammer codexes? We can all agree that Necrons are going to need a serious bump in power and reduction in cost to even start off on the right foot. Here are a few of my thoughts on them.

Warriors. As much as there is no flavor in having warriors as your only troop choice I can understand the thinking from a fluff based perspective. I’m fine with keeping them as troops if they got a toughness boost and WBB/FNP- essentially turning them into plague marines. They also need to be fearless and FNP would help with this, even with loosing combat. Warriors should suck in the assault, but they shouldn’t be penalized by this like they currently are. I’d like to see them get their flavor back as in 4th edition where they could just tie up a block of models and then you teleport/veil out and away.

Gauss. Needs to be fixed hands down before anything else. Necrons don’t have melta, lance, AP 1, template weapons because their design didn’t need them. With the way their codex was written, using a multiple damage charts, you could “kill” a vehicle on a glance. For the newer players out there, get a copy of the 4th edition damage chart and play your Necrons with this for kicks- they wreck vehicles so bad it isn’t funny. BUT with a -2 to glance and the only other option is overpriced, single shot heavy destroyers taken in groups of three, that ALSO happen to take up slots that you need for monoliths and spyders it is a bad place to be.

Lords. I’d like to see multiple lord builds- gold, silver, and bronze are coming, that much is confirmed. Question is will they open up and change around the force org chart? Bigger question is will we get to keep our wargear, which is still hands down the best in the game with so many options. Sadly, I’m not optimistic about this, GW will probably squash it, just like they have done with the other 5th ed. ‘dexes.

Transports. Necrons don’t need “mech”, their fluff just has them teleporting around, so expand that to get around not having mech, but they very real need for it to get you top objectives. Allow more teleportation, and deepstrike options, give us the ability to really phase in as long as we are still stuck with phasing out.

Phase out- it needs to GO! OR if GW is keeping it, at least give ‘crons the power to offset it.

Heavy Support: Each 5th edition ‘dex has gotten an apocalypse model to accompany it, so I’m expecting the pylon to make an appearance as a standard model. Hopefully it will be as game changing as the valk was for IG, as opposed to the crap that Tyranids got.

What do you guys think? Sound off, what to Necrons need to get back in the game?

Necrons Vs. Blood Angels Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report

Sunday. Comic Book Heaven. Two games with the Necrons. Dudes lining up to play, I mean smack down Necrons for the easy win.

First game was against Gabe’s terminator/assault Blood Angels list. Fifteen terminators walking, tac squads for objectives, assault marines, and three dreadnoughts vs. my Necron destroyer wing- this time with the monolith, still working on the “list” for the October Salvation tournament, but more on that later… Mission is capture and control. Monolith in the center as the capstone, pushing forward as a WBB factory, warriors chilling on my objective, C’Tan as a screen for the termiantors- ten termies with fists will own the golden one, but I planned to just pull out of the charge if needed, and destroyers of course working the flanks, along with immortals and a VOD lord.

First wave was the assault marines and a leading tactical unit which my destroyers gunned down. Terminators and dreads were mid field which prevented my castled destroyers from moving out and not getting hit in the assault. They concentrated on the dreads, immobilizing two of them, as the forward moving C’Tan punked on later. My pushing monolith got thunder hammered to death from the second massive termie squad, nothing I could do. Lord VOD to get into position firing on the back tac squad holding the BA objective, and deviates over to the terminators, almost in range to assault. Blocked destroyers fire at the termies which predictably is a waste. Turn five has the immortals VOD with the lord to contest the BA objective and they make it, but the game doesn’t end. Next turn I try to contest with my destroyers by pulling the BA off the objective with the assault pile in but that fails, game ends for a draw.

Observations. My opponent needed to ram the terminators down my throat more, especially with the ‘crons having nothing to negate that AP 2 armor. Combat squad down the twenty of them, and deepstrike into my back ranks as the dreads follow up as a second wave, with the tacs in the back.

My mistakes? Not being aggressive enough with the destroyers, holding back and castling those first few turns which then allowed them to get threat pinned by the terminators. When the termies were still in the back I should have de-castled, moved into three groups and spread out to get into range to pelt the BA objective, and then contest with all three if needed.

Good lessons, more to think about and refine…

Necrons Vs. Eldar Battle Report Warhammer 40,000

It’s not odd for me to show up at the club with Necrons, perhaps odd that Necrons are still even showing up, I’m now the sole player at the club with UltraBob, Bishop, and Daemonhunter John having shelved their ‘crons till a new codex, but what is odd is that recently I’ve been seen playing a destroyer wing over my usual nightmare shroud list.

I personally do prefer the nightmare shroud list a bit more- more dramatic and dynamic, but the destroyer wing does what Necrons do best- leverage all those T5 WBB rolls, massive amounts of S5/6 shots, backed by the Lord’s wargear. Funny thing is that when I play all those destroyers I kind of feel like I’m playing my Saim-Hann, but the tactics are VERY different. Both may be “jetbikes” but that is where the similarities end.

Destroyer wing is much like IG in 5th- take first turn and roll lots of dice to cripple your opponent. Unlike IG target priority is key with Necrons since I don’t have 8+ tanks and flyers on the table, PLUS plasma/melta vets + mystics, etc. WBB tries to leverage this, and of course you have to deal with phase out, and a low troops count. Not related, but for some reason I can make all my FNP rolls on my plague marines, but can’t make a WBB roll for crap…

So this Monday at the club I’m playing against a hybrid Eldar list- Seer council, Eldrad, two wave serpents, two fire prisms, fire dragons, guardians, and dark reapers. Mission is four objectives, dawn of war, with my opponent taking first turn.

Seer council goes out to the left to push my into a kill zone, at least from what I am figuring when the rest of the Eldar come on the table. Normally I do like to go second in an objective mission, but if I want to stand any chance of winning then I need to take first turn and pop off solar pulse. First turn helped, but solar pulse is what won me the game- why are ‘cron players STILL not taking this bit of wargear?
My lord and two warriors go out. I roll to seize the first turn and win- who is more surprised my opponent, or myself, being perhaps the second or third time I’ve actually done it after how many years of 5th edition?

Need to punk that seer council before they can get fortune up.

Normally night fight would protect them, but not with pulse, which I fire off and then unload my fifteen destroyers into the seer council- which go down like nothing under the volley of fire. What especially hurts is the S6 on the farseer which instant kills her. I feel like a jerk for rolling insane amounts of dice.
But we aren’t done with the game yet.

What worries me next is that the Eldar still have some punch with the prisms, reapers, and suicide dragons. They have more than enough to wipe out my two pathetic troop choices and I can’t win the game- the nature of ‘crons now in 5th. Warriors = 2 groups, AND the doomsday option- move those skimmers for cover saves + holo-fields, etc. and contest objectives for the win or at worst a draw- and we still aren’t counting just going for phase out.

Nightfight protects me from the fire prisms and now the plan is to march the immortals backed by the lord tomb spyders right into the Eldar so they will get shot up and not the warriors. Destroyers need to suppress glance the fire prims and then go after the wave serpents when they come on. I get some lucky rolls, rolling the dread of any Eldar player- rolling boxcars for the holo-fields, and immobilize, weapon destroy one fire prism, and stun the other.

Immortals take a pounding from the reapers, spyder try to punk skimmers as they move fast, dragons suicide into one group of warriors but the warriors hold and counter shoot, skimmers then try to contest but the destroyer spam is too much with the game ending with Necrons 2 objectives held, Eldar 0 objectives.

Bottom line beyond some awesome rolling on my part: solar pulse = win.

Space Marine Deathstars?

Email In:

I have a question about deathstar units in space marine armies. I include a chapter master and 5 assault termies in the picture for my ds unit. The chapter master has a relic blade by the way. My strategy is to use my Libby on a bike to shoot at a dedicated assault unit with lots of invulnerable saves with the psyker power null zone. Then weaken the squad by shooting my plasma cannon dreads. I'll then assault with my ds unit and hope to wipe the enemy out. Alternatively I've been experimenting with the brother captain James Pedro kantor, Cassius, and assault termie ds unit which is pretty rock solid. If I choose that then I have to get rid of the librarian which means I'm losing the psychic hood, vortex of doom, force dome, the avenger, and most importantly null zone. All these psychic powers provide valuable shooting synergy with my plasma cannon dreads, attack bikes, and my typhoon speeders. Do you think I should trade my librarian that provides so much unit synergy to my army for the infamous brother captain James ds unit? What do you think and what are you're thoughts?

Reply Out:

The libby + Null + TH/SS terminators is the gold standard now in 40K. Assault terminators hit hard and go up against other hard units using null zone to blast past any invulnerable saves. The libby pushing forward also means you are driving that psychic hood range right into the center of the table/your opponent’s zone shutting down their powers. Seeing how every new codex has multiple psyker options the hood is almost becoming mandatory.

BC James runs the Kantor/Cassius bomb to not only turn his stearnguard into scoring, but also so if needed he can break off the two. If he needs to hit a unit hard then all three- Kantor + Cassius + Terminators go in with preferred enemy, Cassius taking a wounds to stay up, etc. If he needs some diversity the termies can hit one group and Cassius/Kantor can break off and hit another. I’ll try to get some pics of it in action and a vid clip next time I play him with it so you can see it work.

Chapter master is an option in-between them- the relic blade gives you the hitting power, the CM can break off, and you also get orbital bombardment if needed.


Assault Marines?

Email In:

I have watched you're vid on assault marines and their role in a black Templar army. Now I want to include one in a regular codex space marines army. Would their role change in this case since they do not get prefered enemy and only one melta bomb on the Sargent? What about weapon loadouts and the squad size? Could that change too? What do you recommend and what are you're thoughts?

Reply Out:

With my Black Templars I use the assault marines for two roles- either a counter charge / speedbump unit, if I’m running them in large groups, if in smaller groups then as a deep striking distraction. I feel they work best as a counter charge unit. Meaning they sit next to an objective with your tactical unit and then as your opponent moves to take or contest said objective, you intercept them with the assault marines as the tac marines offer some fire support. In smaller units- groups of five I’ll deepstrike them down and run into terrain, etc. as a distraction for my opponent. BUT this really depends on the game, etc.

In the marine codex you can combat them down as needed, but without preferred enemy and mass melta bombs their intercept role is a bit more limited- but you can get plasma pistols which work well on lighter vehicles.

I’d try a group in the intercept role, even reserving them to then walk/fly on to support an objective near your deployment zone to cut down on a turn or two of shooting on them.


Amsterdam Apocalypse!

Hi Fritz,

As an enthusiastic blog follower, I thought you might like some images from our last Apocalypse game at our club in Amsterdam: Imperium + Eldar vs Nidz. It was not our intention to play a real points battle, but instead we just rolled with 8 guys from our club, playing for fun only. In the end the Nidz had to redeploy everything they had about 3 times, because the defense was 'slightly' overpowered, including some special rules etc.

Greetz, and keep up the good work,


David, one word: Awesome! Terrain, models, and super heavies. Looks like a fantastic game. I’ve wondered about ‘nids in Apoc. since the swarms can move so fast and with so many models to kill.


The Unholy Harbinger Blog

The Battle For Salvation Blog roll continues to expand, this time introducing one of the club’s premier chaos players, Will. A big fan of Huron Blackheart, Plague Marines, and Khorne Berzerkers he is quickly giving the Warmaster Black Matt some stiff competition both on the table and with the paint brush. Check out and follow his blog’s progress at:

HyperNids Report From The Front Line

"It's an ugly planet; a Bug planet. A planet hostile to life as we know it."


Really enjoying the clowns, they're fast becoming my fun army. I still have to get better at protecting them from fast moving enemies. Looking forward to painting them up as well.

I've been playing your Tyranids list expanded up to 2000 basically by adding a Mawloc and more hormys. So far very successful - just played two marines (1000 each) this evening. Basically two landraiders full of termies, two another deepstriking termy squads, a rhino with sternguard, a dreadnought and two further walking tactical squads.

They went first and killed all but one of one hormy squad, put one wound on each guard and one on Swarmy. My go the Mawloc dived, swarmy paroxysm a termy squad (what a brilliant power) and I assaulted. End was one termy squad wiped out and the second reduced to one man and the IC with it.

His turn 2 shooting and CC killed three hormys and both Guards.

My turn 2 finished the game. Mawloc came up under one walking tactical squad and killed all but one. Doom came down and killed him and all of the next door tactical squad. Both carnifexes came down behind the landraiders but bioplasma did nothing. Two genestealer squads came on and blew up the dreadnought (killing seven of them in the explosion). Hormys killed the remaining terminators and swarmy attacked and wrecked a landraider.

Marines gave in at that point.

Looking at it I thing Swarmy needs a third guard for 2000 (shame he has no invulnerable save), and I'm still not sure about bio plasma.

Anyway, many thanks for the nid list, wish I could get to NY to play you all!

Richard Grayburn

Reply Out.

Good job, sounds like just the way to play HyperNids. You are right about Swarmy needing an added guard at 2K. Two are the minimum and scaled at 1750 since the points are needed elsewhere. If I could have three I’d always take three. DOM still has his place despite the FAQ nerf, and Swarmy’s powers combined with mass hormagaunts packs a punch. Think of the horms and Swarmlord as a single unit- keep them together and working together- perhaps even assaulting together as needed when Swarmlord needs a bit more punch- especially after his guard have been downed. As for the fexes- replace them with the S6 twin linked guns- perfect for rear armor on transports when the pods come down.


War Games Con is NEXT WEEK!

Today is the day to act for you folks who like to live on the edge. War Games Con is NEXT WEEK!

Time is ticking away to register for WAR Games Convention. GO, GO, GO! Register, book your flights, reserve your rooms. I know everybody loves to wait until the last minute, and this is it.
Tons of your favorite bloggers and fellow gamers will be there, and this year's event will be much larger than last year's BoLScon 2009. No matter what your favorite game is from 40k to WFB, to Warmachine to Flames of War, we will have something for you. From hardcore tourneys, to massive Apocalypse mega battles, to painting competitions, open gaming, and seminars we've got you covered.

The Doubletree Hotel is very nice, and we have a special registration page you can go to: to get the best rates, but they won't last much longer. Don't forget we have special prize giveaways just for Doubletree Hotel guests!

Registration is still open at .

Thanks again, and we will see you all there!
Fritz: I'm looking foward to playing in the doubles tournament and in the big Apocalypse games full of titans, flyers, and all the other FlyLords toys. It's also going to be great to finally meet some of the well know 40K bloggers out there and get in a ton of games!

First Turn Assault Space Marines

So I’ve gotten a few build requests for a Space Marine army that can run up and punch you in the face that doesn’t involve emo space vampires or vikings on wolves. Can generic codex marines do it? How much of a jerk do you want to be? This list takes into account how most dudes are playing 40K these days, and by “most” I mean guys in the club and east cost USA tourney scene. Here is the basics of the list, fill it out to your point level.

You like terminators? What about infiltrating & fleeting terminators?

HQ: Shrike
HQ: Lysander
Elites: 10 TH/SS Terminators
Elites: 5 TH/SS Terminators
Elites: 10 Stearnguard W/ Melta Spam + Pod
Troops: Las Razorback W/ 5 Marines (Rinse & Repeat)
Heavy: Land Raider
Fast: Assault Marines

Can you see where this list is going? I’ve played it with my Red Templars by swapping one of my vets with lightning claws adding a jump pack as a Shrike proxy. You try to take first turn and set up- assault marines front and center, land raider front and center with the 5 termies inside. Lasbacks hang out in the back. Obviously it goes without saying you try and take use cover, especially for the assault marines. Your opponent deploys, and then you attach Lysander to the 10 termies along with Shrike and infiltrate them 18” away. The nice part is that if your opponent sets up they aren’t safe anywhere thanks to getting to set up infiltrators after they deploy. If they seize you just take it with your cover saves, 3+ invul saves and wounds on IC’s. If they don’t…

Shrike and termies move out to target, Shrike detaches and first turn assaults. Use his assault to bottleneck things up for the incoming termies. Pod comes down and SG combat squad down and melta key vehicles. Lasbacks pop vehicles to start getting guys out on foot, maybe a vehicle to dump guys for Shrike to then assault, you get the idea.

Land raider moves up 12”, assault marines behind for cover, termies get out 2”, run D6”, and then assault 6”- don’t forget the entire army has fleet! Next turn Lysander detaches from termies and runs havoc in your opponent’s lines as the termies continue to wreck followed by the assault marines as a second wave- they move 12”, run d6, and then fleet assault. Think of this as “HyperMarines” if you have been following my Hyper series articles. Similar to what Brother Captain James runs at the club, I’m just upping the in your face/table by turn three factor.

Harlequins FTW!


I bought your Harlequins .pdf a few weeks back and have slowly been building up the figures, yesterday I played them for the first time in the local GW store (report below is a bit ragged but gives a view of what happened....).

The game was annihilation with 2 players on each side, each with 1500 points. I teamed up with a Chaos player leading with Abbadon, 2 sets of Beserkers, 1 set of Obliterators (set to deepstrike, they never actually made it into the game) a Vindicator and a landraider. Opposition was a marine force lead by Shrike with a landraider, a Rhino, a deepstriking terminator assault squad and 3 tactical squads. Second oppo player was Guard, lots of infantry with heavy weapons, a bloke who could lob demo charges about (but never did), a walker and two Leman Russ with plasma cannons.

I took Maugan Ra, 3 sets of 10 Harlequins and 3 Wraithlords (Bright lance and Missile),

We won first round and attacked,Abbadon and his boys zoomed across the table in the landraider and disembarked. My harlequins moved up to 24" range and sat tight, Wraithlords sat at Bright Lance range. Shooting for me was awful, 1 leman russ stunned and nothing else (sigh). I then went to put more money into the parking meter and when I came back I discovered that the guard plasma tanks had destroyed one of the berserker units entirely and the marines had knocked out the Chaos Landraider.

Second turn and my shooting again was useless, Abbadon charged a tactical squad but rolled a 1 and punched himself in the face (something he did every turn, probably confused/worried by all the Harlequins around him!). The Marine player ran his Rhino up behind Abbadon and disembarked, the rest of his troops and landraider took out Abbadon's squad though Abbadon survived. Guard player took out the Vindicator.

Turn three and I had taken no casualties (but had inflicted none) and the bulk of the Chaos forces had been wiped out except the Obliterators who had obviously decided to stay at home. However, things started to change. Firstly, the Wraithlords took out a Leman Russ. Then two of my Harlequin squads took out the Marine Rhino and its Tactical squad. The third Harlequin squad charged and wiped out all but 2 of an IG squad. All three Harlequins did Hit & Run and retreated back into cover.

Turn four the Marine player deepstruck his Terminators and managed to assault one of my Harlequin squad with it killing them all. The IG advanced on another Harlequin squad and got enough shooting to reduce it to the Shadowseer and a Fusion clown. The marine player also managed to kill Abbadon.

Turn Five and the Harlequins finally started coming good. I charged the Terminators with Two Wraithlords killing two of them, at that point we discovered the Terminators didn't have anything that could hurt T8! The third Wraithlord killed the Landraider and the Harlequin squad with the Shadowseer and Fusion clown blew up the remaining Leman Russ!

That was game end and we won by two kill points

Things I learnt:

1. Wraithlords are evil in combat. If I'd realised the Terminators couldn't hurt it I would have attacked them the turn before they piled into my Harlequins, which would have saved the Harlequin unit.
2. Hit and Run is evil, it was driving both opposition players up the wall, particularly as in all but one case I managed to run in a direction which maximised Veil of Tears and neither opponent could shoot them.
3. Veil of Tears isn't as foolproof as I thought, sitting at 14" is not a good idea..... which leads me onto:
4. Harlequins do not like Plasma-firing Leman Russ tanks, 8 dead in one turn to five plasma shots (3 of which scattered off target)
5. Chaos doesn't like fighting on the same side as Harlequins, Abbadon consistently punched himself in the face and the Obliterators refused to turn up :->

All in all brilliant fun and I am going to play this list a lot more, however, we definitely play 1500 more often than not so what would you suggest I drop as I obviously would normally need to keep the pathfinders?

Reply out:

Khaos clows fighting with Abbadon, sounded like a fun game from your report, and good job on the win vs. IG and marines- two older codexes vs. the newest ones.

100% that harlequins don’t like getting shot at and fold really quick- that is why you have to try your best to keep them in cover and have fortune up if possible. A 4+ reroll is good, a 4+ or even 3+ cover save if you go to ground is also good. The key is keeping the clowns alive so they continue to be a threat. So if you got hit by those Russes and had to take a ton of wounds, go to ground, and at least they are still a threat to the IG player. Same with the assault- the clowns need to wipe out what they hit, or reduce the attacks back to only a few dice. Doom support and shots before charging are key. All this ties into veil of tears as it is all about mentally measuring the distance in your mind- where your clowns are, how far they can move and how far your opponent can move and shoot, etc.

Hit and run is super sweet, nothing more to be added here, always do it for the annoyance factor and the recharge-in next turn. Keep in mind that it can also be used to propel you ahead with some free movement for the next turn- especially handy in contesting objectives.

Wraithlords are good in combat against non power fist opponents. Use them to tar pit and hold up units for your clowns to get to next turn. For example, say there are two units- hit one with the harlies and one with the WL to tie it up. Then next turn charge in the clowns to finish them off.

Taking them down to 1500 is tough, you start to lose a lot of what makes them work, that said I would look to drop one of the Harlequin units, as you really need Eldrad in the list, and taking a regular farseer really doesn't save you much on the points after you load him/her out vs. what Eldrad has.

Sounds like you are on your way to figuring them out nicely.


Eldar Harlequin Points?

Hi Fritz

I'm playing a Harlequin based army a bit diferent from yours, but still I picked up your pdf to see if there was a trick or two I could pick up. However I have spend most of my time wondring over your "upgrade from 1750 to 2000 point advise". For a guy that is a sworn advocate of tricks and surprises, it seems illogical, that you recommend spending those extra 250 points on adding more of the same (Troop Master, extra ranger-squad), instead of adding diversity and tricks.

What I mean is, if your 1750 list has Maugan Rae as a HQ, I would personally consider an upgrade of Eldrad, and one additional Pathfinder in each ranger-squad to be supperior on almost all aspects: power, diversity, resilience and fun (being the most important - why else would you play clowns?).

So why, Fritz, are you sacrificing diversity for consolidation?

Kind Regards

Reply Out:

Søren, thanks for emailing, good to hear from another harlequin player, a rare breed these days in 5th edition. Going from 1750 to 2K in points doesn’t leave much for the clowns since our elites and heavies are already filled out. Fast attack is also out since they don’t have to veil of tears or 2+ save tricks to keep them save from shooting and the opponent will just target those units. So that leaves points for upgrades or essentially like you point out another HQ choice.

I’ve outlined the two lists- one with Maugan Ra and the other Eldrad, and the Eldrad list is the superior list, read tournaments or competitive play, and Mauggy is for “fun”. This follows as to why I recommend adding more pathfinders and upgrades over just Mauggy from a competitive point of view. My experience is that at 2000 points 40K takes another change in units, just as going from 1500 to 1750 does. The harlequins need a bit more hitting power across each unit, and not just the unit that Mauggy would join, and another unit of pathfinders or extra pathfinders would absorb more shots. That is my thinking behind it, but I also have run Mauggy and Eldrad in 2K.

Regarding the troupe master, I do believe he is worth his points, but he is hard to cram in to 1750 points with everything else you “need” to make the list work. With the extra points the +1 attack, better LD, and power weapon really shine.


Necron Destroyer Wing Revisited

Fear not fellow tomb lords Fritz hasn't forgotten about his Necrons…

In addition to my nightmare shroud build, and experiments with a fun wraith wing I’ve been revisiting the tried and true destroyer wing which I feel has been bumped up a few notches with the move to razorback spam everywhere on the table. In this article I’d like to present the good and the bad so you can adapt the idea to your own Necron army. Necrons are far from dead, well actually they are, you know what I mean…

Definitions. By definition a destroyer wing does what the Necrons do best- shooting and survivability. As a core it maxes out on destroyers (15 in total) with the rest of the army being built around this core concept. A destroyer based army is attractive because it puts a number of T5 models on the table with WBB, fires three S6 shots a model at a range of 36” plus 12” of jetbike like movement. S6 is the “sweet spot” for Necrons throwing a number of wounds on infantry, monstrous creatures, and most importantly penetrating hits on all those razorbacks flooding the table. Added to the core of destroyers is a lord, group of immortals, warriors, and a monolith. At 1750 points the list looks something like this:

1 Lord W/ Veil + Pulse
8 Immortals
2 X 10 Warriors
3 X 5 Destroyers
1 Monolith

Functionality. The army deploys and works the same regardless of the mission or your opponent. It looks to start in the center of the table with the monolith in the center, immortals plus the lord in front, destroyers ranked behind them, and finally the warriors trailing behind.

Is there such a thing as alpha-strike Necrons? This idea comes as close as it can to such a plan, and the destroyer wing likes to go and deploy first. After you set up in the center of the table, and your opponent has deployed you look for which side is weaker in terms of models and long range shots- this is the side that the destroyers and immortals shift over to attack first, which leads to target priority. Resist all temptations to shoot your destroyers at anything other than AV 11. Once your opponent is on foot, then you can switch to other targets. As for the AV 13+ tanks and vehicles, it is up to the immortals to handle that threat, if it really is a threat.

Against tanks you are looking to shake them to stop them from shooting as in facing vindicators or dakka flame baal preds, or to immobilize them as in land raider with deathstar units (more on this in a bit). Veil of darkness can help you get a bit closer as needed to try and get those glances. From there it is just going down the target priority line and adjusting it for the mission.

Second to the destroyers, the monolith is also the powerhouse in this list, but played a bit differently- it is a WBB factory over a deepstriking capstone or particle whip blaster. The ‘lith is there to WBB your destroyers as needed to get that extra 4+ chance of getting back up. Keeping the destroyers up and running is key so shifting the monolith to the weak side and always making sure your destroyers are in 18” is key. The good news about this is that most of the Internet community has dismissed monoliths and popular wisdom states to just ignore it- which is good advice, your opponent should be shooting at the destroyers, which means the monolith is free to help with WBB. Finally there is the hidden gem of the list- solar pulse. In a dawn of war deployment or nightfight turn pop off the pulse for a free round of shooting, in games without it, start off attaching the lord to a group of destroyers to pop the pulse and protect them from any return fire, depending on how your army shifts over.

Weaknesses. Every list of course has its weaknesses. Some can be countered with a good list, others with solid tactics, but some just can’t be fixed, and the outdated Necron codex is one of them. Here are some things to watch out for…

With only two warrior groups (I’d like at least three, but the points are needed elsewhere) they are a tempting target. Target them in 66% of the standard missions and the Necrons can’t win. Based on your opponent’s army you have to ask yourself if you can deploy them or if it is better to keep them in reserve. Be aware that the monolith might also have to portal them through to keep the numbers up, and be aware of where your lord is to he can potentially VOD himself and a group of warriors out if needed.

You also have to be keenly aware of any deathstar units your opponent may have coming your way. Without a C’Tan or tomb spyders to speed bump them you may have to shift your target priority early to immobilize the DS deliver system, like a land raider, speed bump with the immortals, or just plain old spray and pray shooting everything and then dumping the particle whip into them. Unfortunately the same goes to any remotely dedicated assault unit that might be running your way.

Now back to the tomb world, time to start awakening those destroyers and warriors, soon the harvests will begin again…

CSM: Lesser Daemon Tactica

Fritz here with some thoughts for my fellow traitor marines- are you including lesser daemons in your warband? Here are a few ideas to consider…

In most of the Chaos Space Marine lists that I’ve seen lesser daemons seem to be an afterthought as a unit choice. I can partially understand this as the CSM codex is starting to suffer from codex creep with the points of its vehicles and core troop choices starting to show their age. Packing in enough models to deal with the lackeys of Russ and Sanguinius really doesn’t leave much left over. That said, a few groups of lesser daemons can really fill in the gaps and with an overlapping icon network they can really provide a nasty surprise in your warband.

First, why consider a lesser daemon when it is almost on par with a generic chaos marine in terms of cost? Both are T4, the CSM has a 3+ save, while the daemon has a 5+ save. One can shoot, the other can’t. The big difference is the LD ability to deepstrike in and the fact that it is fearless- which is huge when using them. How a regular chaos marine is NOT fearless after thousands of years of fighting, training, and service to the dark gods I don’t know…

So now the why and how of the lesser daemons…

First things first- is where you are going to have to build or change your warband to take advantage of their deepstrike rules. Thankfully icons are cheap and even come standard on some models- the first step is building an icon network on the table so as your units move and deploy they can be in a position to bring the daemons down to any point on the table. This ability to suddenly appear provides a tremendous amount of much needed flexibility in two areas.

The first is using the LD’s as a reactionary unit, taking advantage of their ability to assault directly after arriving. Is there a place on the table that needs to be reinforced? A new front (distraction) that you want to open up, a speedbump that you need to put down- bring in the daemons!

Their second use is as objective holders since they troops and thus “scoring”. I often find that I have to advance my chaos marines forward to really engage opponent’s playing 5th edition ‘dexes- this leaves things a little thin for holding objectives on my side of the table. Enter the lesser deamons who deepstrike down off an icon, and then run onto the objective. Placing objective ahead of time in cover means the daemons have a 3+ save of they go to ground, plus the 5+ invul, and being fearless my opponent has to kill them to the last.

Finally consider some of the modeling options that lesser daemons open up in your chaos army. Playing Death guard? Model up some Imperial Guard zombies. Emperor’s Children? How about some heavy metal groupies. Vanilla Chaos Marines, some cultists.

Now get out there and let the galaxy bun!

Hail Horus!

Grey Knights Feedback

Hey Fritz,

I m a big fan of your videos and I watched them all couple of times.I live in Greece(so sorry about the bad english :) )and we got a quite satisfying 40k community here,so I got the chance to practise some of the strategies you presented.However my main army is Daemonhunters I play them since 3 years and I can say that I m pretty expirienced with the way they are playing,especially the Grey Knights.So I watched your Castle Tactics video and to be honest I was completely dissapointed from this tactic.You seem like you want to put this dead codex back in the metagame of the 5th edition and I believe you are doing it wrong.Please dont misundestand me I just say these things to you so that you can tell me how you came up with this tactic!

So my opinions regarding the Castle Tactic:
-You use the Grey Knights Dreadnoughts,which are completely expensive and pretty much useless.The typical marine players use 3 ironclad dreadnoughts and he pops off any vehicle he wants by landing next to you in first turn with a drop pod.His dreadnought is cheaper than the GK one and has armour 13 and is better in the assault.
-You play one single LR and use it as a bunker.Now I think this is totally wrong.First you waste the mobillity of the raider and the fact that it is an assault vehicle.Second it will easily go down because your opponent will target all his high strength and melta weapons on it.Remember you are not moving it at all so he will auto-hit it in the assault.
-You got 2 unprotected Grey Knight squads that together cost about 600 points and they only fire 2 psycannons its turn.I think that you should cut 5 grey knights and use 5 men with 2 psycannons to hold objectives.Please put also Melta Bombs on Justicar it only costs 5 points.
-You use an assasin and 5 terminators that are about 300 points as a destraction!And you say also that your opponent is going to try to take them down.Well ok if the opponent is a noob sure,but every opponent who runs against the rest of your force will not even mind the terminators.He is inside his vehicles that move 12" or 24",you are far away from his force,you can only move 6" so you are pretty much harmless.Instead he will send his assault units straight to the GKs who are exposed.The dreadnoughts will not do anything cause they hit vehicles only on 6+ and every unit nowadays has a power fist that can easily take the dreadnoughts down.

Finally i believe that this tactic works only against assault armies.An IG or a tau player will simply stay on his deployment zone and outshoot you with his whole firepower.A typical marine player will in first turn destroy your LR and a dreadnought with sternguards or ironclad dreadnoughts that land with drop pods.The only way to kill a vehicle then is by using the other dreadnoughts lascannon,which is hopeless

I didnt expect such a strategy from a player like you fritz.Your other tactics seem very superior to this one.I beg you to write me back so that you clarify me the things I stated above.

Reply Out:

Hi, no problem, here are a few of my thoughts following your comments…

As I mentioned in the castle tactic most of the time one would be reserving their units so they can at least walk on the table and get off some shots before the opponent is firing back- my video shows the optimal position of all the units as they come in- if only a few come in at a time then they look to take up the positions as in the video. I’m looking to castle on the weaker side of my opponent’s main deployment if there is one, if not then the side with the best terrain, etc. Lots of factors here.

So my opinions regarding the Castle Tactic:

-You use the Grey Knights Dreadnoughts,which are completely expensive and pretty much useless.The typical marine players use 3 ironclad dreadnoughts and he pops off any vehicle he wants by landing next to you in first turn with a drop pod.His dreadnought is cheaper than the GK one and has armour 13 and is better in the assault.

I’ve found that dreads are needed in a GK army for the long range las cannon support, followed by a multi-role of assaulting and speedbumping. True they are premium points, and not worth the points, but nothing is in the DH codex, except maybe storm troopers but they have their own issues. If I was facing marine drop pods/iron clads in pods I’d go all reserves and at least get the shot off.

-You play one single LR and use it as a bunker.Now I think this is totally wrong.First you waste the mobillity of the raider and the fact that it is an assault vehicle. Second it will easily go down because your opponent will target all his high strength and melta weapons on it.Remember you are not moving it at all so he will auto-hit it in the assault.

Again, just speaking from my experience and not refuting or putting anything over on yours, but in all the games where I moved out with the raider, playing it like regular space marines- as a delivery system of terminators, or objective grabbers it got smoked. GK’s just don’t have the ability to cover a land raider on the move or run units along side it as a screening unit. Better to keep it back on my objective or a lone objective as a fire base- AV 14 + the two las cannons + heavy bolter shooting each turn, behind terrain if possible, and not an in your face threat. This way, also, when one of my knight squads get reduced to a few models I can hop in and use it to hide in.

-You got 2 unprotected Grey Knight squads that together cost about 600 points and they only fire 2 psycannons its turn.I think that you should cut 5 grey knights and use 5 men with 2 psycannons to hold objectives.Please put also Melta Bombs on Justicar it only costs 5 points.

This is the area I dislike the most in the DH codex- the cost of a GK and they still die like marines. I’ve tried minimizing squads ranging from 5-8 marines and I found it lacking. At 5 they got wiped out way to easy, and even at eight while I had a bit more survivability to take losses on models other then 50 point psy-cannon knights, I was then losing the S6 nemesis attacks in the assault. Ten strong has been the way to go for me- using them as mentioned in the GK part of the video- another one other then the castle tactic- where the knights like to try and get your opponent out on foot with the las cannons and psy cannons so the psy cannons and storm bolters can go to work along with using range and movement at that point. The community seems to love melta bombs on justicars, but again, I’ve vut the points for use elsewhere. On MB is only going to be used against a land raider or a dread and that is going to need “6”’s to hit and is not a good place to be in. Yes, it is only five or maybe ten points in total for both units, but with DH 10 points is a lot!

-You use an assasin and 5 terminators that are about 300 points as a destraction!And you say also that your opponent is going to try to take them down.Well ok if the opponent is a noob sure,but every opponent who runs against the rest of your force will not even mind the terminators.He is inside his vehicles that move 12" or 24",you are far away from his force,you can only move 6" so you are pretty much harmless.Instead he will send his assault units straight to the GKs who are exposed.The dreadnoughts will not do anything cause they hit vehicles only on 6+ and every unit nowadays has a power fist that can easily take the dreadnoughts down.

Experience has also been that a dedicated assault unit will run through my termiantors also, so why put them in the way? Better to use them as a distraction and have some units peel off to face them. A lot of points as a distraction, but worth it if it keeps the rest of my core safe. The key, of course, is to put them in such a place that my opponent can’t afford to just ignore and go after the rest of my army. As I mentioned in the assassin vid one has to be setting thing up from turn one for when the distraction units arrive so that they have a target and are just not trying to glance tanks that are moving fast, etc.

Finally i believe that this tactic works only against assault armies.An IG or a tau player will simply stay on his deployment zone and outshoot you with his whole firepower.A typical marine player will in first turn destroy your LR and a dreadnought with sternguards or ironclad dreadnoughts that land with drop pods.The only way to kill a vehicle then is by using the other dreadnoughts lascannon,which is hopeless

It is going to be a huge uphill battle vs. Tau and IG based on the flaws and limitations in the codex, and while I never like to say never, the odds of me beating a leafblower like IG list (chimera + valk spam) with a pure GK army is slimmer then slim. Alpha strike marines and pod marines are easy to deal with- just don’t be there when they drop, come on, shoot, assault, etc. On the opposite side, castle tactics work great against marine hybrid lists like that, it is the fully dedicated assault army like my Tyranids that would give my GK’s a hard time- everything cheap in points and swarmy coming right at me- I can only shoot one target a turn!

I didnt expect such a strategy from a player like you fritz.Your other tactics seem very superior to this one.I beg you to write me back so that you clarify me the things I stated above.

Hope the clears up some of what I was thinking- I understand that sometimes it is hard to pack what I am saying into 10 minute videos, and I always like hearing counter points and feedback as it gives me more to think about.


BOLSCon Eldar

So here is my final list for the BOLSCon doubles tourney at the end of the month. My partner in crime, Brent is running a complementary foot ‘dar list that I’ll let him talk about over on his blog. For the tourney I’m working with 1000 points, standard 40K force org chart.

HQ: Maugan-Ra
Elites: 10 Harlequins W/ Kisses, 2 Fusion Pistols, DJ, SS
Troops: 2 x 5 Rangers
Heavy: 2 Wraithlords W/ 2xFlamers, Brightlance, EML

Now I normally wouldn’t run Mauggy in a tourney, but since Brent is bringing along Eldrad we’ve got that covered. Tourney rules state that we can’t have two named characters in our own armies so no Eldrad for Brent, and Dardle for me. Boo… On the plus side we won’t have to deal with Jawaballs and The Goatboy dropping two Mepheston’s on the table… Now if only JB will let his army list slip…

Here is the “plan”. Our plan was to design two compliment armies that can both work together and alone as needed depending on the missions and armies we may face. Mauggy join the harlequins and rocks on with the Maugateer pissing people off by ignoring cover saves- especially handy on rhino rush transports popping smoke, or creative ways dudes try to get cover saves on their monstrous creatures. Essentially I will be using the clowns and Mauggy as a mobile fire base with veil of tears protecting me. Hey as long as I don’t face an inquisitor with a null rod things are looking good. This group is the distraction unit.

Troops. I needed to fill out two troops as the force org so following my usual harlequin build it is rangers. I’d like the pathfinders but then that would be skimping on much needed Wraithlords. Worst comes to worst I’ll just go to ground for the 2+. Brent also has his own troops so the role of my rangers may shift to outflank for side objectives cleared by the clowns. I may also infiltrate them as a distraction/ bullet magnet.

Finally the wraithlords- they are there for some ranged anti-tank and as a counter assault unit for any dudes on the way to crash Brent’s lines. Pretty straight forward and actually not a bad 1K list as far as foot Eldar/harlequins go. Saturday and Sunday have me playing in the narrative events, which follow Apocalypse rules, so building out some killer clown combos become really interesting. With 3000 points to work with the list is still a WIP, but here is the backbone of it.
Three groups of pathfinders 10 strong to infiltrate into high buildings to snipe away. If the terrain is anything like last year, read fantastic, there were plenty of places to hide and snip from. From there it is three groups of Harlequins with the full load out plus some IC’s- Eldrad and Mauggy each in one, and a dedicated fortune/doom farseer in each unit. I won’t get to ignore terrain with the flip belts, but having a 4+ cover save after VOT is bypassed that I can re-roll turns these units into seer-council like godness. My three wraithlords and an Eldar harlequin titan fill out the rest…

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold!

hey fritz, hey jawaballs.

im a massive fan of both of your blogs, both of you have inspired me to build and compete with an eldar and blood angels army respectively. i've applied advice from both of you to great success, and i've got to say a big 'thank you' for that, first of all!

ive hit a bit of a speed bump though. recently this guy at the club has been trouncing everyone he comes across, obliterating whole armies in one turn and lording it up over the other nerds. I couldn't stand it, so i challenged him. The guy plays dark eldar; i figure ill crush him using latest and greatest Blood Angels. He smashes me. I come back for round 2 with my fritz eldar and pull every trick i know, but im still rocked by turn 3. My buddy and long-time opponent rolls out his tournament winning IG, same story. Gone. Its time to turn to the experts.

The guy refuses to play more than 1000 points. I dont know DE very well, but his army comp was something like 2 or 3 raiders with dark lances, 10 warriors with 2 dark lances in each, 2 ravagers with the plasma cannons x 3, Archon with 2++on skyboard with drugs, powerweapon etc, Hermoculi and the Nightmare doll to reroll 1st turn.

i tried AssCanRAZ (6) Melta, LC, EA
AssCanRAZ (5) Sang Priest, PW, Melta, EA
Seth, HG w/Banner, 2xLC in Razorback, HF, EA,
Assault Cannon Baal Pred, EA.

and Jetbike Seer Council(5), Fortune, Destructors
(Serpent w/TWSC, Shuricannon, Stones, Spirits
5 Dire Avengers inside) x 3

the problem is, thats 6 plasma cannons and up to 9 dark lance shots a turn at BS4. i cannot think of an army to take this out. Any suggestions? this guy is getting awfully high and mighty.

Best, Turbo_t

TuboT, honor dictates that you crush this upstart... That said it sounds like there are a few things going on behind the scenes that we need to look at first before we talk tactics- refusing to play at only 1K points tells me everything I need to know. 1K of DE is a sweet spot for the army vs. other 40K armies. DE can leverage their strengths- dark lances and insane archon lead assault abilities while scaling down their weakness- cutting down on the return fire that will cut through his paper thin raiders.

We need to build you army from the ground up to deal with 1K of DE, as opposed to trying to scale a 1750 point list and make it fit in 1K- won’t work. From both your Eldar and BA list it looks like this- spending points on vehicles which get shredded by the dark lances and then you are light on bodies/infantry so you can’t repel the insane assault ability of his units.

I’ll let Jawaballs chime in with his thoughts, but here is what I’m thinking…

You will do better with BA in this case as they can leverage both shooting and assaulting for less points then Eldar. With all those lance shots I’d build a marine horde army as a base so at best the lances can only kill one dude per shot and you’ll get a cover save off that. With no vehicles to pop that shuts down the lances.

We are then going to want missile launchers- lots of them to reach out and target the paper thin raider and then switch over to frag to pelt the guys inside when they are on foot. Full sized tactical squads sitting in the back shooting.

Next we are going to want some assault based troops lead by a priest- nothing fancy no power weapons, fists, just a focus on bodies. These will be moving out the engage the DE one the skimmers are wrecked and to take out the archon. When I say moving out, I don’t mean across the table. Hang back, wait, when the archon and assaulters get close then assault them, or let one of your units get assaulted within rapid fire range of the rest of your units. DE kill the first unit, you then rapid fire/shoot like mad with your other units, and then counter attack with your remaining assault dudes.

As for an HQ choice, go with something cheap and generic, just to fill the slot. Does the BA force commander get the orbital bombardment? That would be a nasty little surprise.

Those plasma cannon ravagers are going to be your biggest problem- stay in cover, spread out, and target them first!

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!


Here is the reply from Jawaballs:

He wont play over 1k points because he has found the one DE advantage... point costs. You can squeeze a LOT more punch into 1k points of DE then you can any other army. If you are going to play BA, try this

3x Auto Cannon preds with Las cannon sponsons.
1x libby with Fear the Darkness and you pick it...
2x RAS in Razors with Heavy Flamers

1 priest... you might have just enough to get him in. Maybe throw a flamer into each of the squads if you can. Forget the PW. If you are going first, deploy your three preds, and destroy his raiders then the ravagers. Reserve your razorbacks. Or deploy them right behind your predators. Advance the predators if you need to, keeping the razors right behind them. You should swat his skimmers pretty good, exploding most of them. That will kill lots of dark eldar and hopefully he will lose 25% and take leaderships and be pinned. Once his lances are dead, storm forward with your two razors. Get into flamer range and burn them. Disembark your libby and Fear the Darkness his Archon. It should just be mop up after that.

Or go with 3 Furioso Dreads in drop pods with Heavy Flamers instead of tanks. Drop those pods right next to his skimmers and hopefully lay the flame over a couple of them and melta them. You will cook those elves like popcorn. Good luck!

BoLScon Grudge Match: Fritz Vs. Jawaballs

Mark Your Calenders. The first night of BoLScon, will see a battle like none have seen before. On a Maiden World, a mighty Warhost of Eldar under the command of Farseer Fritz and his senior council of seers, shall face a monstrous Blood Angels task force under the command of Captain Jawaballs and his command staff. These two eternal foes are aiming for nothing less than assembling the world's largest Eldar vs Blood Angels Apocalypse game...ever and BoLS is giving them all the time and space they need. Every Eldar or Blood Angels player out there... your kin call for you in time of need. Make ready for WAR!

Brothers Grim Games & Collectibles Tournament (New York)

Brothers Grim Games & Collectibles
1244 Middle Country Road
Selden, NY 11784

July 24th, 2010

Points: 1850pts

3 Rounds, 2.5 Hours Each Round

$10 Entry Fee

Muster @ 11am, First Dice @ Noon

40 Person Cap, Pre Registration will begin 7/12/10.

There is a maximum of 60 Battle Points and 9 Bonus Points that can be earned throughout the day.

It is required that you bring 5 copies of your army list to the tournament. You will need one to hand in to the tournament organizer, one for yourself, and one for each of your opponents.

Painting is not required, but it is awarded at the end as a separate prize!

If you have any other questions, concerns, or would like to pre register, please contact us at:

Eldar: Future Wishes

So last night at the club I was set to play a 2500 point game against a long time Space Wolf player and I spent the day trying to figure out what army to bring. Despite all the metal and plastic I own, only two of my armies can pull it up to over 2K points- Daemonhunters just on the principal of their overpriced and outdated codex, and my Deathguard because plague marines led by Typhus are mad expensive. Even with some dubious upgrades all I could pull out was around 2300…

Then I started thinking about an Eldar hybrid list, combining my harlequins and my Saim-Hann- something I never really do since I like the extreme differences in the army- full mech, are jetbikes considered mech, vs. full foot.

Problem is/was fitting in the stuff I want at 2.5K which is limited by the old design of the Eldar codex- can’t have three prisms AND three wraithlords. Take my thirty harlequins and I can’t have my banshee bomb wave serpents. Thankfully I can spam storm guardian transports and pathfinders. Vypers for fast attack. Basically throwing down my Eldar stuff on the table and rolling some dice…

First things first, it was really fun actually playing with a decent amount of models. Yes we were both at 2.5K, but at that level the amount of Eldar models on the table felt so much better. I didn’t feel outnumbered and outgunned. I’m hoping that the next Eldar codex doesn’t get hit with the nerf bat since they aren’t marines, and that we see a 25-30% point drop in models across the board. Getting so much more open up so much more.

The second thing that I hope happens is a change to the elite sections- right now it is so Tyranid like- all the goodies packed in there, all the fun, but you can only take three. I’m hoping GW does something like allowing the phoenix lords to open up their aspects as troops or at least take them as honor guard, etc. to get more elites on the table.

The game itself? A blast. Basiaclly Elfzilla running up the center with waves of vypers and wave serpents harassing the flank, and then of course objective contesting at the last moment…

Please GW don’t do to Eldar what you did to Tyranids, give us space elf players a marine like cost reduction and multiple build options. Can I get something like the craftworld codex BACK? It worked then with unit changes, it could work again…

Chaos Space Marines Revisited?

So this past Sunday at Comic Book Heaven I had an honored chance to play a blog reader visiting from Berlin, Germany. 40K dedication is brining your army with you no matter where you travel! We played for fun, and once again I was reminded why the zerg rush for Tyranids falls flat on its face vs. every 40K army out there, with the level of firepower streaming down the table from you, especially in an annihilation mission where everything can be geared to shooting. Tyranids not getting any saves really sucks- outside of cover there is no way to stop wounds. Brother Captain James and I have been really scheming on this a lot recently regarding Genestealers and how GW really dropped the ball by not allowing a 4+ armor save upgrade, and forget about Yirmigals for that since they are x3 the cost…

Anyway, back on topic, being a “fun” game with the goal of rolling some dice and punching some Chaos models in the face with my Tyranids it didn’t go well with the bugs and I was down a fistful of kill points by the end of the game ending in a loss for yours truly. Well played by my opponent Philip, and next up he got to take on BC James and his dubious infiltrating fleeting Shrike led Thunder hammer terminators. James’ list is deceptive and packs a mean punch, for those of you who like lists James’ build is this:

HQ: Shrike + Librarian

Elite: 10 TH Termies

Troops: 4 Razorbacks W/ Marines

2 X 3 Land Speeders W/ Multimelta + Typhoons.

Sometimes James also throws in a stearnguard pod. Shrike infiltrates in 18” away with the termies and tries to take first turn. Shrike moves, fleets, and then assaults for a guaranteed first turn assault. Termies then get in your face as the speeders template spam from far away, with the RZB laying down supportive fire and taking objectives. Philips Chaos army did very well vs. James and at one point, perhaps realizing he couldn’t down all those terminators in one turn he was lashing them back and away. This gave me a fantastic idea that I’m actually pretty excited about, and already has me thinking about throwing together a new army, that’s how excited I am- yes I still have to finish my Tzeentch Daemon army thank you and don’t need any distractions…

I’ll call it my “Chaos Revisited” list or maybe “Chaos Guitar Hero”, title will be a WIP… At the club there are only three dudes that play Chaos- Warmaster Black Matt, Little Horus Will, and another dude who has a super sweet Deathguard army that makes mine cry. Notice, that although I have a 1750 DG army I don’t really consider myself a “chaos” player. That said, only Matt really plays regularly, and his army, while super sexy looking is really Chaos 4th edition- two lash sorcerers, mix/max plague marines in rhinos, and the rest filled out with oblit spam. Effective, yes. Predicatble, yes. Recently Matt has been branching out but I’m getting off topic again…

Here is what I was thinking as a base…

Two lash princes with wings.

Noise marines with possessed rhinos + havoc launchers.

Spammed autocannon havocs.

Essentially is a shooty chaos list with lots of high S and ranges shots. Deploys in the center and just shoots, and shoots, and shoots. Target transports first, ignore dakka tanks, and when your opponent get’s close to assault, lash them away. Noise marines outside of the rhinos and when they get taken down a few they hop in the surviving rhinos and hide like I do with the Grey Knights and their Land Raider.

Sorcerers would be easy to hide in a squad, and a better choice, but the princes with wings would give you a counter charge unit if lash gets bypassed or fails due to psychic hoods. Las would serve to create distance and bring models out of cover as opposed to the ho hum group together and hit with oblit plasma.

Other things to add on over the core might be some expendable termies with combi-meltas and lesser daemons to icon drop in the back ranks. Only problem is dealing with AV 14, right now it’s only the princes to run up and punch them. Anyway, some ideas in process, and I’ll post up some lists in a bit as I crunch the numbers. On a related note the Warmaster Black Matt has some really cool noise marines that he modeled up out of normal chaos marines so building/converting en mass would be easy, an idea that I would totally rip off…

Dual Death Star?

So many armies so little time…

Black Templars revisited…

Hard boys is one week away and I’ve been “volunteering” as a punching bag for Jawaballs throwing my Hypernids and all my other armies at his Blood Angels, I’ve been sworn to secrecy regarding his list and what he is running, but I will say this, two deathstar units are better than one. I could handle one coming at me, but two, very difficult.

This and a few other things has me considering a chance to my Black Templar, well actually Red Templars list. The army as a whole is already behind the eight ball with an older codex, paying a premium of points for transports, which are much needed unless you go all pods. On the plus side BT’s still enjoy veteran skills and army wide preferred enemy- which is what you want to leverage right into your opponent’s face. Is more better?

So right now in my 1750 list I’ve got the classic BT deathstar unit- a group of furious charge lightning claw terminators in a land raider using the old smoke rules. The key is to get or fabricate via vehicles a cover save for the land raider and pop smoke. This means I have a 4+ to negate, and then smoke to take all pens down to a glance- makes it much harder to stop the raider, and then the LC’s get out rerolling both failed hits and wounds at I 5- what wolfguard wish they were. A really nasty punch, especially against players who forgot about the old vet skill bonuses.

I’ve been thinking about converting my list over to a hyper build- a type of build that just focuses on killing your opponent- that is the “mission objective” so to speak- you win the game by wiping them out. I’m still not sure if ‘Templars can convert over to this due to a lower model count, but I’m getting off track a bit.
Slipping in a second death star unit…

I’ve got my elite slots full of terminators so that would mean a command squad lead by a force commander. I get the bonus army wide LD check for zeal, and can build a nice hard hitting unit with furious charge, lightning claws, power weapons, a banner and an apoc for fun. Put these guys in a rhino/razorback and I have my second deathstar unit, maybe even a stealth star since the obvious threat is the termie land raider.

Problem is packing all this into 1750, as opposed to 2000+ for hard boys. More to come…

Grey Knights Display Board

Finished up my display board for the Grey Knights- click on the pics for a bigger image. The rubble piles are actually objectives to be used in the game pulling double duty as furniture on the board and as markers. For the Emperor!

Space Marine Librarian Targets

Hey Fritz I was wondering what units, monstrous creatures, and independent characters should the librarian assault? I know he has the force weapon, might of the ancients, and quickening. But still he's stuck with initiative 4 and weapon skill four( although he has toughness 5 with the bike), and no invulnerable save since he's on a bike(no storm shield). What units can the librarian take out since a lot of models can exploit his weaknesses? Clayton

Reply Out:

Since you are not running the librarian as part of a death star unit- RE thunder hammer terminators in a land raider, the common net use of him needs to change. Here is how I use him RE the bike configuration.

I upgrade him with the two powers so he has both the invul save and vortex of doom. His main job is to ride with the bikes giving them an invul save as I deliver the multi-melta hurt on my opponent, while pushing the range of the hood front and center to shut down any powers.

From there, assuming it is not a kill point mission, the librarian breaks off and uses the speed of the bike to chase down easy to kill targets- don’t forget he can boost 24”.

With the force weapon and T5 he looks like he might be able to kill some IC’s and bigger models, but he won’t- better to boost to the flank or an unsupported unit like a tac squad sitting on an objective, scouts, etc. and hit them with vortex and then assault. Go for the easy kill, and use the libby as a distraction that your opponent has to deal with.

Nice work on the dreads and bikes- is the dread on the left a plasma cannon?


Necrons Vs. Lash

Hi Fritz, once again I am seeking help. I just recently played my necron army (based of yours but with out the deceiver to get down to 1500) against my friends CSM list with 2 lashes. The whole game he just pulled my crons out of their capstone and charged zerks at them and i don't know what to do to stop it. Even with the We'll be back from the Monolith i was loosing alot because of the charges and sweeping advances. Also every time i tele'd through the monolith next turn he would just lash 2 units back out to get cut down. Do you have any suggestions on how to counter this lash? (BTW one lash is a Daemon prince with wings and the other is a sorcerer in rhino)

Thank You

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Within out gaming group and the tournament scene where I play lash has all but disappeared, even the biggest abusers of it like my 40K bud the Warmaster Black Matt have been looking into other options- why?

Simply put, every new 5th edition codex army has a way to shut down lash (except Tyranids now thanks to their codex FAQ rewrite) making it unreliable at best. Everybody is packing a psychic hood or rune staff these days…

Sadly, Necrons still don’t have any way to shut down psychic powers, and I’m positive they never will since it isn’t in their fluff. That said, here are a few ideas to consider.

Lash on a prince is weak- being a monstrous creature he can be targeted and taken out with ease- go at him with your destroyers, force a ton of wounds and make your friend take a fistful of saves.

As for the sorcerer in the rhino- this is a bit harder since you can’t single him out and he can lash out of the rhino- Two options here- take out the rhino while it is still on the back of the board so they have to walk across the table- lash only being 24” inches, or stun the vehicle so it can’t shoot, and set up other units so that if your opponent does get out to then try and lash he’ll be taken out next turn by your own shooting.


Variant 40K Army Builds

Fritz here with an alternate perspective on filling out your army list. For a long time the mantra has been troops and more troops to capture objectives, and this perspective does have its merit seeing how two of the three standard missions require troops to take objectives. This is fine if your codex troops can actually do something like Space Wolves or Blood Angels, but what if your troops are sub standard in the game like Necrons or Tyranid Gaunts? Points spent on troops, is well points spend on troops.

This idea has taken me to experimenting with alternate build that I’ll just call the hyper build since everything needs a name. A hyper build forgets about the mission objectives and aims to just wipe out the opponent- everything in the list is geared to this. This type of build is especially handy with older codex armies who just don’t have the punch with their basic troops.

The formula is simple- take the minimum two troop choices with the least amount of options and spend the rest on the killy. Since you are not aiming to play the game by the mission objectives, you don’t have to worry about only having two troop choices. Of course the question is what type of killy is best…

This is going to depend on your codex and the point level that you play with, but if we are following the hyper concept the best killy is the assault flavored killy. Why assault over shooting?

Simple, played correctly with some solid tactics a good assault move can trade two or more units, while shooting can trade one at best. Here is what I mean by that- and keep in mind that the goal of the hyper army build is to table your opponent by turn three, and we’ll get to sportsmanship in a moment.

With but a few exceptions in the game a shooting unit can only fire at one unit a turn- machine spirit land raider and surly long fangs as exceptions come to mind. I fire my predator tank and at best it can kill a single “unit”- like a rhino or chimera. This is where I am trading one shot for one shot in the best case scenario.

In the assault, again with tactics to push my opponent a tooled up assault unit can contact on or more units taking them out a best for a two or even three to one trade. Assaults are the only way to possibly kill more than one unit with your own unit. So with the hyper list concept I’m building my army to deliver that assault punch all at once and with overwhelming force to break my opponent by turn three. This type of thinking can be found in my HyperNids Tyranid list, and how I am currently playing that army in response to all the razorback and chimera spam on the table.

Another big advantage of this concept is that you are throwing 100% of your army against maybe 60%-70% of your opponent’s. Since your opponent is still occupied with mission objectives some of his units will be looking to capture and defend objectives rather than actively engaging your units. This is some powerful leverage- all of your army against a smaller portion of theirs.

Of course you can still use the hyper concept if you are lacking a solid assault punch like Tau or Necrons- fill out your list with what they do best and dedicate all of your points to this.

Where this concept falls apart is in the sportsmanship aspect of the game. The best, read fun, games that I have played all came down to the last moment where anybody could win. Last minute objective grabs, heroic last stands, and wonky dice rolls are the stuff of memories. Setting up, and metaphorically punching your opponent in the face isn’t always so much fun, so keep that in mind if you want to experiment with this concept. Sadly, certain armies like Tau, Daemonhunters, and Necrons are now forced to play this way in an attempt to keep up with 5th edition ‘dexes thanks to their outdated own codexes…

Eldar Psyker Marker Ideas?

Ok guys, Fritz needs some idea help from the community. I’m going to be playing my Harlequins down at BOLSCON in a few weeks in both the doubles tournament and the narrative games and that means lots of cast psychic powers. I’ve been meaning to model up some psychic power markers, and now I’ve really got to do it. You know, something to put down next to a unit that has been fortuned, guided, doomed, etc as a reminder. Any ideas or links from the 40K community? I know I can just mark a few bases, but I want something a little more visual to tie into the army- something like spirit stones, or rune pillars. Thoughts? Ideas?

Autarch Uses & Wraithguard‏


Need your thoughts on the following:

What do you think of an Autarch with Reaper Launcher & maybe Chainsword/Power sitting with the Pathfinders unit in Cover? Would add a little more punch to the group and also serve as a CC speed bump to a unit trying to attack it. This is in a mostly Wraithlord Harlie list

Also what about Wraithguard? I play with many landraiders and marines in general and have been using a squad of Fire Dragons as an area denial and tank killer. My thoughts are with Wraithguard a 3+ save, higher T and enough Psykers on the board to play the same role. The issue is cost but do you see them as viable. in a Wraithlord/Harlie list.


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The only thing I dislike with the autarch and RL is the fact he can’t get crack shot to ignore cover saves and failed wounds, if I could get that then yes. However, using the autarch as a speedbump is viable as long as the has the mobility of either the warp generator or a jetbike, but then we are adding on more points, points needed for other things in the list. If you do use him as a speedbump then you need to weaken the target beforehand with shooting, perhaps from other units before the autarch shoots and assaults. By himself he is still just a space elf.

RE wraithguard- what kills them is range and the point cost, and even then I could deal with the short range but the points kill them. When I used them in my list, I’ve had a full Iyanden themed army in the works forever I take a warlock with conceal and attach a farseer with fortune to the unit. This unit then acts as a roadblock which I put in the way of my opponent. Imagine capture and control with my objective in the corner- I’ll put the WG unit infront of my objective, about 12” out. If my opponent wants to get to it they have to move into range of the WG unit- this is the key to using them- forget about chasing around the table with them. With the higher T, and the 3+/5+ saves with fortune they are wuite durable.


Necrons Dealing With Blood Angels

Hey Fritz, I will make this really quick since I know your always plotting with new tactics. With Necrons how do you go about fighting the most difficult army out right now, and of course you know I'm speaking of Blood Angels.

Now I know that you've played your boy Jawaballs and you've mention Mephiston and to be honest I really don't know how to counter them. Don't get me wrong I've already played them twice and I'm not kidding when I say I slaughter them, but at the same time I know they were not the best players out there. How do you handle them with all the cover saves, Feel No Pain, and of course Mephiston? If you've played them with Necrons or you have ideas please share them with me as I know your tactics are near flawless.

P.S In case your wondering I usually run your list with the C'tan, Destroyer Lord, Monolith and all that good stuff.

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The newest marines- ‘Wolves and BA do give Necrons some pause, and for the most part it is business as usual with them, staying out of the assault even against their non dedicated assault troops as they will roll warriors like nothing, but how do deal with potential deathstar units like Mepheston- cheap for the points and as always GW overpowered. A lot depends on the player, but here are a few ideas that I use depending on the build.

If I’ve got a VOD lord I’ll send him out with some immortals or warriors away from the main bulk of my army- a tempting target for Mephy, and if my opponent goes for it I’ll start to run away and then VOD out of there. If I can’t beat M. then I’ll at least try to cut down the game turns he is chasing after me.

Another option if your opponent isn’t buying that and is charging towards your front ranks, is to pile on the assault. Necrons can’t just rely on the C’Tan anymore to win a tricky assault- they need a tag team- tomb spyders need to also join in the assault as they are a monstrous creature and will bypass Mephy’s toughness and any FNP tricks from nearby priests.

As for all the razorspam out there both the wolf and angel variety, that is business as usual also- destroyers at least stunning a tank so it can’t shoot. Sure I’d like to blow it up, but once it’s stunned its time to move on to the next one.


Fexes Are Back!

Just before the new Blood Angels codex came out my 40K bud Jawaballs used to exploit the venerable furioso dreads and drop pods in the codex. See, being an older ‘dex (again at the time) it used the full reserves rule for pods and not drop pod assault- which it now has. This allowed JB to drop hit venerable dreads on turn 2+ without his opponents being able to use the reserve defense on the pods. Well credit is needed where credit is due, and I ripped that play right form JB’s book with my carnifexes and spore pods. Here is why they have been a win/win over the past six games so far…

First is that most savvy players have dismissed the carnifex in the ‘nid codex- which right away is a reason I want to play them. Are they over priced? Hell yes! Did GW follow its popular trend of making good units in the old codex suck ass now in the new codex so we all have to buy new models? Hell yes! That said stripped and naked fexes still got bite in the assault- forget dakka fexes although they still got some nice anti-infantry shots also, problem is everybody is mech these days.

So what is the job of the ‘fexes? Cracking open tanks, soaking up shots, and basically preppy the zone for my 30 stealers and 40 gaunts to swarm in. Big bugs to demech, small bugs to eat the guys inside.

In this case walking them across the table just isn’t going to work, in terms of prepping the zone. If I was using them to spearhead the center or force my opponent to ball up ala Null Deployment then that is a different story, and a different post…

So on turn two these guys need to be in range to assault- spore pods are the way, and I never through I would be podding in, but I have the meta game to thank because of that. With so many tanks on the table, especially with razorspam it creates nice little pockets to drop the pod in and not have to worry about the scatter, so then all of a sudden there are three fexes right in the back ranks + the lash attacks with the pods, which while not great are something vs. AV 11 to at least stun them from shooting.

And then the ‘stealers hit…