Conflict GT List: The Gamble

Today is the day for the Conflict GT 40K Tournament and as you are reading this your truly is probably well into his second game by now…

So I’ve gone with the Harlequins and the following list:

HQ: Maugan-Ra
Elites: 3 X 10 Harlies: SS, DJ, Fusions, Kisses
Troops: 2 X 5/6 Pathfinders
Heavy: 3 X 1 Wraithlord: Flamers, Brightlance, EML

So I’m gambling a bit with no farseer support, playing the odds that most of the armies I face will be the spammy Space Marine type where S6 cover ignoring rending shots will be a real annoyance to my opponent. I can get around the lack of guide, but no doom will make certain situations tough. Situations where one group of clowns + doom could do it, now I’ll have to pile on two groups. Pathfinders are still at two groups over rangers since without fortune I need that 2+ cover save without going to ground.

WL’s are still the same, toyed with scatter lasers over the ‘lances but I know there will be lots of deaths tar land raiders there and nothing scares marine players more than lances even though the really to suck at taking out AV 14.

Battle reports to follow after the weekend!

Fritz out!